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Ok, but do you know what’d save the FO4 story from a forced heterosexual relationship, a possibly unwanted child in your characters life, and that whole “I’m just taking over a preexisting character, up until now I’ve not been in control of my characters story” feeling?

You are Nate and Nora’s neighbor, also chosen to go into 111, a childhood friend of one of them, and Shaun’s godparent. (This doesn’t even have to enforce a religious aspect on your character, only on Nate and Nora and it’s not their story anymore)

You start off at home, alone, with no weird gendered career backstory items in sight. You talk to the Vault Guy. Then you head over to your BFF’s house for dinner, so we learn about them and why you should care. You get to meet Codsworth who clearly considers you one of the family (now you two have a decent dynamic - both “family members” who aren’t really family members). Your bff gives you a present (it’s a Holotape for you to cry about later when you get unfrozen, with them thanking you for being such a great friend and godparent) when the broadcast goes out on TV.

Nate and Nora die in the Vault (either due to Kellogg or the Cryopod malfunction that kills everyone else), or maybe one of them (whoever wasn’t your childhood bff) doesn’t make it to the Vault in time. You get to see Kellog because ALL the cryopods have to de-freeze when they open up the one to get Shaun out of. Add a bit of story wrangling as to why your pod didn’t fail, maybe it was the last one to cut life support as the generators die and the pods are set to open automatically after 200 years. 

So you are now on a quest to save your godson, who you are now official guardian of.  

THERE. No more pre-established character mess you have to retcon with headcanons. Very little change in the main story arc. Add as much or as little “Family doesn’t always have to mean related by blood” mush as you wish. 

*Endgame spoilers under the cut*

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Having a Child with Barry Allen Would Include...

☆ Barry would carry the child and run with them on his back, but he’d never go super fast as he’s afraid he’ll drop them.

☆ He’d race the child and lose on purpose. The kid never realised it and would always brag about winning to you while you grinned, watching Barry fake pouting. 

☆ When Barry asked who their favorite superhero was, they replied with “The Arrow.” You cracked up laughing, and Barry ended up looking very disappointed.

☆ For the child’s bedtime stories, you or Barry would tell them stories about “The Flash” to get them to fall asleep.

☆ The child doesn’t get to know that Barry’s The Flash until they’re in 6th grade. They vow to never tell a soul.

☆ If your kid came home crying, Barry would have to run off his steam or else he’ll be banging on the door of whoever hurt his child and curse at their parents. 

☆ If your kid decided to play sports, you both were in the stands cheering. Barry was delighted that they chose to run track and cross country.

☆ Barry showed the kid his comics, and they started to develop a love for comics.

☆ You bought a “Flash” t-shirt for the kid, and Barry was so proud of you.

☆ He’d talk about you and the child all the time to any of his superhero pals. Sometimes, they’d get annoyed, and just leave Barry talking to himself. 

☆ If the kid needed something for a project, Barry would be back in a second with all the supplies needed and help the child.

☆ Barry was obviously protective and always worried for the child’s safety.

☆ He’d have photos of you and the child together that he’d look at when he was busy at the lab.

A/N: I wrote this at like 11:30 at night. I hope there are not too many mistakes. 


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Do you believe me?

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Hi can u pls pls do some angst&fluff with savitar!barryxreader but takes place before barrys timeremnant decided to become savitar? Where reader is the only one who care for him n they become close n slowly having a relationship against all odds. But this barry is insecure cuz of his disfigured face. Reader finally get her man even if hes not the original. Hes better cuz he chose to be with her. Insecurity on both side. Pls do this.

Originally posted by winchestheart

Authors Note: (I changed it up a bit so I could split it into two parts :)) Okay so here is some angsty Savitar!Barry x reader. So like I have said, I am still fairly new to the whole fic writing thing but I am trying my very hardest to put out quality content for all you awesome nerds. So with that said, on with the story!

Word Count: 920

Warnings: the word shit

Iris had died 3 years ago and Barry Allen was still trying to go back in time to save her. Over and over again it happened each day, the team would wait. I would wait for him to come back. Each time he did, he came back looking so much worse than when he went back. One day, I decided to confront him about it. 

He had just opened his portal and I ran from the cortex down to the portal room. I saw Barry standing in a corner bent over a bar and he sounded like he was crying. I started towards him preparing to comfort him. “Bar-” I began as I was interrupted by another body flying through the open portal. The body slammed into me and we were both thrown to the ground, whoever came through, crushing me. It has to be Iris, no way anyone else is dumb enough to follow a speedster through that thing. I thought. The weight was lifted from on top of me, Thank God, and I slowly opened my eyes to see not one Barry, but two of them standing over me. 

“What the hell?” I muttered aloud. “Y/N?” The ‘new’ Barry asked. “That’s my name,” I said standing up and brushing myself off, “Don’t wear it out.” ‘New’ Barry smirked at me and our Barry just glared at him. “Who the hell are you?” He asked. “You’re a time remnant aren’t you?” I asked. Our Barry seemed to have suddenly remembered he could do that, and heaved a sigh. He looked at ‘new’ Barry and then at me with a sad look. “Oh my god Barry, you can’t be thinking what I think you are.” I said. “Well?” He asked. “No. No! You are not going to just kill him!” I shouted and grabbed ‘new’ Barry’s arm and pulled him towards me. “Barry!” Cisco yelled from the doorway. Both turned to face him. “No no, uh, dude you need a new name.” Cisco said to ‘new’ Barry. “Call me Bart I guess.” Bart said. Cisco nodded and turned to Barry. “Meta attack on 17th and Parkhill, it’s pretty bad.” Barry nodded and turned to me. “Suit up Y/N,” and he turned to Bart, “and you stay here.” I nodded and walked over to my suit. “Wait what powers do you have?” Bart asked me. “Mystokenisis.” I smiled as he looked confused. “It’s basically magic. Now please stay here, Barry gets really pissy when you don’t do as told. I don’t want you in the crossfire.” I said and he nodded and walked into the cortex. “Ready?” Barry asked as I walked out with my suit on. “As I’ll ever be.” I said and he ran to the crime scene as I flew close behind.

“Barry! I’m not gonna make it out of here without some help, and you and I both know you’re too busy to come here. Let him help!” I screamed into my earpiece. Before Barry even had the chance to respond, Bart was here in a suit-Barry’s old suit- and was helping me hold the steel beam of the building. “Fine.” Barry said and Bart gave a quick thanks to Barry. Bart held up the bar as I used my powers to try and weld it back together. I thought it was stable and told Bart he could go back to Star Labs and he ran back. 

After a bit more punching kicking, getting punched and kicked, I turned to Barry. “Bar, we aren’t going to beat them today, we have to go back.” He looked at me and with sad eyes, he nodded and threw one last punch at the meta he was fighting and turned towards Star Labs. He turned to look at me before he ran and as he did, his eyes went wide. “Y/N! Watch out!” He yelled as he ran to me. That was the last thing I remember before I felt a sharp pain in my back and I passed out. 

I woke up in the med bay to shouting in the cortex. “You shouldn’t have left her there by herself!” Bart screamed. “She wasn’t alone I was right next to her!” Barry yelled. Bart and Barry looked at each other with the same look of fury in their eyes. Bart stood up and said, “If you were right next to her she wouldn’t have gotten shot. You should have been there for her. You should have been faster.” After I decided I had heard enough, I sat up and tried to get out of the bed. I pushed myself off the side and when I realized I couldn’t feel my legs, it was too late. I fell face first on the ground and yelled, “Shit!” as the team ran in to help me. Bart was the first to reach me and he picked me up and sat me back on the bed. He looked at my face and saw I had a couple of tears that were streaming down my face. “Hey, hey its gonna be okay. The paralysis isn’t permanent, it’ll be gone in a couple of days okay?” He looked at me and wiped away my tears. “Thank you.” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his neck in a hug. He rubbed my back and whispered, “Everything is going to be okay. Do you believe that?” I pulled away from him and whispered, “I do.” He smiled and wrapped me in another hug. 

