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Privacy; Interrupted

Summary: Request from Anon -The boys get bored and insisted on joining you while you grocery shop. [and it turned into whatever this is, sorry.]**

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 1300+

Warnings: Language, implied smut, terrible writing, PWP, Ash having a computer, smut,  idfk reader beware.

A/N: This is a rewrite from a SPN fic I wrote from an anon request. The bolded italics are the reader’s thoughts. I wasn’t going to tell you that but I figured I save myself the time of answering asks about it.

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Day 11 without a hint of action and the boys are officially driving me nuts. With the Accords in place, Bucky in recovery, and Tony Stark nowhere to be found, life was pretty dull around your safe house.

I, on the other hand, have buried myself  into my writing. Finally putting some much needed thought into my  novel, adding bit and pieces to my screenplay, and dabbling in some prose that was a little ‘less dignified’. I spend way more time thinking of synonyms of penis, than I’d like to admit.

The guys weren’t prepared for the sudden onslaught of nothingness and since I’d taken up permanent residence with them, I was now their sole form of entertainment.

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rigitwolf  asked:

Ok, I know everyone praises P2 for having a canon gay relationship, But can we talk about how it isn't apex of represantation. I mean, while Jun's great, writers avoided giving him a Shadow. Also his relationship with Tatsuya has pretty much all yaoi cliches of that time (like game can't stop reminding us how feminine Jun is). I think Naoto and Kanji's (and Chie's, in the original) are much realistic and meaningful represantations of gender perspective in Japan.

I agree with some things you have said Anon, but I also think you got a lot of things wrong too, so I’m going to try to adress those things down below in this big post.

Just have in mind that this could be just my own opinion in the matter and I could have made some mistakes or forgotten to mention something, but I really respect your opinion and I will be careful to say anything about the matter.

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Since a lot of people don’t seem to know about this, I thought I’d introduce you to this masterpiece here.

Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger: The Screenplay

Released in 2014 this book contains the final shooting draft for the 1st Captain America movie. If you loved TFA, you absolutely need to get this because not only does it have the complete script so you can re-visit favourite scenes again, it also has alternative lines and omitted/altered scenes.

There are quite some goodies in there, some of which I wish they hadn’t changed for the movie. One of those would be the scene with Steve and Bucky on the train. In the original version you see, that scene went down a bit differently. Here, Steve actually manages to grab Bucky’s hand and starts pulling him back into the wagon. Since he had rushed for Bucky first though, the Hydra soldier was still on his feet, waiting to charge the gun and when it finally had, shot the beam at Bucky and vaporised his arm and he fell into the ravine. 

So yeah folks, get this thing, it’s absolutely worth it! :)

(Where to get it? Amazon should definitely still have it.)

i soah a post saying “why didn’t tony get mad at natasha too cause she knew bucky had killed his parents before steve” and referenced the last scene in catws when she’s like “you might not wanna pull at that thread” - which like yeah who cares maybe she did know maybe she didnt, but for me overall like??? why do we feel the need to blame someone for not telling tony??

when would steve have told him? when does that come up and why would it ever need to come up ?? like idk it’s a weird situation and i really don’t know why steve would’ve told him and why tony wouldn’t have already known, if my parents died i’d be checking the files to see wtf happened like it wasn’t a big secret esp since natasha spilled every Shield/hydra shits on twitter or whatever, idk it was lame for him to throw that tiddy baby fit anyway but being mad at steve for not telling him is weak


anonymous asked:

I really want a video for This Must Be My Dream. It's just so sad and pretty and George wrote most of it and it makes me feel like maybe it's about him and I just really want a music video dedicated to a couple not working out. THe opening scene could be a girl in her hotel room (probably a model of sorts) and she's wrapped up in the sheets and she gets a call off of George or whoever and he's upset because it's not working out. after that the music would slowly fade in. I have more ideas.

That would be beautiful. I’d love to get a video like that for them, especially featuring George. <3

anonymous asked:

Get over it, Mona DID kill Charlotte...Just because the flowers are slightly off color doesn't mean shit...They can't have/make the same exact color of a flower when that scene was 1 and a half years ago.. Plus writing and budget has been messy this year.

Dear whoever wrote this,

First of all, you aren’t A, so you can cut this anonymous crap.

Second, that is extremely rude. This stuff with theories from pretty little liars is suppose to be fun. Nothing and no ones is ever taken truly serious. You don’t have to be an online bully and trash what somebody thinks. You don’t have to agree with what is said, that’s alright, in life people won’t always agree with your thoughts or opinions. But if you don’t agree just don’t say anything. It’s best to keep your opinions to yourself in that situation.

Stuff like this is all for fun. So agree or don’t agree. Laugh and think it’s fun that I’m crazy enough to believe such a thing if you truly don’t agree with me. But hold your tongue at least.

You didn’t have to privately message over something as ridiculous and meaningless as this.

Someone who watches or at least knows pretty little liars should be able to recognize how words can hurt people. How being a hidden person behind a screen can still harm someone.

Third and finally a little piece of advice. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

- kisses 💋

Out of Boredom Comes Pleasure

Summary: Request from Anon -The boys were bored at the bunker and insisted on joining you while you grocery shop. [and it turned into whatever this is, sorry.]

