Rewatching Dark Cupid

*cracks knuckles* I’ve been looking forward to this one

Juleka’s secret little smile while her cute girlfriend Rose is gushing about true love <3

Nathanaël is carrying… an art project? Isn’t that the drawing of the bracelet from Rogercop? Idk what he’s doing with that… omg is it a present for someone??? Tomato son tell me everything

Tikki whoa


Also Justin Extra and Jean Duparc are hanging out together

This kid looks really sad, I guess Kim’s not the only one who got his heart broken today



This. This is an actual thing that actually happened on the show. This is the real, actual, 100% CANON EXPRESSION ON MAX’S FACE WHEN LOOKING AT KIM. I think I need to lie down.

That’s it, I’m dead. The Ladynoir scenes haven’t even happened yet and I’m dead. My nerd son’s overwhelming gay-ness killed me.

I love how there’s casually a poster of Adrien, with a copy of the exact same poster of Adrien stuck over the top. I also love how the weather girls + some other background children are fawning over him

Chloé’s copy of this exact same poster has a QR code on it, just thought you ought to know

Eat the chair

My son, why do you have a pen in your mouth? You’re not even writing anything that’s just so random

Hey isn’t this that same face Max was making earlier??? Like I’m not saying Max is in love with Kim or anything but like… he’s totally in love with Kim

I found Jean Duparc again

This is that same bridge where Princess Fragrance tries to marry Prince Ali, right? Seems kinda unlucky in this show

Okay I feel really sorry for Kim but WHY DID HE THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. DID HE NOT THINK ABOUT THIS FOR MORE THAN LIKE ONE SECOND. I mean to be fair in Lady Wifi Chloé was pretending to cry all over him so like. Maybe he thought Chloé liked him. Maybe he managed to convince Max of this too. BUT SERIOUSLY KIM I DON’T WANT YOU TO GET HURT. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT BUT PLEASE. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN CHLOÉ.

Who is this jerk on a bicycle who cruelly splashed water on my poor son Kim, like THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM ON THIS BRIDGE, YOU DID NOT NEED TO GO THROUGH THAT PUDDLE OKAY

This pose just looks so Stereotypical Evil Mastermind, I love it

Hey it’s that kid I adopted in the Copycat episode

I’m sorry this is really dangerous? This guy could fall onto the steps or in the water… tbh I’m surprised the lady didn’t push him in when she got hit with the arrow

Alya why aren’t you looking at Nino’s messages omg (also she’s friends with Mylène, that’s really sweet, my little hobbit daughter deserves all the friendship and support)


Everyone looks awesome with black lipstick tbh. (Also I like that Dark Cupid treats platonic love just as importantly as romantic love. I mean it’s bad that he’s trying to split everyone up but like, it’s nice that he considers friendship so important.)

Yeah Marinette, hiding behind this bench will totally stop people seeing you transforming


Sabrina has an eight pack, Sabrina is shredded

This competent fabulous evil flying being of awesomeness is actually my trash son Kim… I guess anyone can achieve anything (also in the French dub his voice got so growly like wow it’s almost as cool as English dub Evillustrator)

This is the coolest pose Hawk Moth has ever done in the show

I don’t think Max and Juleka are the only gay classmates tbh

And so we are all connected in the great circle of life…”

Ladybug… remember who you are… you are my son and the rightful king of Pride Rock”

I love this guy and his plant. My new faves

Sabrina’s nails are purple

“Ba-ta-la-ta-la-ta!” I can’t believe Dark Cupid is actually Baymax

Did she just jump on his head??? Ladybug what the heck he could have died

I love that Lucky Charm didn’t fix this

“Why do I suddenly ship Ladynoir???” (Hey… psst… Kim! Since Chloé didn’t want that brooch, you could always … you know… give it to Max  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )