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APH Norway is my aesthetic. Just him as a whole. So, here’s an APH Norway aesthetic. For all your APH Norway aesthetic needs.

You Like Him? // (Wooshin Ft. Kuhn)

Request: !!!! I found you!! I mean your blog and I love it!! :D may I suggest scenario where Wooshin is learning|working with girl he like and he gathered himself and confessed her love? sorry for too many exclamation marks in one message! (and another one xD) <33

Whoa~ you found me!! I mean my blog hehe XD Aww thank you!!! Sure you can and here it is!! haha no worries I use a lot of exclamation marks too!!!!! (as you can see~) ^.^ <3 <3

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Alpha Sigma Phi - Frat Cal part 14

Please note: this is a fictional story and in no way, shape, or form reflects the real Calum Hood. This part does not contain smut but other parts do and will.

part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen - we’re getting closer and closer to the end!

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Things that don't hurt my feels:

Calling me
-self absorbed
-attention seeking

Wow ouch I love myself and think I’m hot whoa you found my weakness my self love is the worst thing about me how will I carry on????
Such hurt very insult much devastate

It Doesn't Matter Part 6- SammyWilk

            You closed your book, not really caring that you lost your place and just took in his words. You placed the coffee down on the table next to you, not even taking a sip out of it, before you said, “Sam, it isn’t worth it.”

            Your words didn’t faze him, “Everything about you is worth it.”

            You curled your legs beneath you. “Sam,” You sighed. “I left for a reason,”

            “And I came here for a reason,” Sammy smiled softly. “And that reason is you, I came here for you.”

            The more you looked at Sammy, the more painful it got. You felt your nose sting with the upbringing of tears right before your eyes watered with them, he put you through so much and you weren’t about to show him that it still hurt. You shot up out of your seat and quickly grabbed your purse and shoved your book inside all while not looking at him, “I’ve got to go,” You croaked out.

            You headed towards the door and uttered a goodbye to the workers when they said bye to you. “Y/N, wait!” You heard Sammy yelled as he ran after you.

            You pulled harder on your north face as you headed down the side walk, heading towards where you parked the car Tyler leant to you. The cold air was nipping at you and part of the reason why you were all but running to your car, the other reason was your ex-boyfriend who was running and catching up to you. “Damn it, Y/N, just wait!”

            Sammy grabbed onto your elbow and pulled  you to face him, “Stop running, please.”

            “You want me to stop running? Sam, you all but cheated on me with Karina.” You said with tears running down your face. You ripped your arm from his grip, “Just leave me alone, Sam. Go back to your tour and be with Karina.” You said before continuing with your walk to the car, luckily it was a couple feet away. You got in and slammed the door before starting the car and speeding all the way to your friends home, hoping that Sammy wasn’t following you or that he didn’t know where you were staying.

            While on your way home you had given Tyler a call and panicked on the phone. “Tyler, he’s here. He found me,”

            “Whoa, who’s here, Y/N?”

            “Sam.” You stated with tears pouring down your face and your hands shaking. “Sam is here, he found me. Tyler what do I do?”

            “Are you driving?” Tyler asked.

            “Yeah,” You squeaked.

            “You need to calm the hell down so you don’t crash the car. Listen to me, Y/N, calm down,” Tyler said right as you pulled onto their street.

            “I’m on your street,” You said just as you looked in the mirror and saw a car following you. “Damn it,” You whispered.

            You hung up the phone just as you swung into the driveway, seeing Tyler walk out of the house and stand on the doorstep. The black car and pulled up next to their lawn, and you wiped your face as you got out of the car. “Y/N, you have to listen to me.” You heard Sammy say as he got out of the car.

            You reached Tyler and saw he had crossed his arms, “You need to leave,” He said to Sam.

            “Are you the bastard that told me to stop calling my girl?” Sam all but yelled.

            You turned in the doorway and watched as Tyler walked down the steps and towards Sammy. “Tyler wait,” You said to him, knowing that he would throw a punch if he had too and the last thing you wanted to see was Tyler and the guy you loved in a fight.

            “She isn’t your girl anymore, asshole.” Tyler said. “She walked away because you decided to give your attention to another girl,”

            You watched the anger rise in Sammy and before you knew what was happening, Sammy lifted his arms and shoved Tyler, “You don’t know shit about us, so shut the hell up.”

            “Sam, stop!” You yelled.

            “Get in the house,” Tyler yelled at you before turning back around and facing Sam.

            “Don’t talk to her like that,” Sammy said before throwing the first punch, making Tyler stagger back slightly.

            Tyler didn’t say anything but reeling his arm back before driving it forward and into Sam’s face. You yelled out Tyler’s name as Sammy felt down, “Stop it!”

            Sammy got up but didn’t punch him, he spit out the blood and looked at you. “I’m not leaving until you talk to me, Y/N. I love you, and I’m not going anywhere until you talk to me.”

            Tyler walked towards you just as you saw Sammy sit down on the curb, Tyler directed you into the house and slammed the door shut.

~Hope you guys like it!