Characters: Dean, Sam

Word Count: 1300+

Warnings: Language, implied smut, terrible writing, PWP, Ash having a computer, smut,  idfk reader beware.

A/N: I’m posting a fic, guys. Don’t hold your breath for the next one. Thank you for the proofread @aprofoundbondwithdean and for yelling at me until I posted it. ;)

The bolded italics are the reader’s thoughts. I wasn’t going to tell you that but I figured I save myself the time of answering asks about it. 

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Parenting, Symmetry And Yang Xiao Long

Its easy to write off Yang’s issues on Raven and pretend that her issues start and stop there, however if there’s one thing Chapter 4 of Volume 4(intentionally or unintentionally) made clear is that the way Yang is being raised or the way she handles her issues due to that, might as well lead her the same path as her mother.

Now, you might be wondering how a girl who cares about others more than about herself could end up the same as the woman who abandoned her after birth?

As always long walls of text after the cut.

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TLC and the Avengers

I’ve been mulling this over for a long time, so here’s the TLC crew and their corresponding Avengers. 

Cinder: Captain America/Steve Rogers. I had a hard time choosing for Cinder, I considered Scarlet Witch for a bit but Steve is in the running with Tony for leader of the pack, and I think their personalities fit better. Cinder is a scrawny, constantly beaten-down kid who just wants out, and while Steve chose the army Cinder didn’t really have an option since she’s a cyborg. They both owe their success at least in part to a slightly crazy old scientist who later dies, and they both spend a lot of time in absolute awe of their abilities because over night they’re not powerless anymore. Neither of them is comfortable with being the face of a movement, but they definitely don’t want to just be a figurehead for someone else to use. And they’re both such sarcastic little shits, I swear to god. 

Kai: I have no fucking clue someone help me. 

Scarlet: Hawkeye/Clint Barton. Now before you get mad that she’s not Black Widow, let me explain. Scar (in the beginning anyway) is probably the least damaged member of the team, she lives on a farm and had an actual family (we’re going to ignore the bullshit out of nowhere wife/kids that Whedon tossed in so he could do Bruce/Natasha with absolutely 0 development), she also has a serious affinity for long-range weapons and will sympathize with people everyone assumes is the enemy (to quote Clint during Thor, “Better call it Coulson, I’m starting to root for this guy”). Other than Thorne, who has actual military training, she is the normal one who, at first glance, has no noticeable abilities. Also has a somewhat confusing relationship with the bad ass super spy who can kill people quite easily with his bare hands. 

Wolf: Black Widow/Natasha Romanov. HEAR ME OUT OKAY. Who was raised from a young age to be an assassin/murderer and turned only after doing things they aren’t proud of? Who apparently has experience with actual weapons but often turns to hand-to-hand combat? Who spends about half of their first appearance pretending to be someone they’re not? Who had to literally murder their fellow soldiers? Who went through horrible, invasive surgical procedures, brainwashing and mind control only to finally turn and join the “right side”? That’s right, Ze’ev Kesley. I’d say he could be Banner, but Banner doesn’t have the same history with brainwashing/abuse as a kid (as far as we know in the MCU). I’m also tempted to say the Winter Soldier just because of the sexy murder walk. 

Cress: Hulk/Bruce Banner. Okay, this has very little to do with actual abilities and more to do with personality. Cress is definitely the smartest of the group, but she’s also the most reserved and really not good at social interaction. Bruce spends most of his time in the movies just trying not to freak out and doing complex math/science, and while he hasn’t really played an especially critical role in the series I think their personalities are very similar. Cress is clearly a more developed and interesting character, but I really don’t see anyone else she would be.   

Thorne: Iron Man/Tony Stark. He’d probably be pissed that I didn’t choose him for Cap, but let’s be real. Thorne is the annoying, smart, and rich playboy who seems to have it all that you like because he’s kind of funny but otherwise doesn’t have a whole lot of depth at first. He’s reckless and has some serious daddy issues but underneath it all is actually a pretty intelligent, somewhat decent guy. Regularly claims to be the leader (he isn’t), actually has absolutely no idea what’s going on because he is way out of his element but goddammit he will walk out the other side with that stupid grin on his face having somehow talked himself out of getting murdered. Manages to hide his pain pretty well. Also lacks any sort of supernatural/super science ability. 

Winter: Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff. Gorgeous, has incredible hair (in the comics anyway), and is absolutely terrified of her abilities. She’s far more powerful than she seems but has a hard time coping with her strength, as well as a hard time interacting with people she hasn’t known for very long. In a word, she’s weird and no one really knows what to do with her. The first member of the team to make any real connection with her is the somewhat normal one that really just wants to go home, 

Jacin: Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff. I’m kind of iffy with this, mostly because Wanda and Pietro are siblings  (although clearly whoever wrote their interactions in the movie is an only child and has never seen a sibling relationship, please for the love of god stop letting straight white men do this), but if you remove the romantic aspect to Jacin and Winter’s relationship it definitely fits pretty well. Makes sacrifices constantly for the person he cares the most about, very sarcastic and has a tendency to get on everyone else’s nerves and literally couldn’t care less. Would probably respond to getting shot with an annoyed look (you know, that scene when Pietro gets shot by one of the Sokovian soldiers and BARELY REACTS), is loyal to no one but the person wants to protect. Of all the guys I always thought Jacin was the most self-sacrificing, with Wolf as a close second only because that man appears to be nearly invincible. 


