This is probably the closest you will ever get from a Great White shark bite without being injured or losing a limb.

In 2013, a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution took a specially equipped REMUS “SharkCam” underwater vehicle to Guadalupe Island in Mexico to film great white sharks in the wild. They captured more than they hoped for. This incredible footage is set to air on this year’s Shark Week. 

REMUS stands for Remote Environmental Monitoring Unit.The pre-programmed SharkCam is controlled by scientists, and features 6 GoPro video cameras, providing a spectacular 360 degrees view of the surroundings. These cameras were mounted on underwater probe REMUS-100. It can go as deep as 100 meters or 328 feet and can stay underwater for a maximum of eight hours.

REMUS doesn’t intrude with the routines or behavior of marine animals. However, it was getting noticed by a bunch of sharks, stalked, and sometimes bitten from underneath.  The SharkCam was fortunate enough to have survived the series of shark attacks and brought home recordings for scientific studies—along with the shark bite marks on it.


International Cooking : 

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I’ve been working on Puerto Rican food for the past months and this is only the 1st part. I’m so nervous to post this because of the possible critique from Puerto Ricans. Personally I’m very critical of people who aren’t West Indian cooking our food..so I figure it might be the same. Or maybe I’m just the one who’s the asshole lmao I don’t know..I love puerto rican food a lot. Learning about the food and the culture I never realized how similar our cultures and mentalities are. Even a lot our foods are really similar. It’s cool.

1. Piononos : Sweet plaintain fried in strips, made into little pin wheels and stuffed with ground meat and then fried again in a batter or sometimes covered with cheese and baked to melt the cheese.

2. Bacalaitos : Salt fish fritters. Bacalao is cod fish..but I don’t eat unscale fish so I used a saltfish with scale. 

3. Chayote Relleno : Chayote squash filled with meat (picadillo) then topped with cheese and breadcrumbs (my breadcrumbs didn’t really brown but it still had a nice taste)

4. Pasteles : Ground/root vegetables (like yautia blanca, cassava..I forgot the rest) green banana. calabaza (pumpkin) and plaintain made into a paste..stuffed with meat, wrapped and then boiled in banana leaves…This is usually a traditional dish that is prepared by the whole family during holiday..but I made it by myself :( I started at like 10am and didn’t finish until 4pm. Ting d’ tek long man!

5. Mofongo con pollo : Fried plantain mashed and moulded with garlic and Chicharrón , traditionally served with chicken broth. I replaced the Chicharrón with thinly fried chicken pieces, because I don’t eat pork.I had it with rice and stewed pulled chicken and pink beans.

6. Tembleque : (I learned it meant like wiggly or jiggly) It’s a coconut custard powdered with cinnamon

7. Arroz con gandules y chorizo : Rice with pigeon peas and sausage (chorizo is usually pork but mine was chicken)

8. Flan de queso : Heavenly cream cheese custard

9. Pimientos RellenosRed sweet peppers filled with ground meat and chorizo( I brought some made of chicken) then topped with a cheese sauce and green onions and parmesan. With a side of fried plantain and rice.

10. Surullos : Corn meal mixed with cheese, rolled (hence the name) and then fried. Eaten with a dip (like Mayo-ketchup)

I hope all my Puerto Ricans approve lol. As for everyone who already follows me, sorry I haven’t posted since Holi but I was trying to get all this together :)

How's this for irony? GoDaddy takes down RightHaven.com.

Righthaven LLC (see earlier post on Right Haven) a “copyright enforcer” that files lawsuits to enforce content licensing and which has sought (unsuccessfully) to seize domain names, had their domain name RightHaven.com taken down by GoDaddy, its domain registrar, for an invalid whois. 

Per ICANN rules, domain owners are required to maintain valid whois information. Anyone can report an invalid whois record via the WDPRS system. Source: Zeropaid.com