whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you

Signs as deep quotes

Aries: “Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.”

Taurus: “Show up in every moment like you’re meant to be there.”

Gemini: “You can’t do epic shit with basic people.”

Cancer: “Cry a river. Build a bridge. Get over it.”

Leo: “If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal.”

Virgo: “I like people who smile when it is raining.”

Libra: “I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”

Scorpio: “I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.”

Sagittarius: “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Capricorn: “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” 

Aquarius: “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”

Pisces: “Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

In An Instant (M)

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Summary: Dancing around each other for years, both you and Yoongi have resigned to stay friends, never knowing the others feelings for each other. However, an impulsive decision from Jin might finally push you two together. Yoongi really shouldn’t have trusted Jin with his phone. BFF!Yoongi, College AU.

Members: Yoongi, ft. Jin being a true bro

Word Count: 6.5k

Warning: Smut

A/N: Okay so, I don’t know if anyone else’s university/school has this but there’s a FB/Instagram account for my school where you send in a message for your crush anonymously and the account publishes it for you, sometimes with a picture and the whole thing just made wheels turn in my head so now here we are.

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On Silent

Based on this prompt by @mad-the-swine

“so I like to think that every Sunday when Ronan goes to church, he thinks about stopping by to see adam but never does because maybe sundays are the only days the garage is closed and he can get some sleep for once, and then one day as the organist is playing in mass he realizes that adam must be able to hear everything, there’s no way he could sleep through it. So one day he dreams some noiseless headphones and leaves them outside adam’s door, and well-rested adam starts smiling more after that”

Thank you so much for submitting i looveeed this idea, you’re so creative!!

This is 1,714 words, pre relationship

He was so close.

Just for fun, Ronan tried to calculate the distance in feet between him and Adam during mass. The distance in yards, inches, meters.

Shuffling brought him out of his daydreams. The service was over, people were getting up to leave. A certain distinct part of Ronan became thrilled.

Maybe he could do it today. Maybe he’d casually stop by Adam’s scrappy appartement on this bright Sunday, he was in the area anyway, right?

As Ronan walked out of the old church building, he looked up to where he knew Adam lived and sighed. He wouldn’t go to Adams, he never would on a Sunday morning- the only day Boyd’s was closed and Adam could even attempt to sleep in. Adam needed the rest.

With a deep breath and a considerable amount of restraint, Ronan walked by the door of Saint Agnes’, saying a simple prayer to whoever would listen on behalf of Adam’s well-being.

Thinking about seeing Adam tomorrow made Ronan excited about the start of the school week. The fact that someone could do that to him was more than uncomfortable but also more than thrilling. Just twelve hours more.

In deliberate nonchalance the next morning, Ronan flopped down into the chair beside Adam’s, hardly sparing a glance his was. Hardly holding himself back from looking more.

Adam’s eyes were sunken it and glazed, not in the classroom or aware. Disheveled hair and sustained blinks were all the clues Ronan needed.

“Sleep much Parrish?” He pried with carefully disguised concern.

“Hm?” Adam looked to Ronan for the first time that morning, revealing the full vacancy of his expression.

Ronan found himself struck with an unfounded feeling of anger. Of course a few hours extra of sleep wouldn’t really change much. He just wanted better for Adam. How dare sleep in Sundays not help this boy more?

Ronan had been staring and Adam hadn’t been awake enough to realize, when Gansey arrived in class wearing some horrible new boat shoes that disgustingly matched his Aglionby uniform.

Ronan cracked a joke that Adam didn’t catch and Gansey reprimanded Ronan for his lack of preparation for class. Ronan didn’t care. He had one reason for coming to school this morning, and that reason was currently a sleepy dead man walking.

A bell rung, class began and Ronan couldn’t stop think about Adam. Wondering about the dark rings under his eyes and how to change their existence. Why didn’t thoes few extra hours of sleep make any difference for Adam? Ronan avoided him after church just so he could catch up on sleep-


Church. Maybe that was it. Of course. It had to be. The church’s organ was scarcely well played, never well receive and always incredibly loud. And at seven thirty every Sunday morning, it began blaring some underrehearsed hymnal right below Adam’s room.

No wonder the extra hours asleep did nothing for Adam- he wasn’t getting them. Ronan couldn’t blame him; who could sleep through those atrocious sounds?

Fuck the organ. Fuck the organ player. But this was good. At least Ronan knew the problem, that meant he could dream away to stop it.

Ronan dreamed without sound.It was disorienting to be cut off from the senses within his own head.

He saw Adam. They were, both of them in the forest, but Adam was laying down on that shitty mistress from his apartment. He was tossing around, holding hands to his ears.

Ronan sat in the edge of the bed, next to the restless Dream Adam. Still, Ronan couldn’t hear a thing. Adam sat up and looked st Ronan- his eyes glassy with this dream world. Reaching his hands out, Dream Adam brushed his fingers by Ronan’s ears.

Shivering unwillingly, Ronan watched as Dream Adam pulled solidly black earbuds from Ronan’s ears. Sound came back at once.

“Oh,” Ronan mused, “I get it.”

Ronan took the headphones from Adam, savoring the way their fingers brushed in the exchange.

Following the thin headphone cord to his pocket, Ronan found them connected to a solid black cube, printed with simple white letters, reading:



It was Saturday night before Ronan finally found the guts to bring the noise eliminating gift to Adam. He had to bring them tonight so the church organ wouldn’t wake Adam in the morning.

He pulled up into the gravely parking area of St. Agnes’s, noted the absence of Adam’s shitbox and opted to wait in the hallway outside Adam’s door.

Ronan stretched his legs out strait in front of him, back against a wall of peeling paint. He put the dream buds into his ears and closed his eyes.

Almost, Ronan thought, he could dream like this. This particular brand of silence was like a blanket, protecting whoever experienced it from whatever pain and noise existed outside of it.

Ronan started when he felt a gentle kick to the side of his knee. Ripping the soundless ear buds from his ears, he looked up to see Adam Parrish, messing with the apartment key before unlocking his door.

“Sleep much, Lynch?” He smirked. Adam had the sleeves of his blue coveralls tied around his waist, white tee shirt hugging his chest in a way that forced blush to Ronan’s cheeks. He got up and followed Adam inside, deciding to have some fun.

“Listen to this new song I found Parrish?” Ronan said, meeting Adam at his desk where he already stood looking over the weekend’s homework.

“Ronan I swear, if you’re talking about the Murder Squash song-” Ronan cut Adam off by bringing the headphones to the boy’s ears.

Ronan held his hands over Adams ears, thumbs along his jaw bone. Ronan told himself this action was necessary in order to ensure Adam didn’t rip the buds away, but in actuality, Ronan wished he could hold Adam’s face like that all day.

“I don’t hear anything!” Adam said, a bit too loudly. Ronan hesitantly removed his hands from Adams face in order to dangle the connected ABSOLUTE SILENCE CUBE by Adams face.

Ronan smirked and Adam laughed. This reactions supercharged Ronan’s state of being. His stomach felt light and his eyes felt on fire.

