whoever did this will pay

camp swap thing

An idea I had about how Jason would have handled Thalia dying and her tree being poisoned if he’d been Greek. Enjoy!

Jason tucks his knees to his chest, fingers picking at the scab from where he cut his leg racing Annabeth. He scoots backwards, shifting his weight until the bark digs into his back. The press of the roots on either side of him is a gentle weight that let’s him breath. Camp is gone, somewhere on the other side of the hill that he can’t see or hear. Here it’s only him, his thoughts, and his sister.

“Luke said I did a good job today.” Jason’s muttered words break the silence of the hill. “He said I could be the best swordsman in camp soon. I just need to get a little bigger.” He glances at his arms, studying the faint white scars that stand out against the tanned skin. “I think you’d be proud of me. I don’t let Annabeth get into fights but I don’t let anyone be mean to her either.”

He waits, his words drifting off into the rustle of the wind through the branches. He holds his breath, listening for a creak or a groan or anything. He waits until his lungs burn as much as his eyes do before sucking in a shaky breath.

Jason stares at the dirt beneath his shoes, at the scattered needles and pinecones, at the empty hill stretched out before him.

“I miss you Thalia. I- I hate being in that cabin. I hate being alone. Please- I- I don’t want to go back there.” He blinks, pushing back on the pain that ripples up through his chest, bubbling into something that settles over his eyes and in his lungs.

The first soft, broken sob breaks from him and he clamps down on it. Luke’s voice echoes in his head, the voice that says that Thalia is gone, the voice that tells him it’s the god’s fault.

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Princess of Mischeif

Pairing/Characters: Reader x Loki (Dad/Daughter Relationship), OFC (Candice – Mother) x Loki, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark (mentioned), Romanogers (If you squint),

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, swearing, violence, blood, death,

Summary: During a raid in a HYDRA Base, the team finds a teenage girl beaten up and clearly weak. They bring her back to the facility only to realise that she and Thor, share a certain family member. He comes back to fight the people who caused you pain and he’s not letting down.

Word Count: 2,449

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Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 12)

(For and inspired by the lovely @pfftwhatnoimhuman )

If the Egos had wings…

Imagine Dr. Iplier waking up one morning with a pain in both his shoulders. It’s nothing like he’s ever felt before, but when he rolls over to get out of bed, he’s surprised to find feathers everywhere in his bed. “Did I rip open one of my pillows in my sleep?” He glances around and then sees the wings. They’re large and white with gray speckles like a Snow Owl’s, and they even appear to be functional. Doc immediately rushes down to the clinic to run tests on the wings, taking x-rays and blood samples. Nothing can explain the sudden new appendages.

Imagine Google coming online after charging to find the new “upgrades” as he calls them attached to his back. His wings are mechanical, rigged with metal joints and synthetic feathers that glimmer in the light of his office like the iridescent colors of a hummingbird. Google stretches his wings slows to the span of nearly eighteen feet from tip to tip. They seem sturdy enough, and he’s half tempted to go try them out. The other half of him—or the Green fourth of him, I should say—tells him that is absolutely ridiculous idea and that they should discover whether the wings are fully functional before he throws himself off the building.

Imagine Bim Trimmer falling out of bed one morning to find himself wrapped in feathery wings. He’s so confused, but at the same time, he’s absolutely elated at the idea of having wings. He rushes over to his changing mirror and flutters his wings gently to see. They’re brown and spotted on the outside and a creamy white inside. Bim curls the wings in as close to him as they will go and then springs them out again, knocking over a table. He winces and blushes deeply in embarrassment, but looks back at the mirror with a smile because… HE HAS WINGS.

Imagine the Host stirring from a nap at his desk. He’s used to the ache in his back when he falls asleep writing, but this is different. Host can’t see the wings, but the quiet narrations he murmurs to himself reveals the gleaming raven wings that he spreads carefully to either side of him among the stacks of books. Once he’s stretched them out to their full length, he hears someone enter the library and snaps them in quickly, backing into the shadows so he won’t be seen. It’s the Doctor, and trailing behind him are another pair of white wings. “Host?” The Host steps quietly out of his hiding space, his wings just barely showing over his shoulders. “The Host is very confused.”

Imagine Wilford Warfstache stumbling into the dining room to get his morning cup of coffee and not being able to make it through the door because of his wings catching against the doorframe. He can’t figure out what is keeping him from getting to the coffee until Google finds him and hands him his cup. Once Wilford has downed his cup, finally he realizes that there are two pink wings attached to his back and fluttering somewhat to either side. “Well, this is new,” he comments. He immediately runs for the roof, and the Googles tackle him to keep him from throwing himself off the side of it. “Come on! You don’t get wings every day!”

Imagine Dark getting upset because the wings have ripped his pajamas. The gray wings are sharp like those of a falcon, and Dark inspects them carefully in his mirror before snapping his fingers and appearing in his suit. The wings still tear through his shirt and suit, and the Ego snarls. “Whoever did this is going to pay…” He stalks to the board room to find the other Egos gathered, each with their own pair of wings. Dark steps to his end of the table and leans against it. “Well, this is new.”

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Like she becomes 'full on vilian.' Sorry for not making that clear. 😅😅

Oh no no no! Its completely fine doll! 

Batfam reacting to newest batsis/daughter betrayal. (I’m currently a writing a fic similar to this)


  • Oh no.
  • My poor baby
  • He’s honestly sobbing his heart out.
  • “Hey…I don’t know what’s going on but I’m here for you. Please come home…”
  • He refuses to fight you, and if you try to fight him he won’t resist your punches.
  • “Please ___. If it was something I did or said…I’m sorry”
  • However, he will not force you to be good though.
  • He just…hopes you make the right decisions.
  • “Shut up! I hate you!!”
  • Oh my. He’s so heartbroken when you say this.
  • He makes sure you stay away from a lot if the bigger villains though.
  • He does NOT want you harmed.


  • “You just killed that man!!”
  • “You kill people all the time Todd”
  • “Oh so now we’re on last name bases Sis?! That man was innocent!
  • You two honestly just bicker back and forth.
  • Until finally he breaks.
  • “God Damnit ___!! Can’t you see I don’t want you to become like him?!“he’d yell, shaking you by the shoulders.
  • If you squint just enough, you can see his eyes glossed over with tears.
  • “Please Sis…if it was somethin our old man did…or somethin I did…tell me"he’d whisper.
  • When you finally tell him the hero work just isn’t for you, he nods.
  • “Alright…alright, if you ever need a place to stay,I’m here for ya. Just…please don’t kill any innocents. I understand I kill…but those people, are bad people”
  • When he goes on patrol as Red Hood, it’s the worst.
  • He has to act like he doesn’t know you.
  • But god he does. And he can see you breaking just like he did.
  • He partly blames Bruce for why you went rogue. 
  • In all honesty? Bruce probably blames himself as well.
  • He makes sure to subdue you with little injuries to your body.
  • “Sorry sis…I have to take you to the authorities.”


  • At first, he doesn’t believe it
  • After going through denial, he’s angry. Not at you, but himself.
  • He tends to drown himself in more work.
  • He also tends to lash out more at his team.
  • He makes sure to track you too, which probably makes you trust him less.
  • He doesn’t care though. He only cares about your safety. 
  • He gets so many night terrors.
  • The whole batfamily has to come in to calm his screaming.
  • He just can’t stand the thought of losing you, and it haunts him day and night.
  • He tries not to force you to come back, he really does.
  • But some days when he sees how broken you are he just wants to drag you back home.
  • And then you killed your first innocent.
  • He was in so much shock and denial.
  • Hell, he was shaking when he saw you.
  • “Why are you doing this?!”
  • “I don’t see how you all can still trust that man…Our father.”
  • “Please ___. I don’t know what he did to you…but we need you here,”

    “I need you here.”


  • “What nonsense is this sister?!”
  • “Don’t you see? I’m righting everything Bruce did wrong.”
  • “I’m sorry if it seems i doubt your intellect dear sister, but you are in the wrong”
  • Yeah, he takes his anger out on you.
  • He understands why you feel killing people is okay. He was there.
  • Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand enough to join you.
  • Instead, he takes you down, making sure you’re still alive.
  • He pities you. He knows something happened to make you do this.
  • And he does as his father wishes, stopping you from harming any innocents.
  • You’re just like any other villain now.
  • Then why does he feel like breaking down in tears everytime he sees you?
  • Why does he still feel the need to support you?
  • It gets to the point that he actually collapses to the ground during a patrol.
  • All he can think about is how he failed.
  • How he failed you.
  • He doesn’t know how, but god he feels like he failed.
  • Apparently he blacked out and the team had to carry him home.
  • He was still in shock; How could he let his guard down like that?
  • Starfire places a hand on his shoulder,”She’s your sister Damian…you’re feeling loss”
  • “But i didn’t lose her…she’s right there! Except now..”he doesn’t dare utter the words on his mind.
  • Everyone knows what he’s feeling though. Betrayal.

    “Whoever did this to you will pay.”

PARTS: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // epilogue
Pairing: Jimin x reader
Words: 7,303
Genre: smut, angst, supernatural au.
click here for warnings by part (potential spoilers).

When playing the lying game, there are but two rules. The first is to be convincing. Live the lie, breathe the lie, believe it so wholeheartedly it becomes your new truth. The second is to always remember there are other players in the game, some of whom have been playing it far longer than you.

16 years ago.

You were sitting on the floor, colouring in a picture you’d made for mom and dad in hopes that it would finally make it to the refrigerator door. None of them ever did. They never hung up any drawings or any family photos, but they had reassured you over and over that just because your creations weren’t on display didn’t mean they didn’t appreciate them. You kept trying though, eagerly anticipating the day that you would walk into the kitchen and see your hard work on the fridge framed with colourful magnets.

This time you’d drawn the three of you on the beach; you holding a beach ball, playing with dad, while mom was in the water swimming. It had been a while since the family had been anywhere fun. Or rather, it had been a while since you’d been anywhere that was further than a four hundred metre radius away from this house. Mom and dad frequently left for days or weeks at a time, sometimes together, sometimes just one of them, and they always returned with scratches and wounds – or in the rare occasion, broken limbs. You learned not to ask questions since it was guaranteed the answer would be some variation of “you’re too young to understand, sweetheart” or “we’ll tell you when you’re older, okay?”. 

They never got the chance to.

Mom came into the room and you snatched the picture up, holding it against your chest so she couldn’t see. She laughed and reached for a pillow on the bed for you to sit on, promising that she hadn’t seen anything. It was cold what with it being the middle of October, and mom was constantly reminding you that you’d get sick if you sat on the floor without anything underneath you. But you never listened, of course. 

She asked for a peek at the drawing but you shook your head quickly, crumpling the paper as you held it even tighter to your chest. She gave you a kiss on the forehead and conceded. I love you, she said before leaving the room. I love you most, you said back, unaware that this would be the last time you would hear her say those words. 

For a few minutes longer, everything felt normal. Nothing was out of the ordinary. But then the shouts started. Gunshots cracked in the air and fear ran through your body like ice. You immediately ran downstairs in search of your parents, nearly stumbling over the last two steps in your rush. Angry voices bounced off the bullet-riddled walls. Amid the commotion, you briefly caught something about an Alpha and revenge, but you had no time to think what it meant; heavy footsteps stormed through the house and you dashed into the kitchen, hiding in the cupboard underneath the sink. You squeezed your eyes shut and pressed your hand over your mouth to remain quiet, trying to keep hysteria at bay. Your mother yelled and you so desperately wanted to come out, to find her, but she had told you many times that if something bad ever happened, you must hide and stay hidden. You just never thought the day would actually come.

You sat in the cupboard for what felt like hours, but in actuality was probably only minutes. The gruff voices became slightly quieter, replaced by a sloshing, slapping sound before finally receding with their accompanying footsteps. You didn’t dare get out of your hiding place, but the longer you stayed, the more panicked you felt. Where were your parents? Why couldn’t you hear them? Why weren’t they looking for you?

