[Photoset description: A series of drawings depicting Terezi and Sollux in deliciously bright colors. In most of the pictures, Terezi is her usual state of salaciously delighted, while Sollux looks disgruntled and/or exasperated. The fanart has all been drawn by tumblr user heybuddyboy (formerly echinoderms), and its charmingly simple style is oh, so compelling. And to what is it compelling you? To team Terezi (hearts) Sollux, of course.]

Team Terezi♥Sollux needs just two more members to qualify for the HSO! Terezi<>Sollux is already full up, but why shouldn’t these two adorable nerds get a chance at flushed feelings as well?

I understand it’s not a popular ship, because hey– not everybody’s been enlightened yet as to its irresistible charms. So, if you need convincing, consider the following:

1. It’s Terezi’s natural tendency to be condescending towards nearly everyone she talks to. Even her friends aren’t immune! She toys with Karkat, with Vriska, with Dave and with Gamzee– and with Nepeta she even goes so far as to admit (within the confines of second-person narration, anyway) that she’s unable to take her antics seriously. But who, might you ask, is the one exception to this rule regarding her conduct? That’s right, it's Sollux. Sure, Terezi jokes around with Sollux (and rather adorably, if you ask me), and lets him know she’s aware of his personal flaws, but unlike with the others? Terezi seems to be on Sollux’s side, and he seems to know that.

2. Sollux also is not the sort to ingratiate with much of anyone. However, he makes it obvious that he respects Terezi, and perhaps only Terezi. She’s the one he wants to lead the red team opposite his blue team leadership, because himself and Terezi are the only ones in their group whose leadership skills he admits to trusting. Furthermore, he immediately asks for her help after he goes blind. Many of the other characters are skeptical if not outright disbelieving of her unique vision (metaphorical and otherwise), but he trusts her without question to help him adjust.

3. Judging both by their actions and by their interests, Sollux and Terezi are two of the smartest if not the smartest trolls, and I’ll bet you anything they know this about each other. Terezi’s an aspiring legislacerator who picks apart people’s motivations with ease and delight; and Sollux is a masterful hacker and not a bad strategist either. And why does their similar level of intelligence make for a good reason they should be together? Because it’s statistically inarguable that people tend to choose friends and partners of common intelligence levels, and that those who do have an easier time maintaining their relationship.

4. Terezi is one of few characters in Homestuck with the potential to be good for Sollux’s emotional health. Honestly, his emotional state is a bit of a mess, and Terezi is one of the only trolls whose isn’t. For example, Sollux's other best friend is Karkat, with whom he seems to do little but argue. It’s likely that Karkat provides Sollux with a sense of schadenfreude– since the two of them share hobbies at which Sollux can easily trump him– but relying on the poor state of someone else in order to feel in control of your own situation is not really the greatest emotional crutch. In addition, many of Sollux and Karkat’s interactions serve to drive both of them further into the hole of self-doubt and self-loathing. Terezi, on the other hand, is honest but still respectful of Sollux’s weaknesses, and provides a level of encouragement that could give Sollux something to strive for. If they make such healthy friends, then why couldn’t they make a healthy pair of matesprits?

Oooh, and in case all that isn’t enough, we also have the absolute best potential ship names: Appleberry Blast, Taste the Double Rainbow, Blind Dates, Double-Blind Survey… care to add more? We’d love to have you on team Terezi♥Sollux :D

It’s 5 in the morning and I’m just not feeling like working on the background or reactions. @you-have-a-winter-heart , hope you like it anyway! I’d been trying to draw in for weeks, but I couldn’t get Ryan’s face right. Don’t know where his t-shirt went ;v;

So instead of drawing the outfit meme asks, I drew cute mercykill again. ; w ;

I blame @goinghardt and @sigrunvalkyrie entirely. All your faults. 

I just want Reaper to have a healthy and nurturing relationship and be happy for once sobs

The thing most people don’t seem to get about becoming a ship is that you don’t become a computer so much as the computer becomes you. This and this alone you can appreciate about your current status– all the books you’d read back in your days as a pretty good psionic nothing to write home about, before anybody’d even heard of the Signless, had tried and failed to capture the supposed poetic tragedy that comes with becoming the brain of a spaceship (not Helmsman, you never say Helmsman, you hear that enough from her it kind of makes you gag in anybody else’s voice), because the truth is what’s so bad about it isn’t anything to do with a lack of free will. Sure okay, you’re being forced to serve under the Condesce and there’s essentially no use in fighting it since it’s either this or what they call autopilot, which you guess you should mention is not a thing you can ever come back from, not the way she talks about it anyway. 

If her Condescension is to be believed, this involves living out the rest of your life with all of your senses and basically nothing else: like a little animal with basic instincts and emotions so far as fear counts as one, but no will to even bother wishing could be free. But honestly? You’ve got about a thousand times the brain mass of even any of the other pilots in this galaxy and any psionic not talented enough to receive this so-called honor gets their brainspace chopped up into little bits, not the other way around. 