Part two is coming soon, if you have any ideas, please send requests! :)

I Love You

Jimin X Reader


There was something soothing about watching the wax slowly drip down the sides of the candles. They had been lit for well over an hour now and their soft glow was just a gentle reminder of your reality. The sudden urge to cry was overwhelming as you sat at the dinner table alone. He had promised to be home no later than 6:30. However, as the clock easily moved to 7:34 you realized what had happened again. He was with her. You didn’t know who she was or what she even looked like but you would be a fool not to be aware of that’s he exists. A secret part of his not to secret life. Any sensible woman would have left him already but for some reason, you couldn’t bring yourself to. You had never found solid evidence of his cheating and anytime you tried to steer the conversation to a break up he would talk you right out of it. It was like he knew what you were going to say and he would selfishly keep you from leaving. You sometimes wished he would be crueler to you. Maybe then leaving wouldn’t be so hard… but every time you looked at his smiling face something in you faltered. All the words you promised yourself you’d tell him flew out the window. The way he would whisper your name and tell you he loved you while gripping your hands tightly, his thumb rubbing the tops of yours tentatively. It was the same old song and dance every single time. In the end, you were only hurting yourself more. So convinced that he really did love you and the late nights that left him coming home smelling like someone else’s perfume was just in your head. You wanted it to be true more than anything. You wanted the last three years to mean to him what it does to you.
The sound of the door being clicked open disturbs your thought as the previously silent apartment is filled with the sounds of his footsteps. You slowly stood from your seat and smoothed down your dress to face him. When he walked into view you noticed that the color of his shirt was slightly crumpled.
There seemed to be some realization settling into him as he looked at you because the smile on his face quickly disappeared as his eyes drifted from you to the table of cold food. In that moment you felt so small and embarrassed. You just wanted to throw everything away and go to sleep. Just looking at him made you feel so pathetic.
“Oh my god baby, I’m so sorry for being late. I had no idea you were going to do this or I would have called. I tried to get out of the office earlier but they kept stacking the work” Jimin pleaded to you with sorry eyes.
All you could do was stare at him. He seemed so genuinely sorry for being late. But maybe you were just a fool for thinking so. You knew where he had really been. You had called the office at 7 and his boss had informed you that he had left work at 5:30. What a worthless person you were to stand here and let him lie to you like this.
You opened your mouth to say something… anything. You wanted to accuse him, tell him that you knew everything and that he was a piece of shit for treating you like this. But before you could get the words out he was making his way over to you with his arms outstretched. He enveloped you in a hug as he whispered sorry after sorry. He told you not to cry as he gently stroked the back of your head. He told you not to be sad and that this wouldn’t happen again. But you knew that it would.
As he hugged you, you couldn’t help but stare at the wall behind him. Pictures of the two of you neatly hung in a row. You focused your gaze on one in particular as his embrace grew tighter. It was a photo of the two of you on your one year anniversary. You looked so happy and in love at the time. You felt like a shell of your former self. So empty and broken. All because of the man you just couldn’t bring yourself to leave. As you stared at the picture you began to push yourself slowly from Jimin’s grasp. He gave you a questioning look as you walked around him and pulled the picture off of the wall. He seemed really confused by your actions but only watched as you ran a finger over the image of the two of you.
“Do you remember how right after we took this photo you pulled me into a kiss and then the people in the restaurant started clapping.” You laughed at the memory of that night. The waiter who had taken your photo had proudly wished you a happy anniversary for the whole room to hear and when Jimin had pulled you into him the room erupted in claps and cheers. Back then anyone would see just how in love the two of you were.
“Of course I remember, that was one of the best nights of my life. I’ll never forget how I felt in that moment, how I still feel. I love you so much Y/N” he whispered with a smile on his face.
Or some reason you couldn’t help but laugh when he said that. As you held the photo in your hands your grip grew tight. How could he say those lies to you when the truth was so obvious? Was it fun for him to torment you like this?
Jimin’s face looked shocked when you laughed. There was no smile on your face as your arm fell to your side, picture frame still in your grasp. You looked at him in the eyes and studied his every feature. How could such a beautiful and caring man be so cruel you thought?
“What’s wrong, baby?” he asked with worry on his face. He reached a hand out to you but could only stand in astonishment when you jerked away from his touch. Enough was enough.
“How do you do it, Jimin?” you asked him while you fought the tears from escaping your eyes.
A wave of panic seemed to set over him as he tried to think of what you could possibly mean, hoping that it wasn’t what you both knew was the truth. He stood silently, unable to muster up a response as you stared back at him.
“I said. How do you do it.” You began again with a more stern voice. “How can you do this to me, to us?” You asked as a silent tear streamed down your face.
Jimin followed the tear with his eyes before looking back up and meeting your gaze.
“Baby, I said I was sorry for being late. You know how my job can be sometimes it ju-” he was cut off by you throwing the picture frame onto the ground. Thousands of tiny little shards spraying across the floor between the two of you.
“DON’T STAND THERE AND FUCKING LIE TO ME, JIMIN” you screamed at him as the tears rolled down your face in hot streams.
Jimin’s surprised face quickly turned sour as he took in your angry form. He suddenly stood taller before crossing his arms over his chest, a sign hat he was angry.
“What the hell are you talking about Y/N? Why would you throw that huh? What do you mean lie to you, I would never do that” he finished with a clench of his jaw.
Oh, that was funny you thought. He would never lie to you, the idea was almost laughable. You felt all the rage and sadness from the past two months bubble up as your breathing became more erratic.
“This isn’t about you being late tonight, Jimin. This is about whoever you’ve been seeing these past two months. This is about how you can stand there and tell me you love me when just a few hours ago you were probably balls deep in somebody else” you spat at him with spite. Your blood was boiling at this point, ready to just scream and cry at him for all that he had put you through the past two months.
Jimin’s face went from angry to pale in a matter of seconds as he looked at you. He knew he had been caught and for a moment you thought he might have even regretted it all.
“How do you know about that?” he spoke quietly this time, his gaze shifting to the floor as shame swept over him.
“I would be an idiot not to have noticed, Jimin,” you told him with a wavering voice.
“What do you want me to say,” he asked you as he bit his bottom lip awaiting your response. Maybe even preparing for another outburst from you.
You wanted to demand an explanation from him. You wanted to know who she was when it started, and why he wouldn’t just leave you. But as you looked at him you couldn’t say any of those things. You were completely and utterly broken.
“Nothing. I don’t want you to say anything to me” you spoke as you started to shake your head and back away from him more.
He watched in silence as you made your way to the bedroom and started to gather up your clothes and put them in a suitcase. You felt his presence behind you as you moved from the closet to the bed, stuffing your things in a hurried manner. He said nothing as you pushed past him to get to the front door.
“W-Where are you going,” he asked you, still unable to meet your eyes.
You stopped in your tracks, suitcase propped behind you as you steadied your breathing. You turned to face him. You took in his whole appearance before answering.
“Anywhere is better than being here with you” you whispered as you turned back around and walked out the door.
As you walked down the steps and out towards the street you couldn’t help but look back at the door as if you were expecting him to come running out and beg you to stay. But there was nothing. As you stared behind you the only thing you saw was the closed door and the still night air. No excuses, no pleas, and no yelling. He let you leave just like that. Didn’t even try to explain himself or persuade you to stay.
As reality set in your tears stopped. You got in your car and started to drive down the road ever so slowly. When you were about a block away you stopped and turned the engine off. Suddenly unable to move another inch. You started to sob again as you gripped the steering wheel. Then suddenly you started to laugh. At yourself? At the situation? You weren’t sure. You looked out the window as you leaned back in your seat. You thought about Jimin again, about how real every little emotion felt. You thought about the way he spoke to you. The way he touched you. You thought about what he meant to you, and as you sat there in your car you leaned your head back and thought of his smiling face and whispered those words that would haunt you forever.
“I love you”

Javid Titanic AU - Part 2

Tw: suicide mention (only to the extent that there is in the Titanic movie)

Part 1

It took Jack only a couple of days to fall in love with the night sky at sea. The stars were so clear, so beautiful and bright, that he could happily spend hours staring up at them when almost everyone else on the ship was inside in the warm. He didn’t have a coat but he was used to the cold so his jacket was enough.

And that’s when the person ran past him. Whoever it was clearly wasn’t a runner – they were gangly and awkward and had no finesse, but it was more than that. They were desperate, clearly crying, and they were heading for the stern of the ship. There was something about that that made Jack uneasy and he climbed unsteadily to his feet and followed the runner.

When Jack saw the guy – a boy really, maybe 17 or 18 – hanging over the back off the ship, on what was entirely the wrong side of the railings, his heart leapt into his mouth and he fought the urge to run forward and grab him to pull him back safely. From the look of his clothes he was a first-class passenger who probably wouldn’t take kindly to being manhandled. That’s when he realised it was the boy, the one from the first-class deck. He wanted to talk to him, but this wasn’t the time. Instead Jack cleared his throat.