The smell of smoke made you push the door open and peer outside hesitantly, making sure you were safe and that nobody was waiting on the other side to snatch you out. Flames climbed up the walls, steadily swallowing the house. You realized the sloshing sound had been gasoline.

Voices or no voices, you weren’t safe. You abandoned the cupboard, trying to ignore the damage done to the walls and furniture as you ran out of the kitchen. In just a few minutes, everything had been torn apart. Your entire life had been re-written in less time than it took to recite mom and dad a poem.

You called out for your parents, tentatively at first, growing louder the longer they didn’t respond. Had they been taken? Who could you possibly call for help? How were you ever going to find them?

But you didn’t have to. You tripped as you entered the living room and let out a scream when you saw what you nearly fell over. You grabbed your father, shaking him, pleading for him to say something, anything. His eyes were wide open, blank, expressionless. His chest was drenched in blood, as was the floor beneath him. The hysteria crept into your voice and you tumbled back, breathing heavily.

No no no, this couldn’t be happening, he couldn’t be dead. There was no way. He was going to wake up. He had to.

But he didn’t.

You forced yourself to get up, the fire edging closer and closer. You had to get out. You knew this much, but you also had to find your mother. You had to make sure she was safe. You shouted her name, waiting, just waiting for her to pop out from somewhere and yell “surprise!”.

Finally, as the fire grew too hot and uncontrolled, you cast one last look at the house and fled. Then you found her body. She was sprawled across the front steps, her neck at an unnatural angle, too many gunshot wounds in her back to count. You instantly threw up the contents of your stomach and collapsed to your knees, your entire body shaking with sobs. You squeezed your eyes shut then opened them again, shut them, opened them, hoping that this was some horrible, hyper-realistic nightmare.

Who would have done this? Why? What did they want from your parents?

You didn’t want to leave them, but there was a chance that the people who had come from your parents would return.

So you ran. You sprinted from the house into the dense forest surrounding it, not looking back. No time to grab so much as a family photo.

You swore to yourself that whoever did this to your parents would pay. One day, you were going to come for them, and you were going to make damn sure they felt their life ripped away from them the way yours had been. They were going to beg for mercy, but you wouldn’t stop. And then, when you were satisfied they’d felt every ounce of pain possible, you were going to kill them. 

Present day.

You clutch your gun tightly, staying close to the walls of the home. Become one with the walls. I am a goddamn chameleon. I am but a shadow in the night.

All is dark and there’s no other sound apart from the rustle of the bushes out front or the measured beat of your heart. 

So many leads, so many dead ends. Literally dead dead ends. Six years of endless hunting and searching, and yet you have still made little headway. Still have yet to avenge the murder of your parents, much less discover who killed them. All you’ve been met with is whispered rumours of the Alpha, the one you’re looking for, and bodies. The more you search, the more bodies pile up. He knows you’re onto him, and now he’s trying to tie loose ends. Make sure there’s nothing or no one left to lead you to him. You refuse to give up though, maybe one of these days you’ll get lucky and be faster than him. Maybe one day you’ll finally get to somebody useful, somebody with real information, before he has the chance to eliminate them. That’s all you need. One lead. One solid lead. Then you can work from there.

Your parents were hunters of the supernatural, bringers of death who knew no mercy. Of course, you only discovered this many years later. To them, being supernatural meant death. There was no reasoning with them, there were no other options. Sometimes you wonder what they would think of you, the person who doesn’t equate supernatural to abomination. To you, death is not always the answer. They would probably be disappointed. But you’ll never know.

You pad your way to the bedroom in the back of the house, having managed to avoid every creak and whine of the floorboards so far. You’ve memorized the layout of the place after visiting it so many times while the owner was out. You’ve memorized his schedule, when he comes home and when he leaves, where every home phone is located, as well as the security code to the alarm system. It took a while, but if it meant answers, the time was worth it. You can’t afford any mistakes. You’ve managed to get out of trouble before, but that doesn’t make the process enjoyable.

Your proverbial partner in crime Hoseok managed to track down the man you’re on the hunt for tonight. Hoseok is a faerie who fled the Dark Court he belonged to in favour of the human world. He doesn’t age and the conversation where he had to explain why he looked the exact same since finding you in the forest when you were a child had been an interesting one. It was that same day he explained what your parents were. The supernatural make it a habit of knowing those who hunt them. 

You were lucky he took you in at all. He could have left you there in the forest that day, he didn’t owe you a thing, particularly with who your parents were. But he did and you could never in a million years repay him for the kindness. At the age of sixteen, you began planning your mission to avenge your parents’ murder, and at seventeen, you finally told Hoseok. He didn’t approve at first and wanted you to live a safe, as normal as possible life, but after seeing how determined you were (and that you wouldn’t listen to him), he decided he would support you. So the training and the searching began.

Hoseok does most of the techy stuff and you do most of the butt-kicking stuff. It would make more sense if you stayed back while he went out, since you’re far more vulnerable as a human, but you refused. This is personal, you have to be out there, you have to look in the eyes of the people who helped kill your parents and make them regret what they did. Hoseok joins every now and then, depending on the level of danger. He also goes on many trips, either in search of supplies or any possible leads. Most leads are far and few between, but after his last four week trip a couple months ago, he returned with information about the location of one of the Alpha’s men. The one you’re finally confronting tonight.

His name is Ilmari, but he now goes by Blake Herring in the human world. Luckily enough, it is a two hour road trip to where he is located. Hoseok laughed (humourlessly) when he told you this. He’s been around the world so many times when a lead has been located nearby the entire time. Hoseok hadn’t been able to find out what the man’s abilities are, so you’ve pretty much got your neck on the line and all of this will have been for nothing if you learn no new information or end up dead.

You push the door open silently and raise the gun higher. Your nerves are so tightly strung, just begging for something to happen.

The bed is empty. Suddenly your legs are kicked out from underneath you and you go sprawling. The man runs and you fire off two shots. The first misses, the second clips his leg. He lets out a curse and you scramble after him. Rounding a corner, he sprints for the door, but you fire round after round and he abandons the door, stumbling up the stairs instead. What an idiot. You know there’s no way out from upstairs. Unless he plans on jumping out a window. You’re comforted by the fact that he can’t make too much noise and have any neighbours asking questions, thus compromising his safety from the Alpha. If this weren’t the case, then he would be tearing down furniture and screaming for help, making this much more difficult.

You bound up the stairs in twos, following close behind. He’s limp-running into the upstairs bedroom when you tackle him to the ground, pressing a hand over his mouth and the gun to his temple.

“Listen here, buddy, if you don’t stop fighting, you’re going to have a real bad time,” you say. “As much as I want to kill you, there’s something else I need from you first. So, if you’d like to feel iron bullets lodged in your kneecaps, then please, go on. I have all night.” You’re not sure if he’s one of the many creatures who reacts to iron, however you are sure that getting shot hurts like a bitch. Especially if you have to stick around to actually feel the pain of being shot and don’t, you know, die.

He stills underneath you and you hesitantly lift your hand from his mouth. You scoot off him, the gun unwavering in your hand. “Get up.”

He stands, slowly, hands behind his head. Then the air in your lungs disappears and you’re choking, gasping for breath, but unable to. You’re suffocating – he’s suffocating you with his abilities. You’ve trained for this, you know what to do, but all you can think is air, I need air

Black spots begin clouding your vision, there’s little time left. You fire a shot and oxygen rushes back as he collapses to his knees, gripping his leg. You were aiming a bit higher, but it doesn’t matter. You grab the lamp from the dresser by the stairs and smash it over his head, knocking him out like a light.

“So we have a runner,“ Hoseok says as you drag the man out of the truck, into the church. The two of you live in the bunker below, but you remain above, in the heart of the church. Originally, the ideal plan was for Ilmari to cooperate, tell you everything you wanted to know, and you’d be on your way, no force necessary. However nothing ever really goes according to plan, so you need backup on this one. Being human puts a limit on your capabilities, but Hoseok being Dark fey means he could do things you can’t. He can use his abilities to persuade other supernatural beings to cooperate much faster. You know he doesn’t enjoy it, but sometimes special circumstances arise and there’s no other choice. This is a special circumstance.

"I think anyone with a brain would run if they knew they were in danger,” you say with a grunt, dropping the man onto a pew. The two of you quickly wrap iron chains around him, strapping him down so he can’t make an escape. The sizzling of flesh is immediate and you suppress a satisfied smile. The smell initially made you gag, but you quickly got used to it. You couldn’t let something like this interfere with your mission, so you learned to get over any squeamishness fast. Whenever you’re in Time To Kick Ass mode (which is almost 24/7, in all honesty), you switch off. You have to. You can’t be swayed by emotion, you can’t be pitying. You had to harden up, or abandon any hopes that you’d be able to follow through with this mission.

Hoseok plasters a large strip of tape over his mouth and hovers a small packet of smelling salts underneath his nose. The man jolts awake and curls away from the smell. He attempts to struggle, then stops – the more he moves, the more he presses against the iron chains smothering him.

You lean against the back on the pew in front of him, tilting your head to the side as you watch him. “So, Ilmari, how about we try this again? This will be way easier for everyone if you just stop resisting and tell us what we want to hear. How’s that?”

He looks at you, mouth moving behind the tape. You tear it off and he flinches, immediately spitting a “fuck you” in your direction. This earns him a slap across the face. Hoseok gives you a look and you shrug. You’re not in the mood to be patient today.

“Where’s the Alpha?” Hoseok demands.

The man’s eyes widen and he looks you over. “It’s you, isn’t it? I’ve heard rumours, but I didn’t believe them. You’re the daughter, aren’t you? Of those hunters?”

You roll your eyes. “We’re asking the questions here, buddy. Now, answer my friend’s question. Where is the Alpha? Your old boss?”

He shakes his head quickly. “I don’t know anything. I have no information for you.” The overwhelming feeling of suffocating conquers you and you double over, but the feeling subsides quickly, replaced by the man’s screams. He attempts to back away, but is unable to move in the pew. “Get them off! What are you doing! Get them off me!”

Hoseok looks like he’s barely even exerting himself, but you know that he’s making the man see his greatest nightmares unfold before him. You once asked him to demonstrate his abilities on you, just in case you ever came across any Dark fey, and the experience was one you would never forget. In that moment, you believe what you’re undergoing is real, and the only way to bring it to an end is for Hoseok to stop. 

“If you want it to go away, start talking,” you say breathlessly. “Try that again and your second chances are gone." 

"Okay, okay,” the man says, tears streaming down his face. You look at Hoseok and he stops. The man trembles, recovering from what just happened. He hurries on, sniffling pathetically every now and then. “I haven’t seen the Alpha in years, he paid us then told us all to leave, that we were free from our duties. But a few years ago I started hearing that he was killing us off one by one. Eliminating any evidence, so to speak. He let us think we were safe, maybe to convince his new recruits that they were too, but then he started coming after us so there were no ties left to what happened. Or,” he glances at you hesitantly, “He wanted to make sure you didn’t get to us first.”

“What happened is you killed my parents,” you say, the venom dripping off each word.

“I-I was only abiding by orders–”

“Shut up. Keep going.”

“I ran and hid, I did everything to make sure I couldn’t be found. But if you found me, that means he probably can too. I have no contact with any others who may have survived, I don’t know where they are, but there were whispers that he was looking for you. That he wants to eradicate your family bloodline.”

This piques your interest. You’ve never gotten this far with any of the Alpha’s men you’ve managed to find from that fateful day sixteen years ago. The Alpha had done one hell of a job making sure each of them knew as little as possible.

“Where is he? Why did he kill my parents?”

“I don’t know,” he says, casting a fearful look at Hoseok. “I promise, I would tell you if I knew. I wasn’t among his close guards, I only knew my orders were to kill the hunters. That’s it. We never asked questions." 

