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Tour Guide - Requested (Michael)

Anon asked: Can you write an imagine where your band is opening for 5sos and you get a little break in your hometown so you wanna show them things but the only one who goes is Mikey and like you get to know each other and develop feelings for each other while showing him places only the locals know about

I’m sorry it’s not good and not totally what you asked for, but I wanted to give you a story today!

“I’m so fucking excited!” you bounce round in Luke’s room, making them all laugh. “I never thought we would get break at my hometown”

“It was the right thing to do when we were so close”, you plop down next to Ashton and smile at him.

“I slept like a baby last night. My bed is heaven, I tell you”

“You better invite me sometime”, Michael winks.

“I don’t invite just whoever. It’s a special place”, you tell him making him smirk.

“I don’t get that you came out of it”

“We made breakfast plans Cal, I don’t ditch you for my bed”, you say sweet and he blows you a kiss.

“Well I think you’re an idiot”, Luke rolls in his bed. “I’m not leaving this bed for the entire day”

“What!” you almost scream looking at him with big round eyes.

“I’m not leaving my bed?” he says again with doubt.

“Are you kidding me? I thought I could show you all around”

“I’m gonna pas (Y/N). All I want to do is stay in bed, seriously all day”

“Fine”, you growl. You’re not putting up a fight, cause you know he’s been a bit sick. “What about you three?”

“Count me out too”, Ashton says. “I’m going to hit the gym, hard and then I’m going to sleep”

“Yeah me too”, Calum says apologetic.

“You’re all party poopers”

“I’ll come”, Michael smiles happy.


“Yeah, if you let me in your bed afterwards”

“I’ll think about it”, you laugh, giving him a thankful look at the same time.


“Thanks again for coming”

“No worries, this is fun”

“I still can’t believe that you came. The one I thought would bail, is the only one who wanted to come”, you laugh a bit.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked dramatically. 

“Well you’re not really the outdoorsy type, now are you?”

“True”, he agrees. “But they are fucking idiots”, he places his arm round your shoulder and pulls you close to him. “When a beautiful girl ask you to hang out, you never say no”

“You’re such a charmer”

“Only with the right girl”, you feel your cheeks warm up.

“Come on”, you take his hand and pull him behind you up the last part of the hill. “And this is my favourite place in the word”, you open your arms wide.

“It’s beautiful”, Michaels says soft.

You sit down under the weeping willow, looking over the field filled with flowers. You tap on the ground next to you. Michael takes the hint and sits down next to you. “I came here when I was sad, when I wanted to think, when I wanted to be alone or when I wanted to write and sing”, you lay your head down on Michael’s shoulder. “I never took anybody out here before”

“Thank you for taking me”, he now rests his head on yours. You sit there, in silence enjoying the view and singing of the birds for a while.

“What did you think of today?” you break the silence.

“I loved it. I really did”

“What do you think of my town”, you take your head of his shoulder and look at him. “And don’t lie”, you warn.

“It’s nice”

“I know it’s not a big city”

“No, but it’s cosy, with good coffee and great food”, he smiles and you smile too. “And the most amazing girl I know lives here, so that’s a huge bonus”, you feel your head becoming red.

“Oh really, who is she?” you try to act cool.

“She’s looking me right into the eyes”

You move your eyes away from him, looking back to the field. “Oh I forgot to show you my old school”, you remember suddenly.

“Next time”

“Okay next time”, you smile hearing that he wants a next time. “You sure you want me to guide you around again?” you ask, knowing you dragged him more around than that you guided. 

“Of course, you the best tour guide I’ve ever had”, he pulls you in his side. 

“I’m quite happy now that the other didn’t came”

“Me too. We should spent more time together”

“We will”, you press your lips on his cheek. “Would you like to come back to my house? I’m sure mom will make us some dinner”

He nods yes. “Will you show me your bedroom too?”

“If you want”, you shrug.

“And will I get to test out your bed?”, he raises his eyebrow at you.

“If you play your cards right”, you smirk.