whocaresaboutdecent  asked:

For the author ask thing: 11 & 25 :)

11) what aspect of your writing do you think has most improved since you started writing? 

Hmm, I’m still not good at setting but I have learned to take small, very specific details and use them to trick people into not noticing the lack of setting. :) Otherwise, the one big thing I have improved at since I started writing fic is I can actually finish things now! And I write short things, sometimes, too–I used to be so afraid of short stories but short fic doesn’t scare me because I learned not to think of it as a self-contained story but as an episode in the characters’ lives.

25) copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of

I don’t know! This is really hard. Apparently I am more embarrassed to talk about my writing than I thought. :)

OK, I feel really corny for choosing this but here is a marriage proposal that I happen to be proud of (from this story):

“Sher—”  John cocked his head a bit to the side, the confusion in his eyes shifting into a first glimmer of understanding.

“Shh, let me say it,” Sherlock said.  His hand was sweaty but he didn’t drop the ring; he held his palm flat, the plain platinum band displayed across his fingers for John’s examination.  "John, will you marry me?“  

If anything, John’s hands clenched tighter in his lap.  "Sherlock.  You—really?”  His voice was much shakier than normal, but also deeper.  Sherlock hoped that was a good sign.

“Of course, really.”  

“I mean.  This isn’t for a case or anything?  It’s real?”

“Why would I ask you to marry me for a case, John?”

“I don’t know.”  John’s tongue darted out from between his lips.  "Stranger things have happened.“

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