You look over at Hoseok, searching for his opinion on whether what the man is saying is the truth or not. Hoseok has been around much longer than you have, what with being a faerie that ages much slower than human beings. He’s seen things, lived in this world longer, and been confronted with many lies in the realm of the Dark fey. Whatever he says goes. You rarely do anything important without his input. 

"I think he’s telling the truth,” he says. “And I’m sure he realizes that if he’s lying, we’ll make sure to find him again and what he experienced a couple minutes ago will feel like child’s play.”

The man stiffens at the threat. “I swear that’s all I know. Please." 

"Alright, we believe you,” you say, beginning to remove the chains with Hoseok’s help. “You’re going to have to find a new place to hide. Don’t bother going back home. Get out of the country, stay off the radar, and don’t ever come back.” He begins thanking you but you cut him off. “I’m not doing this to help you. You murdered my parents, I couldn’t feel a shred of sympathy for you even if I tried. I couldn’t care less if the Alpha found you and killed you tomorrow.”

Hoseok throws the chain to the side and pulls the man up. "Breathe a word about what happened here and we will find you again. We found you once, we can do it once more. Now get out.”

The man doesn’t need to be asked twice. He flees, nearly tripping over his own feet. You don’t bother making sure he’s really gone, nobody in their right mind would stick around unless they had a death wish.

You pick up the chains and the two of you move to the back of the church, going through the door tucked into the corner leading to a large room with a restroom (that hasn’t worked in several years) and home. Hoseok pushes a secret section of the wall in, letting you through, and you both descend the stairs, keying in the passcode at the door at the bottom, finally safe inside the bunker. You rarely see trouble here, the only people who get curious are usually drunk and don’t really make it past the heart of the church. Cleaning up the mess they leave after themselves is another story.

The main area of the bunker is large enough to hold space for a small kitchen, a couch, two bookshelves covering the back walls (that are absolutely overflowing with books, papers, and other odds and ends), as well as a table (also covered in books, papers, yada yada yada). There’s a door by the bookshelves leading to what you call your “practice” room, which is also the room where you go to beat the shit out of things when you’re pissed off. Sometimes you and Hoseok spar, but mostly he coaches you and pushes you harder, breaking your limits, sometimes making you cry if necessary. He knows you inside out, he knows what makes you tick, what motivates you, how to make you relax. He would never deliberately hurt you. What happens in the practice room stays in the practice room. 

As for sleeping quarters, the two of you use the couch and a fold-away cot (with a mattress, of course), swapping depending on who wants what which night. It works. Sure, there’s not a lot of space and it’s not very personalized, but it’s home. For now, anyway. 

When this is all over, maybe you and Hoseok will move into an actual apartment with actual windows and actual beds. You’ll be able to have friends, a job, to tell people your real name. The thought both excites you and makes you incredibly nervous. After living in the shadows for so long, stepping out into the light will take some adjusting. 

You’ll still have to lie, a lot, since there’s no way you can tell people the things you’ve done and seen, but you can tell the truth about some things. The thought of avenging your family and then finally being able to have a real life with Hoseok is what keeps you going, even through the worst of times. Hoseok doesn’t really like thinking too far ahead, but in the times that he has entertained thoughts of the future, he’s said that he might work as a florist and would sign up to as many free classes as possible to learn all sorts of stuff, just because he can. Because then neither of you will be limited and can indulge in any hobby you like. Hell, you could take up pottery if you wanted to or join a taekwondo class. You could go to any store or visit any museum without having to watch your back, in case somebody recognized you and reported back to the Alpha. You’d be free. But for now, you have a mission to see through, and you won’t lose sight of it until the Alpha is dead.

“That was a close call today,” Hoseok says, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl sitting on the kitchen counter. Most of the food you eat is natural, since as a faerie, Hoseok prefers to eat natural foods and says processed, human foods taste like “burnt plastic” to him. You don’t mind since you’ve eaten like this for the last sixteen years, and you have to remain fit and healthy to be in your best form. 

You walk past him and slip your jacket off, chucking it onto the back of the couch. “I know, but we got the job done anyway.”

"Y/N.” The seriousness in his voice makes you turn to look at him. “What if you hadn’t made it back here? What if he’d managed to kill you?”

“I’m sorry, Hobi. But I’m okay, I’m right here. Nothing bad happened. What’s important is that we got new information.” You’re unable to keep the excitement out of your voice in the last bit. 

Hoseok’s lips are pursed, debating whether or not to drop the subject. He does. “Finally something panned out. Good thing he was a talker and made it easy. Relatively easy.” He chews on his lip. “I think I should see if I can find out anything else. Maybe somebody knows where the Alpha is and we just weren’t looking hard enough. We’re getting close, I can feel it. He’s also out there looking for the same people we are. You never know, maybe he slipped up somewhere and we’ll find something else. Sometimes you have to double back and look again to find something new.”

Your heart sinks and you pout. "It hasn’t been that long since your last trip, though.”

"I know,” he says with a sigh and pulls you into a hug. You know he hates leaving you for so long, especially since he goes radio silent during the trips, but they’re necessary. You know he doesn’t tell you about the trouble he comes across on his trips, no matter how much he assures you that everything was fine and he’s in one piece. He always tries to distract you with the things you got for you, but that nagging worry always remains. Hoseok can hold his own, no doubt, but he’s not indestructible. He’s not immortal.

The two of you discuss this new lead, what to do next, and where he’ll go this trip, then fall asleep on the couch during a lull in the conversation. When you wake up, he’s already preparing supplies and breakfast for you.

Hoseok packs light. And fast. He tells you he’ll miss you at least ten times, hugs you for much longer than usual (you hate that he does this before every trip because it makes you worry more), and then he’s out the door. He goes by foot, as always. He finds it easier to hitch rides than to be tied down to the truck, plus it’s more convenient for you since you won’t be tethered to the church while he’s away.

You watch Hoseok’s figure recede into the trees of the forest behind the church and pray that this trip won’t be as long as the one before. He turns to you one more time and waves before disappearing completely.

Twelve days sans-Hoseok and you’re getting bored. Really, really bored. Worried, too, but you don’t allow yourself to overthink too much. He always returns safe and sound, putting your concerns at rest. But you can’t help it.

The church is quiet without him. Even with the radio switched on, the silence seems to stretch and grow, filling every crack and hollow of the room. You hum, you sing along to familiar songs, you pummel the punching bag in the practice room, but it’s not enough. 

To preoccupy your time, you’ve reread books, brushed up on your self-defense skills, exercised, napped, gone for jogs, and now you’re gardening. 

The garden is unofficially Hoseok’s since he’s always the one tending to it, but you’ve exhausted all your options and need something else to do. You pull out vegetables and fruits, marveling at how ripe and fresh everything looks. It rained the night before, so it’s a bit muddy, but you hardly even notice or care. The change in setting is nice and you enjoy listening to the rustle and whispering of the forest.

When you and Hoseok were looking for shelter all those years ago, you were lucky enough to get help from other supernatural beings you came across. Several angels guided you to the church and a group of dryads helped with the garden. It’s hidden away in the forest near the church, but not close enough to suggest anyone lives in the church. The dryads enchanted the land so that pests and other people steer clear of the area and the seasons (ahem, winter) do not affect the growth of crops, meaning you and Hoseok are able to grow your own food year-round and thus avoid having to leave the safety of the church too often. Of course, you make some trips into town now that you’re not a child anymore and you feel safe doing so after the years of training you’ve had. Hoseok worries, but he’s learned to trust that you can handle yourself and that as an adult, you’re capable of making your own decisions (and dealing with their consequences).

You hear a twig crack and freeze, whipping your head around to the source of the noise. You draw out your gun and aim, your grip steady despite the pounding in your heart. Nothing happens, not for a minute, or two, or three. A twig snaps again from the same direction, and then a squirrel emerges. It remains on the garden’s periphery, as it should, before scampering off. Your entire body relaxes and you’re glad nobody else was around to see your overreaction. 

After a couple hours, you take a break and have some lunch before continuing on. You’ve collected three large tubs of potatoes, cabbage, berries, corn, and are pulling out carrots when you hear the voice. You pause. The voice doesn’t come again for another thirty seconds or so and you’re beginning to think that you must have overreacted again, mishearing a crow’s caw, when it sounds again.

“Hello?” Definitely not a crow.

You drop the carrots and slip the gun out from your back pocket, quickly pressing yourself against a nearby tree.

“Is anybody out there?”

Your eyes sweep across the forest, between the trees, searching for the source. It keeps calling, then waiting for an answer before calling out again. You should run and hide, but instead you follow. You remain as quiet as possible, moving carefully and slowly. 

Finally, you locate him. A young man. You peer out from behind the tree and watch as he walks, looking around. His expression is helpless and judging by the amount of dried mud on his pants and shoes, he’s been wandering around the forest for a while. He must not have seen you, which means you’re safe. You observe him, memorizing his features out of habit, and maybe also a little bit out of curiosity. He looks around your age, give or take a couple years, not too tall, with slightly wavy, brown hair matted to his forehead from sweat.

Hello?” He calls out again, this time louder. A hint of desperation creeps into his voice. He’s lost. You can’t know for sure and this could all be a trap, but what if it isn’t? There’s nobody else who could help and there’s no way he would be able to get reception on his phone to call anyone. You weigh your options and you know you should turn around. Hoseok would tell you to turn around. It’s the safest thing to do. For you. Forget what you saw and leave. He’ll find his own way home eventually. Hopefully.

You go against your better instinct. Instead, you conceal your gun again, wipe your hands on your pants, and step out from behind the tree.

“Hey, are you lost?”

 He jumps, a look of sheer relief crossing his face when he spots you. You try your best to not notice how beautiful he is up close. Try and fail.

“Holy shit, an actual human being. Yeah, I’ve been wandering through the forest for hours already, I was beginning to lose hope that I’d ever get out or find anyone. You wouldn’t be able to point out the way to get to the road, would you?”

“I can show you the way, if you’d like.”

“That would be amazing, thank you so much.” Gratitude spills from each word and you suppress a smile.

He follows as you navigate out of the forest that you practically know by heart after all these years. You sneak glances over at him every now and then, taking in his luscious mouth, the way he runs his fingers through his hair to get it out of his eyes, the gentle slope of his nose. You look away quickly before he can notice.

“What were you doing out here anyway?” You ask to fill the silence. You’re not quite sure what to say. Small talk has never been your forte since you don’t have to do it often. It’s rare that you make conversation with anyone, so when you do, it always feels strained on your part. 

He gives an awkward laugh. “I, uh, had a bit of an argument with my father. He lives near the forest, so I went out for some air and I guess I wandered a bit too far. What about you? How did I get so lucky that you were around?”

You should have anticipated this question so you say the first thing that comes to mind. “I like the quiet out here so I come to walk every now and then. It’s easy to forget everything for a little while in this quiet. It’s nice.” Not really a lie.

“I can understand that.” He says, kicking the leaves underneath his feet. “Sometimes blasting music isn’t enough and you need to not hear anything." 

You nod and peek over at him again. This time he catches you looking.

The two of you finally reach the edge of the forest and he lets out a sigh of relief as soon as the clearing and road is in sight. The sun is beginning to set, casting the sky in beautiful shades of orange and purple.

He glances at the truck parked behind the church and you can feel the question burning on his tongue, that he doesn’t ask. So you ask for him. "Do you want a ride?”

He quickly shakes his head. “No, no, please don’t worry. You’ve already done so much. I can walk the rest of the distance–”

“Seriously, my truck is right here. It’s totally fine. You’ll be walking for hours before you reach anyone else.” You start towards the truck and after a moment’s hesitation, he follows. The doors whine as they open, yet another sign that it’s time to sell the piece of shit and replace it, but it’s been faithful to you this long and hasn’t completely broken down yet, so until it does, it stays. He climbs into the passenger seat beside you and you rev the engine. “So, where to?”

He purses his lips, regarding you sheepishly. “Nearest payphone is fine. Really. I can get myself home from there.” You’re about to protest but he cuts you off. “I’m already grateful to you for getting me this far and for offering a ride, but I’ll feel embarrassed if you drive me home too.”

You concede and start driving. His stomach grumbles (for which he mutters an apology) and it makes you wonder just how long he was stranded out in the forest. Usually Hoseok has something in the truck to snack on, but since he’s away, it’s empty. You should make it a habit to have a carrot or something lying around just in case. But when would you ever be in a situation like this again? This is the first and probably last time you’ll offer a stranger a ride. Your heart sinks a little at the thought that you won’t see this (beautiful) stranger again. It’s been a while since you’ve interacted with anyone other than Hoseok in a way that didn’t involve threatening their life or demanding information out of them.

“My name is Jimin, by the way,” he says out of nowhere. “Sorry, I thought I should introduce myself considering you kind of just saved my life.”

You laugh quietly. “I didn’t save your life, but you’re very welcome. My name’s Sooyoung.” You say the first name that crosses your mind. It’s not your real name, because no matter how friendly and beautiful a stranger may be, you can’t trust anyone.

“Do you live in town, Sooyoung?”

You hesitate. What do you say? Usually lying comes so easily, but this time you’re tempted to tell the truth. Something about his gentleness and interest makes you feel awful for being so dishonest. But you can’t tell him, you can’t ruin everything you’ve constructed over these years for somebody so fleeting. 

“I do.” You keep your answer succinct, afraid that if you keep going, you might never stop.

“Really? I’m sure I would’ve remembered somebody like you,” he says, a frown crossing his face. The town is small, no doubt, and after a while you could probably learn everyone’s name and face by heart. You curse yourself for lying, you should’ve said you live on the outskirts, but it’s too late to go back now. If anything, you’ve learned he’s a local.

You can’t help yourself from asking, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means you have an unforgettable face,” he says nonchalantly and your heart begins to thud in your ribcage from his words.

“I don’t have much of a social life,” you confess, “So that’s probably why you haven’t seen me around. Maybe I’ll start coming out more and we’ll bump into eachother again.” It’s a false promise and you ignore the way it makes you ache inside. It gets him hopeful though.

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” His stomach rumbles again and you laugh. “Christ almighty, I swear I’m not leaving the house again without packing at least three Nature Valleys with me.”

“What, you planning on getting lost again?” You tease.

“Maybe, if there’s the chance that I get to see you.”  

"Ohmygod, you didn’t.”

He ducks his head, grinning. “Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop. I swear I’m less gross when I’m not starving.” 

“Being stranded in a forest will do that to you.” You lean over him and pop open the glove compartment in front of him. You try to ignore how close he is and maintain your focus on the road. “There might be something in here, if you’re lucky.” Your hand locates a wrapper and you pull it out. A Snickers bar. The only chocolate (and junk food) you eat and pretty much one of the few reasons you ever go into the city. You stock up on the stuff and you swear you get withdrawal symptoms when they’re out. You give the Snickers to Jimin despite his objections and shut the compartment. “It’s not much, but it’ll give you some energy.”

“You’re not you when you’re hungry,” he quips. He opens the wrapper and splits the bar, handing one half over to you. You shake your head.

“Thank you, but it’s all yours. I’m okay.” 

He pops the chocolate in his mouth and lets out a content groan. You take note of the cute noises he makes while chewing. After he’s polished off the rest of the bar, he says, “That was the most satisfying sugar hit of my life. You’re my guardian angel, I swear. Saves me from near death, gives me a ride, then offers me chocolate? I must be the luckiest man on the planet.

“As lucky as someone who got stranded in the forest can be,” you tease.

“Listen, it led me to you in the end, so it was worth it. I’ll have to call my dad up later and thank him for the argument.”

You find yourself enjoying Jimin’s company far more than you should. For a moment, you’re thankful that the drive back to humanity is so far away because it delays the inevitable goodbye for just a bit longer. You ponder over your next question, unsure whether you’re overstepping any boundaries. “Will you and your dad be okay?”

He doesn’t respond at first and the air in the car seems to grow heavier. “Yeah. If anything, now I know my way out of the forest.”

"I’ll make sure to keep looking for silence then. Maybe our paths will cross again.” You meet his gaze and his lips twinge into a smile.

Lights begin to twinkle in the distance, signaling that other life is nearby and Jimin is going to have to leave soon. You tell yourself though that if you just so head into town and spot him, there’s nothing wrong with striking up a conversation. Of course you won’t actively look for him, but if you’re around, there’s no harm in keeping your eyes peeled and hoping you see a familiar face.

You pull into the first gas station on your right, which Jimin affirms does have a payphone. He climbs out of the truck but remains at the door, stalling.

“I guess this it it then,” he says. “I don’t think I can ever thank you enough or repay you for everything today. I didn’t do anything to deserve such kindness from you.”

You tell him it’s nothing. “You needed help, end of story. Thanks for not being a crazy ass murderer, by the way.”

“Right back at you.” His expression is so open and sincere, and you’re glad you didn’t walk away earlier, leaving him stranded in the forest. Sometimes it’s worth taking risks, and this night is proof of that. You ignore the fluttering in your heart, telling yourself it has nothing to do with him, you are most definitely not freaking out over some boy. Your body is probably going into overdrive because of how long you’ve had to have a normal conversation with someone and not fall flat on your face, despite how out of practice you are. 

Jimin searches your eyes, as though trying to convey something to you. Whatever he wants to tell you will remain a mystery because he steps back to leave, his expression spelling out the goodbye he doesn’t say. Jimin is about to shut the door of the truck when he blurts out:

“Can I see you again?” 

You don’t even hesitate. "Yes.”

Daytime Confessions

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Dean x Reader

An: So, Here it is anon. I hope it lives up to your expectations :)

Ash. Ash was everywhere. It fell through the air in lovely flakes that burned slightly when they came in contact with your skin and it covered your air, was in every inch of your clothes. You knew you looked as horrible as your felt, dirty and grey—probably seeming more like a ghost then a real flesh and blood human with a corporeal body.  You swallowed the lump growing in your throat and tasted ash. My god It even coated your tongue! and you never thought you’d ever be able to get the taste out of your mouth or the feel of it from your skin. You knew that even if you left every last trace behind you’d still carry it with you—in your memory and as a scar in your heart that would make the least thing bring you right back here, standing on your front lawn covered in ash as you stared at your home and all your dreams burning to the ground… your family going up in flames.

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Peter Pan Imagine Request/ Taken

“Can I request an imagine where you’re Emma’s daughter and Henry’s older sister,but also Peter’s true love,so you all go to Neverland to save Henry , and pan flirts with u all the time and stuff so he make a deal to keep u and let Henry leave😉”

Warnings: Cursing, wicked pan,

You loved your bother Henry, he was your best friend, and your mother Emma, well she was a mom, She was always there for you when you needed her, she scolded you whenever you did something you weren’t supposed to do, you know, the regular mom stuff.

You were in high school, wanting to just pass 3 more years of high school, graduate, and eventually get a job, if that was even possible, because well, time would change randomly, magic would change your world, people came into town and everything would change. Storybrooke was a town that once you entered you were there forever, everyone knew everyone, you were all family.

In a strange way you loved it, you loved the adventure, saving StoryBrooke and restoring your town, being the saviors daughter had some perks, everyone in high school thought you were so cool, everyone treated you with respect, it was a really cool feeling, you loved it. It was awesome, but sometimes you wanted to be normal, going to high school was a little hard, because you were usually trying so save someone from killing your town, or stopping a powerful villain. Life was complicated, but it was your life.

Well one day that all changed, when night, Henry was captured.

You woke up to a scream, which scared you right out of bed, you ran downstairs to ask whats wrong, he was gone

“Where did he go?!” you asked almost in tears

“Nobody knows.” Hook says as he holds your mother

You ran upstairs to Henry’s room,it was true, he was gone.

You were confused, you were upset, wanted to cry,and scream, but you didn’t. You knew Henry, Henry wouldn’t have left without a reason , a forget me not, a clue.

So therefore, you searched, you searched everywhere, starting from his room, you looked in his pillows, his blanket, his closet , dressers, searched his closet, in all his shoes, his trash, everywhere you thought of, it lasted for about 3 hours til you finally broke down and started to cry, Emma and the gang heard you and went to comfort you.

“Whoever did this is gonna pay big time!” you yell and scream as you cry.


Back in Neverland Henry was trying to get back to you, but Peter and his lost boys are very dangerous, and are very hard to escape from.

Peter was head in Charge, he was king of Neverland, and if anyone would try to disrespect the king, you would never see them again, he was a cruel sick, wicked boy, and he was only 16.

He loved being in charge, he loved knowing there was no one above him, he loved knowing that the lost boys not only respected him, but they were scared of him.

“Please let me go!” Henry would beg him.

Peter would just laugh and walk away, he loved to see others suffer, he was sick.


Back in StoryBrooke you were finally ready to give up.

“Y/n you have to get ready for school, I know Henry is missing, but school is important.” Your mom said

Of course, you thought, using your education as a distraction.

“Yeah , that sounds awesome, go to school when your brother is missing which could be a life or death situation!” you yell

“That’s enough go to school now!” she yells

“You know what it’s not my fault that I’m the only one searching for him.” you say as your cross your arms

“We are ALL looking for him.” she says with a stern voice.

“Yeah? Well where is he?!” you asked with tears in your eyes “I miss him so much.” you cry once again.

Emma comes and holds you tight

“Listen kid, we’ll find him, no matter what, we will search far and wide, but right now I really need you to go to school, please.” Emma asked

“Okay okay, I’ll go.” you sniffed and wiped your tears on your sleeve.

You walk out of the house, walking to school, when all of a sudden a gust of wind blew in your face and you got dust in your eye.

“Oh great!” you yelled as you turn around , rubbing your eyes.

As you look up you look at Henry window, there, right there, a leaf, but it was stuck in the window, perfectly stuck, too perfect. That right there, that had to be the sign!

You run through the window pushing Emma and the rest of the group out the way

“Hey!” they all yelled, almost pushing them over.

You ran to Henry’s window and got the leaf, it was very sloppy, and really hard to read, you studied it for about 30 seconds, by that time, the whole group was in his room , asking what was wrong and what not, you just ignored them, and then, you figured it out, you found the clue, the ultimate clue.

“Neverland.” you said

“What did you say?” David asked

“Th-that’s where he is, Neverland!” your voice was shaking and so were your hands, but you did it, you found out where your little brother was.

David took the leaf and agreed, “It has to be something, we have to at least try, it’s the biggest clue we have yet, what else could it mean?”

“So you’re telling me he’s in Neverland?” Regina asked

“Yes that;s exactly what I’m telling you.” David said

“What are we waiting for lets go!” Emma said

“YES!” you screamed

You started to pack your things, such as clothes, a pocket knife, food, water, a compass, whatever you may need, you never been to Neverland no heard of it, I mean people have talked about it, like Hook has talked about it, but not a lot, so you were curious of what Neverland had to offer, and how fast you were gonna get back Henry.


You arrived at Neverland, it was beautiful, you weren’t going to lie, it had a very nice scent, it smelled like pine woods and a little cinnamon. The trees stretched so far up you couldn’t even see the where it ended, the plants and flowers were unlike anything you seen before, even the way the ground, the dirt, the soil was different. It was hard and soft all at once.

“Okay so let’s do this.” Emma said

“Let’s do it!” Regina said.

You all stay in a group , searching for him was hard, you felt so little in such a big place, it was beautiful but scary all at once.

by the second hour you were pretty tired, so you asked to stop and eat, well they weren’t gonna stop searching so they let you eat while they stayed close, but still searched

You open your backpack and take out a sandwich, and start to eat it. You then pull out your phone.