Torin: Coulson. He ridiculously overworked, please give him a raise. 

If anyone wants to add anything, feel free! 

PLL 710 The DArkest Knight - Impressions

NOTE: I have LITERALLY just pressed stop on the episode for the first time. I have not seen the overall impressions of the episode by everyone yet. I haven’t even opened my inbox of messages! So some of the stuff I say here have most likely already been said 3 days ago! Anyway, here are my first impressions and notes of the last summer finale ever. They are not in order, I did not take these notes whilst watching. I like to watch with no distractions!

- Definitely in my top 5 episodes of the series: they finally hit the intensity that I knew they are capable of hitting!

- Perfect perfect perfect balance between romance and mystery - this is coming from someone who watches PLL for the mystery and not the romance. I still got on board and loved every second.

- I’ve already said this today, but I don’t like it when people say that half the episode was filler. People can’t die in every scene. The ships need a bit of action, too. The fans who have been here since the beginning probably really appreciated this episode.

- Kind of disappointed in Sydney’s return being very minimal. Like, the reason they brought her back was actually very clever; to distract Caleb and Mona. But still, I wanted more. I wanted to know who Sydney, Jenna and Mona were meeting at the park in 5A.

- I feel like it’s a no brainer that Alison is pregnant with Emily’s eggs. They need to be very careful when they go down this storyline in 7B. Yes, it’s a great way to reunite Emison and make them endgame (I can imagine the Emison fans would’ve gone crazy!), but again, they need to be careful because they’re going down the touchy topic of rape/consent etc, in the sense that AD impregnated Alison at Welby (now the ending scene of 702 makes sense!) without her consent. Also, it finally makes use of Emily’s eggs storyline of 6B. I always thought that was so pointless, other than to just show what a kind heart Emily has.

- I’m very confused by that ending. Was that not Jenna who had the gun? Was that AD in a mask? It can’t have been AD in a mask because Jenna was speaking and obviously no one has the same voice as Jenna, and also, this person literally walked right past the liars; something AD wouldn’t do because they aren’t blind. So what’s with the ending!? “Did you shoot Spencer?” (she said something like that).

- I expected them to reveal who killed Sara, actually. I guess we’ll just have to wait for that.

- The Spoby scene was utterly brilliant. Whoever wrote that… *clap clap*. The “can I kiss you just to say goodbye” was so juicy.

- Speaking of Spoby… did Toby die!? Surely not!? I guess all the leaks were true that there is a car crash. I have a feeling, that to get a big audience reaction in the 7B premiere, they may reveal Toby actually did die. I’m not ready for that! But then again… how? Was that AD who crashed into them? Toby isn’t a bad driver…

- Oh what, Nicole is alive!? Didn’t see that coming. I truly thought she was dead. Oh well, I’m still 100% confident Ezria will get married. This will just ramp up in the intensity, as Ezra needs to make a decision. There’s not a bone inside me that thinks he won’t choose Aria.

- Well duh Noel isn’t Mary’s second child. The second she gave his blood asking for results, I kept telling myself “you’re wasting your time Hanna”. But then again, if I were in her position, 100% confirmation is necessary.

- NOEL. Creepy af! What an awesome death, too. I never thought PLL would do something like that; have a head literally roll down the stairs. How epic. Just adds to the intensity.

- Jenna with the gun was so good! I loved it! Again, that’s the type of creepiness I knew PLL is capable of reaching, and they finally did after all these years of not-so-fun finales. 

- I knew Spencer would be shot… the promo was fking stupid. Utterly stupid. They literally told us Spencer got shot in the promo. Oh well. Actually no, not “oh well”. Because the whole time Jenna had the gun, I kept telling myself “is this the part Jenna shoots Spencer?” so I was not shocked at all. My jaw would’ve hit the floor if I saw that for the first time! Anyway. Yes, I wasn’t shocked at all, but I always prioritise logic and quality over shock factor. She’ll obviously need surgery to get the bullet out, which is a really bloody process, and blood DNA will just confirm once again that she is actually Mary’s daughter.

- Next point: SPENCER IS MARY’S DAUGHTER! I finally got a theory right!!!! Well, half the fandom was thinking this, but still, it counts, right!? I finally got one right!!! I wasn’t expecting them to reveal this now in 7A; the writers had said in interviews that it’s coming in 7B. They tricked us! Good one. Soooooo happy about that reveal! That really topped it off. I kind of knew it was coming the second Mary started signing to Spencer. I could tell she cared way too much that she got shot. Then she said the words we were all thinking, and I literally did a fist pump in the air. I wish I filmed that reaction!

- AD in the hoodie!! Finally gave me a bit of nostalgia that this is an A game after all. Loved the ending scene. 

My 2 biggest questions after this finale:
I get why Noel was pissed at the girls. They had the files that can prove Noel helped Charlotte torture the girls. And, Hanna just kidnapped him. She played him. I get what Noel’s problem is. But why did Jenna care about the clips of Noel??? “Put it on the table”.. bitch why are you even here? Are you STILL seeking revenge for them blinding you!? I get that it’s such a horrible thing but in terms of a television show, that’s boring and she needs another motive.
- So Noel was angry because the girls had proof he helped Charlotte… WHY did he help Charlotte? Similarly, why did Sara help Charlotte?

and of course, who killed Charlotte?

