whoever that chick is

it won’t always be perfect, no.
you will get jealous when he laughs
with someone who isn’t you,
or when his skin lands on somebody else’s
which isn’t yours.
you will get angry at him
for being late at your dates,
because he will reason out his work,
his work, his work, and his other “guy” friends.
you will get annoyed at him for
tickling your neck when you’re having
a bad day, when he’s only trying
to give you a good time.
you will get lonely when he would not
send you a message when he’s away
for a week in a military camp.
you will be mad at him
for having missed an anniversary greeting.
you will be pissed at him
when he was not able to eat the lunch that
you so dutifully prepared for him
(which by the way, woke you up at 4 am
and you had to mess up your kitchen
because he had to be at the hospital at 5:30).
you will envy those patients he treats with tenderness
especially when you were the one who needs his help.
you will hate him on some days
when you feel like he’s fading away from you,
or when you feel like he’s losing his grip on your life.
you will be scared when he would not talk
to you for a week because of a fight
over some hot chick named “Jennifer” or “Layla” or whoever.
you will be worried when he won’t reply
to any of your texts because you know he could
die any moment and if it happens, you hope
most in the world that you’re with him.
he won’t die anyways, not yet,
but your paranoia will make you really, really worried
that you can’t do anything all day
but cry and cry as you stare
at the same spot on your bedroom wall
filled with moments you’ve both shared over the past 22 years.
all these will happen while you’re in love with him.
but remember that on these moments,
he will always be there.
he will hug you and rub his skin against yours
to keep you from being jealous.
he will stay up with you all night
just to let you know that he will always be there
even when he’s got his own work and other “guy” friends,
and to show you you’re still the dearest thing to him.
he will tickle your lips with the hairs on his face
when you’re having a bad day, because he
knows, no matter how hard you hide it,
that it is the only thing that can make your day better.
and when he comes back from those military camps,
he will cook you breakfast at 10 in the morning,
and will spend his entire day without you losing
sight of him, because he missed you too even more
than you missed him.
he will apologize for not eating the lunch you’ve prepared for him,
and when he comes home, like a child
he will show you an empty lunch box,
and you will make your way to the kitchen
to make out and nothing more.
he will go home and tell you stories of his
patients, their sorrows and struggles and how he felt like he was needed in
their lives, and you will then think of how blessed you are
to have such a man whose ways are nobler than anybody you’ve met,
and your envy will dissolve into a proud smile.
he will hold you and reminisce with you
just to let you know that he will always, always be there,
so all your hate, your worries and fears of him going away
will be lost in a sea of happy memories and he will
always be there to remind you, that he never will ever
leave your side until you’re alive, and to this promise
he will be true, and you know he will.
he will cure your paranoia over the years
not because he is one of the best doctors the world
has ever seen, but because he is the best lover in the world,
a jewel you found in your darkest of times.
he will not take your love for granted, even when
he sometimes feels like you’re taking his for granted.
he will not let you feel how scared he also is
that he might not see you again every single day,
because he knows how this will lead to
a day of crying and continuous conversations of the same thing
over and over for the entire day.
he won’t tell you this, instead he will give you assurance
and your smile will be the only assurance that he will need
to go on through the day.
he will get tired, and you will, too,
but nights where you get to relive the moment you first met
under the stars on a blanket over the grass
at the university oval will be enough motivation
for the both of you to stay in love for one more day.
all these will happen while you’re in love with him and he with you.
and as long as you’re both living, each day you see
each other smile, you know in your own selves,
that whatever happens while you’re both in love
with each other, it will be and always will be good.
—  Poem #02 from a collection titled Where Else Will I Find Your Love
Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Six

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

*Alex POV*

It happened so suddenly. We were all sitting down enjoying our time together. I was so glad to see y/n and Kappy getting along. He’s become one of my good friends out here, I trust him a lot. Y/N was explaining her job to Kappy. I sit there and admire how excited and proud she is to explain it. I turn my head for a moment and that’s when I saw Will walk into the restaurant. Anxious, I started to fidget, not knowing what to do. If he sees me he’s going to blow up and cause a scene. The last thing I want is to piss him off even more. He still brings up the first night every once in a while. I could always stay here and risk him possibly seeing me, but it would be better if I could convince him to leave.