Ronan reached to take the ear buds from Adam, wishing to make some snide comment he hadn’t thought of yet. Ronan was saved the trouble of figuring out some witty remark when Adam grabbed his hand.

It seemed like maybe he would swat it away, but Adam just kept his fingers on Ronan’s palm, thumb on the back of his hand

“I like you better on silent.” Adam joked, adjusting his voice to what he probably thought was a normal volume but just came out low and undeniably sexy. Adam still held Ronan’s hand in his own.

Touch was electric.

Breathing shallow and heart thoroughly wrecked, Ronan stumbled away from Adam in an awkward tornado of too long limbs. Adam caught Ronan by his left arm, took out the ear buds and laughed.

“So, standing? Were you skipping school the day that was covered?” Adam quipped.

“Fuck off Parrish.” Ronan snapped, but he made no move to leave Adam’s grasp. Standing was one thing, standing in the presence of Adam Parrish was another.

They both smirked. Adam headed to the shower leaving Ronan with the soundless headphones and the dimming light in the room.

If he stayed, Ronan knew what would happen. He’d try to kiss Adam, he knew he would. It was just one of those nights where Adam was extra irresistible. The firework touches didn’t help.

Ronan resolved to go home. He left the soundless earbuds on Adam’s pillow and quietly left.

Sunday was torcher. All through mass, Ronan could only hope Adam was getting the extra sleep he needed. What if he didn’t notice Rona had left the headphones, or just disregarded them all together? Adam was used to Ronan’s accidental dream creations, maybe he thought nothing of the ABSOLUTE SILENCE creation.

The urge to stop in at Adam’s was stronger than ever but Ronan tore himself away from the church apartment buildings and prayed for a well rested Adam.

When Ronan entered his first period class the next morning his eyes went strait to Adam as they always did. He looked slightly more at ease and aware of his surroundings. Adam jerked his head in greeting as Ronan walked in, even smiled at him for the seconds before obnoxious classmates began to fill the room.

This time, when Ronan commented on Gansey’s strange style choices, Adam laughed and ignited the electricity in Ronan from that weekend. He felt on top of the world, like he was finally doing something worth any amount of time put into it.

Adam seemed better during class, he smiled more, his notes were more organized. Ronan was sure he was imagining it but it seemed like Adam kept stealing glances his way. Even the possibility made Ronan soar.

After class, Adam held back until Ronan was ready to leave. They walked out of the room together into the already emptied out hallways. Adam stopped before heading out of the building to his next class.

“You’re gonna be late Parrish, the entire faculty with shit their pants if-”

Ronan couldn’t continue, not with Adam’s mouth pressed against his own, Adam’s fingers gripping his uniform tie.

Adam leaned against Ronan with his whole body and Ronan felt he would melt into the wood paneling behind him if he didn’t hold onto something. He gripped Adam around the waist and closed his eyes.

Ronan couldn’t be sure if this was real or not. He needed to remember it forever, he needed to understand what was happening in his brain.

“Adam,” was all he could manage to say.

Adam pressed one more kiss onto Ronan’s mouth.

“For the record,” Adam began simply, “I don’t like you better on silent.”

Ronan laughed even though he didn’t have the breath for it.

“Even when you’re being and asshole.”

Ronan smiled against Adam’s check and kissed him there without thinking before bringing their lips back together.

Really, if all Adam need was a few extra hours of sleep to be interested in this, in him of all people, Ronan figured silent headphones were a small price to pay.

Starco Week 3 - Day 1

“Damn, it’s hard to get to that pathetic princess.” A large brute said.

“Yeah, she’s long due for an initiation, but with her bodyguard agent Diaz around we can’t touch her.”

“Why don’t we shake them up a little then? Scare them a bit.” One of them suggested.

Another smiled. “I like that idea. They won’t know what’s coming.”

“C'mon, Marco! We have math now!” Star urged him as the bell rung, signaling the next period.

Marco winced. “Do we have to go to math? I’m already in a bad mood and I’m not looking forward to making it worse,” he replied.

“Geez, are we sure you’re the one who’s supposed to look after me? We have to go! If you miss class you’ll get detention!” Star exclaimed.

Marco feigned a gasp and shook his head. “No not detention!”

“Diaz, that is extremely rude.” Star seriously replied.

Marco sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Look, you can go without me princess. I don’t want you missing class and getting in trouble, which will inevitably lead to both of us getting into trouble. I’ll show up…later, okay?”

Star frowned before giving him a nod. “Okay. But don’t get in trouble!” She commanded.

Marco waved her off as she ran off to Ms. Skullnick’s room. He sighed and scratched the bandage on his cheek.

Lying down on the hill just far off the school building, Marco was taking a nap; taking in the feel of the grass below him, the air he breathed, and the warmth that coursed through him.

Suddenly he was jarred awake, being shaken by somebody. He grabbed whoever was shaking him by the scruff of their necks and threw them down to the ground, holding a fist near their face.

Marco’s victim shivered in fear until Marco stared at him for a few seconds and gave him a look of confusion. “Ferguson?”

Marco let go of his fellow classmate, standing straight and crossing his arms. “Okay spit it out. Why’d you wake me up?”

“Um, Skullnick asked me to find you and bring you to class.” Ferguson stammered.

Marco frowned and cracked his neck, which was stiff from sleeping. Damn, Skullnick knew he wouldn’t try and beat up Ferg. Being an old friend and pitiful made him more likely to survive with Marco.

He groaned and rolled up the sleeves of his jacket. “Alright, let’s go.” Marco started walking toward his class, before stopping and turning to Ferguson. “You coming or do you want to lie there all day?”

Ferguson scrambled to his feet, following Marco back to class.

“So a derivative is the - Ah, Mr. Diaz. How nice of you to join us for class. 20 minutes late. ” Ms. Skullnick sneered that last part. Marco lacked a reaction.

“As punishment, you’ll be cleaning the storage out back. I hear it’s been years since it’s seen light.” Skullnick said.

Marco rolled his eyes and took his seat by the window, paying more attention to the two squirrels fighting outside than Skullzers at the front of the class.

The bell signaling the end of school rang through the building, Marco groaning at his recent after school punishment.

He packed his things in his bag, making his way to the back of school grounds to clean the storage facility.

He already told Star to wait for him at home, but he could see her in his peripherals, always hiding behind something. He didn’t pay much attention to it, but soon he couldn’t keep up the obliviousness and called her out on her lousy stealth tactics.

“Princess, why are you following me?” Marco deadpanned.

Star jumped. She hadn’t noticed he noticed her. She stepped out from her hiding place, staring at the floor and looking for the right words. “Um…I just thought…maybe, I would help you clean. Less load on you, but if you want me gone, I totally understand-” Star was interrupted by Marco smirking and patting her head affectionately.

“Thanks, prin…Star” Marco corrected himself.

Star blushed and avoided his gaze. Marco rarely ever used her name when he referred to her, but when he did it made her knees buckle.

