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Could you do a Sirius imagine where he's constantly and annoyingly teasing you all day during homework and potions and in charms he keeps making your hair float and everything and you get so annoyed but still love him and by the end of the day he sits you down with all your bestfriends the marauders and he somehow just says he did all that just for a hug?? It's a bit generic but a little twisty, I hope it's fun to write!! Sirius moods are quite a frequent thing I find ☺️X

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 365
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

Note: Not gonna lie, I thought this was going to be a dirty request but then I read it all the way through and awe it’s so cute ❤️❤️x

+ + + + +

“Sirius, quit it,” you muttered as the dark haired boy beside you poked your arm for the umpteenth time that hour.

“Don’t want to love, class is boring and this is entertaining,” Sirius replied with a cheeky grin, continuing with the exact act you just told him to stop.

“Sirius please!”

”’S not a nice tone of voice is it now, kitten? I’d prefer it if you said that in more of a moan,” he smirked, his hand reaching over to rest on your thigh.

You placed your hand over his and pushed him away, “Let me do my work, Sirius, I’ll talk to you later.”

Sirius sighed, staring around the charms classroom and frowning. He caught James’ gaze from across the room, and smirked at him.

He turned back to you and grabbed his wand from his pocket, pretending as though to practise Charms like every other person in the room, however instead he began making your hair flip around your shoulders instead.

“Sirius! What do you think you’re doing now?!” You grumbled as you turned to face him, glaring at his sheepish expression.

"Just wanted your attention, love,” he admitted, trying out his puppy dog eyes on you.

You stared at him, uninterested. “Go and annoy somebody else, not me.”


You sat down on the couch in the common room opposite James and Lily, who were cuddled up close and sighed.

"Does anyone know what was up with Sirius today? He seemed more… annoying than usual,” you asked.

"He’s Sirius Black. He was probably overreacting about something again,” Lily spoke with an eye roll.

"Hey Evans! Are you talking about me?” The black haired boy entered the room and plopped himself down across your couch - and you.

"Sirius - ouch - get off me, please! What is up with you? You’ve been so irritating all day!”

"Love,” he said with a pout as he looked into your eyes, “I only wanted a hug!”

"Aww,” you cooed, your eyes softening as you wrapped your arms around your big baby of a boyfriend, “You should have just said so!”

"Are you still mad at me?” Sirius asked, nuzzling his face into your neck.

"Not anymore my dear.”

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I know you have a million prompts, but- Meiham? Not romantically, just junkrat, roadhog, and mei caught in a sticky situation.

“Hm,” Junkrat looked at counting down numbers on the detonator, “Well this is a pickle.”

“Can you disarm it?” said Mei.

“Oh of course, snow plum, who do you think you’re talking to?” said Junkrat, thumping his chest, “I am the IUD expert after all!” 

“IED,” said Roadhog.

“Pardon?” said Junkrat.

“It’s IED, not IUD,” said Roadhog, he glanced around at the bricks of C4 lining the large room and down the hall, “Not improvised either.”

“Well explosives expert,” said Junkrat, turning his attention back to the detonator, “Hm,” he leaned close to it again, “Hm. Hm. Hm.” He furrowed his brow as the detonator continued beeping and counting down.

“You don’t know what you’re doing,” said Roadhog.

“I know very well what I’m doing!” said Junkrat, glancing away from the detonator, “I’d welcome you to try but we both know you’d blow us all to kingdom come! So let the expert,”  Junkrat made a flourishing motion at himself, “Handle this.” Junkrat bent over the detonator once more. His brow furrowed. “Gotta give whoever did this credit though. This, this is art.” He glanced up at both Mei and Roadhog, “All right—I can take it from here. No reason for you two to be here. Roadie, please see Miss Zhou makes it safely back to the Orca. I’ll meet up with you as soon as I get this done.”

Mei’s brow furrowed a bit, “Are you scared you won’t be able to disarm it?”

“Yeesh! What is with you two!? All ‘You don’t know what you’re doing,’ and ‘What if you can’t disarm it?’ A vote of bloody confidence would be nice!”

“Just disarm it,” said Roadhog.

Junkrat made a frustrated grunting noise and pulled out a pair of pliers from his pocket, “Almost seems a shame,” he said to himself, “Must’ve worked real hard on this, our artist,” a chuckle escaped him, “Unfortunately they didn’t account for my genius and the fact that I have been easily able to deduce that our disarming wire is this naughty little fella right here!” 