Since the only punishment she knows how to give you is such an all-or-nothing kind of deal, all you have to do is not make her mad– like, really mad– like mad enough to give up the only stable relationship in her entire life and spend the next ten thousand sweeps or so watching his body sit there with no memory of who either of them are– and you get to keep this body the size of a whole city and barter the Empress out of conquering defenseless planets to your heart’s content. Hey man, check it out! In a sense you got just what you and the Signless wanted, because you’re bringing more peace to the universe than he could have even if he hadn’t been brutally murdered before he hit fifteen.

But no, really, none of this is that bad. None of this is the worst part. Huh, what? What is the worst part?

Her fucking face.

[Image description: A drawing of Terezi and Sollux, flatly colored in shades of mint, periwinkle and salmon. Terezi is grinning deviously and holds a megaphone. She’s holding onto a reluctant Sollux by the collar of his sweater. Small periwinkle text surrounds Sollux’s side of the picture, all written in his quirk, and meant to be fairly decipherable. On the right side, the text is written in Terezi’s quirk, and reads, “TEAM TEREZI HEARTS SOLLUX NEEDS YOU; IT’S LIKE TWO GENIUSES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, WITH A HOT NERD ON THE SIDE.”]

Team Terezi♥Sollux still needs at least one more member to qualify for the HSO! More promotional information (“information”) can be found here and here.


COMMISSIONS POST! (aka “plz give me money so i can give money to homestuck while still having money for my brain”) (aka “i’ve never done this before so here’s to hoping for no major crap-ups”)

my moirail and i are living together right now, crammed into one bedroom in the same house as my parents, and they’re getting pretty sick of us eheh…hehehe… but neither of us are able to hold down a job due to largely untreated mental illness, and we’re hoping to move out by the beginning of next year (2013) because i firmly believe that getting away from my parents will be the key to being able to function again.

xie and i are dedicated cosplayers (made so clear by our blogs, i’m sure) which, of course, eats up our funds in the blink of an eye; AND on top of that we’re hoping to have some money to contribute to the homestuck game kickstarter fund– all without losing sight of our goal to move out by next january. i’ll admit all these goals are virtually unobtainable, but any help you can give would be fiercely appreciated.

I WILL DRAW anything homestuck, any OC(s), animals, furries, AUs, comics, weird ships, fetish art– WHATEVER YOU WANT, though i may have to charge extra for nsfw art. i’ll draw you something from another fandom if you want though it may take extra time/funds for me to familiarize myself with the source material.

PRICES ARE AS FOLLOWS, though i am definitely willing to negotiate a deal especially for friends hehehe ;D

  • just lines– $3-6 per body; add $3-6 for background depending on complexity
  • colored sketch– $4-8 per body; add $4-8 for background
  • flat color– $4-12 per body; add $4-12 for background
  • full color– $7-15 per body; add $7-15 for background

contact me here, by email (shoesbeforepants@gmail) or on skype (scromplimentary) with your request, and i’ll give you a time estimate. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!!

did i mention that i’ve got it real bad for the helmsman because uh….. yeah that’s a thing

i messed around with the tentacle restraints and mask shits though because i’m lazy i mean because i think it looks better like this i mean because i’m lazy

but no see look this way it looks like her symbol! i mean it’s on the nose piece of the goggles and then there it is again around the… haha okay nevermind

i was originally gonna draw him all sassy-mad at the condesce but he just came out looking kinda nauseous but you know i guess that’s appropriate i mean the guy never really did get his sea legs

…………..get it

[Image description: a drawing of Terezi (left) and Sollux (right), done in pixel art in shades of gray, mustard yellow, teal and red. Both characters are delighted to the point of glittery eyes and bright blush– though they may also be drunk. Drawn by tumblr user heybuddyboy.]

this is meant as a thank you to all those who’ve joined this team: dreamwidth users vivianesection, shinzui14, motionless, sidehewalksinbeauty, and even or maybe especially brett (rieduentant) for putting up with my otp longings as first choice :p most of that first powerpoint was xir doing, by the way!!

ooh, and just because we have enough members now doesn’t mean i should stop recruiting more, right?? so i might send this guy around too.


i’m very slowly making a talksprite of my fantroll, dieter spivak. he has his own blog if anyone’s curious, as well as making frequent appearances on our fantroll reference blog. oh and he has a page on character hub too. he’s nine sweeps, an indigoblood subjugglator but not a cultist; knight of mind, prospit dreamer, staplerkind, blah blah. i haven’t mentioned him on my blog in a while but i’ve had him since july and used to talk about him constantly

here is a very exciting preview of two still frames i have out of like… sixty-four or so variations thus far jfc

i did not intentionally model my hot sexy fantroll after the rabbit from winnie the pooh?????

and yet they have the literal same personality and i


text reads: “ii 2wear two god FF iit2 NOT IINTERE2TIING.” / “PL-E-E-EAS-E?!”

i feel like this would be about 90% of what these two would actually take away from any given feelings jam

also i just find it sort of disappointing that all fanworks for them have her being so legitimately good for him when in canon (and what, to be honest, what i like about them is that) they seem to be in a relationship purely for the sake of convenience :O fef just flounces around, proudly announcing to the world that her lowblood boyfriend has problems

bet he fuckin loves that