“Yeah, well, you owe me after this! I want one, no, two more nachos than I’m allowed! And wipe that dumb smirk off your face!” Star exclaimed.

“Um, you never had a limit to what you can eat, princess,” Marco said, beginning to walk away again.

“O-oh. Then I want you to attend every class ON TIME from now on!” Star commanded.

Marco couldn’t really say no. She was already doing this much for him, and with that cute demanding face, it’s hard to refuse.

“Yeah, fine. Whatever. Let’s go.”

Marco and Star made their way to the storage facility, walking up to the metal double doors. Using the key he got from the janitor, he unlocked the doors, pushing them open to reveal a large dusty room, with stuff that looked to be thirty-maybe forty-years old.

“Wow. This looks ancient.” Marco tried to switch on the lights, but due to age and the lack of much-needed renovation of the building, the lights refused to switch on.

“Damnit. Guess we’re going in dark,” Marco said.

Star suddenly seemed very nervous. “Do we have some flashlights or something?” She asked.

“Uh, maybe. Do you need them to see?” Marco asked.

“Y-yeah, right. Well?”

“I don’t have any on me now, but- OOF!” Marco grunted as he and Star were shoved into the building. Landing hard on their sides they heard the click of the lock, along with the footsteps of a few people.

Marco started to pat his body for the keys, only to realize he dropped it when he was shoved. “Stupid bastards…” Marco growled. “Princess, are you-”

Marco stopped and his eyes widened when he felt Star abruptly grab his arm. He narrowed his eyes in concern.

“Uh, princess?” He asked, starting to turn to look at her.

“Stop, don’t look at me. Please. Just, let me do this.” Star said.

Marco frowned, looking forward as Star vice gripped his forearm. He could feel her press up against him, shivering in…fear?

He could feel her heartbeat, and it was pounding pretty fast. Marco thought his own was too. Could she feel it as well?

“Star,” Marco began after a few moments of silence, “are you afraid,”

Star tensed up, and Marco could feel it.

“of the dark?”

Star’s grip suddenly intensified, and Marco could feel all circulating blood stop flowing in his left arm. She was surprisingly strong for such a timid girl.

“Ow! What the fu-!”

“Yes! I’m terrified of the dark! Shut up about it and please do something.” Star said, burying her face into his shoulder.

Marco furrowed his eyebrows together. “Don’t you have your wand?”

Star shook her head. “I…left it…in my locker. I…wanted to show you…I’m capable…without it.” Star took short breaths between each pause, and Marco thought she’d start hyperventilating.

Marco turned around and embraced her, kneeling on the floor. He closed his eyes and began to speak, “Deep breaths, princess. I know you’re capable. You fought monsters with me, a person you’ve never met and was a jerk towards you because you were concerned for me. You went through brainwashing and managed to stay your old self a bit. So prove me right. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m here with you. So calm down, now.” Marco said firmly.

Star’s breaths slowed down, and her tense form eased up a bit. Still hugging Marco, she spoke into his shoulder. “Thanks, Marco. I think I’ve calmed down. But can you just hold on for a little while?” She asked.

Marco tightened his jaw and nodded. “Sure.”

So they sat there. Marco’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness by now, and he could make out a silhouette of a box of props and costumes.

He got an idea of how to distract Star from her fear.

“Okay, Star. Don’t freak out, but I’m gonna let go for a few seconds.”

Star’s eyes widened as she looked up at him. “No, no no no no no no no! Don’t let go! I will throttle you if you do!” She begged,

Marco’s eyebrow lifted at the unexpected threat. “It’s okay, I’m only gonna let go for a few seconds, I’m gonna be back, I promise.” Marco hushed her. “Do you trust me?”

Star wiped her eye and silently nodded. Slowly Marco let go of her. He stood up and began to back away, their arms sliding against one another before it was only their hands connected, then fingers.

Then his warmth left Star, and he blended in with the inky blackness. Damnit! Why must his jacket be black!? Star began to feel alone now, the sense of abandonment creeping up on her for the first time in years. She curled up into a ball and almost began to tear up before Marco’s voice rang out from the darkness.

“I’m still here, princess. I’m still with you.” His assurance gave her courage and she managed to outlast until Marco came back holding a cardboard box. He placed it down in between him and Star before sitting down.

“What’s…what’s that?” Star asked.

“Just something to pass the time.” Marco pulled a couple of sticks from the box and bend them, a cracking noise coming from it.

The sticks suddenly started to glow, and Star stared at them in amazement. “Whoa! Is that more earth magic?” She asked.

Marco smirked at her childlike curiosity. “No, just some old glow sticks to light it up a little.”

He placed down the colorful glowing rods in a circle around the pair, leaving them in a dim, but brighter than before, setting.

Marco reached back into the box. Pulling out a red headband with horns on it, he placed it on his head and put a massive frown on his face.

“I’m Tom. I’m in denial and think l can get Star to like me, but I’m just hopelessly desperate and angry.” Marco mocked.

Star giggled at his impression, his voice not even close to Tom’s.

“Marco, stop, that’s mean.”

He smiled and pushed the box towards her. “Here, you try.”

“Um, I’m not sure…”

“It’s okay princess. Nobody here but us. I’ll keep it a secret.”

“Okay…” Star agreed. She dug into the box and pulled out a wig and a crown. Putting them both on, she then wore a dull, bored expression on her face. “This is of utmost importance! We can’t have this silly nonsense when you’re to be a ruler soon! Blah, blah, rules, rules, boring, discipline.” Star mocked in a mundane, strong accented tone.

Marco laughed and Star smiled.

“Lemme guess, your mom?” Marco asked.

Star nodded, not fully confident in mocking people she knew.

“Okay, my turn,” Marco said, digging through the box.

They went at this for a while, having a good time messing around with each other. They role played Skullnick, their classmates, Ludo, and even each other.

The two rolled around the floor, wheezing after laughing too hard at Star’s impression of Marco’s bad boy attitude. She accidentally cracked her knuckles, and her cute expression of pain made Marco laugh, Star eventually following in suit.

“Oh, man. That was…amazingly horrible.” Marco said.

Star smiled, nodding in agreement.

“So, you still afraid?” Marco asked.

“No, not anymore. Being in the dark isn’t so bad when you have someone to have fun with you here.”

“I don’t think you’re scared of the dark. I think it’s because of your isolation from people and loved ones during your hated experience at St. O’s, it made you feel alone and you were afraid of being lonely. In the dark, you can’t see anything. You feel cold, there’s nobody in sight. It’s like being alone, which may explain why you fear darkness.”

Star tilted her head at Marco’s explanation, a small smile telling him she didn’t understand what the hell he just said.

Marco realized what he was doing and covered his face. “Sorry, that’s Marco PhD talking,” Marco said, angry at himself for showing that part of him again. Why is it around her when his past comes out?

“Don’t be embarrassed. I don’t fully understand what you just said, but-” Star grabbed Marco’s hand, “-I hope you stay with me for now.” Star said.