He clipped a yellow wire and the countdown on the detonator dropped to 30 seconds.

“Ah,” Junkrat said, raising his eyebrows at the new countdown, “Welp. No time to get out of blast range. Guess this is it. Roadie?”

Roadhog glanced up.

“I’ve always loved you, mate,” said Junkrat.

“Don’t make this weird,” said Roadhog.

“Mei?” Junkrat turned to Mei, who was feverishly dialing something into Snowball and desperately unscrewing the cartridge from her cryo-gun, “Snow blossom, Frostee Freeze, Light of my life, I think you should know that I—”

Mei threw a cryo-cartridge against the ground and all three of them were encased in a massive block of ice as the explosives detonated. It was a terrifying several seconds as Mei watched through a sheet of ice, the smoke and rubble pouring down on them. Large fissures ran through the ice in the heat of the explosion and the downpour of rubble, but suspended in the ice, they remained unharmed. Of course, since it wasn’t Mei’s usual cryo-freeze it ended up lasting much longer than usual and Mei ended up having to rely on the compromised integrity of the ice from the explosion to wiggle and finally burst herself out of it. Roadhog easily burst himself out as well and gave her a thumbs up, then both looked back at Junkrat, still encased in ice.

“Oh dear…” Mei said, walking around the frozen Junkrat, “If he’s lost consciousness in there, we’ll have to proceed very delicatel–” Mei was cut off by Roadhog slamming a fist into the ice, successfully cracking it. The ice crumbled around Junkrat and Junkrat fell to the ground, gripping himself and shivering violently. “N-n-nice m-m-move S-snow p-p-p-pea,” said Junkrat, his teeth chattering. His eyes widened in horror. “I c-c-can’t feel m-my arm and leg,” he said, “Izzit f-f-frostbite?! Do–” He glanced at his prosthetic arm, then down at his peg leg, “Oh…r-right,” he said, continuing to shiver. 

“I think you have hypothermia,” said Mei.

“Why d-d-doesn’t he have hypothermia?” said Junkrat, pointing at Roadhog, then desperately breathing on his knuckles, then putting his hands in his armpits for warmth only to flinch from the shock of the cold of his own prosthetic.

Roadhog just patted his stomach, “Insulated,” he said simply. He looked around, “We should get out of here,” he said, hauling Junkrat to his feet.

“Right,” said Junkrat, continuing to shiver hard.

“Ugh,” Mei undid her belt and pack and pulled off her coat and held it out to him. Junkrat looked at the coat confusedly.

“What’s this?”

“Take it so you can try and regain some body heat,” said Mei.

Your coat?” said Junkrat, incredulously.

“Just be sure to clean it when you’re done,” said Mei with a furrowed brow.

“Gotcha,” said Junkrat, taking the coat and pulling it on. Of course, since Junkrat was much taller and thinner than her, it fit him a bit ridiculously, only going down about as far as his stomach, with the sleeves only going just a little ways past his elbows. He pressed the coat against himself “Ooh–That is soft–that is–it’s like a hug–thank you, Snowflake!”

“Don’t mention it,” said Mei.

“You’re a real lifesaver, you know tha–”

“I said don’t mention it,” said Mei, “Ever.

The Mark and The Thief

In honor of exceeding 400 follows on tumblr and more than 500 reviews and 600 follows for my longest fic, Good Again, I offer this one-shot to thank you all for sticking with me and my stories.  A million thanks to plumgal1899 and solasvioletta for waving the beta wand over my story.

 Also on ffnet/AO3

The Mark and the Thief

My heart is open and I can’t defend it

Love is a silent thief…

from Love is a Silent Thief by Katie Melua


While Katniss Everdeen was busy scheming to steal his identity, Peeta Mellark succeeded in stealing her heart.


They walked into the club like a couple of suburban, fresh-off-the-factory-line, All-American jocks, smelling like Wonder Bread and summer pool parties.  They were two solid, middle class young men looking for a good time in the upscale nightclub where other well-heeled managers and investors escaped their postage-stamp housing-developments and hyper-connected lives for a night.  Katniss’ lips curled into a smirk that would have chilled their privileged little asses because she was on her game tonight.  She’d already cleaned the pockets of a couple of middle-aged investment bankers in another club who thought they were going to score a lay with the 25-year-old and Katniss was ready to hit gold again.


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OKAY BUT have you considered this: Kingsman suits may stop bullets from killing you, but it won’t protect the wearer from getting bruises from the bullets. Did you see how many times Eggsy got shot in Valentine’s lair? A fuckload of times.