- Overall, 9/10. It’s not perfect, because I wanted to know who killed Sara and I didn’t think that was too much to ask - here we are one whole season after she was revealed as Red Coat/Black Widow, and we still don’t know why she was helping Charlotte! Marlene literally said on the night of the 6A finale that the answer is coming in 6B… now we are entering 7B!? So I really thought that was coming. Anyway, it was great overall. Again, they finally hit the level of creepiness they’ve long been overdue to hit. Imagine where the next finale is going to go.. wow! Well, that’s a movie, so even better!

- Now we have to wait until April 2017. That is TOTALLY okay with me. Usually we premiere in January and end in March… this time, we premiere AFTER we’ve usually had the finale!! So a MASSIVE gap. But that’s totally okay. We have PLL in our lives for a little bit longer before we all say goodbye, and of course, that means we get to spend more time together here on Tumblr. Yay. So, lets get comfortable together because we have 8 months to chat!

4.14 Who's in the Box? - Theories/Clues

Episode recap along with clues, hints, theories from last night’s episode.

1. Where has she been all this time …

The liars in Spencer’s room, questioning where Ali has been
all this time. “Ali always liked games.” Could she have involved the girls in a game created by yours truly, or is this game bigger than Ali and the creator have yet to be discovered? Whatever the case may be the girls question everything, “Is Ali A?”

Who is she afraid of?

  • Shana - She only sold Jenna’s car to Mona in 4.12 summer finale

  • CeCe - On the run for the murder of Detective Wilden.

  • Boardshorts - Is he real, he sure seemed real to Spencer.

One thing that concerned us was why didn’t the liars suspect Mona, is she not a suspect anymore?

2. Has Ali reached out to anyone besides us …

Aria asks Hanna if Caleb found anything in A’s apartment in Ravenswood, unfortunately the place was cleaned leaving no evidence. Spencer speculates Ali contacted Jason since she’s been on run and suggests they speak with him but Aria remind her that they agreed it was too dangerous to tell anyone. Hanna has a brilliant theory that Ali isn’t in the grave but someone else is and if they find out who’s in the grave and was killed the night of Ali’s disappearance the whole mystery is solved.

Aria: “The body was identified as Ali.”

Hanna: “It was important to somebody that we’d think it was Ali.”

So we’ve been pondering Hanna’s theory and we have this theory that the only benefit a person would get from killing another person and placing them in a grave that was meant for Ali would be to create a torture system. A way to make the girls suffer. That torture system is what the girls have been experiencing for the past two years. So whoever placed a body there and went through so much trouble to make the liars believe that Ali was dead is a sick and twisted individual and we are sure this person had help from others.

3. Where is Jason …

Emily is curious of Jason’s whereabouts and doesn’t hesitate to ask Jessica DiLaurentis. She claims she doesn’t know where he is but she can reach him in case of emergencies. What type of emergencies is she referring to? The last time we saw Jason he was in a serious accident, but somehow managed to leave the hospital without anyone knowing. We wonder if he if could be attending therapy or something.

4. Mona’s new ride …

As Toby and Spencer are reconnecting, Mona drives by in a very familiar new ride. Yes, Mona was sporting Jenna’s ‘67 Mustang! What a sweet ride? We posted last month that Mona probably purchased this ride from Shana in the 4.12 summer finale 'Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.’ This would explain the conversation the two girls had as well as the paper Shana handed Mona, which was Jenna’s car title and we are pleased to be right.

6. A victory lap in Jenna’s mustang …

Gotta love Mona, despite everything that has happened she tries really hard to regain her friendship with Hanna. She reminds Hanna of how she helped her in 4.08 and doesn’t understand why Hanna won’t forgive her.

She still considers Hanna to be different from the other liars but Hanna believes Mona could be up to something. “That’s just it, I don’t know if you did do it for me.”

Note: One thing that interests us in this scene is when she tells Hanna, “…a victory lap in Jenna’s mustang, since she won’t be needing it anymore.” We love how Mona considers this as her defeating her opponent. She seems very confident in this scene and different from the last time we’ve seen her. We’re unsure right now of a connection to Jenna in 4.09 but we are keeping our eyes open.

7. Ali Ali Oxen Free …

Hanna shows off her mad detective skills by breaking down how she found a girl named Sara Harvey who went missing around the same time Ali did. Spencer doubt Hanna’s new found smarts for a second but generally admits that Hanna did the damn thing with her awesome discovery and setting up a meet and greet. Suddenly a video starts playing and an 'A’ message pops onscreen ALI, ALI OXEN-FREE. WHOEVER FINDS HER, GETS TO KEEP HER, KISSES –A.

Spencer seems more shocked than the other two and we realize it’s because Spencer used to play this game with Melissa when they were younger. “It was my favorite game with Melissa, you wanna know why … because I always won.” (2.25)

8. You must suffer me …

Our biggest concern this scene was to watch Ezra’s hand. We noticed that he wrote with his right hand, which was the hand that Spencer cut in 4.13 and he basically kept it closed the rest of the class, so it’s hard to make a connection to episode 4.13 when we were given little on if his hand was injured.