“UUgh no service, great.” you say

So then you pull out a book and start to read.

About 5 minutes into reading you were really starting to enjoy your book, when all of a sudden…

“What’s that?” someone said behind you

“Ahh!” you said as you drop your book and your delicious sandwich.

“What the hell?” you turn around and see a boy, a quite attractive boy, but you didn’t let that distract you too much.

“You didn’t answer my question.” he said

“Oh it’s a book, and THAT right there is my sandwich that YOU made me drop.” you said

“Oh I’m sorry beautiful.” he smiled and cocked an eyebrow

Oh shit. He’s hot as hell.

“I-it’s okay.” you said

He picked up your book and looked through it, “It has no pictures in it.”

“A book doesn’t has to have pictures for it be an amazing story.” you said

He nodded, “So what are you doing here?” he asked

“I’m here to find my brother Henry, I’m guessing this guy Peter Pan came and took him, so me and my family are searching for him.”

“Peter Pan? Sounds like a great guy.” he said as he leaned against a tree.

“Hey what’s your name anyway?” you asked

“Me? Oh I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” he said bluntly

“WHAT?!” you say as you get in a fighting position

“Hol-hol-hol-hold up love.” he says putting his arms up but still smiling.

“Where is Henry?” You scream

“He’s safe and sound, I promise.”he said

“LIAR!” you yell

“Keep it down” he says “Your other group will hear.”

“Good!” you say

“Listen I want to make a deal with you.”

“Hell no.” you said

“It’s more of a game actually, you know how I love my games.” he winks at you

“Ugh.” you scuff at him, already annoyed with him.

“If I win, you can keep Henry, if you don’t , you both stay.”

“Hell no!” you say

He smiles “Oh come on, it will be fun, besides.” his smiles turns into a wicked one. “You wouldn’t have a chance.”

“You don’t know that, I will find a way, and I will find Henry without YOUR help!”  you say as you walk away from him.

“Keep walking, I like the view.” he says

You say nothing but give him the finger

“How cane someone with such power be so immature ?!” you stated

You walk back to the group

“Hey how was your sandwich?”

“Fine now let’s go find Henry.” you say annoyed.


It wasn’t long until you all ran into Pan again.

“Where’s Henry?!” the group yelled

But you knew it wouldn’t work, Peter was so cocky, and self centered.

He then looks at you and winks you roll your eyes and the group notices.

“Just take me on my offer.” he says as he walks up to you

“I’m not going to take it so you can back off of me!” you yell

“Oh come on, you’d make a lovely lost girl.”as he touches your face.

“Do NOT touch me!” you yell

“Get your hands off of her!” David says about to punch Pan’s face, but Pan remains calm.

“You’ll come around soon, I know it.” he says as he looks into your eyes.

His eyes were pierced green, they were beautiful, and it was as if he cast a spell on you for 2 seconds, because in those 2 seconds you wanted him, you wanted Peter, the Peter Pan, but you snapped out of it, but it was far too late, for he knew you wanted him, because he wanted you too.


Not very long passed, you actually went behind your groups back and would go meet Peter, in the day he would leave notes and little gits, letting you know what time to meet him and what not.

“Peter this is so wrong.” you admit

“But it feels so right, doesn’t it?” he would look at you with puppy eyes, and for those nights that you met him, you saw a totally different Peter, a nice, sweet, gentle, and kind Peter.

It was nice, and you were both growing feelings for each other, but you knew it was terribly wrong.

“You have my brother!” you said in almost a mean way

He rubbed your arm in the most gentle way, it almost tickled.

“But if I give him back, you will leave?” he said in the most vulnerable way

“W-well yes, I need to go back home, I need to go to school.”

“Why?” he asked

“Because I need my education.” you said

“You need to stay with me.” he pulled you in closer , looking deep into your eyes

“I-I, Can’t. I need to get Henry back, please.” you asked

He almost shook his head in dis be leaf, “You’re denying me?”

“It’s not that, I need my brother, and to go home.” you said

Peter clenched his fingers and tighten his jaw and look furious, “I can’t do that.” his British accent grew stronger whenever he got mad.

“Well , then, I’m sorry, but this, can’t happen anymore.” you got up and walked away with tears in your eyes.

Peter was the only boy you truly cared about, and telling him that, broke you apart.

You went back to your sleeping bag but the group was already awake and looked mad.

“Where were you?” Regina asked

“What do you mean?” you asked

“I didn’t stutter, tell us where you were.” she says

“I went to the bathroom.” you said as you crossed your arms, feeling confident

“Without taking the toilet paper?” she pointed to where the toilet paper bag was

“Oh..” you were caught

“Why are you always gone?? You leave randomly without telling us, and you go out in the middle of the night.” she says

“I’m finding Henry of course.” you say in a low voice, feeling less confident

“Yeah right, why don’t you ask anyone to go with you?” she folds her arms

“I don’t want to be a bother.” you say

“That’s a lot of crap.” David says

As you’re getting yelled at by the group Peter walks near you guys but quickly hides and see’s what is going on.

He notices you aren’t saying you’re with him through all those nights, those random days you would spend hours on end with each other, but still you wouldn’t say you were with Peter, he looked at how sad you were, how intimidated you were by them, he felt sorry, but he didn’t speak up.

The next day you go off by the lake, you cry, you cry because you just simply don’t know what to do.

Peter comes and he sits next to you, and he just watches you, he doesn’t comfort you, nor says anything, he just watches.

“What do you want?” you say as you try to wipe your tears.

“I need you.” he says

“What?” you say almost not believing what he just said.

“I need you, to stay, in a way, you make me better, I don’t feel stressed whenever I’m with you, I feel happy, and just well I don’t know, I know I haven’t known you for long, but I feel like you’re the only one who truly gets me.”

Your mouth hanged wide open, you were shocked this was coming from Pan’s mouth, he never said anything like this to you, sure he express his feelings, but never to this amount.

“Long ago, before I became ruler of this island, the shadow told me, that I must find my true love, or else, If I did’t find her, then well, I’d loose my island, and everything I done to it.”

So I’m a trophy prize?” you folded your arms

“No it’s not like that.”

“I love you Y/n. I know it may sound silly, but ever since I saw you, I knew you were my true love, so just please, stay with me, here.” he said as he grabbed your hands

You nodded, “Okay, I’ll stay, but Henry has to go with his family back in StoryBrook, he loves it there.” you smiled

“Deal.” he said

So, Henry went back to StoryBrooke with the group, you visited often, and got to see your brother, Peter kept his island, and got his true love.

Dating Bucky Barnes would include...

  • Working for SHIELD and being introduced to him by Steve
  • Him still being a huge flirt like he was before
  • Automatically falling for him
  • Subtle PDA like braiding his hair or a kiss on the cheek here and there
  • Being there when he doubts himself
  • “You are not a villain, James Buchanan Barnes. You are the one I love.”
  • Him finding extreme comfort when you play with his hair
  • Wearing his shirts
  • Getting hurt on a mission and him going into overdrive
  • “Whoever did this will pay.”
  • Finding some old photos from his army days
  • “I did look pretty good with short hair.”
  • “Please don’t cut your locks.”
  • Repetitively asking him to train with you
  • Him being scared he’ll hurt you
  • Stealing a few of his tshirts
  • Him gushing about how big they are on you
  • Comforting him after nightmares
  • “I’m not going anywhere, Buck.”
Explaining my “Maxwell has scars” theory

July 29, 2017, Saturday [#271]

INTRODUCTION: Earlier today, I made a post called “My shirtless Maxwell theory,” but since I want to add more things to it, I’m writing this new post 😊

WHAT WE KNOW: There have been two times where Maxwell could have taken off his shirt 👔 The first time he refused, it was kind of believable 😕 (Though if he really WOULD have turned into a lobster, his shirt would have still covered his lobsterness after he went swimming 🏊‍♂️) And the second time he refused was tonight (after the Beaumont Bash), even though we were indoors and streaking was HIS idea in the first place 🤔


My main theory is that Maxwell has scars on his body that he doesn’t want to talk about 😭

But… how would he even get scars in the first place??

🔎📝 Sub-theory #01: Family members! 📝🔍

If Maxwell has scars, I do NOT believe that Bertrand could have given them to Maxwell. But what about their parents? 😨

I don’t really have proof for this, since we don’t know a lot about Maxwell and Bertrand’s parents 👫 We know that they’re dead, and we know that (according to Drake) they likely had a lot of talks with Bertrand about their noble heritage and family honor before they passed away 🏰

It would be really out of the blue if this were true, but since their parents (obviously) have access to Maxwell AND would be the best at keeping this sort of thing hidden, I just wanted to put this theory out there.

🔎📝 Sub-theory #02: Kidnapping attempt! 📝🔍

From what we know of Drake’s family history (his dad died defending the royal family 🤴); Olivia’s family history (her parents were killed in a political assassination 🗡️); and Liam’s defense training (at the Derby, he reacts very quickly and defensively if you try to surprise him 🥋)… we know that assassination, and other related dangers, are still alive and well in Cordonia 😱

House Beaumont, before its recent decline, must had been a very important house 🌟 Not only do they have their name and their estate, but the last event of the social season is traditionally held at the Beaumont Estate, the Duchy of Ramsford. That’s a BIG deal 😲 Which means that in the past, they must have had a LOT of money, influence, and prestige to be worthy of that honor 🏆

Because of that, it’s possible that a kidnapper or would-be assassin would take the younger Beaumont child and hold them for ransom ⚔️ That, or use that child as leverage in some shady political agreement; or something like that 🐱‍👤 Maybe Maxwell wasn’t even that young 🤔 This could have happened either in his childhood or in his adult life. Or even more than once.

The first possibility is that this happened while their parents were still alive and Bertrand was the Beaumont heir.

The second possibility is that this happened while Bertrand was already Duke Ramsford 🤵 Maybe that’s why House Beaumont lost their money 💸 Somebody took Maxwell, and Bertrand, of course, chose to pay off whoever did 💰

That’s why Bertrand is stressed 🤕 That’s why Maxwell bears the burden of his displeasure and won’t snap back at him even when he’s being unreasonable or rude 😶 That’s why Maxwell trusts Bertrand to handle the family’s affairs without his input 🤐

His older brother emptied their estate’s coffers (🏰) to get him back to safety, and nobody knows but the two of them.

I won’t go into the details, but there are ways for a kidnapped person to get scars from such an ordeal, and that could have happened to Maxwell 😭

🔎📝 Sub-theory #03: Medical surgery scars! 📝🔍

What is Maxwell is sick? 🤕 Very, VERY sick, like Quinn or Professor Vasquez?

Surgery scars are also scars that you wouldn’t want to show just anybody. They hold painful memories, and people look at you differently after they find out that you have them 😰 This would explain three things about Maxwell’s personality.

🕺 First thing: His “you only live once” attitude! 🕺

He likes to be happy, to party, to have fun, to not be too serious, to not be worried about the future… and doesn’t that attitude remind you of a certain redhead from Endless Summer?

💟 Second thing: His careless attitude towards romance! 💟

If he knows that he’s not going to live long enough to get married and enjoy a long, happy life with the woman of his dreams, then that would explain why he evaded the “have you ever been in love” question at the Cordonian Temple Ruins.

What he doesn’t say: “No, I’ve never been in love.”

What he DOES SAY: “I’ve always kind of thought I’d figure things out once he was married. But I don’t think Bertrand’s gotten any closer to getting married… But there’s no need to dwell too much on it.”

It’s romance and happiness and stuff! Why WOULDN’T Maxwell dwell in it? 🤔 He clearly has a romantic heart (he’s super excited about Riley and Liam’s relationship! That guy would be writing fanfic about them if that wouldn’t be a creepy thing to do about your friends 😂), so maybe THIS is the reason why “there’s no need to dwell too much on it” 😕

👨👦 Third thing: His strong brotherly love for Bertrand! 👦👨

Of course, even if Maxwell weren’t dying, he would still feel that way. BUT, if he IS dying, then he knows Bertrand is going to be the only Beaumont left.