Look at that shit. (Gif credit).

He’s going to be covered in bruises. Like, paintball sized bruises. Imagine Harry or Merlin or whoever seeing Eggsy after V-Day just RIDDLED with bruises and they’re freaking out and feeling bad because god that has got to hurt. IMAGINE Harry or Merlin or BOTH of them coddling Eggsy afterwords and making sure he’s comfy and giving his bruises featherlight kisses bc they feel bad that they sent him in there with a very minimal amount of training and just Harry and Merlin spoiling him for being so good on his first “mission”.

Stay with me - Part 6

Word count - 2565

Warnings - Smut, cutting, violence.

Request are open

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it.

Originally posted by wandamaixmoff

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After you got that snap from Jimin you knew that they were really close so you keep your eyes peeled for any sign of the boys until you see Jimin and you guys make eye contact. He nods his head to the left and points you look that’s when you see him but he doesn’t see you at first so rapmon pushes him toward you that’s when you take off running towards them ^gif^. “Babe what are you doing here, I missed you so much.” He whispered into your ear “The boys and I wanted to surprise you because they were getting annoyed with you talking about me.” you giggle back.You see a rosy tint start to make his way up suga’s face and neck. “ I was not talking about you the whole time.” he defends himself “Ya you were!!!” all of the  boys reply back at the same time “Okay let’s just go home,” he replies clearly embarrassed.

A/N Okay so that was the last part to the surprise for Suga  let me know what you guys think I did make the snaps but I don’t own the GIF credit goes to whoever made it Btw I found it on google ~Zero

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I've tried to find simple explanations to this question but I just have no head for economics, so I came to you. Why would the new USA assuming states' debts get them a new line of credit? And where would they get this credit from? And how did Jefferson expect to drum up revenue for the new country if he didn't want manufacturing? Surely he knew the south's cotton production wouldn't be enough? Thanks a lot, I really love this blog and I'm learning a lot of history I wasn't interested in before!

Alright, so after the war America was broke. We had several massively outstanding debts, both the central government, and the states who also had their individual debts. Hamilton’s plan was to take the central and states’ debts and consolidate them together under the federal debt. There were several reasons he did this: 1) it was more efficient to deal with one large loan rather than many competing loans; 2) it brought creditor’s loyalty from the states to the national government, since whoever owed them money tended to get their support; 3) it would keep the federal and state governments from competing for resources to pay it off. Making good on the foreign and domestic debts, instead of repudiating them as people assumed a revolutionary government would do, Hamilton ensured that America’s credit rating would improve; if the people and foreigners had faith that America would pay them, they could then borrow in the future on favorable terms. Good credit rating means good interest rate means lower taxes needed to pay off the debt. And most of the credit at this time came from foreign investment.

As far as Jefferson is concerned: cotton wasn’t yet “king” yet as it would be in the 19th century, with the Southern economy still riding the cash crops of tobacco, indigo, and rice. Jefferson’s idea of keeping taxes low and paying off the debt meant slashing internal improvements and what he saw as “unnecessary” expenditures (up until he needed to pay for Louisiana). He was against debt assumption (until he got the capital as a deal). I don’t know how to put this nicely, but when it came to economics, and his own personal finances, Jefferson was inept; he couldn’t balance a cheque book to save his life. Probably the only reason America didn’t experience a devastating depression during his administration was because Albert Gallatin was his Treasury Secretary, and kept him in line up until the Embargo Acts.

Death’s on TWD

Okay so I like order and I like patterns and I’ve never really looked at all TWD deaths with the intention of looking for order or patterns until now. I’ve seen a lot of different things recently about deaths on TWD and I wanted to examine them as well even though I am sure it’s been covered a million times already. I went back through all the deaths from Season 1 onward to see if there was indeed a discernible pattern. This is what I found:

·         Season one can’t be used to examine deaths and the use of the theme song because there was not yet a theme song for the end credits. Instead they played different music at the end of every episode.