Marco gulped. He blushed. A very pretty girl just grabbed his hand and pretty much said she wished they could stick together, with him. Marco Flippin Diaz. His blush intensified now that he was analyzing it. Stop thinking about it, Marco mentally scolded himself. Yeah, now he was embarrassed.

“Star, what-”

The sound of jingling keys was heard through the door and was inserted into the lock. Star suddenly stood up. “Help has arrived!” She said.

She eagerly walked forward, forgetting the heavy box between her and Marco. She tripped and fell on top of Marco, making a loud grunt as she did.

The janitor on the other end raised a brow. Since when did storage buildings grunt? He unlocked and opened the door, low and behold Star lying on top of Marco, a bunch of spilled props and costume pieces strewn about the floor.

The janitor gave the two a hard gaze before opening his mouth, “Look, I’m gonna go home and forget this. I’m closing this door and leaving it unlocked. Suggestion, keep your weird lovey-dovey affectionate cosplay sessions at home.” And with that, he slammed the door shut.

Star and Marco scrambled away from each other, faces burning crimson and tension as thick as maple syrup.

They quickly cleaned up in sync and walked out the door.

Awkwardly they turned to each other.

“So, nachos?”

“Yep, lots of nachos.”





“So you wanted two more nachos than usual?”


“That janitor thing never happened.”


The looked at each other once more and started to burst out laughing. Marco wasn’t in a bad mood anymore.

“Let’s get home, princess.”

“Excellent suggestion, Marco!”

Marco then went on to have a bad mood again the next day, when Skullnick harshly reminded him at the volume of 120 decibels that he forgot to actually clean the storage building yesterday.

He should’ve skipped class.

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Underworld (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: You’re a crime boss and Jason takes over Gotham’s underworld.

Warnings: non, I guess. It’s kinda bad and sucks tho

You notice right away you are not alone. And considering the fact whoever sneaked into the warehouse was able to sneak into the warehouse makes you shutter.
Deep down you already know who it is.
And you wish desperately you are mistaken.
You try to act natural. The men working for you haven’t notice, being unaware of their environment like children.
The Red Hood took over Gotham’s underworld by storm, but with his skills it’s not surprising.
You’re not a bad person… you just work in a bad business.
A business where it’s easy to make enemies.

“So, look at that,” a dark voice calls. You raise your hand, stopping your people from shooting blinding in the dark corner of the ceiling. “Aren’t you a little too beautiful to run such a business?”

“Thanks for that slightly sexist statement, Robin,” you click your tongue and cross your arms.
The Red Hood.
He was Robin before Joker killed him.
Research is your superpower.
You don’t bother to care how he came back to life.

He jumps from the ceiling, landing right in front of you. You grin. He is tall, has thighs you really want to sit on and arms that could crush a skull. A red bat is embellishing his chest. “I suppose you already heard how things are working now.”

“I did indeed.” You nod. Half of Gotham’s drug bosses are dead thanks to Red Hoodie. You aren’t gonna pick a fight with him.

“Good.” He points his gun at you before putting it away. “Hey, no one had to die that’s pretty great.”

“Amazing.” You roll your eyes and walk him outside. The red helmet is a pretty smart move. No one sees the emotions that his face could give away and in a fight emotions can be easily used.
It’s also good for safety reasons, you suppose.

“Cheer up, (Y/N). It’s not much of a change for you anyway. You don’t sell to kids, you treat your girls right.” He did his homework, too.

“Yeah, I have morals… shocking.” You open the door for him, letting him step out. It is a grim night. It has been raining previously and instead of washing away the dirt of Gotham it makes it even worse.
He nods towards you and you return the gesture.
The door clicks shut again. Better a Bat ruling Gotham’s underworld than someone like Joker right?


“You were assigned to keep them safe!” You yell and bring your hand down on the table harshly. The man sitting in front of you jumps. He isn’t daring to look at you let alone move a single muscle. “Two girls are dead, because you were doing whatever, I don’t care!”

“I’m sorry, boss.” He pleads below a whisper. Is he, though? You’re not in this position because you tolerate mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance, well, under normal circumstances. You pull your gun out and shot him right between the eyes. You take a deep breath and close your eyes for some seconds. “Julian,” you say, looking at your right hand. He nods, knowing the drill.
Throwing your jacket on you walk to the car.
Your throat tightens. It was never your favourite task to check the girls apartments to find out where their relatives live so you can break the sad news to them, but it is all you can do. They deserve it after all.
You park your car and get inside the apartment Judy and Jasmine were living in. Everything is nicely decorated. A lot of pillows and blanket make it cozy.

“What are you doing here?”

You point your gun at a red helmet. You heart races and your eyes are wide. He only managed to sneak up on you because your mind is somewhere else. “What are you doing here?!”

“I asked first.” He snaps like a child.

You put the gun away again and start looking through their stuff. “Two of my girls died yesterday. I’m looking for numbers of relatives, anything.”

“So, that’s why you shot that dude.” He concluded.

You stop and turn to him. His body seems as hard as wall. Is he working out a lot or does all this come from vigilanting? Is his face matching the body, though? What if he has no teeth, or worse, rotten ones. “Are you stalking me, Hoodie?”

“Checking if you follow the terms.” He corrects you.

You scoff and find their phones. They might as well are your best clue, but you keep looking anyway.

“I don’t get it,” Red Hood says. “How did you become a fucking crime leader? I see why you are now, but why in the first place?”

“I tell you if you take the helmet off,” you smirk and arch an eyebrow, challenging. It’s worth a try right? You were just really curious.

He chuckles. His gloved hands raise to his head and the scarlet helmet clicks open. You bite your lip as your eyes meet his rich blue ones. His hair is so dark it almost appears bluish and you’re sure he killed foes with that jawline and cheekbones before.

“We should fight and have angry sex,” you suggest honestly. “But, well. You know, Hoodie. I realized Batman is achieving squat. You can not wipe crime from the streets of Gotham, all you can do is control it.
I’ve lost people, that was the trigger if you want so.
I cannot stop prostitution, but I can try to keep them save and treat them right. I can’t stop gun trafficking, but I can control more or less who gets them.”

“Wise words.” His voice is clearer now. It’s making your skin shiver.

“That’s exactly what you’re doing, too. You wear a bat on your chest it’s pretty obvious in your case.”

“I’m not like Batman.” You notice you hit a nerve. Maybe being Robin was not the best thing that could happen after all. Well, he died as Robin. It surely wasn’t for him.

“You’re stronger.” You say and you mean it. Is it hard to not kill? You think it’s harder to kill and live with it.

Hoodie scoffs.

“Oh, and just ask for a date and don’t stalk me.” You wink before looking through the night stand that once belonged to Judy.

“I don’t do dates.”

“Well, angry sex then?”

Protect You // Kim Doyoung


the prompt: can I request “You just “rescued” me from a dragon, and you look so proud, but that dragon is actually my best friend. Oops.“ Au with nct Doyoung Pretty please with cherry on top

words: 4031

category: fantasy + fluff

author note: i had to rewrite this three times lol. i like how it turned out though. doyoung is so lovely and deserves more love~ please enjoy!