After class was over Ezra asked to see Aria and their conversation was very interesting. He talks to Aria about Malcolm and how wrong he was. Ezra tells her he wants to try over after she graduates, then he says “my days are numbered.” He makes this very weird expression and we had to add that to our notes, there’s something up with this.

9. Why does everything always lead back to Radley …

We love how Toby is determined to find out what happened to his mom. He even pulls off a little detective work of his own proving that his mother didn’t kill herself and shows Spencer a list of people who knew she
didn’t. Everything leads to Radley, it’s like a sanitarium of secrets. Everyone’s secrets are hidden within that place:

  • Wilden - He was paid off to cover up Marion’s accident/murder
  • Mona - Claims she made a deal with the devil (3.24)
  • CeCe - She’s been visiting that place pretending to be Ali, while Marion Cavanaugh was a patient
  • Spencer - She seemed content there, no one could get to her (besides Mona), and she joined the A-Team when she was a patient there, but is there more …

10. You think you’re entitled to that much revenge …

Ezra is viewing a book when Mona walks up. She says how she’s enjoining the book Jekyll and Hyde and how much better she would be in school if she found the 'right mentor.’

Their conversation gets interesting as she subtle teases him about how his reading list reveals his true identity, if you know what to look for. Mona knows exactly who Ezra Fitz is now and she still seeks revenge on the liars. She feels she’s entitled to as much revenge as The Count of Monte Cristo although, Ezra thinks otherwise. He believes fear can be a good thing and I think he may have made little Mona cringe, just a little,

11. The dates don’t match … 

Hanna call Aria to tell her that the dates don’t match. Apparently, Sara Harvey was seen after Labor Day and according to Hanna the cement was poured over the grave of whomever is in Ali’s casket that same day. Therefore, Sara Harvey can’t be in Ali’s grave or at least that’s what she thinks.

Hanna hears her mother talking in the kitchen and is surprised to see Jessica Dilaurentis there. Ashley is excited that Jessica has offered her a job. Jessica tells Hanna that Alison told her to offer the job to Ashley, “she still shows up, in my dreams.” Hanna looks confused and possibly a bit scared because that was totally creepy. I can’t put my finger on it but Jessica is up to something.

12. Your daughter is very smart …

Toby and Spencer are at her house when her father walks in. Toby tells Peter Hastings how smart his daughter is, but the shocking expression he gives remarkable. We still believe that the Hastings have some sort of ties with Radley, because Peter seemed eager to close Radley with the document Spencer managed to get from an earlier conversation with Declodine owner.

13. I check on it for my friend when he’s out of the country …

Ezra and Aria in a cabin in the woods, it honestly looks like they are in the middle of nowhere. He tells Aria about how he comes there to write and that it belongs to his friend who’s out of the country. For some strange reason when he said out of the country we immediately thought of Melissa and Wren because in 4.12 summer finale Toby found a piece of paper addressed to Wren Kingston in London.

We wonder if Ezra Fitz and Wren Kingston are buddies, hmm…

14. It’s Ali’s …

Hanna finally reveals to the other girls that she has had Ali’s journal since the Ravenswood lair. She tells them that she didn’t tell them because of what Ali wrote about all of them. The others seem a bit upset but hopefully they suck it up, because Hanna was the only one who was smart enough to take something from that lair, so kudos to you Hanna.

15. Ending …

:A is seen going into the cabin that Ezra took Aria to, it just doesn’t seem right, we don’t believe this was Ezra.

~*•OUAT 4x01-'A Tale Of Two Sisters' (WHOLE Episode) Summary (EDITED & CORRECTED)•*~

•This post was originally written by @jennifermorrison. I just made some corrections to the grammar & tried to make it easier to follow & understand. :)

The show starts off with Frozen. Elsa and Anna with their parents are on a ship in the middle of a storm, and they’re about to go down. Their mother has to write a last note before they go down.
Then cut into the scene with Anna and Elsa at the rocks and Elsa has a gift for her wedding. They show Elsa going out of the barn.

Regina comes out of diner, Emma running after her, saying she’s sorry she did not know who Marian was. She says she still doesn’t regret saving an innocent woman. Regina says that things shouldn’t have been altered, if it happened it should have happened, and that she worked hard, she changed from that person back there and still she doesn’t get her happy ending. Everyone else comes out of the diner and Robin, concerned, runs towards Regina and introduces Marian to her and Regina to Marian. Marian is disbelieving how gentle he is with Regina and she starts repeating that Regina is a monster! Robin, I think says, “she’s not who you know.” (I can’t remember this part exactly) and then Regina just walks away from everyone and Emma tries to go after her until Hook stops her and tells her that Regina needs her own space at the moment. Henry is all like: “I hope she doesn’t become evil again”
and Emma is all worried: “me too kid me too.”

