Daily Toony Circumstance: Today, top toon scientists (pictured above) are working on getting New Toontown’s CGI up and running after a white out spill yesterday afternoon. If we (or TPD) ever end up catching the guy that did this, damn right we’re gonna go medieval on his ass for making us do all this work! -Greasy


Here’s the lost #penciltest #animation I created of #rogerrabbit for a live action and #2danimation test sequence directed by #ericgoldberg to see how #Disney might approach a sequel to #whoframedrogerrabbit. An even more secret #computeranimation version of this scene was also created to see how Roger looked in CG. Alas, they never made the sequel.

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This Day in toon history

7/12/1990: Miss Grimwood’s Finishing School (from the 1988 movie “Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School) opens to the public for all young girls (monsters or not) to learn how to reach their fullest potential. This school, decades before Monster High, trains girls in whatever their talent may be, of course, putting a spooky twist on everything. For example, Home Ec (it’s one of the few schools in the LA school district that still teaches Home Ec), one of the assignments is mending ghost’s bedsheets, and the proper wrapping technique for an Egyptian mummy (also works great for bundling things from firewood to intruders). Dance class is more tailored to the student, but since most are two legged girls, this is easier than teaching music. Some students have several arms (aliens). -Wheezy

For the record

We don’t /love/ Toontown. We tolerate it. We’re villains, who just happen to work for the cops, like Suicide Squad. However, we run Toontown’s underworld and we like to have most villains under control. We’re leaders of disorganized crime.

This is a side of our operations you don’t see, cause we never talk about it. Our daily job is mostly just us carting away the sloppy criminals to get the streets cleaner. Also, there will always be shady deals going on, things to smuggle in and toons to intimidate, and thats what we oversee. Not that we’re living our lives like this to backstab the citizens…it’s more like we’re getting rid of the more idiotic criminals so the smarter ones can do their work to keep the seedy part from overtaking the cheerful part of Toontown. Sometimes under our direction, sometimes not. But we keep tabs on everything, cause you never know when gossip and information can come in handy.

We have this deal worked out, see. TPD needs us and our information on who’s who in Toontown’s seedy parts, and in return we get to a: help people by stopping bank robbers and help old ladies cross streets making them like us, and b: let out our aggressions by arresting those criminals.

Our goals are complex, but we just want to see the town run smoothly, free of dumb criminals who don’t know what they’re doing. Being respected by the public is a perk, and we like it, and it’s not without it’s advantages. It’s a delicate system we’re trying to balance. Not even toons are free from vice and corruption, but we have to be the thin line between organized chaos, and chaotic sanity. We’ve come to grudgingly respect the toons, and we don’t want to see the town ruined (cause we had to pay out of pocket to fix the crumbling infrastructure and we’ll be damned if we let it go to the dogs again like under the co-Mayorship of Bugs and Mickey, who couldn’t be bothered to fix peeling paint and cgi glitches, but also especially since the townies now like us). We make sure the town has the right amount of a criminal element, but keep the dark underbelly in check so it don’t grow crazy. But make no mistake. We ain’t good guys. -Smartass


My newest crossover, an introduction video to Jessica and Gwendolin in Miss Disney Silverlake contest. I had to change song at the last minute after completing the video, due to copyright notice. Meh. Hope the idea and story didn’t suffer much from it.

This day in toon history

7/28/1997: On this day, the Mean Old Wolf from the cartoon “Bonkers” opens up, not surprisingly, a gym. He wasn’t the first toon to open a gym, but he was the first toon to open a gym specifically to change how the public perceived him. Following the arrest of the three little pigs, who, just like in the series, attempted to build shoddy houses that quickly fell apart and blamed the Wolf on it, the Wolf felt it was time to change his image. Literally and figuratively. He offered free memberships to all, to show his generosity, and spent the next few years working out in order to gain some height, since he’s “shorter than an ant ”. He also is single and states himself to be “kind, caring, loving, and a sucker for hot cocoa on a cold winter’s night.” -Wheezy

This day in Toon history

7/9/1951: Plans were made to film a new Goofy short, where he played a newbie, bumbling private eye, called “How to be a detective.” And guess who they chose to play the villains? Us. But wait!, you cry, You weasels laughed to death in 1947! How can this be?

Disney cheated a bit with the footage. They used stock footage of our original appearance during screen tests-hence the different outfits from the finalized 1949 Ichabod and Mr Toad movie, filmed years earlier but released after we died) and worked that into the new short, adding some new anime yon based on those screen tests. -Wheezy


Thank you to @janinevanmooselart for the glorious inspiration!!! Jessica’s Lament goes live October 10th!!! Shot by @weneals_photography !!!! #nightmarebeforechristmas #jackskellington #jessicarabbit #whoframedrogerrabbit #drawnthisway #pumpkinking #jessicaslament #halloween2016

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This day in toon history

6/7/1925: The Great Ink Flood, as it’s later known, happens when a truck carrying animator’s supplies to the studios in LA had to pass by Toontown. It crashed near an ingress point to the Tooniverse, and the crates of ink, which only contained a few gallons, flooded the burgeoning town and ruining the work that the animators had just finished. You’d think that it would help that more ink had flooded into the town, that the buildings would be stronger, eh? Well no. It’s basically like a flood of wet cement pouring into a just-finished building. It ain’t pretty. It took two days to sop up the ink. There are still buildings stained black from the flood. -Greasy

This day in toon history!!

7/10/1975: Foghorn Leghorn attempts to run for a position in the US senate! That would make him the highest elected toon official in history, but cause of his roundabout way of talking, he lost his run! Nobody could understand poor Foghorn, otherwise he was an excellent candidate! -Psycho