- destinee

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Pairing:  Hotch x Reader

Request:   anon asked: can you do a hotch x reader where the reader is his pregnant wife and she goes into labor while the team and her are held hostage? or something along the lines of that

@millionsleeplessnights asked:  Pregnant Reader x Hotch, you can do everything you want!

A/N:  Thank you for making my life easier by requesting similar things lol.  Anyways so just in case, there is a warning that the reader will be going into labor.  Hope you like it! Lots of angst ahead too, and it doesn’t have a happy ending, I’m sorry.  Slight flood warning??  It’s 2500+ words, so.

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You smiled at Jack, handing him off to Jessica.

“Thanks again for watching him.  I’ve just been needing some me time,” you said to his aunt.

“Hey, it’s not a problem.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to spend time with him, so it’s really a win win for both of us.”

At seven and a half months pregnant, you felt like you resembled something of a blimp.  With Aaron gone most of the time because of his job, you were almost always alone, but you still had a job and had to watch Jack on the weekends, so you thought maybe you should have one to yourself for once.

“Just get some rest, okay?  You deserve it,” Jessica said, giving you a small hug.  You hugged her back.

“Will do.”

Once she and Jack were gone, you went back into your house to draw a much needed bath.  You turned on your relaxing playlist and listened as ‘Sleepwalk’ by Santo and Johnny murmured through the speakers.  Setting up candles and lighting them around the bathtub, you sighed in content.

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fineillsignup  asked:

Ok another thing that would be funny for the singing songs soulmate AU would be a (future) age gap couple. Imagine a tiny baby that suddenly starts belting out "🎵SHORTY GOT DEM APPLE BOTTOM JEANS🎵"

“Part two! And the older person thought they didn’t have a soulmate… until their soulmate is a toddler and suddenly they’re singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and they’re like OH NO”

I hope you know that the following is all your fault. I regret nothing. 


Reconnaissance missions were so boring. His skills could be used for so many more important things. He was a top notch assassin, an incredible tracker, one of the best battle captains, even a decent infiltrator despite his distinctive looks. And yet what had the Hokage assigned him to for an entire month? To sit out of sight and do nothing but stare at a bunch of very boring old people. Kakashi wondered what the client could possibly want with having a group of merchants spied on. What could be gained from this? So far the most interesting thing he had learned was that two of them suffered chronic indigestion. 

He had tried to talk the Sandaime out of it, of course. Kakashi would never shirk his duty when it was important but he had no problems with delegating it to someone else when it wasn’t. The Sandaime has shaken his head and murmured some bull crap about sending a special team. Apparently he was one of the last few ANBU who had no soulmate and were therefore the best for missions like this where silence was a necessity. Wonderful. He hadn’t know that his lack of a soulmate could piss him off even more

Tonight had been just as boring as every night for the last two weeks had been. Kakashi picked at the bark on the branch he was lying on, flicking the pieces out in to the air to flutter down among the leaves below. His two teammates, Hawk and Badger, were lounging on nearby trees in similar states of boredom. Hawk had given up on reconnaissance entirely and pulled out the trashy romance novel Kakashi had loaned her. Badger was busily carving something in to the branch he was resting on. 

The group of merchants were only a hundred or so yards to the East, laughing loudly together while they ate their dinner. The civilian muscle men that served as their guards had set up a laughable perimeter that Kakashi and his two subordinates had cheerfully passed over top of.

Just as he was thinking about pulling out his ration pellets and having his own dinner Kakashi’s throat began to tickle. He frowned and hummed low, relieving the sensation without making enough noise to get caught. The tickle came back immediately and he hummed again. Could he be getting sick? He thought drinking some water might help so he shifted forward a little to retrieve his canteen from down by his feet. 

His fingers were only halfway there when his mouth stretched open of its own accord and out came the most mortifying sounds he had ever made. 


Kakashi sat absolutely still, speechless with shock, as Hawk and Badger both swiveled to give him incredulous looks from behind their masks. Down below, the merchants had gone silent. 


Kakashi clapped a hand over his mouth but it did little more than slightly muffle his voice as he continued belting at the top of his lungs.


Hurried footsteps sounded as the civilian guards rushed through the trees trying to find whoever was hiding themselves and singing children’s nursery rhymes. Kakashi brought his other hand up and held them both as tightly to his mouth as he could, face burning in mortification. From behind his fingers his voice could still be heard finishing the song and beginning again. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to leap for joy or die in shame. 

He’d thought he didn’t have a soulmate. But why now? What was going on? Why were they singing kiddie songs while he was on a reconnaissance mission? He was so embarrassed he almost wanted to cry but at seventeen years old he certainly had better control of himself than that.

His teammates barely bothered to cover their laughter as they divided their attention between the hastily retreating targets and their red-faced team leader, waiting for instructions on how to proceed. They had been discovered so secrecy was a moot point from here on out. Not to mention Kakashi was apparently a risk now to bring along as a spy. 

After a few minutes of blessed silence Kakashi lowered his hands to tell his team they might as well head home with the barely-even-information they had already gathered. The moment he finished speaking he felt that tickle again. His eyes widened but he didn’t have time to stop it. 


As Hawk and Badger burst out laughing, unable to resist this time, Kakashi turned and fled. 

It took forty minutes for him to finally stop spouting random snatches of song.

In Heat

Imagine: Being a female Werewolf, you’re dating Klaus and you’re in heat and bothered, when Klaus gets home, you decide to play a little game with him. (Requested ~Smut~ Being in heat is my idea, the rest was requested!)

You rubbed your legs together trying to get friction on your swollen clit, having no such luck and groaning in frustration. You had been in heat all day, wishing you weren’t a Werewolf and wanting to be a normal girl who could have a period instead. Being a wolf wasn’t so bad, but being in heat made you sexually frustrated and you wanted to fuck everything in sight. 

Klaus would be home soon, your lover. Since he was a male hybrid, he never had to worry about being in heat, it made you scoff. Even though he was horny all the time, that was because of his personality. Maybe he could help you out though, fuck you until you’re exhausted. The thought made you tingle, your legs spreading and hand trailing down your swollen breasts to your throbbing core. Your eyes shut, a gasp escaping you and your other hand cupping your large breast. 

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Welcome (Baron Corbin x Reader)

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A/N: This probably sounded better in my head but i hope you enjoy and as always feel free to leave comments,questions concerns and requests

Warnings:None, I don’t think. Fluff??

Summary: Thomas (Baron Corbin) and his girlfriend are at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their newest family member and end up telling their fondest moments of their relationship.