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I honestly kinda like how sjm made Mor come out. For me as someone who is bi, it was extremely relatable. I'm exactly like Mor in the way she explained her sexuality; how she prefers females but also doesn't mind males on a sexual level. I came out in a very similar way as her too, except I was young and I was in my first "real" relationship with a guy but I confused lust for love and was still working out my sexuality and what not and him and I got in a fight and he said some things 1/

Kind of like what Feyre said to Mor except in my situation it was him asking why I never told him I loved him why I never acted like I did and why I was more into sex and what not and I didn’t talk to him for a while and it all snapped in place bc I knew I was bisexual I knew I liked girls more but I didn’t realize I only held sexual feelings for guys not romantic ones and it all just snapped into place and that’s how I “came out”  The way Mor came out is realistic, sure it may not be ideal 2/  

But similar situations happen all the time irl. I can’t even begin to tell you how many stories I’ve heard of people coming out in similar situations. Seeing people bash the way Mor came out hits hard. It hurts to see. I mean yea I get it, it was rushed and what not and it seemed forced but that’s what life is. Get over it and accept it. There’s more to worry about in acowar than how Mor came out.

I relate a lot to what you’ve said here. I think this is why I’ve forgiven, or at least not analyzed, a lot of the other context of how she came out, and why she did the way she did, and why she hasn’t already to other people. It’s confusing as fuck, and when you’re afraid of how people are going to react….? I’d love to know what the perfect scenario is, and then compare that to how often it actually happens irl. Because I just don’t see it. I’m sure there are a lot of people who know exactly how they feel and handle it with grace, but…??? Shit happens. We can’t expect everything to turn out perfectly and then cry #problematic when it doesn’t.

And I’m so sorry that seeing these criticisms have hurt you. I don’t know if people are aware that their interpretation of this is having a negative effect on others. I wish that we could have this discussion in a productive way that hadn’t hurt you, and whoever else it has hurt but just hasn’t posted about it. And I wish we could have this discussion without name-calling, or making people feel like they need to have a disclaimer about their sexuality, but at the same time, I’m not sure how else to do it, other than to say “this is my experience, take it with a grain of salt”.

And you’re right - there is so much more to acowar than Mor coming out, and while it’s an important scene for a lot of people, I think that… it might be best if we all took a step back from it for a while, let it sink in some more, do our rereads, and come back to it? Thank you for sharing this experience, though, I think it helps to reaffirm the fact that this is complicated and so personal for a lot of us? And so it’s not the same thing as having an argument about whether or not Hybern’s motivations were sufficiently explained - this is something many of us have actually dealt with/are dealing with and we can easily hurt one another, if we don’t tread lightly.

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Headcanon party, Throk?

Throk is practically Coran if he grew up in the galra empire. He’s lively, talkative, and also has terrible biting sarcasm when he wants to.

Voltron attacking the main fleet kind of capped things for him. After this nothing can impress him. He will be standing on the wall of a base actively under fire and explosions going off next to him and he’s just there, drinking some kind of tea, cheerfully remarking that whoever’s base this is, they could do a better job shooting down those enemy fighters.

His primary relationship with his thus-far-unnamed friend is they are the people who hover and judge together.

With his physique and general demeanor being a far cry from the threatening, stern personae adopted by many commanders, people new to the fleet or dealing with him in general are often baffled by how he got such a high position or why everyone else steps lightly around him- because surely not just anyone could mouth off like that and not worry about crossing his other commanders.

He’s like the embodiment of “I will sell you to satan for one corn chip” for most people he deals with.

If there is anything shady going in the commanders Throk knows about it. About the only person he doesn’t have dirt on is Haggar.

He tried to recruit Thace away from Prorok multiple times because he thought Thace’s potential was wasted on Prorok’s leadership. Turned out, he was right, but, not for the reasons he thought.

Throk’s specialties are ambushes and coordinating with other commanders and sub-commanders for devastating accuracy. Basically he’s a team player, and his buddy-buddy tactics make him horrifying to be on the wrong side of. 

Big Mistake


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can you do a Theo’s imagine when some random guy of school start to hang out with the reader, and Theo tell her that stay away from him because he’s bad and they get into in a HUGE fight and she tell him that he is THE bad. And they don’t speak each other for days and one night she knocks his door house and she’s bruised and wounded and she say sorry to him bc he was right(the guy maybe wanted steal her powers) and they have a fluff make up and the next day Theo made pay the guy for try to kill her?

Side Note: I just picked a random name for the guy, hope that’s okay!

Everyone at Beacon Hills High School knew not to touch Theo Raeken’s girl, it was like the single most well known rule. You and Theo had begun dating shortly after he arrived in Beacon Hills, despite initial warnings from some people to stay away you however did the opposite and got to know Theo on multiple levels. He wasn’t the easiest person to be in a relationship with, but despite his need to be very over-protective, random mood swings, a jealous strike and so much more you wouldn’t change a thing.

You were partnered up with a guy name Adam who like Theo had just recently moved to Beacon Hills. He was your lab partner for an upcoming assignment which meant spending quite a great deal of time together, naturally Theo didn’t like it one bit. It was getting late and you had an evening planned with Theo so you started to collect all your things and put them in your bag. Adam came back from being at the printer and saw that your side of the desk was fully empty.

“Are we done already?” he asked.

You laughed, “I wish but no I have plans with Theo and well my brain is completely fried from working for 3 hours straight. And plus it would be a good idea to take a break and come back with fresh, well rested eyes tomorrow”.

“Your right, hey maybe tomorrow we could spend the whole day working on it. I mean that is if your free?”.

Glancing at your watch time you promised Theo that you would finish studying around 6, it was exactly 6:10 which meant you were 10 minutes late. “I’ll text you” you said hurrying this conversation along. Before Adam responded you were already half way out of the library, rushing to spend a quiet evening in with your boyfriend.

Walking into Theo’s house was a normal occurrence for you there was no need to knock, at least that’s what he always use to say when you entered you saw him sitting at the table. “Hey babe, sorry I’m late time just got away from me”.

You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before heading to the kitchen to grab a quick snack.

“You said you’ll be back at 6”.

Coming back to the living room you sat down next to Theo, “I know but this assignment has been taking up more time than I thought. But good news is Adam and I are nearly finished, which means pretty soon I’m all yours”.
Silence fell upon the room and immediately you knew that it wasn’t a good thing.

“Everything okay Theo?” you asked.

“No babygirl it isn’t. I hate the fact that you’ve been spending all your time with Adam, his bad news”.

“Where is this coming from?”. You suspected that Theo was jealous but you never realized that it was to this extent. This was another level even for him.

“It’s coming from the fact that Beacon Hills isn’t exactly the safest town and I don’t want you to get hurt. Who knows who this Adam guy really is.” he couldn’t sit down anymore so he stood, lightly pacing within the room.

“Theo aren’t you forgetting that people especially Scott didn’t know of your intentions when you first came here. But yet he gave you the benefit of the doubt, more than once I might add.”

“That’s different”.

Now you were the one who couldn’t sit down, you stood up feeling Theo’s eyes on you. “Oh okay I see, because it’s you that’s what makes it different?”.

“See you’re finally getting it”.

Shaking your head Theo at the best of times could be a real pain in the ass, he always had to be the one that was right no matter the topic or discussion.

“You’re unbelievable!”. You pushed past him heading to the kitchen.

“Why thanks babe” he said.

You spun around, pointing you finger at him. “That wasn’t a compliment!”.

“I want you to stop seeing him” he said like it was no big deal to even ask such a thing.

“And I want you to stop being a jerk, but that’s never going to happen so it looks like we both don’t get what we want.”

“I’m your boyfriend, were in a relationship! I’m suppose to protect you and me telling you to stay away from Adam is doing just that.“

This conversation was starting to give you a massive headache, it was beyond intense and the atmosphere wasn’t one any person would want to be in.

"You know what screw you Theo. Just because were in a relationship doesn’t give you the right to dictate who I can and can’t see. The problem isn’t with Adam, the problem is with you!”

“Would you stop being stubborn for once in your life and listen to me!”

“I’m not going to listen to you, if it bothers you Theo or if you don’t approve then there’s the door. You’re welcome to leave if I’m being too stubborn for you!”.

Fed up with the auguring you grabbed your coat and marched towards the door, “Actually you know what Theo, I’ll leave. I can’t keep on having the same argument with you whenever you get jealous or suspicious of some guy, who may or may not be evil….But then again what do I know? I mean out of the two of us you would know what a bad guy looks like,right? Considering you were one not too long ago! So of course every other person in this damn town is bad in your eyes”

Slamming the door behind you, you heard a shatter. Automatically you knew that Theo had either broken something or smashed something against the floor or wall.

This was the worst fight you and Theo have had during the duration of the relationship. It felt like all those other tiny fights rolled together to create a massive blow out, which is what just occurred. Obviously you didn’t want to go back so the next best thing was to head over to Lydia’s, out of everyone in the pack she was the least judgment, well apart from Scott that is and you knew that whenever you needed her help she would always be there.