They show Grumpy and Sleepy going in a car after the diner celebration and road becomes bumpy. Eventually, we see Elsa in front of their car scared as she shields herself and the car gets frozen.
The next day, Emma, Henry, Snow and Charming with baby Neal are walking. Charming says some comment about: “Maybe we should have named him Baelfire.” We see Emma with her phone and Henry asks if Regina is still not answering and Emma says: Nope, maybe you should try kiddo.” Henry walks with the phone and then Snow gets closer to Emma and says: “Well Henry should know about two men with his mothers” and Emma is all…”Hook?! You mean Hook? I don’t know what to tell him because I don’t know what are we.” Snow says she keeps avoiding him and then Hook comes and Emma asks Snow: “Can you give us a second?” Snow nods and walks away leaving the two talk around the corner. Hook confronts Emma about avoiding him and she says: “There’s always something going on in this town.” And how she can’t think about anything else. Hook says it will always be like that and they might as well live their lives. With that, we see the frozen sidewalk that Emma notices and they walk to check it out. they follow the frozen sidewalk and Elsa keeps running, scared and hoping that they can’t see her. Then, as she hides and they are about to find her, Elsa freaks out and makes a snow monster. (promo pic of Emma and Hook with a gun is from there) They start running as Grumpy runs shouting, “A monster!!” Hook and Emma are like: “Here we go…” There are some dialogue that I forgot, but he doesn’t ask her out or anything.

At some point they show Anna and Elsa in a flashback. The gift for Anna was a wedding dress from their mother and as Anna tries is on, Elsa finds a book that worries her and she leaves. Anna looks for her and finds her outside with a book and asks what upset her and Elsa tells her that their parents were going away because of her, because of her powers. Anna offers to go to trolls to ask about it. The troll says he doesn’t know why they went but he knows where they went and he says the name of the place I can’t recall and Anna offers to go and Elsa says: “No!” Anna says: “I will take only few weeks.” Elsa says: “Our parents said the same thing…”

Robin comes to Regina’s house. It’s a sweet scene between the two and Regina is surprised to see him. Robin talks about how much he loves her and how nothing’s changed, but he can’t be with her because he made a promise, and even though he’s a thief, he goes by a code. He made a vow
to be with Marian until death do them apart. Regina says: “So you chose?” He apologises and then he walks out. Regina is sitting there sad and then she gets up all angry. Her anger is so visible that a mirror shatters. She takes a piece of mirror and you see reflection of her face with an evil smile.

Next scene is where she goes to Sidney. She frees him and they are talking about how Marian has changed everything. She’s looking at Henry’s book and tells Sidney that it has/had a happy ending for them and now it has all been overwritten. She says that they need to go back to the past to change it. Sidney asks if she remembers killing Marian, but she doesn’t. She says that Marian was “too plain vanilla” (her words exactly) to be remembered lol. She puts Sidney into a mirror and asks him to show the one she wants dead most and they show the scene where Hook and Emma (3x22) witnessed the Evil Queen asking Marian where Snow White is and refusing to tell her. Marian says that she feels bad for Regina because she doesn’t have anyone who loves her because she’s a monster. (Reality) They show Regina’s face pensive after that image.

Some Frozen scenes with Elsa looking for Anna, Kristoff covering for her and eventually giving it out that Anna left where their parent’s left and Elsa runs to the docks.

Rumbelle: First scene they are in the car, starting their honeymoon. Belle says “Go do it, I’ll wait for you here.” Rumple goes to Neal’s grave and talks to him and says that once, Bae was small and he was scared and came to him because of a storm and how he felt safe in the sense that what he was doing something right, but the dagger changed him. He became consumed by the power me even now, he lied to Belle. He says that he wants to be the man that Bae died for and to do right by him and swears to do that until the end of his days. He goes back to Belle and they go to some house she saw when she was hiking. It’s a beautiful, abandoned house. They enter and Rumple freezes Belle, goes to her bag exchanges the fake dagger with the real one saying: “We’re going to start this right.” He unfreezes her and they walk into other room. Before leaving the room, there’s little box on the table with stars painted on it that Rumple notices. They walk into main hall and Rumple says that they didn’t have their first dance. He clicks his fingers and music starts playing. They are dressed in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ costumes (where you have seen them in the promo) They dance and then it cuts out.
Later on there’s a scene of Belle in bed, assuming after their wedding night, and Rumple does magic with the dagger over box and a hat appears which looks like Mickey’s hat, that looks magical (Fantasia hat?)

Forest- Emma, Hook and Charming are running from the Snow Monster (SM). Robin, Marian and the Merry Men are there. Robin tries to shoot but this makes the SM more angry. The monster goes attacking as they are standing there useless and someone says they need magic to fight this off. Hook looks at Emma and says: “You have magic.” Everyone looks at her but Emma is unsure. Hook is all encouraging as the beautiful boyfriend he is and she throws small fireballs, attacking the monster but it’s not enough. He blows them off eventually leaving only Marian conscious. Snow Monster is about to get Marian when Regina appears out of thin air. She looks between the Monster and Marian and Marian begs her for help. Regina sees everyone unconscious, smiles to herself and disappears. Marian thinks she’s about to die and then the Snow Monster is crushed into pieces by Regina. She stares at Regina in awe saying: “You’re not a monster.” Robin walks over and everyone is gaining consciousness. After realising what Regina has done, Emma runs to her to talk, but Regina ignores her completely and disappears.

