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three types of people at a wedding proposal 


Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my dear @otakorner!!
You’re the best space ranger partner a girl could ever ask for and about the only person in the universe I would go through the mortification of getting this cake made for lol


Also many many thanks to @thesearchingastronaut for granting me permission to use your beautiful art for this! 💕


Don’t be so jelly  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i’ve been thinking of doing an audio project. it’s more of a personal interest inspired by podcasts (see: nyt modern love podcast) and interactive interviews (see: the and/the skin deep) if anyone wants to participate, this is what i’ve been thinking: i’ll ask participants a specific question and answers will be in audio files. answers can just be recorded in their phones. ahh anyway if u wanna participate, just hit me up hehe

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Fuck whoever posted that fic. They are trash.

I appreciate the sentiment. Although I don’t know if I’m actually going to do anything about it. 

I already know that if I confront them….it’s just gonna be a bigger problem. I can’t see it work out in my favor at least. 

Tbh this is not the first time my written work has been stolen from me….I think a total of like…(well including this one) Five fics? Maybe four actually. I can’t remember. 

My problem is….they are always of old work. Work that I haven’t thought about for years. With the other stories. There were fics that I remember writing, but I didn’t find out they were posted on someone’s account until waaaayyy after it happened…the account was already abandoned by the time it came to my attention. 

and then the questions comes up. ‘should I fight this? Are these…super old cringe worthy, better left forgotten stories, worth making a huge fuss over??’ In the other times at least, I felt like it wasn’t worth it so I just let it disappear into the void. 

this just feels kinda raw to me cause i’m reacting to it like…immediately after it was posted up lol its frustrating. it makes me really grumpy. but i’m just probably gonna go to bed and not lurk on any fic site until I can feel calm about it. If I never can let it go–then I’ll just have to…idk flag it or something. 

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I've noticed that parasites attach to me a lot and I always have someone take them off for me but I wanna start doing it myself. How do you remove them!

i haven’t removed them from myself before bc they usually attach to my back which is hard to reach so i have someone else do it lol. but i have removed some from others. a friend of mine had one on her upper back which i yanked off. you have to be careful when you’re removing parasites because

  1. they may be off your body, but if you dont get rid of them, they just stay in your space and fester or reattach
  2. if you yank them off, you may have an open wound on your astral body which will be in need of healing
  3. you may not remove the whole thing.

there are other things that u need to worry abt, but those are some things that i have experienced first hand which is not fun lol. id recommend asking whoever has been removing them for you their technique if its been working for you.

aside from having someone yank them off of me, A (my dragon companion) has just swirled her tongue around me and grabbed me into her mouth to just eat off all of the companions which sounds just as disgusting as it felt lol. it was bad 0/10 recommend lol but it got rid of the parasites so !


Dating Dinah Would Include

So, it’s 3am and I have like 6 versions of this ask with different celebrities. Whoever this anon is really loves celebrities lol. I’m going for bullets and gifs this time around to save time. 

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  •  Her being overprotective
  • Having your lap invaded by her head
  • Her pouting to get out of trouble
  • She loves when she catches you looking at in awe
  • Her being so loud at the worst times
  • Heated arguments that somehow lead to making out
  • Her calling you Boo and Baby constantly
  • She gets jealous if you spend too much time with Normani
  • You cook for her and get kisses and cuddles in return
  • Spending time with her big, crazy family
  • Teaming up with Regina to pull pranks on Dinah while she sleeps
  • Her taking over your Snapchat
  • She leaves hickies to make sure everyone knows you’re hers
  • You teasing her when she says a word wrong and her flipping you off
  • Helping her undress after a show because she’s so exhausted
  • She surprises you with a pet before she goes on tour so you don’t miss her so much
  • You still do, but FaceTime is more interesting when she’s gushing over how cute your new pet is
  • She comes to you when she’s getting hate
  • You hold her and try your best to cheer her up
  • She kisses you at random times 
  • Most of your texts have every couple-y emoji 
  • You fight over what TV shows to watch
  • Usually you let her win, and change the show after she falls asleep in your arms
  • She calls you in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep
  • Suddenly a conversation turns sexual
  • Dinah likes to think she’s the dominant one, but most of the time it ends with you in control
  • She tells you she loves you on accident
  • You’re on the phone and she has to go
  • When she says bye she says I love you and suddenly hangs up
  • You tried calling back but she wouldn’t answer
  • You don’t talk until you call Normani and explain why you have to talk to Dinah
  • Normani thinks it’s adorable and hunts the blonde down
  • Dinah is hesitant to talk until you tell her you love her back
  • After that she takes every opportunity to tell you how she feels

