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chelbey78  asked:

Hi Hannah, just wanted to say that I truly enjoy watching your videos, mainly the survival horror games. I'm loving the Alien Isolation videos and can't wait for you and Kim to start playing Evil Within. I'm a big horror fan and with Halloween coming in two weeks, we started watching an horror movie each night with a marathon on Halloween night, last night was Dead Silence(not my choice, I find old style ventriloquist dolls creepy). I was wondering what is your favorite horror movie(s).

I’m not a fan of blood and gore (Saw) horror films, or ones that try hard to symbolize the breakdown of society by being all abstract instead of scary. Instead, I like the stuff that screws with your mind and relies on tension - much like Alien does.

I’m not going to put obvious ones like ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, 'Alien’ or 'The Shining’ on this list, because everyone knows about them and some of them haven’t aged well. 'Silence of the Lambs’ is no longer a scary film - instead the universe has been transformed into a TV whodunnit show with serial killers (and I love it). This list is mainly stuff from the 2000s onwards:

  • What Lies Beneath - one of the first horror films I watched, still love it to this day, combines paranormal and serial killer themes.
  • Paranormal Activity - found this film on the internet, back when it was only being shown at film festivals. Watched it at 3am alone, was certainly an experience!
  • Insidious - although the ending is a bit urgh and the sequel is iffy, it attempts to break some of the stereotypical paranormal horror molds, like daylight not being safe. Also THAT jump scare with the face behind the *cough*.
  • Apartment 143 - as a foreign film, it’s had zero publicity outside of Spain, but it pulls off the Paranormal Activity style pretty well without being cliche.
  • The Others - Nicole Kidman and the two child actors make this film wonderfully disturbing. Also Christopher Eccleston cameo for Dr Who fans.

Honorary mention:

  • The Orphanage - CREEPY GHOST CHILDREN.
  • The Grudge/Ju-On - the Japanese counterpart is better, but if you can’t cope with subtitles/dubbing, then the American one will have to do.
  • The Ring/Ringu - ditto.
  • The Woman in Black - tension, lots of tension
  • The Descent - the devs that made The Forest took inspiration from this - it’s dark and gritty.
  • The Cabin in the Woods - whilst a parody horror, worth a watch!