A few days had past and you and Theo hadn’t spoken. Lydia and her mum were kind enough to allow you to stay as long as you needed too. A few nights ago you had told Lydia what the entire fight was about, she didn’t interrupt when you were explaining and she was your shoulder to cry on.

Driving along the main road your car made a funny sound, deciding that it was better to pull over you got out and opened the hood of the car. The engine and everything else seemed to be okay, so what had made that sound?.  While you were busy trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with your car, a hand covered your mouth.

Fear, adrenaline and fight all kicked in. Knowing that whoever this was you couldn’t overpower them, so you bit their hand instead. They yelled out in pain, which gave you a chance to run. Wasting no time you headed down the road to see if you could flag down a car, your attacker was gaining and you prayed that someone would be around to help.

“This would be a whole lot easier if you didn’t fight Y/N”.

Wait a minute? You knew that voice, the street lights blinded you for a moment but once your vision came back into focus you saw Adam coming towards you.

“Adam? What are you doing?” you asked him.

“Ah Y/N you should of listened to Theo, but I guess I was just too damn charming for you to resist. I can’t believe how easy it was to get you to trust me.” he laughed which made you feel sick inside. The one person you so desperately needed and they weren’t here, all because you were being too stubborn to actually listen to reason.

“Your insane!” you shouted.

He came closer each time you took a step backwards. What you needed to do was to get back to your car, and the only way to do that was to run. Deciding to blot now you only got a few meters ahead, when Adam grabbed your waist. Thrashing and screaming he threw you against the pole to get you to shut up.

Reaching around your hand came in contact with a large thick stick, picking it up you waited for the perfect moment and whacked Adam across the head. He fell almost instantly, taking that as your chance you fought back the pain and ran towards your car not daring to look back.

You quickly closed the hood and opened the car door and thanked god that you didn’t take the keys out of the ignition. Starting up the car you could see Adam coming towards you, stepping on the gas you sped down the road as fast as the car would go leaving Adam behind.

Theo was all that you were thinking about, he was right and you ignored his pleas to stop seeing Adam and what happened to you just now, that was your karma. Not bothering to park right you frantically got out of the car and scanned the surroundings making sure Adam wasn’t near, who even knows if he followed you.

Knocking on the door repeatedly in hopes that Theo was in fact home, because you had no idea what to do if he wasn’t. “Alright come down, I’m coming”.
A sign of relief washed over your entire body when you heard his voice on the other side of the door, he opened it and his expression screamed anger because you probably looked like a mess and shock at the state you were currently in.

Tears were now making they way down you face, “I’m sorry. I should of listened, but I didn’t and now Adam came after me and I had no idea what to do. You were right Theo, my god you were right.”

He pulled you in for a tight hug and shut the door, “It’s okay babygirl you’re safe now. I swear I won’t let him near you ever again”.

He took you towards the bathroom where he carefully lifted you up onto the counter, “This might hurt a little okay” when the cloth came in contact with your skin you winched back in pain.

“I’m sorry, I know it hurts but I have to clean yours cuts before they get infected. Hey babygirl look at me okay, keep your eyes focused on me”.

And that’s what you did, your eyes didn’t leave Theo not even for a second because he was the only one who could make this pain go away. Picking you up he gently laid you down onto his bed, wasting no time in joining you under the covers.

“I’m sorry” you whispered.

He stroked your cheek, “You need to stop apologizing this wasn’t your fault”

“But it was, if only I listened to you none of this wouldn’t of happened. I can’t believe I said what I did, I didn’t mean any of it Theo you have to know that”.

Pulling you close, you felt nothing but safe in Theo’s arms. “I do know that. We were caught up in the heat of the moment, but that’s all forgiven and forgotten about. I promise you he won’t get away with what he did. No-one touches my girl and gets away with it”.

“Please Theo don’t do anything that you’ll regret, I don’t want you to get hurt because of me”.

Kissing the top of your head, he ran his fingers along your back which made you feel sleepy. The last words you heard him say before exhaustion took over was.

“The only one getting hurt is him”.

Going to school the next day wasn’t going to be pleasant. Most of your cuts and wounds had healed, but they were a few that were visible. Putting on a long sleeve top and jeans Theo was by your side the entire morning, this time around he was extra protective and wouldn’t leave you unless it was absolutely necessary.

The both of you walked into the parking lot hand in hand, but his hand slipped away from yours when he saw Adam getting out of his car. Wasting no time he hurried over to him and landed the first punch.

“What the hell man!” Adam shouted which caused a crowd to now gather around.

Theo wasn’t falling for that, he grabbed Adam and slammed his back against the car “Touch her again and I swear I’ll do more than just beat the crap out of you” Adam had a sick smile on his face and leaned in, “If you want me to stay away from your precious girl Raeken, then the only way for that to happen is to kill me.”

“Listen here you sick son of a bitch, if you come after her again then you have   to go through me! And you better watch your back, because if you even so look at her I will kill you. Stay away, I’m warning you”.

Theo threw him on the ground before walking away, leaving everyone stunned at what they just witnessed.

“What did he say to you Theo?” you asked following him back to his truck.

“Nothing, he was just taunting me”.

He saw your worried expression and came over, taking you hand in his he looked right into your eyes. “You have nothing to worry about babygirl, his not going to come after you ever again. Come on let’s go home”.

Climbing into his truck you looked out the window and saw Adam staring, shivers traveled throughout your body and you had a feeling that this wasn’t over. However whatever came your way next you could deal with, as long as Theo was by your side.

I’ve been thinking about @futuredescending‘s Heroes Don’t Take Sick Days prompt, and these are my not-quite-fic thoughts (which veered from the prompt somewhat because what else is new?):

The target is a bit reclusive. Kingsman isn’t quite sure who will appeal to her, so they figure if both Harry and Eggsy try their luck at the gala she’s attending one of them will manage to get her alone.  Unfortunately, both of them are also sick. 

Harry’s on the tail end of his flu because he actually- you know- tries to rest when he’s ill.  Everyone calls him a drama queen for all the lying around and sighing he does, and all right he is, but he also gets better faster.  But he’s still a little weak and woozy, still a little too likely to just say what’s on his mind.  Eggsy, on the other hand, is a total mess but he refuses to admit it.  Everyone is gamely pretending not to notice (or to question why he came down with it so soon after Harry while everyone else escaped unscathed). 

So probably neither of them should be trying to seduce anybody, but once in the field they try their level best to do the job and even help each other.  Harry shows up to distract her while Eggsy gets to a quiet place to wipe his forehead and stop his eyes from watering (no, he’s not crying, why would he be crying?).  Eggsy convinces her to stay seated after he excuses himself so Harry will be able to sit down when he comes to find her again.

This goes on for a while before they finally hear the frustrated noises Roxy is making, and then she’s there, and she promptly sweeps the very confused mark off her feet (metaphorically, of course, not that she couldn’t have managed it literally since she at least is perfectly healthy).

The next thing they hear is a muttered, “For god’s sake go home and have some soup or something,” from Roxy and a snicker from Merlin.  They try not to seem too eager to obey, but Eggsy’s eyes are watering again and Harry leans on him a little as they head out the door.    

Things I already know but wish someone was saying to me anyway

Bruh let go of whoever you know you need to let go of. Don’t hope for them to want you back. Don’t hope for them to feel bad about the shitty things they are fully aware that they are doing. Let them go. You’ll find someone else. You’ll find someone who will invest in you. You’ll find someone who is patient and mature enough to go through all that being in a relationship with another human entails. You will find someone else to have sex with. To cry with. To laugh with. Someone better. You’ll laugh harder with someone else. You’ll be more vulnerable and trusting of someone else. You’ll have way better sex with someone else.

I know you want to believe them when they say they love you. Maybe they do, but just loving someone isn’t always enough. There’s effort. There’s action. There’s an integrity that they lack and that you deserve. Please let them go. You know it’s time. They are doing what they want to do. You should do what is best for you. Do what’s best for you. Invest in yourself. Love yourself. Be content with yourself.

If you know you did your best, gave your best, tried your best at being with that person then that is something you should be happy about. Be happy that you know you did your best and know that because of that it is their loss. Your love may not have been perfect but it was genuine if you gave it all you had.

You’re not who you were when you first met. You’re different now. Just because they aren’t there with you doesn’t mean you don’t have a fulfilling and happy life.

The love you gave was real. The pain you feel is real. Go through it. Then let them go. You’ll be alright! There are new things waiting for you!