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Somethin’ ‘Bout that Mouth - AJ Styles

Prompts: #43: “ Baby…” & #44: “Go fuck yourself.”

It had been 3 weeks since creative decided to put your boyfriend, AJ Styles, into a romantic storyline with another woman.

In the beginning, you were a little upset that creative didn’t choose you to be in a storyline with him since he is your boyfriend. But you were on track to being the number one contender for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, your character didn’t have the time to be in a romantic storyline with anyone, especially since you had just gotten out of one a couple of months ago.

AJ was upfront with you about it and told you everything he knew, the second he found out. He assured you that there would be no surprises.

That’s why you were completely dumbfounded when you saw AJ and her kissing in the middle of the ring. Not just a quick PG kiss, it was basically a full-on makeout session.

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best friends to lovers | peter parker x reader (part 2)

part two of “best friends to lovers” in a more headcanon format because IM LAZY

anyway I’m planning on having a lot of parts because these are fun to write


warnings: LANGUAGE, fluff, and angst ish (it’s who I am)



- let’s get on with the show shall we
- what in the frick frackin hell was peter talking about
- “uh peter I’m pretty damn sure it’s made of spandex”
- *peter hits realization that he said that out loud*
- aw cute flustered peter
- “NO, psh, uh I mean you know he’s a super hero so like wouldn’t it be made of idk, something else??”
- “mhm”
- and ned pulls peter into the hallway
- you give him a look
- “guy talk” Is all he says
- you look at Michelle
- “guy talk, since when did- what the fuck”
- “I don’t know man” she said while sipping her tea
- she knows what’s up
- anyway now you had the outstandinghomecoming to look forward to I guess
- I mean you didn’t expect to have a date
- love that
- “DUDE and you thought I would tell people about your secret”
- *slaps peter*
- “HEy, no one insults karen”
- “good luck with this buddy” ned said before patting peter on the back
- same ned same
- “secret?” you whisper while slowly walking towards ned and peter
- yeah no you most definitely were not spying on their guy talk
- just casually walking the hallway
- “wHY ARE YOU BLAMING ME?” you say at the camera
- damn fourth wall break
- sorry not sorry
- “wha- no, y/n”
- “no no it’s fine I get it you didn’t want to tell me about a secret girlfriend it’s fine”
- “wha-”
- “I get it sometimes you need to keep certain things to yourself” you said giving a light smile
- “I hope you and karen have fun, see you soon, yeah?”
- you turn around before breaking down it front of them
- “Y/N WAIT”
- anyway
- you were in your room
- accompanied by michelle
- getting ready for
- HOMECOMING !!!!!!!!!
- wooooooo
- no it’s really not that exciting
- you were very much ready to be faced by peter and whoever this karen chick is
- cause wtf
- didn’t he like liz
- guess he doesn’t anymore
- oh well
- anyway who the hell is karen anyway
- I mean she isn’t aware that a karen even goes to their school
- wait so does peter do a after school activity you don’t know about
- “wow he doesn’t even trust me just great” you mumbled causing Michelle to look up from her book
- “I said I don’t even trust these grapes” you said pointing at the bowl on your desk
- “what?”
- “they could be poisoned you never know”

til next time

next one will be angsty cause I live for angst

tell me if you wanna be tagged! thanks for the lovely support :)

The Thunder Rolls - Finale

Pairing: Dean × Reader

Word Count: About 3000

Summary: Dean and Sam are on a case in your hometown but the trail is running cold. Dean is hoping to make a move before they leave town and start another case. Based of the Garth Brooks song with the same title.

Part 1

Part 2

Warnings: Domestic Violence, Swearing

Please, if you are or ever find yourself in a situation of domestic violence, *do not hesitate* to reach out for help, support, or just to talk to someone about what is going on. The United States National Hotline (24/7 and Confidential) is 1-800-799-7233. This blog (http://togetherweare-strong.tumblr.com/helpline) also has hotlines for multiple other countries.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


The sun warmed your back as you slept gently in Dean’s bed, you could hear birds chirping and still a few soft drops of rain. Sam went out for breakfast and borrowed a car to swing by your house to stake out, trying to get a better idea if Travis was still around. Dean promised he would stay by your side. He fell lightly asleep in the lounge chair off in the corner of the room, trying to catch up on his own sleep deprivation.