Then there’s a scene between Hook and Emma. He says: “I know you’ve been avoiding me.” She says: “I know I’m sorry.” But she’s smiley, flirty and says: “Wanna go watch Netflix?” And he’s like: “I don’t have any idea what that is, but sure!” She then admits that she’s been avoiding him because she feels guilty about what she (indirectly) did to Regina. He’s the only person she admitted this to. You can tell from her eyes that she trusts him and he sees right through her because he says: “There’s something else too.” She’s so touched that he saw right through her. She goes by her instincts and grabs him to kiss him. Hook didn’t seem to expect that, but they ease into a kiss and it’s a mid-long kiss with them completely giving into it. After the kiss, she asks him to be patient with her, to wait for her, and he obliges. He agrees and as she walks away, he says to himself: “If I don’t get killed by a monster in a mean time.” but you can tell that he’s so eager and so pleased with their relationship so far.

Next scene, one of the saddest ones: Regina is in her study, on the ground. Emma knocks at her door but Regina doesn’t open it. Her back is against the wall and Emma is on other side. (think when young Anna was going to Elsa to ask to play) Emma tells her that she knows it’s really hard what she’s going through. and she wishes she could do something to make up for it. She says: “I came to this town to bring everyone their happy endings and I swear I will not rest until I bring you your
happy ending too.” She leaves and Regina is crying.

Last scenes: Regina calls Sidney and tells him: “We need to find whoever wrote Henry’s book and make him write it so villains get happy endings too.”

Elsa is holding a paper that she found of Rumple and Belle. She walks into Gold’s pawn shop. 
Back in Arendelle, we see Anna leaving with the ship and Elsa is too late. Elsa swears that she will find her. Kristoff tells her that the place she’s going is called the Enchanted Forest.

Whoever wrote/designed/executed/scored/edited that Chemical Wedding scene… I fucking love you because… just… wow…

I don’t know why I still can’t get over that scene… it’s either the performances of Jared and Margot, the cinematography, that fucking swan dive, or Kehlani’s Gangsta (geez… that song, darlings…) or just a mix of all of these elements. It was incredible.