Dragon (Josh Diaz x Reader) part 5

request: @marilyngalluccii​ asked, “hey i just read through your josh imagines and l loved them :) can you please do an imagine with Josh based on the song Make Me Proud by Drake and Nicki Minaj?? thank you so much!!!”

A/N. I made it part of Dragon, because it fit sort of, and the only things i could really get from the song are that she’s a badass and he likes it. Clearly the reader in this story is a badass and Josh likes it, so there you go :) I did have her stand up to some guys, like in the song, and I’m not going to lie this is the best I could do with the song. I hope you like it, and feel free to make more request. Enjoy! 

 UPDATED AUTHOR’S NOTE: we all seem to have needed this today.

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

A little attitude problem all good it’ll make the shit last
Don’t make it too easy girl, don’t take it too fast

Can’t you tell by how they looking at you everywhere you go
Wondering what’s on your mind, it must be hard to be that fine,
When all these motherfuckas wanna waste your time

Everything’s adding up, you’ve been through hell and back
That’s why you’re bad as fuck and you…

“What took you so long?” Hayden asked, voice slightly raised due to the pounding music pumping through the open door.

“Sorry.” You apologized. “Josh had to change.”

Josh shrugged, not guilty in the slightest. “Is it so bad that I want to look good?”

You rolled your eyes. Hayden did as well, and she stepped aside, letting you into the building.

The music wrapped around you like a blanket, muffling the sounds of pulses and heartbeats and breathing. The crush of bodies was instant, and you immediately felt someone grinding against your back. Turning with a low growl, you gave the girl a shove. Her eyes widened and she made a rude gesture before turning her attention to Josh, , sliding her hands up his chest and into his hair. He grinned, wrapping his arms around her waist and immediately starting to move with her.

You rolled your eyes. “I’m going to get a drink.” You shouted into his ear. “Want anything?”

He shook his head, waving you away, and you rolled your eyes again, making your way over to the bar.

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anonymous asked:

Main four, ciel and alois reaction to being told their s/o died in action (she's a hunter )but later that night she visits them in their rooms?


-Hes be very very upset he feels like he should have been there to help, they might not have died if he was there.

- He does realise the hunter business is risky but he just cant help be upset, then his s/o turns up late at night and hes crying his eyes out and hes so upset with them for faking that wasnt a nice prank at all.

- He wont let them go after that he doesnt care why they did it but they’re not allowed to go anywhere without him and they’re not allowed to do things without telling him first.


- Also very upset and he cries a lot and hes already thinking about ways to bring you back to life even with the risk.

- He slightly blames himself and then blames his family for making him an assassin and making him have enemies, those thoughts dissapear as soon as hi s/o turns up.

- He also cries at his s/o but he starts shouting at them as well telling them they’re stupid for doing that  to him and now he always goes anywhere with you and if he cant go with you he’ll get someone else he trusts to follow you.


- Hes angry as well as sad so you can imagine what its like tbh

- Hes trying to stay strong for you and because he really doesnt want to cry but he loved you so much and now your dead.

- Holy crap does his s/o get a shouting at when they turn up, he starts shouting about them dying then other random stuff and then he looks at his s/o again and just pulls them in for the tightest hug ever.


-He also gets angry angry at himself and angry at whoever killed his s/o

- He simmers down slightly later but hes really upset and starts to drink a lil before his s/o turns up and hes instantly choking and asking what happened how she was even here and if he was really that drunk.

- Hes trying to get his s/o to fess up the whole night whilst clinging to her before falling asleep.


- Angry child is even more angry and he wants revenge right now right there.

- he locks himself away for ages and tells Sebastian to go away everytime he comes to the door.

- When his s/o turns up he might actually just cry and cling to them because wtf did they do that for and he never wants to lose them ever again.


- This poor baby will physically cry and cry and cry he will not let go of his s/o until Claude removes him from his s/o.

- He stays in his bedroom all day crying, he hurts Hannah a lot more and tells Claude to go away whenever he turns up.

- When his s/o turns up he gets angry like really angry and hes shouting at them but hes still crying so its all hiccupy and sad so his s/o just hugs him and he collapses to the floor clinging to his s/o, he’ll eventually fall asleep but he wont let go of his s/o at any cost. 

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Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently living to and tag 10 people.

  1. Queen of the Bored - Shirley Manson / Brian Reitzell
  2. I Know A Place - Muna 
  3. Apocalypse - Cigarettes After Sex
  4. About U - Muna (this album is so great)
  5. So Special - Muna
  6. Crying on the Bathroom Floor - Muna (I actually haven’t been listening to much else)
  7. Everything - Muna
  8. Night - Ludovico Einaudi
  9. Tehran 1979 - Debbie Harry / Brian Reitzell
  10. Main Titles - Brian Reitzell (also the American Gods soundtrack)

I tag @karenography @astarkey @mylittletragedy + whoever wants too 

*Request: Imagine your 6 months pregnant with Jax’s baby and you get kidnapped.* Most likely will be a continuing story.

“Babe can you please leave me alone?!” You said talking to Jax on the phone. “I can’t help it if I want my old lady safe. You shouldn’t be driving this late and you know I could get a prospect to watch you or take you wherever you need to go.” Jax said. You rolled your eyes because he thought you were completely useless now that you were 6 months pregnant. So invalid that you couldn’t go to the corner store and a taco stand to get snacks and food. “Babe, I just don’t want you driving or being alone. I’m gonna send my mom over there.” Jax said. Gemma was the last person you wanted to see or have watching over you like some 6 year old kid. “I am completely capable of getting fucking food for myself! Goodbye Jax!” You said hanging up him.

“That’s Teller old lady? Kidnapper 1 asked. “Yes, stay three cars back from her so she won’t notice us.” Kidnapper 2 said. “That dumb broad won’t notice us.” Kidnapper 1 said. They watched you drive to the taco stand in and order your food and then walk back to your car. As you were driving back home you started to think to yourself, “Why was Jax so damn protective?” You’ve handled things on your own since you were 16 years old because your mom was a junkie who thought you were sleeping with her boyfriend. You been through a lot by yourself so you could handle being 6 months pregnant going to get food by your damn self. As you pulled up to the stop sign you decided to start eating your torta. “Okay, lets get her now. Nobody is around.” Kidnapper 2 said.


“Get out the car bitch!” Some guy in a mask said to you. “What the fuck?” You said as you were forced out the car. “I’m pregnant!” You screamed because they forced you to the ground. “Bitch that ain’t my kid so I don’t give a fuck.” Another man said as he threw you in a van. You were scared shitless but tried to stay calm because you didn’t want to miss miscarriage. You got blindfolded and tied up and then just stayed quiet because you din’t want to upset the kidnappers. You were so pissed because you should’ve listen to Jax’s but he was most likely the reason you were kidnapped. You couldn’t help but hate him and wish he was there to help you at that moment. You cold only think about the shit that was about to happen to you. “Why are you fucking taking a pregnant woman?” You asked hoping to get a response. “Bitch shut the fuck up!” One man said. “We’re gonna get money and guns from your old man.” The man next to you said.

“Come on bitch.” One of the men said to you dragging you by your arm. You got sat on a bed but didn’t know if you should lay down because you didn’t know where the hell you were at. “Go make sure she has some water! I’m gonna go get us so food man.” Kidnapper 2 said. You heard the door open and felt someone touch your thigh. You jumped. “Don’t worry hunny. I’m gonna take good care of you.” He said taking off your shorts. “Get the fuck off of me.” You screamed but got terrified by a sharp object on your stomach. “You scream and I’ll cut this damn baby out of you.” He said. You laid there crying because of the kidnapper jamming himself into you.. You cried as the man did his business on you. You couldn’t help but to find yourself praying. Praying that God, Jesus and whoever else could help get you the fuck out of the situation you were in.


“Hey Jax, we just got a tow.” Rat said to Jax. “Okay? Go pick up the car.”Jax said looking back to Chibs, smoking on his cigarette. “It’s your old lady’s car.” Rat said looking down. Rat said Jax called you 3 times before asking, “Where’s the car?” “About 30 minutes out.” “I’ll follow you over there.” Jax said starting up his bike. When they arrived to where your car was they saw two police cars. Jax walked up to the police officer and asked, “Where’s the owner tot he car?” The cop stepped back and asked, “Who are you?” “My girlfriend is the owner of this car.” Jax said. “Hold on a minute sir. Let me talk to my partner.” The officer said. Jax walked over to Chibs and Tig. “When was the last time you talked to her brother?” Tig asked. “I stayed in the dorm last night because she got mad at me, so i sent Juice over there but he said she hadn’t came back from getting food. Fuck!” Jax exclaimed. “Sir.” The cop said. “Is your girlfriend Y/N? Could you verify her birth date for me?” “Yes and 11/9/89.” Jax said looking worried. “She wasn’t in the car when we got here. The car had been abandoned and her phone was found on the ground along with some food.” The cop said.

