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Some time ago I wondered why this ship was so small. and I think I have an answer(aside from the "It's boring" excuse: I think that most(or at least a sizable amount) new BNHA fans are anime only watchers or jumped into the series via the anime and up to this point, the anime is just now on the sports festival arc. They haven't seen the signs of Uraraka's feelings for Deku(bar her brief jealousy of Mei). At least that's what I think. What do you think?

Hmm, that’s quite possible actually… The anime doesn’t really feature the development of Ochako’s feelings toward Deku simply because it hasn’t reached that part of the manga just yet, so that could be one thing! But you have to keep in mind that BNHA isn’t focused on romance or anything related to that, so in a way there’s really no…–how do I say this…– enforcement of certain ships..? I think I might have stated it wrong, but what I’m trying to say is that romance between certain characters aren’t really that important in comparison to the whole theme of the manga which is a “what is a hero”/”what makes a hero” kind of thing. I mean, I know there are quite a few hints that are dropped at various times in terms of Izuocha interactions, but it’s not so drastic that it draws a lot of attention. It’s very low key and it progresses very naturally!

In my opinion, I really do think it’s due to the idea that “it’s boring” or how it’s becoming very predictable. Some might say that it’s “forced” too, but if anything, I seriously don’t think that’s the case. Horikoshi is quite known for “twisting” cliché tropes and plots, and because of that I think he’s handling Ochako and Deku’s relationship really well, and I trust that he will continue to do so (seriously, I cannot tell you how content I was when Ochako realized her feelings for Deku and decided to keep them under control because she knew that stuff like that would get in the way of her and Deku’s objective of becoming heroes… Moments like that aren’t shown very often in comics, movies, shows, etc., so it’s like…wow, thank you so much for providing that little “twist” Horikoshi). Honestly, this has got to be the first ship I came across where I support it whole-heartedly and completely. I’m not one who likes to ship a lot, but wow, these two had me hooked instantly. It’s the fact that their relationship is based on mutual, friendly respect for each other, but eventually it grew out of that and now they’ve become each other’s inspiration to be better heroes! And I think it’s super awesome… Not to mention that their interactions with each other are pretty sweet too! Even @c-jay321 made a post about it in regards to every moment they had together and how much of a significance it puts on either of them! Just by looking at that sometimes I really do think they have a soft spot for one another (more on Ochako’s side though) haha… It just really boggles my mind as to how others view their relationship as something that’s forced…, especially with the fact that they have naturally been giving each other a positive influence… I think it’s progressing very nicely if anything, and just seeing how Horikoshi handles it makes me really happy… And also, in my perspective, their relationship can be viewed as platonic or romantic (or both if that’s possible– I don’t know how to explain it), and I really love that ambiguity they have there! I could say a lot more about their relationship, but I don’t want to ramble more than I have already or get off topic like I feel like I might’ve done. 

Like I said, I think the reason why they aren’t so popular as a ship is for the reason that people might tend to view it as a typical “girl meets boy/boy meets girl and boom they fall in love with each other” which ultimately gives them the “boring” ship label. But seeing how they interact, I think it’s far from that trope…. Then again, people ship what they like, so I can’t really argue there! I just kinda wish that they aren’t brushed aside so often as they are now, but… idk….

Inktober - Day 10 // Random elves

So, I wanted to work on a commission today, that’s why I did this day’s inktober piece on the bus, and I’m sorry for the quality but… well, I was on the bus. So we have Nahira and Nave here, also a little eggman, a ghoul elf, a big eared elf, a straight nose elf and a curly elf who might be Nahira’s brother. I haven’t decided yet. But I like that sketch. This was made by a simple pen only and it was scary.

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Ringing in the ears is nothing new to Lance but when it doesn’t stop for a hour after waking up, he starts to worry. Then an even louder ringing but Lance knows that annoying ring, the flashing lights giving it away. Now this could be another drill but Lance doesn’t want to risk getting an earful from Shiro, Allura and Keith, seeing as his ear is in enough pain. Sighing he leaves his room.

“Wow, looks who’s on time today. Finally decided to work hard?” Keith asks as he jogs down the hall with Lance nearby. Keith waited for a remark that didn’t come as Lance sighs and jogs ahead. “Okay, fine don’t talk to me.” Keith mutters under his breath as he catches up. Lance makes his way to the control room, Kieth not far behind him.

The alarms finally stop but ringing didn’t and now a pull like sensation is joining the party. And not couple moments after, wave after wave of a stabbing pain joins too. As Allura is applauding the paladins and briefing them, the ringing is make Lance physically nauseous.
“And Lance, good job on waking up and getting ready before the alarm stoped.” Hearing his name Lance sits straighter as Allura nod at him after her praise. He nods back, unable to smile causing Allura to frown. “You don’t look to well, are you alright?”
“Yea, you look pale.” Hunk asks. Causing everyone to give their own questions. Lance weakly shakes his head.
“Nothing big, just a headache. I’ll be fine, let’s get back to the briefing.” The group is uncertain but nod their heads as Allura continues talking. But Lance is unable to keep up and the pain refuses to go away or ease up.
“And I believe that is all. Anything else anyone want to add?” She glances around as everyone shakes their heads. “Alright the you may go and Lance, do you want to rest? You aren’t looking to well.” Lance just shakes his head in response. Allura nods and the room gets busy. Everyone one heads in different directions as Lance heads back to his room.

