whoever that chick is

ohmygosh i love stardew valley so much. I mean, it is basically harvest moon, but WAY BETTER and i love harvest moon. In stardew valley, you get to fight monsters! You get to craft so many things! There is a wizard and everybody is just like “oh yeah, the wizard? he just hangs around. w/e.” 

and the best part? There is no difference between men and women’s clothes, hair, hats, etc. YOU CAN BE AS GENDER FLUID AS YOU WANT. ALSO AS GAY AS YOU WANT. You can marry whoever is denoted as “single” whether it be a dude or a chick! 

And your spouse doesn’t turn into a mindless automaton after you get married! They keep their jobs if they have one! They keep their hobbies! You get to see openly affectionate male characters! You actually have to work on the relationship after you get married to show your spouse you care for them!

The fishing minigame can go fuck itself though


Whoever said fat chicks can’t be beautiful. Bitch please.

I jiggle for days and tonight I’m feeling beautiful. You should too. You’re a glorious human being, love your curves, love your big boobs. Love your small boobs. Love your flat stomach. Love your thigh gap. Love youre wonderful thighs that touch. Love your six pack. Love your tummy. Love your small arms and your massive muscles. Love you

Oosh out
Thank you for existing