“Hey baby doll.” Kidnapper said to you stroking your face. You had been there for what it seemed like to be 30 days but you knew it couldn’t have been longer than 2 or 3 days. “Stop messing with her man!” The other man said. You felt cold and alone which you were used to. You were so worried about your baby and if your child was still alive. You felt wetness coming from your vagina and since they wouldn’t let you pee you just used the restroom on yourself. “When are you gonna let me go?” You said clearing your voice. “Funny how you are saying that baby doll. We’re gonna call him right now.”.. Jax looked at his phone and saw a blocked number and he had a feeling that it was you because you knew his disposable phone’s number. “Y\N?” He asked waiting for a reply. “Jax, they want guns.” You said getting straight to the point.


Pairing: Wonwoo x reader

Type: Fluff. Pure fluff.

Summary: You teach Wonwoo how to sing in a song in English that he plans to use to impress his crush.

Author’s Note: It is very important that the reader understands that Korean is spoken throughout the story . The only time English is technically spoken is when the reader (y/n) is singing at the beginning of the story. Also the lyrics used in the beginning of the story are not mine. They’re from an actual song.


‘Well I see you standing there/

And your eyes are unaware/

That I’ve been staring at them all night wishing the brain behind them cared…’

            You quietly sang to yourself as you cooked dinner for the 13 hungry boys roaming the dorm. After working non-stop promoting their latest album, the boys of Seventeen finally received a break. All they wanted was to chill out and have a home cooked meal, and you were more than happy to give that to them. As you washed the vegetables for the soup you were cooking, you had no idea that Wonwoo was leaning against the doorjamb, admiring your form as you worked.

“Beautiful,” he meant to say this as a gentle whisper, but he spoke way louder than he intended.

            “What is?” you asked without missing a beat.

            “That song. I have no idea what you’re saying, but it sounds incredible.”

            “Th-thanks, Wonwoo,” you stammered, blushing like crazy. You moved from the sink to the cutting board and knife you had set up next to it. You were thankful for the fact that you needed to keep your eyes on the vegetables you were chopping for dinner. “The song is about a guy who likes a girl. He feels like she’ll never love him back, so he settles for loving her in silence. The song is his way of confessing his feelings to her.”

You finished chopping the last of the carrots and added them to the pot. You turned around and faced the boy that made your heart skip beats. After all the time you had spent with him, it was still hard to look him in the eyes without losing your train of thought.

            “Could you teach me?”

            You gave him a puzzled look, “I’m not qualified to teach music, dude.”

            “No, no, no, no, no. I didn’t mean teach me the music. I want to learn how to sing it in English. I know you tutor high school students in English, and Hansol and Joshua aren’t very good teachers. You can help me with the pronunciation… and stuff,” Wonwoo stared at the floor and pulled at the sleeves of he shirt, pulling them over his fingers.

Your heart soared at the thought of getting to spend more time with him.

             “Okay, I’d like that. When do you want your first lesson?”

            “As soon as possible.”

            “Alright, after dinner we can go downstairs to a practice room and I’ll teach you some basics.


“Thank you for cooking dinner y/n! We really do appreciate it.” Seungcheol said with a lazy grin lying on his face.

            “Are there any leftovers?” Hansol asked as he pawed through the pots and pans in the kitchen in search of scraps.

            You couldn’t help but laugh at him. “You already ate those with Seokmin, you dunce.”

            “I know, I know, but is they any more food that I haven’t eaten?”

            “Yah, stop being greedy. Go gather some of the members to help you clean up this mess,” the leader commanded as he lightly swatted Hansol on the back of his head

            “Alright. Hey, Wonwoo, can you give me a hand in the kitchen?”

            “I can’t. I have a thing with y/n.”

            “What, like a date or something?” Seungcheol inquired with a raised eyebrow and a smug look spreading across his features.

            “No! It’s nothing like that. I’m just helping him with something in the most platonic fashion.” You freaked out. If the boys of Seventeen thought you were dating one of them, the teasing would be endless.  You could not deal with that. A dejected look made itself know on Wonwoo’s face.

He couldn’t be upset about the fact that I denied being in a romantic relationship with him, could he?’ you wondered. You had to cheer him up. “I don’t mean that dating you would be super terrible, or anything. I just mean that we’re not, you know, dating,” you said in a hurry, stumbling over the word

         “So you’re saying you would date Wonwoo?” Seungcheol’s smug look seemed to grow brighter as knots formed in your stomach.

         “No, that’s not what I meant-“ you tried to say but he cut off. He seemed to really enjoy teasing you.

         “Are you trying to tell me that our Wonwoo is ugly or something?” 

         “What? No, of course not! He is handsome and he’s a really nice guy-“

         “So what’s the problem then?” 

         “Nothing! It’s just that– I, um… oh, forget it,” you were exasperated and your head began to spin. “Let’s go, Wonwoo,” you called to him as you trudged out of the kitchen. Wonwoo appeared amused with you trying to cover all your bases.           

          On your way to the practice room, you couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Why does Wonwoo want to learn this song any way?’



            “I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but why are you so interested in this piece?

            “Well, when you told me what that song was about, I realized that it parallels perfectly with how I feel about this girl. She’s really talkative and playful with the people around her and she’s full of energy. Sometimes when I look at her, I get all… tongue tied, I guess. Maybe if I sing this song to her, she’ll understand how I feel.”

            ‘Oh, wow. Here I am getting my hopes up when he clearly is interested in someone else. I feel so fucking stupid.” You felt like crying. Regardless, if being with this girl would make him happy, then you would help him. This girl, whoever she is, must be special.

“Can I know who this girl is?”

            “In due time, young grasshopper,” Wonwoo replied, a gentle smile on his lips, as well as a hopeful look in his eyes. You giggled at him and his gentle smile only grew. The sight of him made your heart flutter. You knew it would be hard to squander the feelings you had for him, but you could manage.

            As the two of you walked into the rehearsal space, you spotted Joshua leaving a practice room with his guitar.

            “Oh, hey,” he stopped in his tracks when he spotted you and Wonwoo. “Are you guys on a date or something?” 

            ‘Seriously? Him too? This makes me feel even more awkward now that I know Wonwoo likes someone else.’

“No, no date. I’m just helping him out with something.”

            “Oh, all right then,” the excitement in Joshua’s eyes died down. “Well, have fun you two.”           

            “See you later, hyung,” Wonwoo called to Joshua as he walked away. You walked into the small soundproof room and opened up your bag. You pulled out your laptop and a couple books about phonetics and linguistics on the English language.

            You and Wonwoo spent the next three weeks rehearsing. Whenever Wonwoo had free time, he’d ask you to come to the dorm to rehearse. He was really smart on caught on pretty quickly to everything you threw at him.

It was especially funny to see him get worked up over the complexities of English.

“Why does the letter ‘O’ make an ‘uh’ sound? ”

            “It just does, Wonwoo.”

            “But why not use the letter ‘U’ instead?”

            “I don’t know.”

            “But it doesn’t make any sense!”

            Your heart grew heavy because you knew your lessons were coming to an end. You sat next to Wonwoo in the practice room for what would probably be the last time. You sat there quietly as you listened to him recite the lyrics from memory.

            “You did really well.” All he did was smile at you. The moment was bittersweet. You were proud of how hard he worked, but dying at the thought that all of your time together was to help him impress a girl.

            “So when am I going to hear you sing it?” You may have been the one to teach him how to say the words, but you definitely weren’t the one teaching him the notes. You were really curious about the song would sound with his velvety voice.           

            “Soon. I promise,” he replied.

            A week or so later, you received a call from Hoshi asking you to come to the dorm for an emergency.

            “Woozi is trying to strangle Hansol for eating all of his yogurt again. We keep trying to calm him down, but he won’t listen. I figured if anyone was able to get him to relax, it would be you.”

            “Alright, alright, I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

‘Hansol needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut,’ you thought to yourself.

            When you entered Seventeen’s dorm, the place was a ghost town: no one was around.

            “Hello? Anyone home?”

You walked around the dorm to make sure there wasn’t a dead Hansol lying around. You entered into the living room and saw Joshua with his guitar, seated next to a very nervous Wonwoo. “What is this all about? Where’s everyone else?”

