California Adventure Disney!

Yesterday was so much fun! Every ride that I went on was just amazing. If you guys ever decide to go to California Adventure, make sure to go on thr California Screamin’ roller coaster. Boyyyyyyy was I screaming. BUT, I knew it would be super hot during the day but cool at night. So I wore a crop top, DIY bleached jeans and my white chucks. 

Crop- Forever 21

Jeans- Thrift Store

Chucks- Journey’s


Christmas Day

It wasn’t freezing that day but it was cold enough to wear a sweater and long sleeves. I decided to put on this mustard colored skirt and paired it with some thrifted pieces. To keep my legs somewhat warm, I slid on my knee high socks and my favorite boots. 

Sweater & Turtle Neck- Goodwill

Skirt- Forever21

Socks- Love Culture

Boots- Lamoda UK

Keeping It Casual 

It was really warm in our city but not warm enough to not cover myself up. I wore my favorite crop top with a nice flannel, my favorite jeans that I have worn too many times and my new babies! I’ve wanted some white high top chucks for so long. 

Flannel- Goodwill

Crop Top& Jeggings- Forever 21

High Top Converse- Journey’s

Tye Dye 

The parentals and I went to the beach so I got my dad to take some pictures for me! I got these beautiful tye dye shirt yesterday and really wanted to take pictures in it. It is a great pop of color for the summer :)

Shirt- Zumiez

Shorts & Shades - Hourglass/ Lotus Boutique

Choker - Claire’s


New Year, New Style

As we get older, our style changes. I went from just graphic tees and skinny jeans to putting pieces together like this. I decided to wear a crop top with a leather skirt. To cover myself, I just paired this outfit with a plain colored cardigan and my lovely knee high boots. 

Everything is from Forever 21 (typical Keyonna)