Also, Bertrand isn’t married, AND their house is broke 💸 Maxwell knows that when he dies, Bertrand will truly be alone in the world (⛰️)… and nobody will be there to support him as he (possibly) goes through the heartbreak (💔) of failing to uphold House Beaumont’s legacy.

Bertrand will be alone as he tries to find a wife (💃)… alone when the news of their house’s poverty comes to light (📺) (so his attempt to find a noble wife will probably fail 👗)… alone when Bertrand starts selling off their land and assets piece by piece to vultures like Madeleine and Olivia (🏰)… alone as their vast lands and many possessions shrink to just their manor, which Bertrand may also eventually have to sell 😭

CONCLUSION: After all, if Maxwell got scars while doing stunts or falling off a jet ski, I don’t think he’d mind taking off his shirt 👔 But if he got them for other reasons, that would explain why he doesn’t want anybody to see him shirtless 🤔 I hope I’m wrong, but…  any of these theories are possible… 😔😭

MORE THEORIES: See my previous post, “My Savannah theories that don’t involve her uterus” (you can find it HERE) for more theories 😊

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 29/07/17.)

The Teen Feeder - Cole's Feeding

This is the story of Cole Simeon and how he became a fat Boy with a large belly from a sporty teenager in only one night thanks to the ‘Teen Feeder’…

Cole was a very athletic seventeen year old. At school he was the captain of the soccer team and the gymnastics team. He was very popular with the girls and was going out with Chloe on the girls soccer team. Cole likes to mess around at school and is quite frequently in trouble.

“Hey Chloe. Sorry I can’t make it round tonight, I have to stay at my uncles house to make sure the burglars don’t return.” Said Cole on the phone to his girlfriend.
“Promise you will come see me tomorrow? I have a little surprise!” Giggled Chloe.
“Sure thing! See you soon. Love yah!” Cole put his phone in his pocket and walked into the hall to find his uncle putting on his coat.
“Now Cole, if you see these thieves, then make sure you phone the police. Don’t let them take anything” Said his Uncle as he fastened his coat.
“Yes Uncle Gil. You’ve already told me this five times!” Laughed Cole.
“I’m just making sure you will remember” Gil picked up his car keys and pointed them at Cole “if I come home to find the house clean I will pay yah £250.”
“Really? Thanks Gil!”
“Anyway, gotta go. This business trip is pretty important! I’ll be back tomorrow night!” Said Gil as he walked out the door. As the door shut, Cole jumped into the kitchen and started cleaning up.


Cole walked into the living room and sat down. He picked up his phone and tried to phone Chloe. After four attempts of Chloe not picking up, Cole left a message.
“Hey Chloe, it’s me. I just wanted to let you know that if we have time tomorrow, do you want to go swimming? Phone me back soon. Love yah” Cole put his phone down and stood up to go to the toilet. Suddenly a rustle came from outside. ‘The thieves’ thought Cole as he grabbed his phone. Cole dimmed the lights and unlocked his phone. The phone displayed a empty battery.
“For fuck sake” whispered Cole as he thew his out of charge phone onto the sofa. Cole tiptoed his way to the front door and owned it quietly. He poked his head out and looked in the direction of the noise. Nothing. Cole took a step outside and looked around. He walked into the bushes and searched. Cole noticed a black notebook. He picked it up and flicked through. Suddenly, Cole fell to the floor. He was knocked out.


Cole gasped awake. He couldn’t see a thing. He was laying down. He tried to stand, but felt that he was tied to a bed by his hands and feet. Cole was tied up on the bed in just his underwear. Coles slim figure was on show, along with his muscley arms.
“Calm down” came a voice next to Cole.
“What do you want! Wait a minute, you are the little shit that has been stealing from my uncle, aren’t you!” Screeched Cole, trying to get out of his restraints.
“Stealing? No, that’s not me. I just want you Cole” replied the man.
“What me? Why me? This is a trick isn’t it? It’s you Billy isn’t it!” Laughed Cole.
“I only want to do something to you” said the man.
“What?! Please! Am I naked? Shit. Please don’t say you’re a paedo!” Paniced Cole.
“No I’m not a paedo and youve got underwear on. This is what I’m going to do.” Suddenly the man pushed a large muffin into Coles mouth. Cole shrieked as he tried hrs not to swallow, but the man was holding his nose which made Cole eat it.
“Stop! Why are you feeding me!” Screamed Cole.
“Oh don’t worry about that. Just relax” said the man as he placed another muffin in Coles mouth. Cole moaned as he tried desperately to free himself.


“Stop. Feeding. Me.” Moaned Cole as the man shoved a large slice of chocolate cake into his mouth.
“As I said before, it’s to late now.” Said the man. Cole swallowed the cake and moaned.
“So. Stuffed.” Moaned Cole.
“I’m not surprised fatty” said the man. Cole had gotten fat. Where Coles once skinny stomach was was now a large soft belly. Moobs were resting against each other which resembled a pair of female breasts. His thighs were now meaty and huge. Coles underwear was tight and has nearly completely ripped. Coles butt poked out as Cole was lying on his side. Large love handles appeared from nowhere.
“You fat pig” laughed the man as he rubbed Coles soft belly. He squeezed the belly and Cole moaned.
“Please. Don’t. Too stuffed.” Moaned Cole.
“Don’t worry. I’m done now.” The man smacked Coles large butt, which made the underwear rip, releasing Coles fat butt and his privates.
“Oops. I’ll leave you for your uncle to find” smiled the man as he pushed a drugged cloth onto Coles face. Cole fell asleep.


“Hi Cole I’m home.” Smiled Gil as he unlocked the door. He threw his keys into the bowl and walked into the living room.
“Cole? Are you upstairs?” Shouted Gil.
“Uncle Gil! Help me! I’m upstairs! You’re bed! Help!” Screeched Cole. Gil ran up the stairs and went into his bedroom. There he found a fat naked Cole tied up.
“Cole! What the fuck is going on!” Screamed Gil as he tried to untie Cole from the bed.
“This man tied me up and kept feeding me! Am I fat?!”
“See for yourself” said Gil as he pulled off the blindfold from Cole. Cole looked down at himself. He found a large belly, a pair of soft moobs and large thighs.
“Why would that man do this!” Screamed Cole as he cried into his Uncles shoulder.
“Whoever did this to you Cole is going to pay…”


Originally posted by xingorjin

Pairing: JinxReader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Sum: A hidden relationship blossoms to the news. Despite the hard ships, of keeping it between thin walls. Sasaengs aren’t fond of the idea, that another woman got hands on their beloved ‘Oppa’. Plotting a revenge to make a warning, they realise after their actions, that their target was the wrong person.

Word count: 2.5k

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number 13 for kitty please f u r still doing it

Of course here you go:

Kit stared at the ceiling of the Blackthorn manor. He still felt numb after what had happened yesterday, the day his best friend had died. He still remembered seeing Julian holding her and crying. He had only been gone for a few minutes and somehow a war had occurred in the hall. Damn Shadowhunters are bloodthirsty. He felt himself tear up as he recalled seeing Ty’s unconscious body in Mark’s arms, or when he saw Emma, who was always so strong sob as she clutched at cortana. Enough, he thought shaking his head, aggressively. Stop.

Kit didn’t want to cry because he knew that if he did he won’t be able to stop. He stood up and walked out of his room. He was greeted by a dark corridor that sent shivers down his spine. Portraits of the Blackthorn’s ancestors hung, all of their eyes following him. Judging him. 

“Jules please look at me.” Kit froze and turned to the sound of the voice. He knew that he shouldn’t be listening but he can’t help but be curious. He was about to approach the voices but stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t.” Whispered a voice Kit knew too well. He slowly turned only to be face to face with Ty. “Come with me.” Ty ordered and pulled him outside. The gentle breeze of Idris hit his face as he stepped in to the garden. He gazed at the blanket of stars that hung above them, holding the mysteries of the world. Kit always considered his mum being amongst the stars, the few times he thought of her. 

“I miss her.” He murmured, turning to look at Ty. Ty was staring at him. His black curls were messy and stuck at odd angles; his grey eyes were an empty void, holding no sign of the previous enthusiasm there was. Dark rings hung under his eyes that were bloodshot. He looked like he was going to be sick and it hurt Kit to see him like this. “Livvy used to love the stars.” Was all he said as he stared at the night sky.

“Ty I-”

“You don’t have to stay with us if you don’t want to. You know that right? This isn’t your battle.”

Kit froze. He stared at Ty his eyes wide and shocked. “Tiberius,” he grabbed Ty’s hand and looked him in the eyes, “I’m not going to leave you. You’re never going to have to suffer by yourself again, I promise.

Ty stared at him. Kit was worried that he might have said the wrong thing when all of a sudden he was engulfed by a tight hug.

“Thank you.” Ty whispered. Kit returned the hug with the same force. He was never going to leave Ty. Wherever he went Kit went. They would be together and Kit would make sure nothing ever hurt Ty. Whoever did will pay. He was always going to stay with Ty. No matter what.

{Hey I know it’s meant to be fluffy but the dialogue suited angst. Sorry I really hope you guys liked it. This is my first Kitty work!}

Find out who

Pietro X Reader, Avengers X Reader

An AU where the Avengers are teenagers in a murder mystery/ slasher series. 

Summary: When a murder tape is found and a clue that would lead the investigation on the murder a different you and the rest of the Avengers plan on uncovering the identity of the masked murderer and give justice to your fallen friend, but would it still be worth it when your life is on the line?

Words: 1,891

A/N: So this is a new series I’m working on. I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed planning this and writing. Anyway I’m open for requests so just leave me a message or an ask! <3 

WARNING: DEATH, Murder, Fluff!! Mentions of Sex, Language


Originally posted by geeks-universe

It was like an arrow shot you in the chest. No, it wasn’t the good kind. It wasn’t cupid’s arrow. No. It was the exact opposite. Your chest hurt so much and your eyes couldn’t fight the tears any longer. A high pitched wail rings in your ears, you realize it was coming from you as tears streamed down your face. You look around to see your friends with horrified looks and his sister crying as much as you.

Your knees grow weak as the video progresses. How could someone do this? They even had the guts to send the video to you and your friends. It felt horrible seeing everything. Your stomach couldn’t take it anymore. You drop to your knees feeling weak but you couldn’t bring yourself to take your eyes off the monitor. It was straight out of a slasher movie. A masked murderer stabbing and torturing your boyfriend in multiple ways. It was too much for you, for everyone, to watch.

“That’s enough! Stop it! NOW!” Tony screams as Clint rushes to turn the monitor off.

“How could someone do this?” Natasha said as she tried her best not to vomit.

“It doesn’t matter. What matters is WHO did this?! Whoever did this to my brother is going to pay!” Wanda said in pure rage as tears still streamed down her face.

“This..this is all my fault.” You say through sobs. Everyone turns to you. Steve kneels down next to you and puts his hand on your shoulder to comfort you.

“What do you mean it’s your fault?” Tony asks with an eyebrow raised.

“I- I shouldn’t have let him go. W-we were together the night before he went missing. We were, you know, then after all the pillow talk he said he had to get home before Wanda realizes he’s gone again. I told him to stay with me but he insisted that he go home.” You said as you bit your lower lip anxiously.

“It’s not your fault, (y/n).” Natasha said as she pulled you into a hug.

“NO! If you never asked him to go to your house in the middle of the night, he wouldn’t have gone missing! He wouldn’t be dead!” Wanda said glaring at you.

“I never asked him to! If anything, it’s your fault! He went to my house to get some time away from you. You’re always so clingy and he never has time for himself and for what he wants to do. He always has to look after you like a child!” you glare back at Wanda.

“ENOUGH!” Clint shoots the both of you a warning look.