As Lance enters his room he feels something running down the side his face. Looking to the mirror, he sees blood running out of his ear. Oh no is all thats running through the paladin’s mind as he rushes out of his room to find Conran but not before running to the nearest bathroom.

“Alright everything seems well, I guess I can put the pods under maintenance.” Coran muttered to himself as he press the button that’ll place the pods out of commission for about a week.
“Coran!” Lance voice booms as he rushes into the room. “I need a pod like as soon as possible.”
“Well, that’ll be a week. Is something wrong?” Coran walks to the boy and notes that he’s holding his ear, with blood leaking out of it. “What with your ear, my boy?”
“It’s a ruptured drum and a week!? I can’t wait that long, the pain will kill me before then.” Coran shocked and guilt struck face make Lance rephrase his previous statement. “The pain won’t kill me, it was a saying.” Coran relaxes a bit.
“Oh well, the pods are under maintenance for a week, I’m sorry.”
“Why are you sorry, Coran?” Shrio asked as he and Keith wander into the room.
“Whoa, Lance, what’s with your ear?” Kieth asks. Lance looks at him, confused.
“Sorry, mind repeating that?”
“Your ear is bleeding, what’s wrong?” Keith repeats, getting Shiro to glance at Lance.
“Eardrum ruptured. And pods are out-” Lance covers his mouth and rushes of to the nearest trash can. After a horrible vomiting episode, he finishes his sentence. “Pod are out of commission.” He winces as the jabbing pain comes back.
“Eww, that-” Keith is unable to finish his sentence as Shiros elbow meets his side.
“What Keith wanted to say was do you need anything?” Shiro asks and glares at Keith.
“Painkillers would be a bless and napkins.” Lance replies as he sits down on the nearest couch.
“On it. Keith, get napkin and Coran where can we get some painkillers.” Keith was already gone to get napkin.
“I lead you but we’ll need Pidge to translate so we get the right stuff.” Coran starts walking out of the room as Keith rushes in the room with Hunk no far behind him, hands full of napkin.
“Whoa, thats a lot of blood. You okay, buddy?” Hunk asks as they near Lance.
“Sorry, I take that back you obviously not okay. Here napkins and Keith brought a container.” Hunks says, louder, as he hands the napkins to Lance.
“Thanks, man.” Lance meekly replies as he grabs the napkins and container.
“You really love trouble, don’t you?” Keith whispers and gets a confused look from Lance and a glare from Hunk. Keith, protecting his sides loudly says. “Nothing, Lance, don’t worry bout it.”
“I’ll just assume that you made fun of me and be offended.” Lance replied as he applies the napkins to his ear.

That week consisted of loud talking and lots of napkins and containers sacrificed.

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Ooh you know what would be interesting, instead of greg talking to blue pearl steven panics and poofs her, and they grab the gem and run off. The plot of the episode is trying to dodge the angry diamond without revealing the crystal gems are still alive, and maybe liberating blue pearl in the process

whoa thats a rly lovely idea tbh!! its. definitely a lot more interesting than the arc we got. 

i honestly would have much rather they have explored blue pearl & made her sympathetic instead of … literally trying to make us sympathize with someone as terrible as blue diamond

honestly the arc could potentially still go similarly (with a visit to some other human artifact museum with ‘war trophies’ in the form of historic items, and not a zoo) if they befriended blue pearl as a result & she told them abt the facility, & the fact that the famethyst were basically exiled there?

after all, blue pearl would know abt the museum her diamond had taken over the management of. in fact, maybe visiting the place could be more centered around amethyst’s motivations (& steven agreeing to help her)

with her learning that so many of her sisters are basically being held captive. maybe they go to the museum as a rescue mission for the amethysts, not greg

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This isn't really a question, but just thank you. Recently I've been having some trouble with people and my emotions and mentality and some days are so incredibly tough, but then again I know it'll get better. Your streams really help me whenever I'm feeling down, and I've met an amazing friend because of them. I don't know what the point of this was, you don't have to respond to this at all I just wanted to you know that even though we've never met you mean a lot and matter a lot so thank you.

whoa! Thats super awesome to hear! I’m glad the streams are able to help lift your spirits some way even though I don’t know what I’m doing on them half the time haha

Don’t thank me though, I don’t do anything, I just stream, its honestly the ones that come to the stream that make it what it is. Otherwise I wouldn’t be streaming! so thank them more than me :)

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jake has a pile of beanie babies in the corner of his room

YES !!!! jeremy comes over n he’s like whoa thats a lot of beanie babies those are worth a lot n jake is like If You Touch Them You Die