Okay, I’ll shut up now XD

What’s this rolling down my face? Tears of disappointment? No, it’s -why it’s urine from where I’ve just dunked my whole head in the nearest toilet in an angry rage.
This is my message, and it’s for you, Supernatural writers.
I started being interested in Supernatural in May 2014, when I stumbled across a picture of Dean Winchester on a mainly Sherlock Instagram account I was following. Shortly afterwards, I watched a few episodes on E4, where they show episodes a season or so behind the ones coming out in the States. That’s the curse of being an English person watching American tv shows. At the time, they were showing season 9. I seem to remember the first one I saw was the one with those strange fat-sucking monsters, and Donna, ie. one of the two best sheriffs ever. Soon after that, I followed a number of Supernatural Instagram’s and Twitter’s, and I discovered this amazing thing, something I’d already half thought myself. Destiel.
The greatest love story never told.
Wanting to keep up with Season 10, I found a (not entirely legal) way of watching the new episodes as they aired. I developed a hatred for monster of the week episodes (good god, aren’t they awful?) and discovered more about these three amazing characters.
Sam, Dean, and Castiel. I don’t have a favourite out of Dean and Cas (sorry Sam, you’re in third-ish place, pal) and the dynamic between them fascinated me. At that point I was watching the show from an ‘outsider’ position; I followed a few fan accounts but not more than 3 or 4, I didn’t read or write fanfiction, I had no idea who played any of the characters (in the UK, if you say 'Misha Collins’ people just look at you blankly). I realised several things.
One: the eight seasons I’d missed clearly contained a LOT of either queer baiting or intentional romantic (sexual?) build up for the angel in the trenchcoat and the tough, domineering hunter.
Two: the whole show was like nothing I’d ever seen before. It had a truly 'American’ feel that I liked, despite being told as a child that McDonalds came from the States and therefore they were all EVIL.
Three: there were some very talented actors.
Four: there were some very talented writers. Certain episodes are gold, take, for example, the only episode not from in season 9, 10, or 11 that I’ve watched; The French Mistake.
After a while, I got more into the Supernatural fan base. Being a new fan in the black hole that is the Supernatural 'fandom’ is a bit like buying a horse; they hide all the bad bits, like bog spavins and partial blindness, until you get it vetted and you realise that the 'sound, good to box, show, and hack’ horse that you were going to buy is actually a 25 year old ex-riding school pony with cushings disease. What I mean, for those of you with no knowledge of horses, is that I didn’t see the bad bits at first. In an attempt to integrate, I made an anonymous fan account, not linked to my personal.
On the inside, I could see it all; the vicious fights about ships, the insults towards fans and cast that frankly bordered on abuse and harassment, and the way in which some people were just so rude and appallingly ignorant of how far their words could travel in the great expanse of the Internet. #SPNfamily. Yeah, right.
But I also discovered the other side of it; the brilliant weirdness that is Misha Collins, the kindness and incredible acting of Jensen Ackles, the caring and sharing nature of Jared Padalecki, and the rest of the cast, leads, regulars and all, from Kathryn Newton to Kim Rhodes to Mark Pellegrino. Also the creativity of the fans, I saw, was novel.
Season 11 took too long to arrive. One long summer of sweating (I dislike the heat) and then, it finally arrived with a couple of episodes which I enjoyed, not because of any good writing, but simply because I was so pleased to see the cast back on the screen. The Darkness (not the band) was an idea I didn’t like. The first episode saw Cas under Rowena’s spell, and Dean meeting the overtly sexualised Amara. It was then we all felt that this wasn’t going to go well. The next few episodes were all right; the zombie things and all that stuff at the hospital was great, and I actually thought it was going somewhere. Silly me. Then Sam cured himself with a burning marshmallow and it all seemed to get forgotten. The best episode came next, my favourite episode I ever watched; 11x4, The Bad Seed. Directed by Jensen, with Dean and Sam working together to save Cas, I thought it was all fixed and they’d spend the rest of the season together. It was a Destiel heaven, that ep, and directed by Jensen himself. I was insanely excited.
The reaction from some 'Wincest’ (If there’s one thing I can’t stomach it’s incest.) fans was to abuse Jensen’s Twitter, and complain they wanted 'more bros’. The only way you could get more bros in that show would be to have 49 minutes of them sitting in the Bunker doing case research. What show have they been watching? I felt hopeful though, as that scene where Cas was cured was brilliant (that face touch. Give me a shoulder to cry gently onto). Baby was another episode that I really liked. It was funny and inclusive. Whoever wrote that deserves a medal. The comments from certain people about that episode made me want to ban anyone from using the words 'brothers’ and 'supernatural that we know and love’ in the same sentence, though.
Then we get to Plush. Despite it being a monster of the week episode, I really enjoyed the idea that was 'toyed’ with there. I love clowns. I’m not going to lie; the creepier the better. It was a filler episode that wasn’t a pointless one to fill up the season.
Just My Imagination was good too. Funny, cute, and interesting for Sam’s storyline, which has been one of the only things worth watching this season.
Now though we have this train-wreak, this atrocity, this disgusting piece of badly written and created television.
I have several issues with it. Firstly, the title. Oh Brother Where Are Thou? Are you kidding me? Make it You, to start with, if you’re not going to use Art instead of Are. It sounds wrong. Also, which brother are they referring to? No time was spent where one was looking for the other, except about 20 seconds of Sam ringing Dean and him not answering because he was too busy off snogging Gods bloody sister, the Darkness who’s probably killed roughly 100 people by now.
That’s the bit that made me really angry. We saw Amara grow from a tiny baby, become steadily more sexualised, and now, when she’s fully grown, she makes out with Dean. It’s disgusting. I’ve got nothing against Emily Swallow, in fact I think she’s a good actor, but this? It shows a lack of consent and, worse, proves what I’ve been trying to ignore ever since I started watching Supernatural; Dean is a shallow character, driven by a need for both control and acceptance, and governed only by his massive sexual appetite.
You can forget about it in his tender moments, like when he saves innocent people, sacrifices his life for his brother and the world, when he says “Cas!”, his voice cracking slightly with fear and a submerged need. But I can see it painfully clearly now. The writers have written him to destruction.
It ties back to the 200th episode. It seemed good at first, a shoutout to the large and passionate fan base, but then, when you look into it you realise it’s almost mocking. “You can have your version of things, but we won’t listen or put it in the show. Hell no. We’ll humour you with this episode, and then we’ll be back to ignoring you.” Now, we see that, although they all know what a majority of the 'online’ fan base wants, and must be aware of how they’ve written and acted the last 8 seasons, they continue to write Cas-less episodes and do nothing with the build up they’ve spent years either intentionally or accidentally creating. And this with Amara. It’s like they’re trying to cover their ears, sing lalalalala very loudly and feast their eyes on that hetero kiss they’ve shoved down our throats. Because Destiel will never be canon, and this is something I know almost for certain. The truth is sad, and yet it exists. I wish it didn’t, but it does. It’s not because of homophobia. I don’t think any of the the writers are homophobic, but it’s just something they’ll never do, because they’ll risk upsetting their 'floating viewers’, the ones that make all the difference to the ratings and viewings. Also, they’ll upset the minority. Remember the way in which the photographs of Jensen and Misha play fighting and the paragraphs about them on the convention website were taken down when some fans complained? They were replaced by a photo of Jensen and Jared, with a separate one of Misha.

I’d just like to credit the outstanding acting of Mark Pellegrino for Lucifer. He really saved the ep, and I think he may have been channeling the 'spirit’ of a certain joker. (Obviously you can’t channel spirits. They don’t exist. I know that.) Also I’d like to commend the excellent acting of Mark Sheppard and Ruthie Connell. And, although they are in very few eps, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster (is that spelt right?) on their great characters.

It’s time, writers. Do something, something big, something new. Surprise me. It’s a challenge, you know. You’ve spat on my last remaining hope for the show. Now you need to hand me the sanitiser to wipe it off.
And now, as this took me over two hours and a lot of neck clicking to write, I’d appreciate a read and a reblog. Cheers.

Supernatural writers: Make Destiel canon. I dare 'ya.

Whoever wrote the scene between Katniss and Snow in Mockingjay had better get a Chrismas bonus, it was by far one of - if not the - best scene not taken directly from the book. Like.

“I never wanted any of this. I only wanted to save my sister and keep Peeta alive.”

“My dear Miss Everdeen, It’s the things we love most that destroy us.”

HELLO! That’s great dialogue!!