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Too close to give up Now. About to reach my Goal real quick. Waist training, life change, and exercise help me get to where I am now. Can’t wait for my New Body & a even greater Life Change this year. #Weightloss #mylife #mycalling #DesertEagle #waisttraining #exercise #whoIAm #WarAngel #Eagle #HeatSeekingMissile #FighterJet #FinishingMyEagleSoon

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And in that moment I felt whole, I wasn’t looking, I was seeing. And not in a sense of seeing my surroundings, in a sense of seeing within myself. The sky around me seemed endless, the earth I was standing on sent vibrations not only throughout my skin, but through my soul. It was then that I realized the world wasn’t on my shoulders, it was in my hands, what I did with it was completely my choice. So I took one more look at this new world, this perception of my life in my hands, and threw it over my shoulders. The next step I took was the most inspirational step I ever did take, I looked back one last time at all I ever knew, and I smiled as memories flashed through my head like the flash of a lightening bolt. I will no longer live in the confines of my own head, I will not try to meet any standards or expectations of anyone but my own. That moment changed not who I am, but how I see myself. From that moment on, I was truly alive.
—  Sofia Easton