“How are you feeling?” Thomas, my boyfriend of many years and the soon to be father of my- our first child, asked for what seemed like the billionth time that day. To be fair I have been in labor for the past 13 most excruciating hours of my life and I knew that he was just worried and nervous but if he asked me that question one more time I was going to body slam him.  
“oh ya know, just tired, back hurts, ankles were swollen, your child doesn’t want to make an appearance yet and I’m pretty sure that they’re going to cut me off of epidural so never better.” I coldly replied trying to get comfortable, something telling me that this child wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.
“Ok, I get that you’re in pain so I’m going to ignore your attitude. But hey let’s try and take your mind off of things.” He said grabbing the hospital chair that was in the corner and rolling it over to the bed, right in front of me and grabbing my hand ever so lightly while he sat down and stared at me.  
Before I even had a chance to answer him he was already talking. “Do you remember the first time we met? God, we need to come up with a better story if we ever tell our child,” he said laughing as I tried to remember that day.
- Flashback -
“I promise you you’ll have fun” My best friend/Cousin, Jay, said as he dragged me along to a small bar somewhere in Kansas.  We had come down here on our way back to Washington. Jay had called up some of his friends that lived in the area and since I didn’t know anyone here and wanted some drinks I agreed to tag along.
“JAY!!” I heard people yell as soon as we walked into the bar, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that those were probably his friends. We made our way over to the group of giants-men, I meant men. To this day I could only remember about two names from the six that were introduced to me that night. “ Hey, have you noticed that guy staring at you the whole night?” One of Jay’s friend asked me as we finished our third bottle of beer; looking over I saw one of the guys I was introduced to that night. I couldn’t deny that he was handsome but after this night I’d probably never remember his name and he mine. Deciding to ignore the guy I went to sit at one of the open booths and started my fourth and final beer. After a while, I got bored and scanned the room looking for Jay instead my eyes met with the guy that was looking at me from earlier, what was his name? Tony? Tyler? Well, whatever it was I saw him going down the stairs, his eyes never leaving mine and out of nowhere he falls. I tried everything in my power not to laugh but alas I did. The three and a half bottles of beer probably didn’t help but after settling down and wiping away the tears that formed I tried looking for the poor guy only to see him making a B-line for the bar. Darn, I was really hoping to talk to him. After and hour or so my wish came true and the man slid into the other side of the booth. “Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m an offensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals, ” he said introducing himself. “Was you being an NFL offensive lineman supposed to impress me?” I asked finishing up my drink. “Guess that didn’t work?” He asked causing him and myself to chuckle. “You did a better job impressing me with that fall then you did by introducing yourself as an NFL player.” I replied “I was really hoping you didn’t witness that. But since my occupation didn’t impress you, let me start over. Hi, Im Thomas. I like Tattoos, motorcycles, Metal bands and animals. ” “Better. I’m Y/N, I like any sort of music except country and jazz, I like tattoos as well, even though I only have like three, I like hiking and I love animals.” I said introducing myself to him. That conversation lasted all night, full of laughter and embarrassing stories. When I told him that I was leaving the next day we decided to trade numbers and keep in touch.
-Flashback over-
“Who would’ve known that you would come tumbling into my life?” I said jokingly causing him to shake his head and laugh. “Who would’ve known that here we’d be, almost six years later together and expecting our kid?” He replied kissing my temple.
“Do you remember the day you found out that you were going to be a father?” I asked him only to get a nod in return.
-Flash back to six months ago-
I had planned everything out. From the second that he’d walk into out house to the second, he found the little surprise.
Making sure that everything was set I made my way to the top of the stairs and made sure I had a perfect view of ground below. I heard the keys jiggle causing my stomach to do flips. Of course, I was nervous but I was also excited. I spent all day running around town to pick up Booties, paint and a pregnancy test along with the ultrasound picture that I had asked for two weeks ago.
I bought pink and blue paint and decided to paint the side of my closed fist either color and make little footprints leading from the front door to the middle of our living room where I had already put a pair of pink and blue booties on the glass coffee table. In the middle, I put the ultrasound that confirmed that I was, in fact, three months pregnant, and right on top of the ultrasound I put the positive pregnancy test.
I watched as a confused Thomas followed the paint on the white tiles until it came to a stop at the coffee table where he picked up the booties, setting them down and then picking up the test only for it to click in his head. He carefully sat down on the couch that was right next to the coffee table, before picking up the ultrasound. “I can’t believe it.” I heard him mutter as he studied the picture right in front of him as I made my way downstairs. “Surprise?” I said as I reached him, not really knowing how he feels about the news. “Is this real?” He asked, his eyes finally meeting mine. I only nodded, still unsure of how to act. “How long have you known?” He asked standing up. “Two weeks.” “How far along?” he asked “Three months,” I said. slowly trying to make my way over to him. But before I could even take a step he already as me pressed to his chest, Kissing the top of my head, my cheeks, my lips and finally my belly. “You’re not upset?” I asked looking up at him. “Surprised and excited yes. Upset? Never. You’re giving me one of the greatest things I could ever ask for. ” He said kissing me again.
“I have to tell someone about this!” he said excitedly reaching for his phone. Probably calling Corey or his mom. “Oh god, where are we going to put him?” He suddenly said trying to figure everything out at once. “I already moved the things from the extra room into the garage and already started looking for baby things,” I said reassuring him.
-Flashback over-
“I can’t wait to meet her,” Thomas said rubbing circles on my tummy. “What makes you think it’s her?” I asked laughing. “Something tells me it’s going to be a girl.” He said as a nurse came into the room. “Ms.Y/LN just wanted to check to see if you’ve made any progress since last time.” She said checking to see how dilated I am. “Congrats mama. It’s time to start pushing” She said causing relief to coarse through my body before being replaced by fear. She left to go get the doctor and whoever else she might need. “Oh god, what if I can’t do this?” I asked Thomas, squeezing his hand. “Hey, You’re going to be fine. I’ll be right by your side the whole time. You have me. But right now you just have to focus on bringing our child into the world.” He said followed by a kiss and a reassuring squeeze to my hand.

“Congratulations. You’ve brought a beautiful baby boy into this world.” Dr.Willson said as he handed my crying son to one of the nurses in order to clean him and do whatever else was necessary before finally placing him in my arms. “I’m so proud of you. Thank you for giving me this amazing gift. I haven’t even held him yet but I’m already in love and I promise to put both of you before anything else, protect you guys no matter what and show you, my unconditional love.” Thomas said wiping my tears away. “What’s his name?” The nurse asked writing things down on her notepad. “Thomas Jackson Pestock ” Both Thomas and I replied.

A Fairytale Beginning (8/9)

A thousand apologies that this chapter took almost a week longer to turn out than I originally anticipated. It just kept getting longer and longer, and, OMG, the editing alone took three or four days, LOL. Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently and sent me words of encouragement as I tortured myself with this thing. I’ve been very anxious about this chapter in particular, in part because I know how much some of you have been looking forward to a certain ballroom scene. I desperately hope it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for reading!  

Find it on AO3.  Missed a chapter?  Get caught up here.

Summary:  Killian Jones, the notorious Captain Hook, has been on a quest to kill the Dark One and avenge the death of his first love for over one hundred fifty years. But when he crosses the Evil Queen, he’s magically transported to New York City, a strange land full of fascinating wonders, the foremost of which is Emma Swan, a cynical single mother with no time for fairy tales, real or imagined. A Captain Swan Enchanted AU.   (Captain Swan modern AU, Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance & Adventure.  Rated G.)

