anonymous asked:

Favorite blogs and why.

  • hazwards - i’ve been following her since she was suckmybiebs, who doesn’t love Baylee?
  • cheekyniam - i’m always reblogging her. i reblog her so much that i’m afraid she thinks i’m a creep or something haha.
  • whoadirection - her posts are flawless
  • outtatheskies - le koality blog~
  • silenceisloudthatsall - I FUCKING LOVE HER AND HER FANFICS! She’s probably one of my favourite person on tumblr. i’m always spamming her ask (with my personal; iloveneeerds) idk what my life would be without her amazing fan fictions.
  • louis-ttomlinson - idk, she just is.

There are a lot more but that’s all I can think of right now. If you’re not following them, you definitely should.