And Tweedle Dee is usually with Tweedle Dum or the other way around and they’re always in the back and if there’s a mirror… [That’s it!] they’re in there.

BTS reaction to you wanting an abortion

Anon asked:  Can you do an Exo and BTS reaction to you wanting an abortion? (Dark af lol)

I’m really sorry to whoever asked this but unfortunately I don’t write for Exo. I love the music and the band but I don’t know the members quite as well as I’d like to. Until I get more familiar with their personalities, I will just be writing for BTS and Hotshot. Monsta X and Exo may be added soon. Check the bio tab in my theme for the bands I’m writing. 

*Disclaimer* I had a bit of trouble with this one. I literately thought all day about what I was going to write. In the end, I chose all the boys to be pro-choice, or at least okay with it. I know that’s not how everyone views abortions but I thought it’d be for the best. There are also no break-ups, in case you were worried.


He’d be supportive. But under it all, he’d be a bit disappointed; he had been looking forward to being a dad more than anything for the longest time. Of course he would still be accepting, making sure that whatever you wanted, you could have. Cuddles, movies, snacks, etc. Being by your side the entire time.

“And you’re sure about this? That’s fine, baby. Do you need anything?”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

He would be in a bit of a shock,  he wouldn’t quite understand until you explained it full. He’d start to think he hadn’t been seeing the whole picture for quite a while now. Again, like Hoseok, he’d be supportive. He’d ask if you still wanted kids eventually, maybe the weeks and weeks of work and planning might eventually be used at some point in the future. He’d want to give you the time and resources to figure this out, giving you a big kiss before heading off to bed so that you could have some much needed you-time.

“But jagi, do you still want to be a parent someday?”

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Yoongi would be surprised. He wouldn’t really understand why you wanted to do this, but he’d hear you out. It’d take a while to adjust, and he knew it’d take a while for you to as well. He’d give you your space for a bit, until you requested for his help or he thought it was needed.

“If that’s really what you want… I don’t want to get in your way”

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He’d be a bit sad, but he understood. Even though he would have been looking forward to being a dad and it was something he’d always dreamed about, in the end, of course he wanted the best for you and your body. He’d be concerned about the relationship and keeping it up through a transition period, he’d be there for you the whole time, he’d kiss you, cuddle you, cook for you, anything. 

“You know I love you, if you think this is the right decision then I wont be mad”

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For Jungkook, it would take a while to sink in. Yes, you two were both pretty young, but that didn’t take away from the fact that he was looking forward to having a child. He understood where you were coming from, and knew it was going to be for the best. He’d do anything to comfort you

“It’s okay, princess. We’re both young. If you want to have a kid later that’s great, if you don’t that’s okay too. I’ll still be here”

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His initial reaction would be confusion, he’d want to hear why you wanted to go through with something difficult like an abortion. It’d take a bit of getting used to. Up to that point, he was practically all ready to be a dad, putting that on the back burner would be a big step, but a step he was willing to take. He’d give you the space you needed but was still there for you every step of the way.

“If you really want this then I am happy to go through it with you. I still love you 100% and I want you to remember that”

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At first, he’d feel as though he was left in the dark. Why didn’t you tell him you wanted this before? How long had you not wanted this child? Were you sure was what you wanted? No matter the reasons, he’d want what’s best for you. The months of work might not have payed off yet, but it might someday. He’d make sure to make you feel even more at home in his company while you went through the process.

“There’s still plenty of time. If this is what you want right now then you can have it. I’ll support you no matter what”

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