Tags as requested: @timetravelingpotatoast, @piratesails, @storybrookeswans, @optomisticgirl, @juneqparis

Smee’s head swims as he watches the Queen slip his heart – his heart – into a little velveteen pouch.  It’s been a hundred and fifty years since he’s witnessed magic like this – since the Dark One killed the Captain’s love on the day that changed their lives forever – but never once has he considered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of it himself.  He blinks as his breathing slows, the seconds ticking by with surreal sluggishness.  He feels… hollow; like himself and yet somehow oddly detached.  As excruciating as it was to have his heart torn from his chest, nothing hurts now – quite the opposite.  Everything just feels… a little less. And maybe, given the nightmarish situation he suddenly finds himself in, that’s just as well.

“H-how—” He stuns himself with his ability to speak.  “How will I find him?”

To his relief, the Queen isn’t enraged by his question.  Indeed, ripping his heart out seems to have quenched her anger for the time being, as though she’s derived some great, twisted satisfaction from it.  She reaches into the plunging neckline of her dress and pulls out a small glass vial, looking smug.  Smee’s eyes widen when he recognizes the contents.

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Sinners ~ Pride

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Isaac x Scott


Word Count: 2535

A/N: This is a continuation of the 8 part series with @completedylantrash and myself. The series follows the 7 Deadly Sins, and trust me it will be deliciously sinful. This collaboration is in response to an anon requesting that she and I work on something together. Enjoy, my smutties!

If you’re new to the series you can find part one by completedylandtrash here –> Envy 

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She glares at me, her eyes sparking with fury as she clenches her small hands into fists. I glare back, gritting my teeth in hopes of somewhat maintaining my temper, but the way my blood is roaring in my ears makes me think I might not be too successful at that.
           "Well are you going to fucking answer or are you just going to keep trying to skewer me with your eyes?“ She snaps at me venomously, and I resist the urge to slam her against the wall again while simultaneously flinching away at her tone.
           "I could ask you the same thing,” I growl, my nostrils flaring again, “What the fuck was that spectacle back there!”
           "I don’t know what you’re talking about,“ She mumbles, crossing her arms angrily over her chest, and my eyes flicker to her chest as the breasts swell slightly. I clench my jaw before tearing my eyes away from her.
           "What did I fucking tell you about Lahey.” I say roughly and she glowers at me.
           "You’re not the boss of me, asshole. I can talk to whoever I want.“ I open my mouth to respond but she talks over me, "What’s wrong Stilinski, mad that you aren’t the one pinning me to my locker? Annoyed that his lips have been on my skin?”

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Stolen Lives

Stolen Lives

Jimin x Reader



She was all he ever wanted, but she was never there long enough, wasn’t always his. No one could have her, the grips of fate were too strong. There had to be a way to change it.

Words: 6.1

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1736-1754: The First Life

1744: Age 8

His eyes stung, the water like pin-pricks to his pupils. He wouldn’t blink, eyes trained on the colorful fish swimming beneath him as he imagined that he too could live under the water, out of the ever-present heat, escape the responsibilities of a family barely living. Air rushed into his lungs the moment his head broke the surface of the water. It was cool, yet it burned his airways. It felt good to breathe, but it hurt, making his sides cramp with the heavy gasps of air and spurts of water leaving his mouth as he coughed. A minute and a half, that’s a new record! 

The sun was beating down hard, already beginning to dry his clothes, just not fast enough. The linen sleeves of his shirt were weighed down by the liquid soaking them. The material clung to his skin, hot and wet, sticking to him just the right way so that any movement would pull the shirt with it, chafing his skin just enough to be irritating. The water reached his waist, so he had to put his hands on solid ground and ball his hands in the blades of grass in order to heave his small frame out of the river.

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Pairing: SoulmateAu!Frank Castle x Reader 

Warnings: Swearing, sexual harassment, mentions of suicide, fluff in the end, but you’ve been warned.

Could you do a soulmate AU of your choice where frank castle protects a person from harassment and they turn out to be his soulmate and it’s really fluffy at the end

A/N: I took the AU from here and my baby @imaginedaily helped me with some details I needed to work on hehe <3 Feedback is good for authors.

@orangepenguin5 @shelvesandwhelves @john-benderr@muffinz323@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7@that1awkwardfangirl@sammiesamness @shamvictoria11​

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3 months and counting.

Frank looked at the shiny numbers of his timer on his forearm. They were slowly turning from green to an orangeish color, and the name under it was as bright as it always was. He sighed heavily as he finished his fourth coffee in a row. He wondered where this person was, what was the dangers they were about to face and why did they had so little time left. His temporary apartment was small, but it had enough things for his runaway life. Somehow Karen had a good head for shady things, and this apartment was not far from it. He put on his jacket, placed a pistol on his holster and closed the door behind him.

The night was only beginning…

(Y/N) zipped her hoodie up to her neck, put her earphones and played her Spotify list. It was cold and she preferred to stay in, but it was that or starve until the next night. She had no food at all in the fridge and she was hungry and angry, both at the same time. The nearest shop was 10 blocks away, and that was her real problem. The dangers of Hell’s Kitchen were the lesser of evils. Food was first and that was about it.

She took a look at her green bright numbers on her forearm, and it still had some years; her soulmate was still safe. She sighed in relief and smiled lightly; then she took in a deep breath and got out. The city was loud and alive. It was like a monster ready to eat everything like the No-Face monster from Spirited Away, but (Y/N) was strong enough to stand tall against the demons, and Frank did no less than that. He fought the demons with his own hands.

It was a cold night for both of them; two strangers that had only their city of residence as a common point. (Y/N) had the bags well secured in her hands, but no matter how loud her music was, she could still feel observed. She walked near a car to see herself on the mirror and see how a man was following her. She had seen him before at the store; he looked at her with dark eyes, he obviously wanted something. She walked faster, and so did he.

Up in the buildings, Frank Castle observed his city. He longed for another coffee, but it was dangerous for a man like him to go out for one just like that. He knew he had people to back him up, but it was still not a good idea to show himself in public. So for now, rooftops were just fine.

(Y/N) got to a busy street, not as full of people as it was of cars. The red light didn’t let her cross, and her mysterious companion stood closely next to her. Too close. She turned the music off to keep herself focused, and sent a silent prayer to whoever was up there. The green light showed up and (Y/N) started walking again. She took a few turns just to see if she could get away, but the more she tried to leave him behind, the more he tried to get close. There was no way of escaping from him unless she threw everything away and ran. She had no other choice.

Leaving the groceries behind, she took off, running as fast as she could in the freezing New York night. Up on a rooftop, Frank Castle followed a strange scene. A girl was being followed by a man. She ran fast, but the man ran faster. Frank saw her taking the wrong turn and next thing he knows is that a scream so feral, so painful cuts through the cold air and goes straight to his ears. No one comes to see, and he’s there, just a few floors up. He’s ready to take action and to end with one of the thousand demons of Hell’s Kitchen.

