OC Rambles?

Hi Bear! My OC is Idrial (Inquisitor). She’s a little older than the average Lavellan seems to be, about 30 when the story starts. Her personality is warm, but reserved. She crafts her image very carefully, styling herself as some sort of great elven lord. It’s a dignity she’s had to fight for, as being born a non-mage, she was never going to lead much of anything within her clan, despite having a good temperament and the right skills for it. Becoming Inquisitor gave her an opportunity to meet her potential. Her worst fear is being subjugated, in the usual sense or even by some of the traditions of her people. Her first love is learning, so between that and her fear, the Well of Sorrows was a real Galadriel/Ring of Power moment. Tied with that is her love for her younger sister, who she raised from a little girl. She stays with the clan when Idrial goes to the Conclave. </3

I guess it’s time to bring this back.

This illustration was drawn by Yana back in 2008:

And this is a panel from the latest chapter (ch126):

I’m not saying these are the same photo, but it’s good to keep in mind that Yana has had the idea of the “burnt family photo” since 2008 :D