            “Just listen, Okay,” Wonwoo started. “I’ve never really been much of a talker. When I realized how I felt about you, I had no idea how to go about confessing to you. I felt like you were too special for just a simple, ‘I like you as a man likes a woman.’ Or something like that. So, here it is. This is me confessing my heart to you. I hope you’ll accept it.”

The Maze Runner: Newt - Switched.

Request: hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Newt and the reader switch places so he’s the new greenie and is wicked scared until he meets you and you can take it from there
[can you do it when it a maze full of girls but they all try to hit on him or something funny whatever you think is good. thanks so much]

The siren blares throughout the Glade, rumbling the Homestead windows. You look briefly outside your bedroom window, being Second in Command of this chaotic place has its perks. You throw the only book in this damn place onto your bed –you’ve read it a million times already– and then you proceed down the Homestead stairs and out towards the middle of the Glade where the Box is situated. A lot of the girls have bombarded it already, but since you’re the “official opener”, they have to wait for you to peek inside.

You push through the crowd and then with the help of a few of the Builders, you manage to open the doors. You look inside immediately, a blond-headed boy, with gorgeous brown coloured eyes stares back up at you. Confused. Fear. Worry. It’s all the same, with every single Greenie. You try to ignore the hushed whispers and excited voices from above. But him being a boy? You thought it were impossible. It’s always been girls, so why now?

You jump down into the Box, an echo resounding upwards. His eyes scan yours, his chest seeming to move up and down at a calm pace; but you see the fear in his eyes. He slowly stands up onto his feet, hesitation clear in the way he moves.

You stick your hand out to him, “The name’s Y/N, I know you’re confused, but it will all be clear… soon. Okay, not really, but you will remember your name. If you-

“It’s Newt. I think.” He takes in a slow breath as he tries to keep steady, “But it feels foreign to me, like it’s not really mine.” He let’s go of your hand, his arm limp by his side.

“That’s… probably just the confusion your feeling?” You wanted to sound confident and reassuring but apparently you’re not good at that, so when he notices you saying it as a question he only looks even more worried.

“Yeah… maybe.” He turns away shyly, hugging his body.

You suddenly feel a sense of protection, not from him but for him. He’s so gentle, so kind-spirited. You wouldn’t want anyone to hurt him. “You want to come meet the other girls?”

“Only… only girls?”

You nod solemnly, “Yeah, sorry bud, I was expecting to be looking down into the eyes of another girl when I opened the Box. But hey, don’t blame me. The Creators put you in here for some reason, hopefully. Or maybe they just want you to suffer, they’re well known for that.”

“The Creators…?”

“Sorry,” You laugh, helping him out of the Box, “I forget you Greenie’s don’t know a thing.” You introduce him to the Leader of this shuck place, Abbey, and then you take him onto a walk of the Glade. “I hope you’re not too… overwhelmed. I know I was when I first came here.”

“You were like me?”

“Of course! All of us were. Memory’s stolen, shoved into a box, waking up to this lot of shanks. We’ve all been through it.”

Newt only stares off into the distance.

You calmly wait his next question though, even though it angers you to the core because you can’t answer it. You’ll never be able to answer it. They always ask though and you can’t blame them, but you loathe being the barer of bad news.

“But why?”

You shake your head, repeating the same old speech you recite month after month. “No one knows why, but we sure as hell question it every day. The evil bastards, sorry, the Creators aren’t going to tell us anything. Otherwise they would have already.”

Rosa, a brunette with beautiful blue eyes, walks up to you both, but she doesn’t say a word. She winks, a little bite of her bottom lip, and then she’s off. Wiggling her butt as she walks. Newt’s eyes follow her. “I think I could get used to this.”

“Oh, you do, do you?” You laugh and so does he.

A few minutes pass by in silence as you lead him over to a few other places, introducing him to the buildings around the place and a few of the jobs that people are assigned to. Your eyes scan over the maze walls for a second, but you lead him away, you hate explaining that part of the Glade.

“You seem very organised… how many months have you been here?” He looks around in awe of our fields and gardens and water systems.

“We’ve been here two years, actually. I wasn’t the first one here though but I was one of the few that arrived a couple of months later. Abbey was the first.”  

He frowns, “Two whole years? Wow.” He stares out into the distance for a moment, pondering what you’ve said over the last hour or so. ‘So… what happens now?”

You try to smile, “We put you to work.”

He frowns, “I still don’t get it though. When do I get to see my family?”

You try to swallow the sorrow you feel for Newt, this poor boy who can’t seem to grasp that none of you are ever getting out of here. Well, at least not anytime soon. “You… We’re…” You struggle to find the right way to tell him so he won’t be too upset and so you won’t go curl up and cry about it afterwards. “You and I, and everyone else, we’re all… stuck here. Against our own will, we think. At least we hope. I don’t think I would ever give my permission for something like this.” You sigh as you realise he’s not following. “The Creators, whoever they may be, put all of us in here for some stupid reason we’ll never understand. Maybe we’ve been bad. Maybe we’re all a bunch of murderers and thieves who are working to pay off our debt. Maybe this is all an experiment. Maybe this is heaven. Who knows.” When you look back up at his face after ranting on, you feel a sort of guilt creep over your heart. You went too far. You got too emotional and carried away; again. Why do they still let you talk to the Greenies anyway?

“I… I need…” He doesn’t know what to say. Who would? Waking up to a bunch of girls telling you you’re practically stuck here forever is not exactly ideal. He turns away from you and buries his face into his hands. You see his shoulders shake and hear each of his sobs. And it’s your fault.

“I’m sorry.”

“I –I, I don’t

You walk closer to him, facing the red, wet hands that cover the shame and embarrassment, the sadness and shock on his face. You reach up your hands to his and slowly take his hands away from his distressed face, holding them gingerly in your own. “I’m so sorry.”

He nods his head and tries to say something but the sobs drown out his words, and then he suddenly wraps his arms around you, sobbing onto your shoulder. You hug him tightly and stroke the hair on the back of his head.

“It’s okay, I promise everything will be alright.”

His shaking chest slows, his grip around you loosens but his arms don’t unravel. You hear his breathing calm down to a steady, non-panicked pace. But Newt’s face is still wet and his heart still cries. “Who…” His voice comes out croaky and strained, “Whoever did this; I am going to ruin their lives.”

And for once, as you try to empathise with yet another distressed Greenie, you truly can.

In the next few days, Newt seems distant. Off. Which is expected, but you want to be able to keep him close to you so you can talk to him and ask him if he is okay. So you can help him get through this ultimate, life changing shock. So he can get used to the Maze and everything around it. But how can you do that when he won’t say a word?

“Right,” You call out, looking over the faces of the all-day working, tired girls. “I would like to propose an idea.” You glance back at Abbey who then nods at you to continue, you feel a bit out of place so you take note to apologise to Abbey later for taking over her Gathering. “I feel like… we’ve all been working a lot. Which, don’t get me wrong, is good. There is a lot of things to be done around here each day. But I think we need a break, and I vote today is that day. Instead of tending to the Gardens or cleaning up the toilets, we should do… something… It’s been quite hot over –well– the whole time we’ve been in this damn place. So I say we should have a…”

“Water-fight!” A chorus of girls who you spoke to earlier rise from their seat and shout the exact words you told them to and the exact time it needed to be said, and then they twist open the hoses and ditch a bucket full of water balloons onto the un-expecting crowd while everyone stares back at them; bewildered.

Even Abbey gets soaked with a hose.

Which, of course, turns everyone’s heads. She looks as though she could kill a person with a look, but out of nowhere, she rises from her seat and ditches back an unpopped waterballoon –at you of course. The cold water breaks out of the water balloon and splashes all over your face, hair and clothes. You smile.

And then hell breaks loose. You all run outside towards the set up weapons for a perfect water fight; you remember that Newt is still in the toilet as he had been rostered to clean up this morning. So instead of joining in with the mass of wild, chaotic girls you sneak around the toilets and stop before the doorway.

Newt must have heard the whole screaming ruckus outside so he slowly pops his head through the entryway and in the next millisecond his face is dripping wet; his hair soaked. He glares down at you and your water gun and you almost think he might smack you square in the face but instead he slowly and surely walks closer to you. You’re in such a fright that as his hands wrap over yours you stand completely still, your heart beating in your throat. He takes the gun away from your terrified hands and points it right into your face.

“Prepare to die.”

You scream louder than any other girl and run the other way, feeling the line of water soak the back of your shirt. You turn a sharp corner but slip over the wet grass, falling onto your butt. Newt takes this opportunity to practically drown you with water. But then his gun, formerly yours, runs dry and the both of you stare at each other in anticipation. Who will make the first move?

