“Aye Lemme Take Yo Picture!”

So I decided that Neika and I should take pictures where there were no cars in the mall parking lot. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. The ratchet men decided to look and stare, try to get our attention, and etc. Next time, were just gonna go in a private area lol. But today, I wanted to channel my inner Pia Mia and wear a bandana all gangsta like, my favorite and only turtle neck crop, ripped high waisted pants, and timbs. Also, I tied my flannel around my waist. 

Crop, Belt, & Flannel- Forever21

High Waisted Jeans- eBay

Timbs- eBay 

Beautiful Surroundings

Our friend Andre came down to visit and wanted to do a shoot with us. We found this perfect spot by the park to take pictures. Neika & I had to look our best, so I wore my colorful bralet top, grey high waisted shorts, knee high socks, and my timberlands. I swear you can find some beautiful places in your city if you just look around.

Bralet: Forever21

Shorts: Love Culture

Shoes: Timberland

The Start of Something Amazing

We wanted to start this page to show off our personality and creativity through our fashion. Our style wasn’t always like this. Believe it or not, it was all about the graphic tees, skinny jeans, a pair of chucks or baby doll shoes. But as we grew, our style came together and it really shows off the people that we are today. So we want to share this with you guys and kind of take you along our journey of how we see fashion and how we put certain pieces together. As this progresses, hopefully we can help anyone out there who just wants a little push or the start to dressing how you want and not caring what people think. We hope that you enjoy what you see on TheCutting-Edge.


Shaneika (left) & Keyonna (right)


Holla Back Gangsta 

We finally got some BEAUTIFUL weather after having numerous days of rain and clouds. Also, I just got my hurr did so I wanted to wear something nice xD. This Holla Back jersey was perfect for this weather. It wasnt too hot or too cold. I paired it with my favorite black booties and high waisted jeggings. To add a little color, I put on my multi-colored panel hat. 

Jersey & Jeggings- Forever21

Booties- Pac Sun

Hat- Etsy.com 

Keeping It Casual 

It was really warm in our city but not warm enough to not cover myself up. I wore my favorite crop top with a nice flannel, my favorite jeans that I have worn too many times and my new babies! I’ve wanted some white high top chucks for so long. 

Flannel- Goodwill

Crop Top& Jeggings- Forever 21

High Top Converse- Journey’s


Imagination Will Take You Everywhere

After having ice cover our city for 3 days, we finally had a nice sunny day in Mobile, AL. So I decided to bring out some of the new items that I bought over the last couple of days. I’m wearing a cropped sweatshirt that says “Imagination Will Take You Everywhere”. I thought that was so true so I had to buy this sweatshirt. My floral sweatpants & Jordan’s. To accessorize, I put on my gold chain & bracelets. 

Cropped Sweatshirt & Sweatpants: Forever21

Jewelry:  Bijou Jewelry