The night had already begun…

(Y/N) had fallen onto some bags that laid on the floor, while her attacker was crawling upon her. Her body was numb and she could escape from him. The man was already ripping her clothing with a small knife he kept hidden; the smell of alcohol only made her dizzier and more defenseless. Her brain ordered her to stand up, but her body was not responding.

She was half naked by the time she could react again. The cold against her skin woke her up and she started screaming for help again. At the top of her lungs, but no one came to help her and it only pissed her attacker more and more. He heavily landed a rough hand on her cheek, making her cry quietly as he took off his own clothing.

But out of a sudden, a pair of arms made throw the attacker away as if he was just a piece of paper tossed to the trash can. Frank tried to look away, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t because the girl was a pleasant sight, but because he couldn’t afford to look away as everyone did. He took of his jacket and gently offered it to the shaking girl. She recognized him immediately, but as shook as she was, she was unable to make any move, other than just curling under the warm cloth that she had just been handed.

Now he needed to take care of a rat. Not making much of a deal of it, Frank left the attacker unconscious because he didn’t want to scare her more than she already was. Once he believed it was enough, Frank wiped his brow and cleaned his hands on his t-shirt. He took a deep breath, trying hard to relax and seem more calmed. Once he turned around, he found the girl curled in the exact same position. She was in a terrible shock.

“I’m not gonna hurt'ya” he raised his palms, “just so you know” the girl nodded, or maybe it was just her head that shook so much, “uh– I’m Frank Castle, by the way, the–the Punisher” he scratched the back of his head as he took slow steps towards her; somehow she knew deep inside he was a trustworthy man. She couldn’t explain it, but she felt that way, “you can keep the jacket, and if you want, I–I can look away so you can put it on” he turned on his heels, giving her enough time to put on the jacket correctly and zip it, “is there a place I can take you? Do you have a home? The police station? Somewhere?” the girl couldn’t reply; her jaw shivered and not exclusively from the piercing chill of the night, “are you hungry? I mean, there’s someone I can call”

“No” she shook her head nervously, “no one”

“Okay” Frank nodded, “uh–are you (Y/N)? (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” (Y/N) nodded this time, “well–fuck it. You’re my soulmate” he reached out a hand to help her up.

“I know” (Y/N) smiled lightly and accepted the hand gladly “I’ve known that for a while” she tapped her left forearm and sighed heavily, trying to take in what had just happened. Her eyes darted to the man’s unconscious body and then to Frank’s eyes; Frank looked back.

“He’s not dead” he chuckled, “just knocked out” and placing a apparently heavy hand, which turned out to be incredibly gentle, soft and almost feather-like, on her shoulder. (Y/N) didn’t look afraid anymore, “so, where can I take you?”

“Take me home” she pleaded. “Shit” she muttered after a small pause, “I threw my food on the street” and took her palm to her forehead, “I don’t have more money with me–”

“I can call someone” Frank reminded, “it’s a friend who can bring food to your place and won’t ask a thing. Come on, let’s get you safe and warm”

(Y/N) welcomed Frank to her place. He was very comfortable in it, as if he lived there with her. She headed to the bathroom to have a well-deserved shower while Frank’s friend got there with something to eat.

It was an eternal shower, but the water couldn’t wash away the feeling of being touched by someone so vicious. She was far conscious of the demons of the city, but nothing had ever gotten so close to her. Not even a thug. She felt unsafe for the first time in a lifetime.

Once she was well wrapped with the towel, she left the ripped clothing inside a bag ready to be thrown to the garbage. She looked at her clock before sliding down her hoodie. It still had years and years until it hit zero. That mean Frank still had some more time… with her; the mere thought drew a smile on her lips. Sometimes she wondered how much time she had left, but soon the thought was left aside because Frank was calling her name to have something to eat. Against his wishes, he did not have coffee.

“My friend brought some tea, she thought–”

“She?” (Y/N) chimed in, “is she your… girlfriend?”

“She’s a girl, and she’s my friend” he shrugged, “but not my girlfriend” the two soulmates giggled so heartedly that whoever saw them would thought that they knew each other from an entire life, “what about you? Is there a significant other in your life? Or otherssss?”

“I ain’t got time for that” (Y/N) shook her head; they stayed in a barely awkward silence for a while, until she opened her mouth to ask something, “How did you know I was your soulmate?”

“Well, I saw my clock and it was turning orange. It had your name down below and…” he stopped, doubting if he should continue or not, (Y/N) frowned lightly and Frank carried on, “well I was having some fresh air and I saw you when you stopped at that red light. Next thing I know is that you’re being chased and you take that… very stupid turn” he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance, “and I just had to help you. I was drawn by you, I don’t know how. Then, the time changed and so did the color. It was green again. I put the pieces together”

“The time?”

“Uhh–fuck” he snapped his fingers, “so–well. When I got out you had little time. So I made up this theory that if you… well if that thing happened” he made the emphasis, “you would’ve…”

“Killed myself?” (Y/N) cocked an eyebrow; taking the cup in her hands and inhaling the warmth and the scent of herbs she took a pause, “sounds a bit dramatic, not gonna lie” she shrugged, “but possible” she took a big sip, letting the hot water run down her throat, heating up every cell of her body. The corners of her lips curled and she looked up to Frank again. “Thank you, for finding me and saving me. What a great soulmate I’ve got”

“Yeah, I’ll admit you’re not so bad either” he made a toast with his cup of tea and they both laughed again.

The two soulmates stayed talking and drinking tea until very late; just catching up with what it had been of their lives. (Y/N)’s eyes felt tired, and with good reason; it was around 4 am and she had been up for more hours that she could count. Frank noticed and encouraged his newly found soulmate to get some sleep; the night had been long for her and she needed to rest and hopefully forget what had happened.

“And where are you going?” (Y/N) sheepishly asked, “Cause if you have nowhere to go…”

“You want me to stay here?” He turned around, letting the knob go and doubting if to get closer, “I think you need to rest, and I’ll come by once I get the chance”

“Frank, sweetheart” she giggled, “I’m literally asking you to stay the night, nothing more than that. I may have something that could fit you” Frank cocked an eyebrow at her, “I like huge clothes for whenever I’m tired”

(Y/N) invited Frank to her bedroom and gave him something to wear. She brushed her teeth and when she was done, she found him awkwardly standing next to the bathroom’s door, already wearing his night clothes. She slid under the covers and signaled him to do so too. The Punisher took a deep breath and for the first time in a very long, he felt comfortable and ready to have a good night of sleep.

(Y/N) curled towards him, and against all odds, he happily welcomed her into his arms. He hadn’t figured out how long it had been since he got pure and uninterested human contact for the last time. Shaking the thoughts away, he placed a tender kiss on her temple, and even though he hated to admit it, he slept with a great smile on his lips. And so did (Y/N). She felt invincible, and who isn’t when they have Frank Castle, the Punisher himself, as their soulmate?