You slightly awoke when Sam came through the door. Once you were fully conscious, you decided to act like you were still sleeping, hoping to hear some information he might not disclose if you were awake. Dean you fully trusted but Sam you still had yet to figure out. He seemed strictly business.

“Hey,” Sam whispered to Dean while shaking him awake.

“What? What?” Dean waved him away. “I’m up.” He said running his hands through his hair.

Dean watched you sleeping, wondering how you had managed to remain this peaceful. Probably because you were so exhausted you couldn’t dream, he thought. Sam sat down across from Dean after placing the to-go cups of coffee on the table in between them. Dean took one and started sipping it down.

“So, you find out anything?” Dean questioned.

“He wasn’t at the house, but there was plenty of sulfur pinning him there.” Sam started and he looked at you to make sure you were still sleeping. “He cleaned up too, in a rush, but it looks like he doesn’t want to draw too much attention to himself.”

“What about the factory?” Dean asked.

“Spoke with a supervisor. He called in sick today.” Sam explained.

“Hmm… “ Dean thought. “Maybe back with whoever this other chick was?”

“Or hunting her.” Sam nodded in your direction.

“The three of them didn’t seem so obsessive.” Dean argued going back to earlier in the case.

“Maybe it was triggered when it possessed Travis, by their past. Based on her story, I don’t think he is done seeking her out.” Sam reasoned.

“Then we should get her as far away as possible.” Dean said going for the Impala’s keys.

“Or we could use it to our advantage.” Sam suggested.

“I already said we are not using her as bait, I’m not going to repeat myself again.” Dean growled in your defense.

You couldn’t take lying still anymore and mustered whatever courage you had.

“I want to help.” You said standing up, trying not to wince in pain to convince them you were able.

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All About Us -- Castiel x Reader

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Imagine teaching Castiel how to slow dance

A/N: You would not BELIEVE how many times I’ve written and rewritten this damn story just to get the feel for it right. -_- I seriously hope I’ve gotten it right this time.

Song – “All About Us” - He is We (click the link and give this song a listen if you haven’t already. It’s great!)

Originally posted by magneticcas

“It’s strange.”

You looked up from your book. “What is, Cas?”

The angel gestured to the television. On the screen, the two main characters were lost in each other’s eyes, swaying rhythmically to the swelling music as the camera panned over the gazebo adorned with twinkling string lights.

You cocked an eyebrow. “What exactly is the strange part about this, Cas?”

“What exactly are they doing?” he asked, his eyes narrowed in wonder as his head tilted to the side.

“They’re dancing,” you explained.

“Is that what that is?”

“Yeah. You’ve never seen dancing before?”

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ohmygosh i love stardew valley so much. I mean, it is basically harvest moon, but WAY BETTER and i love harvest moon. In stardew valley, you get to fight monsters! You get to craft so many things! There is a wizard and everybody is just like “oh yeah, the wizard? he just hangs around. w/e.” 

and the best part? There is no difference between men and women’s clothes, hair, hats, etc. YOU CAN BE AS GENDER FLUID AS YOU WANT. ALSO AS GAY AS YOU WANT. You can marry whoever is denoted as “single” whether it be a dude or a chick! 

And your spouse doesn’t turn into a mindless automaton after you get married! They keep their jobs if they have one! They keep their hobbies! You get to see openly affectionate male characters! You actually have to work on the relationship after you get married to show your spouse you care for them!

The fishing minigame can go fuck itself though

Those eyes - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Those eyes

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hello! I have a DeanXReader request! Would you be able to write a fluffy dean fic as he helps her wit her boxing and combat training? If it ended in smut that definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing :) Thanks! I love all of your writing!!

“Need any help with that?” a voice brought you back in reality and you stopped punching the bag and turned to look at the door.

It seemed like whenever you were boxing or combat training you zoned out and the only thing that existed for you was the punching bag and your moves. Breathe, punch and move your feet. From time to time there actually was one more thing in your mind that you wouldn’t dare say out loud but still kept you motivated, and hell maybe got you to improve yourself. What was that thing? Well, not so much a thing as a person. And it varied every time just like the girls Dean flirted with varied. Hence why you wouldn’t say it out loud.

How could you ever do so? It would only mean you admitted your feelings for the hunter and that was something you didn’t want under any circumstances.

“Huh?” you asked breathlessly and he chuckled.