“This is nobody’s fault. What happened to Pietro was horrible, yes. But he’s not going to be alive again if you two keep pointing fingers and blaming each other. He’s gone. Just face it. What you should do is report this to the authorities and help find who did this to him.” Steve says as he crosses his arms on his chest.

After reporting the incident and showing the video to the cops you and your friends were given a week off from school due to traumatic experiences. You all needed to recover. You didn’t know what hurt more, losing him or watching him die. Your parents took you to a therapist to handle your trauma but you knew it was going to take more than that to get over your loss.

You’ve been dating Pietro Maximoff ever since he moved to your town two years ago. It was cliché actually. The pretty misunderstood popular girl falls for the cute mysterious new kid. As cliché as it was, your love story was straight out a romance book. The spontaneous dates, the romantic walks at the beach, everything was pure bliss. Until the night he went missing. He was gone for a week before you received the video. You thought it was something you said or did that made him leave, but now it’s all clear. The memory flashes in your head


“That was…Wow!” You say as pull the sheets to cover your bare top.

“Yeah? Well I do love making you feel good.” Pietro chuckles as he lies down next to you.

“Well I love you.” You say as you look up at him and place a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I love you more, Printessa.” He says as he pulls you back for another kiss, this time more passionate. You both pull away for air.

“After senior year, you plan on moving upstate no?” He said as he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Yeah. I just don’t know which university yet. What about you? You never told me your plans?” You say as you look up at him.

“I’ll be wherever you are.” He says as he places a kiss on your forehead.

“You’re kidding right?” You say as you sit up looking at him with wide eyes.

“I’m not. I want to be with you. Plus the schools you applied to, have track scholarships. I applied to all of them too.”

“Seriously? Even if your sister plans on taking uni on the other side of the country?” You ask him as he chuckles from your excitement.

“Yes. I’m serious, Printessa! Like I said I want to be wih you.” He says as you pull him in for a hug.

“Oh my god! This is the best. No, wait, you’re the best!” You say as you kiss him again. He pulls away after moment.

“Speaking of my sister, I should get going. It’s late and she’s going to freak out when she doesn’t find me in my room.” He says as he gets up and starts putting his clothes back on.

“Do you really have to? I was kinda hoping I’d get to sleep in your arms this time.” You say with a pout.

“As much as I want to stay for another round, I have to go. “ He says as he kisses you one last time.

“Can I keep your hoodie for the night, at least?” You take his hoodie from the ground where he threw it earlier and slip it on.

“You’re already wearing it, Printessa.” He chuckles as he ties his shoes.

You watch him sneak out your window careful not to wake your brother up. Your parents are usually away so you could make all the noise you wanted, but it was your brother you worry about. He is a little over protective, even if he is half your age. He just doesn’t really like you dating anyone.

Once Pietro’s figure disappears from your sight, you retreat back to your bed and pull the covers over you. You think about having to live in with Pietro once you both get to the same university as you slowly drift into sleep with a wide smile on your face.

You feel a tear stream down your cheek and quickly wipe it off. You get back to reading your text book, reviewing for a quiz the next period. You hear the chair beside you move.

“Hey. How you holding up?” Bruce asks as he sits next to you in the library.

“What do you think?” You say as you look up at him from the book you were reading.

“I should say pretty good, but from the way you look I’d say the opposite.” He says as pulls his books out of his backpack.

“Yeah. I mean my boyfriend goes missing for a week leaving me worried sick. Then a week after I receive a video of some psycho slashing his throat out. How do think I’d be?” You say as you roll your eyes.

“Your boyfriend dies, but you’re still as sarcastic as ever.” Bruce says from behind his biochemistry book.

“You asshat.” You say as you stand up to leave. You bump into Wanda as you were about to leave the library.



“Look, I’m sorry for what I said. But it was what your brother was feeling. He never had the guts to tell you. He loves you, really he does. It’s just sometimes, he just wants to do stuff on his own.” You say you hesitate on bringing her in a tight embrace to comfort her.

“I…He was all I had after our parents died. I just didn’t want to lose him. But now that he’s gone and seeing it was somehow my fault makes me regret everything I did to him, to both of you. I thought that him being with you was, you taking him away from me. That’s why I hated you so much. Instead I should have seen it as having someone else I could call family. He really did see you as his world, you know? He enjoyed being with you. He used to think that I’d one day accept you and see you as a sister-in-law than some bitch stealing my brother from me. I’m sorry.” Wanda says as she takes your hand. You pull her into a hug as you try to fight off your tears.

“Hey, we’ll find who did this to him.” You say before you part ways.

It was the end of the day and you were headed to your locker to leave a few things. You pass by Pietro’s old locker to see it covered with flowers and a few candles. Your hand finds its way to the lock as you turn it to the combination he had set up. You had the same combination anyway. You feel your heart swell as you slowly open the locker. You nearly fall to your knees when you see a ripped cloth. It was a shirt. His shirt. The one he was wearing in the video. It was bloody and almost torn to shreds.

You immediately call your friends. Once they get to the locker, you step aside to show them what was inside. Tony takes a closer look at the piece of torn fabric and motions for Bruce to check it out. They both change weird looks as the rest of you look at them questioningly.

“What’s wrong?” Natasha asks as she kicks the flowers away.

“The blood on this shirt. It’s fresh?” Bruce says unsure of himself.

“What? How?” Wanda asks.

“I’m not so sure about this. I’ll have to get examine it in my parent’s lab once I get home.” Bruce says as he takes a plastic bag from his backpack and places the shirt inside.

“Shouldn’t we get the authorities to do that?” Steve asks as he motions for Bruce to stop.

“And give them the suspicions that it was us who killed Maximoff? Or let them think that we’re messing with them? I don’t think so.” Clint says as he pulls Steve back.

“Barton’s right. We can’t risk it. This could be fake or just a prank or something. But if it is real, well, whoever killed Pietro, didn’t really kill him.” Tony says as he looks to you and Wanda.

“What do you mean?” You ask biting your lip as you hug your arms to your chest.

“He’s not dead. Someone set this up to mess with you, or us. Whoever did this still has him. We need to find him before that psycho actually does kill him.” Tony says as he closes the locker door.

The Maid : Part 10

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


That night ,Lucy sat in her room crying, after she made sure to lock the door so nobody would disturb her. She lost faith at that moment and she always gets angry with her maker when something bad happens to her. But this was the worst of all worse things. As if her life wasn’t meant to be on the right path. She kept losing people who where close to her, who loved her and sincerely cared about her.

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Give me Sloane and hurley fluff pls I beg

Goldcliff was silent for the moment. One of the most prosperous cities around had one of the best police and militia forces to match. Hurley dressed in her white martial arts hi, staring down at her new badge. “Lieutenant” she giggled to herself polishing her badge a bit. Being a Halfling her size and good natured spirit wasn’t exactly seen as a plus in the field of law enforcement. Captain Captain Bane had little hope for her other than using her light footed sneaking for bait or decoys. But now? Oh howdy, Hurley had long proven herself a strong police-halfling. Her size mattered not when these hands got into their martial art positions.

In early Fall she was looking at a fancy new promotion with a fancy new job of patrolling and keeping the piece in Goldcliff. More importantly she was making the city a better place one apple cider donut at a time. Hurley leaned up against her wagon, watching as the citizens of Goldcliff went about their day, mostly diving into the bank, one of their modern marvels around here to do some investments.

“Another day” she smiled opening her mouth to chow down on something good when she heard a small scream, “TO DO GOOD” Hurley immediately threw herself into her wagon and smacked the reigns on the horse. The animal whinnied before taking off down two streets getting to the source of the scream. Hurley jumped out of the window of her wagon and held out her badge. “Lieutenant Hurley of the Goldcliff militia reporting for duty, what is your emergency!”

As Hurley truly looked at the situation she realized it was nothing more than a group of human children, dressed warmly in front of several piles of leaves. In conclusion? No danger, just kids screaming and having fun on a lovely autumn day. “Oh…sorry I just—“

“YOU RUINED IT” Pointed a little girl with her mitten covered hand. Hurley followed the girl’s accusatory finger to a pile of crushed leaves under the wheel of her wagon, along with a trail of hooves and tire marks that leveled a few other piles. “Mean police lady” the little girl whined, softly sniffling.

“Woah, woah now-now local police officer is um…on the case to save your leaf piles” Hurley smiled as she started to crouch down.

“But lady, you’re the one who ruined our piles there is no case—“ one child began but was immediately cut off by Hurley’s forced laughter.

“Whoever did this will pay but in the mean time I’ll fix these piles right up for you kids, because local hero Hurley is on the job.”

Four newly constructed piles of multicolored leaves later, Hurley was dusting off her hands. “You know its not always action.” She spoke to herself as she leaned up against her wagon. “It’s the little things, keeping the kids happy, the people going is what makes this job worth it.” She had just started to close her eyes when her stone of farspeech blared with Captain Captain’s Bane’s panicked voice on the other end.


“I am on it!” Hurley got into her wagon excitedly, as her horse gave her a dull look. “What? I said ‘not always’ but now its time for the real part of the job!” She flicked the reigns and took off.

Hurley made her way to the main road and felt a sonic boom from behind her blast her wagon to its side, the horse free from its reigns and startled too off without her. When she looked up, half dazed from the attack she could see what she could only make out to be  a wagon without a horse pushing it along. It throbbed with arcane power and more importantly sped off at dangerous speeds narrowly missing pedestrians.

Hurley immediately got to her feet and started running as fast as she could, one hand grasping her stone of farspeech she yelled. “Lieutenant Hurley, I’m on pursuit of the speeder, I need backup on an 8 block perimeter, and the perp seems to be operating some acrane powered wagon at dangerous velocities.” She hung up hanging the same left as the wagon watching it race down another street. Trailing behind wouldn’t do, at the rate she was going she’d lose them in an instant. “EXCUSE ME” Hurley stopped a wagon and began to climb up the back.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” the man growled as Hurley bounced from the top of the wagon to a nearby ledge of the building and hoisted herself up. “You’re nuts!”

“No, I’m on the job!” She saluted the man and took off. She bounced from rooftop to rooftop following the trail of high speed dust left from the raging wagon. She noticed it crossed into a dead end and Hurley smirked, it was time to crack down the law. She leapt from the rooftop down to the alley and held out her badge and a glowing hand. “Stop! You are under arrest!”

“For what?” A woman’s figure stood there, her voice low and somewhat…sleepy. She had a sensual like drawl to her voice. As the elven woman turned, tossing her slick black hair over her shoulder she smiled at the halfing Hurley softly. “Have I done something wrong, officer?”

Hurley stood there. She took in the beautiful, tall, slender dark haired elf and felt her cheeks flush. Then looked around her and realized there was nothing there. “Wait—I was following a …wagon and it had no horse and it was going really fast! IT turned here, Where did it go?!” She glared at the woman then got closer. “I’ll have to take you downtown to answer some questions.”

“No need, any questions you have I’ll be happy to answer. As long as I ask you one.”


“A name would be nice. I’m Sloane.” She smiled through Hurley’s aggressive retort. Hurley felt guilty for being so rude to this woman.

“…Hurley, Lieutenant Hurley.”

“Wow…I didn’t know they’d make someone like you a Lieutenant.”

“A Halfling?” She rolled her eyes.

“A woman.” Sloane responded. “Sexism is all over the place, I’m surprised men weren’t threatened by your tenacity and tried to keep you down.”

“They tried.” Hurley squared her shoulders a bit then smirked, “and failed. I don’t really stay down.”

Sloane giggled a bit into her hand. “Its good to see cute competence on the police force, officer Hurley.”

Hurley felt herself fall for the draw of this woman but still she was in the process of finding a wagon. Now eased a bit, she dropped her badge and glowing hand. “…have you seen a wagon rush in here?”

“Afraid not, if what you’re saying is right you might have seen a battle wagon.”

“A …what?”