·         Team family main character death’s that resulted in silence at the end of the episode instead of theme music in order- Dale, Lori (T-dog perished in the same ep), Herschel (the Governor perished in the same ep), Tyrese, and whoever died at Negan’s hand

·         Team family main character death’s that resulted in sad music instead of the theme song at the end of the episode- Shane and Andrea

·         Only main character to die and to have the theme song played was Merle. There was also no funeral for Merle

·         All also staring and guest staring characters to die- Otis, Sophia, Patricia, Jimmy, Oscar, Axel, Zach, Patrick, Karen, David, Dr.S, Lizzie, Mika, Bob, Noah, Reg, Pete, Eastman, Deanna, Jessie, Ron, Sam, Denise the theme music plays at the end of the episode

·         During S6 Ep 3- Glenn’s fake death and Nicholas’s death the theme music plays because Glenn is not really dead and Nicholas is but he isn’t a main character

·         There are almost always funerals/graves- Amy, Otis, Sophia, Annette, Dale, Lori, T-Dog, Andrea, Karen, David, Patrick, Lily’s father, Lizzie, Mika, Bob, Tyrese, Noah, Eastman, Reg, Pete, the Anderson family, Deanna, Denise all were shown to have a grave or grave and funeral

·         Those without a funeral- Jackie (died at the CDC), Shane (is put down and Rick and Carl have to run as the farm is overrun), Patricia and Jimmy (die at the farm while it is overrun), Oscar and Axel, Merle( although Daryl does get closure through the scene when he finds Merle as a walker), Zach (although Beth gets closure when Daryl tells her about Zach’s death), Herschel (although Michonne finds him as a zombie and puts him down and Beth and Daryl pay tribute to the beloved father headstone in the cemetery at the funeral home)

Some things to deduce from this list:

·         Death is often foreshadowed on TWD- When Tyrese is burying Bob Rick asks him how the trip to Terminus was for him and he replies that it killed him, before Sam dies he is drawing a picture of himself tied to a tree as C@rol predicted surrounded by walkers

·         When main cast characters are team family but, not close members Shane(wanted to kill Rick) and Andrea (was with the Woodbury folks) they don’t get silence they get sad music

·         Merle was main cast but, not team family and when he died the theme music played

·         There is almost always closure-Otis is given a funeral, Sophia is buried, Dale is buried and Rick gives a moving speech about honoring him, Lori says goodbye to Carl in a heartbreaking way and is honored with a grave, Daryl finds Merle as a walker and is able to put him down unlike the last time he does not have to wonder if Merle is alive or not, Andrea has a moving goodbye with team family but especially with Michonne whom she was closest to and she is brought back to the prison and buried, Beth gets closure with Zach through Daryl, Tyrese buries Karen and later has closure when he is able to forgive C@rol for what happened, Herschel’s closure comes through the illness storyline and through Michonne putting him down and Beth and Daryl honoring a pseudo grave for him, Lizzie and Mika are buried and C@rol knows she did the right thing, Bob gets to say goodbye to Rick, Tyrese, and especially Sasha and is buried, Tyrese’s whole final episode is about closure and his character being able to let go and he is buried, Noah is buried and Glenn talks about honoring him by staying at Alexandria and making it work, Spencer is able to put down his mother Deanna and bury her, Eastman says goodbye to Morgan and is buried

·         Whoever the Lucille victim is there was silence at the end of 6X16 which indicates it must be a main cast member credited in the opening sequence

Beth is the only main character team family member to have the theme song play at the end of her death episode and who did not receive a funeral or grave side tribute. Dale, Lori, Herschel, and Tyrese all received funerals of one sort or another that involve a grave marker. There is also closure to these stories. Dale was suffering and it was a mercy to put him down, Lori gave life to Judith and said goodbye to Carl, Herschel had just finished the prison illness arc where he had talked about knowing when personal sacrifice was worth it, and Tyrese came to peace with his inner demons and was willing to let go. There is always closure to these stories or at least a resolution that makes sense. Secondary characters such as Axel, Noah, and Karen, are not always given this honor. Sometimes their deaths are used to drive the plot forward but, sometimes like main character deaths are also meaningful. So then we have Beth who stated over and over and over that she was going to make it, whose last words to Daryl were that she wasn’t going to leave him, who never even spoke a word Daryl during the attempted rescue at Grady, and we are left with no resolution to the story, a theme song, and no funeral. It would appear that the story as it played out does not fit in with the typical pattern of TWD and how it deals with main character cast member deaths.

This is getting a bit annoying ...

Sorry for the moan everyone …

It’s getting a bit tiring noticing some ‘A’ List websites (sites that generate money) that use my research or WORSE use my GIFs without even a credit.

Sure … what matters is that whoever has put the effort into making something deserves attention, whether it is a piece of art or a game or whatever, and it’s great to see projects get highlighted to a bigger audience (even if it is I who did the homework …)

But … this blog is a spare time endeavor, and I make no money from this blog whatsoever.

