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Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega!

Are You Trying To Kill Me!?

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     “What the hell was that!?” Okada yelled, shoving Kenny’s chest- pushing him into the stage equipment cases. “Whoa, ease up.” Omega whispered, still trying to catch his breath from the stellar match.

     January 4th, and it’s already up for match of the year. Amazing. “Okada, we did great, man… U-eh.. You retained. What’s your deal?” Kenny started to raise his voice, realizing that Kazuchika had no real reason to be so hostile. “My deal!” He pitched, batting back to Omega. “Maybe that I’d like to keep my head and not have neck surgery before I’m thirty! Are you trying to kill me!?” Kenny’s hands flew to a surrendering state.

     “I apologize. It was a bad spot, not intentional.” He said, calmly. Okada’s face scrunched, opposite of the normal state it was always in. “Both times?” He pushed, shoving his pointer into Kenny’s peck. Curls bounced and bobbed every which way with Okada’s accusation. “I’m not trying to hurt you!” Kenny yelled back, offended.

     Okada relaxed his features, and retracted his finger. “Okay..” He said under his breath, still standing dangerously close. A wicked smirk laced Kenny’s lips with the help of a raised brow. A mood Kenny knew all too well.

     A huff of disbelief and almost disgust later, Okada was out of Omega’s face- strolling his way back to his dressing room. His hands skimmed the cold metal of the door’s knob, and he turned his back to see Kenny once more. Kenny traced his thumb and index finger across his bottom lip, and shot Kazuchika a familiar wink.

     If they both weren’t so God damn tired, Kenny just might have followed him.


I finished my Ahsoka cosplay and I had so much fun walking around with it on! Some highlights from the night:

Multiple kids mumbling things like “Whoa, real Star Wars/Jedi/Lightsabers!”

A kid dressed as Kylo Ren with a toy lightsaber who just kinda… stared at me. His (presumably) dad said “I think she might beat you in a lightsaber fight, she has two!”

An old man sitting outside & handing out candy who said “It’s good to know that there’s a real Jedi protecting the neighborhood!”

A little kid dressed as Spider-Man who got really excited when he saw me, popped in plastic vampire fangs, and pretended to be a bad guy attacking me. I went along and play-fought with the kid for a few minutes, he thought it was a lot of fun!

One guy as Darth Vader (WITHOUT THE MASK) who said “I didn’t expect to see Ahsoka Tano come walking down the sidewalk!”

Some guys playing “The Room” version of football who said “Oh man, that’s Ahsoka Tano!”

And, my favorite, a Star Wars loving family of 3 who yelled out “Ahsoka!!!!”, I went over, took a picture with them, and talked about the latest episodes of Rebels with them a bit.

Man Face Monday -

Hello, Fabulous!

Back with another Man Face Monday to pretty up your dash. Because you are a discerning Tumblrer, right? And you appreciate the nice and the lovely and woo. Thank you for your lovely response to last week’s MFM and Washboard Wednesday. 

Let’s begin today with some delicious pretty. Because he is. And we know. How exquisitely perfect is he? This dude is a real person. Really. 

I like the arty profile because his nose is just phenomenal. Just sharp enough. Masculine. Elegant. And I like the blue touches because they reflect the typical mood of our brooding boy. 

Grainy black and white Oliver Queen is looking kinda Bratva here to me. And that makes me so very happy. I hope it inspires future fics…it will inspire mine. 

Okay, you thought that one was Bratva? Check out this cold stare. It’s serious. Sinceriously serious and beautiful. My lady parts are intrigued and a little afraid. Bravo, Oliver angry face. Bravo. 

Emotional face. It’s heartbreaking, even without dialogue. 

Finally. Here is a breathtaking image of clear eyes, touchable (yeah, not really) scruff and pillow mountains, along with lots of other nice bits and bobs thrown in. 

So, how did we do this week? I wonder if folks like black and white as much as color? Like at least one black and white in there for variety? That’s been my thinking. Golly, this man and his phenomenal face. 

I do hope that you are in for a glorious week. I, for one, am very excited to see Stephen on the big screen on Thursday night. It’s not the sort of movie I’ve been dreaming about for him, but everybody starts somewhere. And, he’s no doubt been impressing his boss on this picture, Michael Bay, with his fearless wprk and his exceptional promotional/marketing ability. Hopefully that will be remembered for future casting opportunities. Congrats to Stephen on making progress on his career. 

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