“Battle wagon, popular sport in the seedier part of town. People build wagons around an arcane power core rather than horses, much faster a little more dangerous—“

“And illegal”

“Well building and speeding isn’t so much, its more the races they have in the desert, neck and neck nothing but speed and pure brawn. Its all fun and games until someone crashes into another person or rides off the cliff side.” Sloane nodded, “but its thrilling I imagine, building something like that, something that breaks all laws of physics and does some amazing feats.”

Hurley mulled it over, someone built that machine? From nothing? That was impressive, really impressive and the speed must have been exhilarating. Still, a crime was a crime. “Well that’s all fine and dandy but speeding is speeding and that wagoner almost took out a couple of j-walkers…I guess they shouldn’t have been on the road…but still.” She shook her head a bit, fighting the urge to justify this criminal…even if they sounded cool.

“I would stop you from your job.” The black haired elf responded. “But whatever drove here isn’t here anymore.”

“Yea…you’re right…” She grabbed her stone and told the backup to halt. Their perp was gone. “Thanks for …uh..being so cooperative. If you see any—“

“I will, um, so the backup isn’t coming this way right?”

“I called them off since there is no point in…” Hurley paused watching Sloane click her fingers and drop an illusion spell that was keeping her massive wagon hidden. She climbed on to the top and smirked at Hurley.

“Thanks, lieutenant, you’re a real pal.”

“YOU LIED TO ME” Hurley yelled somewhat taken back being so close to the wagon. IT was…beautiful, it had a chrome metal peak on the front. Metal feathers fanned out the back, large wheels with spikes on the side. Inside the peak was a bright, blue orb of pure power. The wagon reeved and Hurley immediately took a step back never having experienced such a sound before, she felt it in her small bones.

“Its called a Hustle, sweetheart” Sloane blew her a kiss that left Hurley weak in the knees. She pulled down a raven mask over her head and threw the wagon forward. It jerked, and hopped over Hurley barely missing her before hanging a hard left and taking off along the unsuspecting streets.

“…I’ll catch you…” Hurley narrowed her eyes on the retreating figure of the Raven.

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Forbiden Ecstasy - Chapter Five

Pairing: NeganxReader

Warnings: Angst, reader injury, swearing (is this even a warning anymore?)

Summary: Negan struggles to deal with his feelings toward you while you remain in recovery from what happened last chapter (new OC is introduced this chapter and I gotta say I’m pretty diggity dang excited)

Word Count: 1,918

A/N: Wow chapter five. I have received unbelievable support for this series and I just wanna thank everyone reading it. I love you guys so much!!
A/N2: My requests are open, but I have some in the works right now so those will be my top priority until I’ve caught up some :) I know I’ve promised that I’d have some requests up by now, but life has been really crazy and stressful and I’ve only been able to work on one thing at a time, and I just had a bunch of ideas flow to my head for this one sooo… yep. Thank you guys so much for being so patient with me <3

Special thanks to @ashzombie13 for helping me think of Judd ;) GO FOLLOW HER SHE’S AMAZEBALLS

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Can you stay with me? (Chibs-Sons of Anarchy)

Request 1: finds you drunk and beaten up, he helps you and you tell him that some mayans roughed you up and said if u said anything that they would come find you, he helps you clean up and stays the night to keep you safe (smut?)

Request 2:  Chibs asking you to stay with him

Request 3:  Chibs compforting you imagine 

Request 4:   Some one spiked your drink at a samcro party and chibs or tig takes care of you

Okay so i decided to smash all 4  requests together and make it a one big request since they were pretty similar. 

Summary: Y/N is attacked and beaten by the Mayans, Chibs finds her and brings her home where he comforts her and takes care of her.


It was dark and cold when Y/N opened her eyes. She looked around, aching pain in her head. “Fuck.” She groaned reaching up to her forehead only to feel a hot wet substance on her now red fingers. “Wha-?” It took her a second to realise what was happening. She was walking home when some guy asked her for directions. 


“Hey, sorry. I’m lost, could you point me in the direction of the closest hotel?” A tall black haired man asked her, making her stop in the middle of the street to look down at his map. She felt it was weird that there was a turist in Charming. Charming was a pass trough town, no one came here for longer than half of a day. 

“Sure.” She pointed on the map, showing him where they are now. “You just have to go here and the-” She was cut off by a sharp hit to the back of her head making her stumble forward. As the pain blurred her vision she felt strong arms wrap around her waist, tugging her towards what seemed like a black van. The girl did her best to try to shake the man, and she did manage to hit him in the stomach, pretty hard, she assumed from the Goran he left out before throwing her in to the van. 

Even before her body could fully touch  the floor of the van 2 pairs of new arms were wrapped around her body, restraining her by her legs and by her waist,making it almost impossible for her to move.

“Do her arms!” One of the men ordered someone and seconds later she felt her hands being tugged to the front of her and what felt like hand cuffs were snapped on her wrists.

“What do you want from me?!” She asked, her voice shaky. 

“It’s not what we want, it’s what we need.” A man with a dark facial hair told her, a wicked smile wrinkling up his face. From what she could tell in the dimly lit van, he had to be in his 50’s. 

“What could you possibly need that i have?” Panik determinable in her voice. She knew this was going to happen, sooner or later. She after all was the daughter of The one and only Clay Morrow and The biker queen, Gemma. She did her best to stay as far away of their business as possible. She didn’t want to end up dead or in jail, so she went to study abroad and came back to work in a local school for disabled kids. She didn’t know what the club was up or nor did she want to know. 

Yes she knew all of the sons and had a good relationship with her parents. But she had a rule, Club business is never mentioned in her presence. Clay was never happy with that but Gemma ended up convincing him it’s for the best and his love for his daughter knew no end so he came to terms that when he was with her, he was just a mechanic not a gun dealing president of Sons of Anarchy. 

“Oh you’ll see.” The man said before another one pressed a white peace of cloth to her mouth, covering her nose in the process. She let out an ear shattering scream before being forced to inhale trough the cloth, feeling a bitter taste stab her in her throat casing her eyes to fall closed and her body stopped listening to her. She was limb. She was in darkness. She was helpless. 


She looked back down at her blood covered fingers, her hands were still in hand cuffs which were digging in to the skin on her wrists, blue bruises already forming around them. She tried to push herself off the ground but a sharp pain in her ribs forced her to stay still. Leaning back against a what seemed to be a steal pool she took a second to look around, her eyes almost able to see in the dark since she appeared to be here for a long time already. 

“Hel-” She stopped herself, realising that calling out for help could do her more bad than good if the people who did this to her were still here. 

She started to breath faster, anxiety overflowing her. Where is she? Who  did this to her? How will she get out of here? What should she do?

Taking one deep breath after another she closed her eyes, trying to think of every anti anxiety breathing exercise she has ever heard of. None of them really worked. That’s until she heard a rumble of doors opening and closing somewhere behind her. She held her breath, trying to make as little noise as possible. 

“Y/N?” A male voice called out from somewhere behind her. She would know that voice anywhere, the Scottish accent coating every word he said. 

“Filip..” She called out, almost like a prayer. She was so happy to hear a familiar voice.  ’‘Filip!“ She called out again, her voice hoarse and raspy. 

’'Y/N!” Chibs quickly ran up to her, kneeling down in front of her, taking her face in his hands. “Are you okay?” He asked, his eyes drifting over her body and face trying to figure out how bad the damage was. “Who did this to you?' 

’'I don’t know.” She shook her head, unable to stop the tears from running down her face. A mix of relief and pain making her dizzy. “Get me out of her.” She looked up at him. “Please.’' 

’'Here.” He picked her up bridal style, making her wince. “Sorry.’' 


As soon as the duo came out of the wear house she was blinded by the sun light and hid her face in to Chibs chest. 

’'How long was i in there?” She asked, knowing it was around 7 am when the stranger asked her for the direction.

“Two days.” Chibs replied looking down at the girl, his face was tired, bags under his eyes, he looked like he hasn’t slept in days. 

“Days?!” She couldn’t believe it. Yes, the time she was in there seemed to go on forever but she had no idea it was that long. She remembered that she kept waking up, being beaten and passing out again. 

“Ay, lass.” Chibs tried to smile for her sake, but just theway she looked broke his hear. She was bleeding and bruising all over her body and face. Her eyes were red and puffy. The always perfect eyeliner and black mascara running down her cheeks, what was left of the red lipstick she wore, smudged on the left side of her lips. She was almost unrecognisable. 

“Baby!” Clay came running, letting his bike fall to the floor. Nothing was more important that his baby girl. “Are you okay?” He asked finally reaching the two, taking her hands, that were still in hand cuffs, in his hands as Chibs kept walking towards the van Juice was waiting in. Clay was at lost for words when he saw her. He will find whoever did this, and he will make them pay. He will kill all of them. Chibs knew exactly what his president was thinking and with just one exchanged look  they nodded to one another in agreement. they will find the bastards that did that and they will kill them. Brutally. Each and every one of them.

“I wanna go home.” The girl whinced as they sat her in the back seat of the van. 

“You’re going home sweetheart. We’ll take you home.” Clay told her before kissing her hands and walking to his bike. 

“How did you know where I was?” She asked once she was joined by Chibs in the back seat. 

“We didn’t.” He shook his head. “We just went trough every possible warehouse and place where you could of been. Until.. until we found you.’' 

’'Thank you.” She said shortly before closing her eyes and leaning against him, falling asleep. Finally feeling somehow safe.


“She is going to be okay.” A female voice woke Y/N out of her sleep. She couldn’t open her eyes just yet but she could feel she was laying on something soft, she was somewhere warm. “How long till she wakes up?” She heard Chibs’ voice and then she knew, she was safe. 

Even tho  she didn’t like what her father did, she did become good friends with all of the sons, Chibs especially, He was that one person who she could always turn to, no matter what. Weather she needed a drinking buddy, a friend, a fatherly figure, a person to make her laugh, anything… Chibs was there for her. 

“Soon. Give her a couple of weeks and the bruises will disappear. The cuts and everything else should disappear in a couple of months as well. She’ll be as good as new in no time.” The female voice ensured them again, Y/N recognised her, it was Tara. 

The girl heard the door open and close, she amused the doctor wasn’t here anymore. She tried to open her  eyes. Slowly with a lot of blinking she managed to open them only to see a very stressed Clay sitting on the bed besides her, with her mother sitting in front of him, holding one of her hands. Next to Clay there was Chibs. His eyes were red. Was he crying?

“Hi.” She tried to smile, but even smiling hurt. 

“Baby!” Gemma jumped up. “You’re awake!”

“Hey momma.”

“Hey baby.’'Gemma gently cupped her daughters face, tears of happiness slipping from her eyes. ’'Never scare me like this again!”

“Don’t worry I got it out of my sistem. Figured out that Being kidnapped isn’t my kind of kink.” The girl told her with a small smile making Clay shake his head and Chibs laugh. 

“I’ll go talk to the doctor about getting you home, okay?” Gemma smiled down at her little girl before walking out. 

“Did you see who did this to you?” Clay asked, his voice low and full of anger. 

“I don’t know. Most of them had black hair and a bit tanner skin. They had a patch that said ’'Mayons” or something like that.“ She told him.


’'Yes.” She nodded nothing how much her fathers expression changed. She has never seen him so angry. 

“I’ll talk to the others.” Clay stood up. “Chibs will stay with you, okay?”

“Okay.” The girl finally looked at the man who was now sitting besides her bed. “Thank you.’' 


“Thank you.” She replied, reaching out for his hand. “You found me. You saved me.”

“It’s no big deal, lass.” He smiled down at her. “You know i will always find you.”

“Can I ask you for a favour?’' 


’'Can you stay with me?” She asked him. She was still shaken from the events that took place  over the past two days. 

“Of course, lass.” He smiled an empathetic smile as she pulled on his hand, making him lie down on her bed next to her.

“Thanks.” She lied her head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, making her finally feel safe. 


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