I don’t make GIFs for internet writers to help them get paid or websites to generate revenue.

A credit at least for the GIFs I think is fair.

UPDATE: Credit has been placed with the article … thank you Zach for the timely response.

Tears (Avengers)

“Here he comes!” Clint shouted and you ran to your spot. As Thor entered the room, Clint slapped him. “Take that sir! Behold, a God crying like a-” He was interrupted by the chair Thor hit him with. Clint flew back and landed on the table. Thor just turned around and walked away. “That! That was your plan?!” You shouted, dropping the camera and running to his side. 

“Are you crying?” You asked him. “Yes I’m crying. He hit me with a chair!” Clint shouted and you smiled. “What? You think you could do better?” He asked you as he threw the broken pieces of the chair off him. “Well, I’m not smart enough to slap a God to try and get him to cry, but I’ve got a few things up my sleeve.” You told him. 

“Did he leave a mark?” Clint asked you. “..No.” You lied, thankfully Thor must of hit him hard enough that he couldn’t tell you were lying. “Alright, what’s your plan?” He asked, stumbling to get up. 


Two hundred and seventy-nine later, Clint walked in on Thor crying on your lap. “How?” He shouted and you smiled, pointing at the t.v. He could see the credits to Toy Story 3. 

“Damn it.” Clint groaned. “Alright, hundred bucks to whoever can make Nat cry.” Clint told you as he handed you fifty. “You’re on.” You smirked, kissing Thor’s forehead and running off to find Natasha. 


So a while ago I got everyone to send me in short stories of weird things you did growing up and I got heaps of hilarious responses which you can find here.

And then I received a bunch more stories from you guys which I have yet to publish and promised to do something with them in the future.

As some of you know I am currently completing my Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design and for my major project of my final semester I am making a book called ‘My Weird Childhood’ and it will be featuring these stories and more! 

So two things - if you sent me a story before and do not want it featured in this book PLEASE let me know. If you sent me a story and you weren’t anonymous and would like to be credited as anonymous in the book please let me know, I won’t be including anyone’s names without permission. Ideally I would like to include the story and then credit it with your name (you can just include your first name if you want), age and country - if this is okay shoot me a message. I will be messaging everyone individually to make sure.

Second thing - if you haven’t sent me a story and would like to please do!!! It can be about whatever weird, creepy or hilarious thing you did when you were growing up, just keep it short and sweet! Make sure to include whether you want to be credited as anonymous or <insert name, age, location>. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR STORY to myweirdchildhood.tumblr not this blog. I will be running it separately as a side project to accompany the book. If you want to resubmit something you already sent me on this blog so that your story is on the new blog as well please do. 

Please reblog this and help me get lots of good stories to include! When the book is finished I’ll be creating copies and sending them to whoever wants one! I’ll also be displaying it in my graduation exhibition, so basically if you’re sending me stories you’re agreeing to let me publish them and have them seen by various people. Thanks everyone! 

Okay so here’s the thing… I am so sick and tired of getting my artwork traced, copied, taken credit for. And I know I’m not the only one this happens to. As late as last night my good friend Faye, got her, must I say, very lovely artwork of Liam and Sophia noticed by Liam. But some a-hole cut off the part of the drawing with her signature. Now don’t tell me that is a coincident. Whoever did that, was well aware of what they were doing.

OUR SIGNATURES IS THERE FOR A REASON. Just like people who make edits and gifs has signature, heck even writers and moviemakers.
Our work is something we put so much time and effort into. Some of us use these for therapy even. And we put them out online, because we want to share them. WITH YOU. We want to please your eyes and little fangirl hearts. Yes, we want recognition too, but who wouldn’t!?

We wanna share our joy and excitement about our artwork, and then someone goes and use our trust to boost their own selfish wants and needs.

I’m just really sick of it. And I might come off as rude and mad. I am mad!

Just today, someone mentioned to me, that the only time she experienced something like this was with her two 1d drawings….
I guess it’s because the majority of this fandom is young idk. But that really shouldn’t be a reason at all. It is common sense to not lie and cheat, isn’t it?

I guess I would just really like the support of this fandom. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of you are so lovely and nice, and I appreciate you all so much. But when you see anyone taking credit for something you know isn’t there’s, please don’t ignore it!?

Ok rant over. Now I’m off to confront yet another person taking credit for my drawing -_- (and this sucks too. I don’t wanna be negative, but I really don’t have a choice..)