It looks like you do. You jump up from the slippery ground and run towards the buckets of water balloons while dodging the ones flying through the air at the same time. You hastily grab a few and turn to the direction you last saw Newt but you don’t spot his blond head anywhere. Is he hiding?

Apparently not.

You squeal as you are drowned yet again in water that chills you to the bone. You turn around, the water spraying over your face and chest. Newt has somehow gotten himself a hose. He grins evilly, a delighted light in his eyes. But you can’t just let him trample all over you like that, can you?

Of course not. Instead of cowering behind a crowd of people or curling up into a wet, soaking ball of human, you somersault underneath the stream of water and as you stand back up onto your feet you whack the hose out of his hands. But your momentum carries you further still, and since the grass is very, very wet and slippery, that doesn’t help in stopping you from falling directly on top of Newt.

You expect him to be somewhat embarrassed or awkward about it but instead he laughs. You feel his chest rise up and down with each of his light-hearted laughs that it makes you smile and giggle a bit yourself. Both of you drenched to the bone, lying on the soaked grass, laughing about being wet. It’s amazing how the simple things in life can be so amusing.

Both you and Newt lay next to each other, watching the girls run passed with evil smirks or terrified, big eyes. You also get the occasional water balloon smacking into your own gut, and into Newt’s, but it only makes you both laugh again. And you’re happy. And so is Newt.


You smile softly, “For what?”

“For this.”

You go a bit red, “Uh, well, I just didn’t want to… well you know, you were upset and it was because of me and-

“It’s okay.” He smiles widely, and then stares up at the sky with a softer expression, “I just suppose it’s not where you go, but who you are with.” He turns back to you again, “It could have been any group of people in here, so I’m glad it’s you lot.”

“You’re a top shank, you know that?” Forgetting he probably doesn’t understand your Glade language yet.

He laughs and shakes his head, “I hope that is a good thing?”

With a wink and a charming smile you say, “The best of the best.”

5Sos Bsm #18: Another Boy Catches You Cutting/ Finds Out You Cut

*Sorry, this was really sensitive subject.  And if someone wants me to take it down, I will have no problem doing so. And if you do need to talk, I’m right here.*
*trigger warning*

Luke (17): You had just turned 17, and it felt like a new beginning. A new place where you could have a new beginning. You sat on your bed, last night you and a couple friends had stayed at the motel a couple blocks away. Ans now you were at home, almost crying, because you couldn’t find your diary, your friends knew about your cutting problems, and told you, at 17 it was going to stop, they needed you so you couldn’t take your life away. So you guys we’re going to burn it, tear it in half, then throw it in a fire, but now, someone had found it. Someone would find out about this, your mom…. your brother. Whoever else. You had hid it so well, and never thought that anyone could find out, not with it hidden so well. But someone did, somehow. Now only panic ran through your head. You rushed downstairs, trying to find where you might have some where left it. You had basically destroyed the house looking for it, but still, couldn’t find it. You ran up to your brothers room, not sure what you were going to say, but walked in, and saw Micheal sitting on Luke’s bed, with a familiar furry purple and gold glittered diary in front of him. He looked totally straight faced at the book. Then just looked up to you and said “Y/N, why? Like really why?” You couldn’t even give him an answer, it had just been to cope with everything that happened in your life, and you just felt like it helped, maybe one day you would take it to far, but your 16 year old self, didn’t care. You sighed, and slumped on the floor, leaning your back upon the bed and said “I don’t even know anymore, I just really needed-” “Hey Y/N, what are you doing in my room?” Luke looked at you, smiling and wide eyed, you didn’t know what to tell him. You had always been super close to your brother, and I mean a year apart didn’t stop you from telling him everything. He had been there to help you through anything and everything, and now you had to tell him, that he didn’t help you enough to not cut. “Luke, I’m sorry.” Micheal got up, and gave him the book, then walked out of the door. Luke’s face dropped, and you saw tears swell in his eyes.

Ashton (18): You were out of school, and you still had those horrible thoughts. That maybe… the world would be better off without you. Maybe it was the hate from just being Ashton’s sister. And you knew that getting hate for being one of their girlfriends was a thing… but a sister? Never accrued to you. People just didn’t even think about it, they thought of you, and thought, a happy, bubbly, nerdy girl. But that wasn’t true… never really was. You would use your personality to cover it up. And today, you were really at the bottom, and just plain and simple, hurting. And having all the boys in the room next to you, was really hard. Because after looking at twitter once, you wanted to give up right then, and why not there. So you just kinda got up to the bathroom, hiding yourself between the toilet, and the counter. You had the blade in one hand, and your other wrist stretched out. If you were going to do it, it was going to be now. Right now. And that’s what you did. One. Two. Three cuts. Blood flowed out from your wrist. Then you just heard the door creak open, you had kept a straight face, letting the tears not slip. Then you saw Calum standing at the door, and you just let it go. You couldn’t keep a straight face, so now, you let go of the blade, and said “Calum I’m-m so sorry. But it-t hurt so-o bad.” He helped you up and you were attached to him, and he sat you on the counter, you had your head in his shoulder, not sure what he was saying, because you couldn’t hear over your own crying.

Calum (19): “Made a wrong turn, once or twice. Dug my way out, blood and fire. Bad decisions, that’s all right.” After finishing the song, you had tears threading to flow. The while song helped you, it described your life. And the video, described your childhood. You had been a misfit, stood out, and never been quite as popular as anyone else. You had tried to fit in. And it didn’t work. You did so many things, you regretted. But now, you were here, with your boyfriend. So one you loved so much. But he didn’t know about your past, you couldn’t tell him, because if he told someone, who told someone, who told your brother, your years of trying to cover up, would be ruined. But it was eating at you, you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You shoved Micheal and said “Mikey.” He rolled over, and stuffed his face in his pillow, and mumbled “What.” “Wake up. It’s really important.” He groaned, it was 3 in the morning, and you had just put your daughter, Fiona in her crib. You life had been so amazing these past years. But you just felt like you were hiding so many things. “Okay, what is it?” He finally asked as he sat up. You shut your eyes tight, in an attempt to make sure no tears came from your eyes. You forced it all out, like word vomit “I’m used to cut. And I’m still really hurt by all of it. I’m just really sorry I kept it from you and Calum for so long. If your mad, I would totally get it. Just know that if I had a choose I would go back and tell myself, that it-” “Y/N, calm down. I didn’t think you would ever keep something like this from me, but I don’t care. Your better now, and I love you.” You sighed and said “So your really not mad?” He shook his head and said “No, I’m more sad then I am mad. Sad that Calum couldn’t so something. Sad you never got help. Sad that you did this to your own beautiful body.” You sighed and said “Thank you, Mikey, but what about Calum?” “He might be harder, since he was crying when you found out you were prego, and that was a good thing.

Micheal (18): You were at a friends birthday party, it had been a fun day, since you and that friends were besties for life. But the one mistake, she invited her, the girl you hated the most in life. You and your best friends, Celestia (it’s her b-day party) And you had once been best friends with Faith (her) But after he spilling all of your guys secrets, she became top dog at the school, the one truth she hadn’t spilled, that you cut, she knew, so did Celestia. And it wasn’t really Celestia’s fault, her mom invited her, thinking we were all still friends. So now, you got to spend the night with the ridicules, and truth’s that would be spilled out. And you weren’t to pleased. And because as tradition, you had a slumber party at your house. And all you wanted to do right now, was go in that bathroom and cut, something you hadn’t done since high school was over. But now the urge was eating at you. While the other two sat there, silently wishing the other hadn’t come. You stood up, and said that you had to go pee. Once you got in the bathroom, you just grabbed the bland, you sliest up your wrist, no even caring who caught you, the fact that right before you had come in here, before the awkward silences, Faith was making fun of you, it had gone from fat, to idiot, to a waste of space. You wanted her done, but had to big of a heart to do so, even after all of that. And right now all you were thinking about her words. Not the screaming that filled the bathroom. It had been Celestia’s scream, you knew that pure shriek of terror. The you felt someone hold you in there chest. The person was taller than you, you could feel there arms envelope around you, then you heard that person screaming. Then it hit you, you were fading away, you were in Luke’s arms. You heard him tell someone to call 911, then heard him scream for Micheal, you could barely see anything, just Ashton and Calum fleeing into the room. You felt your whole body hurt, you were crying, you could just tell you were. Then you saw Micheal’s hair, his hair the thing he had let you dye the day before. You knew you were going, it wasn’t a choice… not anymore. Maybe this was the end, but maybe, it was life testing you to see how hard you could fight, so it knew how hard it could push you,

*Request* And if any of you need me, I’m here, and I know what it feels like to be in this much pain. I love you all.*

*Sorry about Micheal’s name*