“Help with training I mean.” he had that smirk on his lips and in combination with the way he was taking off that gray jacket of his and was only left in a black shirt and gray pants you found yourself going weak on the knees.

“Oh” you blinked, looking away from him and chuckled awkwardly “Want to be the punching bag?” you raised an eyebrow and he laughed.

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I recently started rewatching FMA 03 since I hadn’t seen it since I was in middle school and I kind of wrote it off because Brotherhood follows the manga more BUT

I’m on ep 25 and I have Thoughts:

  •  I never realized how much more 03 focuses on war and genocide. like damn. the war is so much more real and the imagery is way more provocative. In BH the war was in the distant past, but in 03 Ishvalans are still actively getting killed by the Amestrian military, in front of Ed and Al??? they’re not getting secondhand stories, they’re like personally witnessing this.
  • Barry the Chopper’s story arc and the whole ordeal with the refrigerated truck is dumb and I don’t like it
  • likewise with that chick Psiren and Mugen or whoever. those just felt like filler episodes to me
  • Ed’s disdain for Mustang surpasses the cute passive aggressive banter that characterizes their relationship in BH like Ed fuckin Hates the dude
  • I’m not really sure how I feel about Mustang at this point in the series tbh
  • “money doesn’t grow on trees there, chief”
  • the Elrics’ relationship with Nina is deeper. they actually lived with the Tuckers for an extended period of time, as opposed to a couple days
  • the 03 Lab 5 situation super weirds me out??? it’s like a way huger part of the plot than it was in BH and I’m always kind of tempted to skip over it whenever I reread the books so it’s crazy to see how much more plot info they crammed into that arc in 03
  • the Indiana Ed scene!!!!! iconic
  • that kid that steals Al’s armor and then Al is all like “I AM A CURSED ANCIENT ARTIFACT”!!!!!!!!!
  • Hughes is still alive!!!!! he actually lives longer than like the first 10 episodes! his character is so much more developed! I am so excited about this!!!!!!!
  • Where the Fuck is Paninya I am forever bitter about this
  • I love bishie Scar so much

I honestly remember very little about what happens past this point in 03 so this should be interesting

would love to hear other peoples’ thoughts/opinions!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Georgia said in her new post that her friend Lindsey only cooked up the gluten free deserts. Who is the woman that made the 2 day old gluten free pancakes that Georgia was forcing on Shep then? Her name was Kathy or Katie. Is she Georgia's regular cook or was she just hired to make the gluten free foods for the blog post?

it’s all very confusing but then again it’s georgia and when has she ever done anything normal? btw whoever made the pancakes was a chick named kelly.

anonymous asked:

A baby chocobo looks up at Sephiroth blinking its big beady eyes at him.


“Where did you come from?”

A careful look left and right is enough to tell him that whoever this chick belongs to is nowhere around. Could this be, is that an excuse to…?

He picks it up and carries it off.

With some luck the owner won’t be found for a few days.


title: gravity
genre: angst 
characters: jackson x you
plot: you think he’s cheating on you so you leave but then you find out that you’re pregnant
extras: please excuse grammar and spelling mistakes. thanks for the request. feel free to request here when the ask box opens up.
song: Gravity by Against The Current 

“Where have you been?” You asked annoyed. Jackson had come home late for the past two weeks. You would wake up to find an empty space next to you. You would have to wait until three in the morning just to sleep beside him. 

“You shouldn’t have waited for me,” He grumbled and gently pushed past you.  You could smell the faint aroma of women’s perfume, one that you don’t wear. You watched him take off his jacket as you processed what had just happened in your head. It suddenly all made sense to you. The perfume on his jacket, coming home late, leaving early, barely talking to you…

“New perfume?” You asked accusingly. He looked back at you confused but didn’t answer. “Do you think I’m stupid, Jackson? You don’t think I realize what’s happening? Coming home late, not being there in the morning, not talking to me, not even replying to my texts. And now you have perfume all over your jacket.” You laughed sarcastically and clapped your hands. “You’re a great actor but I can see right through your lies. Who was it? Youngji?”

Jackson looked back at you surprised. You couldn’t actually think he was cheating on you, right? “You’re being ridiculous, Y/N. Let’s go to bed,” He said grabbing your wrist. You quickly slapped his arm away. He finally turned around and let out an exasperated sigh. “You really believe that I would cheat on you?”

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