whoaa is this actually original art


Keep on driving as the shadows grow longer
Find your way home ere the woods swell stronger;
For the dusk will fall and the forest will call
yet none can foretell your answer.


Out of ammo? Sick of gunpowder? Check out this hot new invention, the Mini-Dragon Powered Firebolt Pistol! No loading, just blasting!

Cocking the pistol stirs the captive salamander, who then breathes out a flame that can be fired in projectile form by pulling the trigger. One salamander bottle can last up to two months – secure your supply from a local alchemist.

To you animal rights activists and anti-magitech naysayers: You can’t stand in front of our offices forever. Stop making fools of yourselves and move your little protest elsewhere.


The start of a journey.

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What’s was that?

I’ve been animating this character for a little storytelling experiment. It’s taking ages so obviously the clever thing to do is to procrastinate by animating other, completely irrelevant stuff


Is everyone already bored of me constantly putting out projects that center around night-time streets filled with weird creatures? Too bad, I’ve got another one.

Between the Lights is a survival horror game based around that peculiar state of pareidolic paranoia you get when walking home at night. Do you sometimes see threatening figures only to realise they were just bushes or lamp posts all along? Do you swear you can hear approaching footsteps even though the street is deserted?

Perhaps it’s not just paranoia.