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tell me why this budgetless gay youtube series made for fun by a group of friends has the best editing and writing of anything i’ve watched in a year.

also tell me how this single scene can contain every single one of the top three most iconic lines in history.

edit: whoa, i didn’t expect this to blow up so quick! putting the source in the tags was a bad idea, sorry. this is brian jordan alvarez’s the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo, and you can watch it on youtube or vimeo! he makes lots of other hilarious gay videos too, so you should check out his whole channel.

IPRE Orientation
  • Magnus, in a shirt with the sleeves ripped off and a hat on backwards: Hi! Your name tag says "I am... BETTER THAN YOU" and I think you just cheated at arm-wrestling a guy, which I didn't even know was an option. Do you want to be friends?
  • Lup, taking a step back, complimentary mints cascading from her pockets: Whoa, holy shit, muscleman. Do you think you could pick me up?
  • Magnus: Definitely. I could probably throw you too. These puppies can handle a lot.
  • Lup, already trying to clamber onto his shoulders: Benchpress me, my man.
  • Taako, running back over with his arms full of cheap plastic pens and fridge magnets: Lup, no, don't let the strange human boy carry you, you don't know where he's been!
  • Lup: Taako, come on, we're gonna go find some really high shelves to raid. Or maybe just a library to hold dominion over. We're unstoppable now.
  • Magnus, helping himself to some pocket mints: I heard there are training rooms somewhere.
  • Lup: Choice, homie.

✨🌸✨🌸✨ ~phil’s beauty tips~ ✨🌸✨🌸✨ 

1. use hair spray to hold your fringe in place 

2. use dry shampoo before sleep because the night is when your hair releases natural oils 

3. put toothpaste on your zit  before you go to sleep bc it will dry it out and don’t pop zits or else they’ll scar

4. don’t drop things on your feet because it will make them bruise 

5. drink lots of water. stay hydrated 

6. don’t be afraid to moisturize 

7. cleanse in the shower and then moisturize after. right now he uses clinique for men moisturizer but gendered skincare is ridiculous. he’d use the regular clinique but it was a xmas present

The call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me.

I’ll keep you safe, you keep me strong

To my next girlfriend...

If it’s long distance, I won’t stress you out with you thinking I’m going to cheat or let anyone get in the way of us. You’re going to be my only. I don’t let people get in between and I’ll only love you. I’ll reassure you that you’re beautiful because you are and I want you to know that. Chances are that I will wonder what you’re doing and want to talk to you all the time. I’m clingy and I will be until I die probably, but just know that it means that I care so, so, so much about you. I can promise a lot of things, but what matters most is that I’ll love you with all of my heart. I either love with everything I have or don’t love at all.

I know a lot of people ship Lily and Ray, but if you will, consider:

Lily developing a crush on Mick. 

Like, she sees through his “tough thug” outer shell he puts on–maybe he saves a team members’ life or something, or he saves her life when she tags along on a mission. 

Then, he says something really smart one day (BECAUSE HE WAS CHRONOS AND YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND PHYSICS ENOUGH TO GET TIME TRAVEL STUFF) and she’s like, “Whoa, that’s kind of sexy.”

This, on top of the winks and flirty grins he sends her (because Mick does that a lot. We’ve seen it, and you know he’d do it to her).

Sara is the first to notice. She finds it hilarious. Then, Jax sees it. He isn’t quite sure if he wants to leave it alone or say something. 

Then, Ray catches her blushing after Mick decides to walk shirtless into the galley to get a six pack after an accident with the heat gun burns his shirt off (hehehe). Amaya’s known the whole time, but she wants Mick to figure it out on his own. Nate finds out from Ray and can’t help but stare at them every time they’re in the same room. 

Martin finds out when Lily gets the courage to confess her feelings by surprising Mick with a really awkward kiss that he walks in on. 

Martin almost has a heart attack. He wants to rage and tell her that she deserves better, but Lily stands up for Mick, which he appreciates. 

IDK, I think about this a lot. 

Fandom Fic Rec Days - Until Dawn Edition

Whoa, one of my favorite fandoms and video games, so of course I have to make a fic rec for it! If you have any fic recs for this fandom, make a post and send it my way, I’m always down to read more UD fics!

Please read all tags on these fics fully before reading them, as a lot of these deal with dark themes, such as suicidal thoughts and self-harm, and many include ableist slurs. Most of these fics are Sam/Josh, Mike/Josh, or gen, with one Chris/Josh, and all of them are complete.

And as always, if you enjoy a fic, leave a comment! After all, that’s what this post and these fic rec days are all about–giving fic authors some recognition for all their hard work!

1. Transformation by KateShepherd (Sam/Josh & Chris/Josh - Rated T+)

Maybe they’ll be gone when I wake up, he hopes as he diffs off to sleep.

They’re still there when he wakes.

Aka Sole Survivor Josh

2. you’re gonna go far, kid by KateShepherd (Sam/Josh, Mike/Jess, Emily/Matt, & Ashley/Chris - Rated M)

Mike’s life is made a living hell once he meets his new roommate. The problem, they’re stuck with each other until their lease it up in a year. Pranks, heart aches, broken bones, parties, and more personal problems for both of than they can even count.

AKA: Mike and Josh Roommates AU

2. We Have Made Mistakes by ThisShallNeverBeMentioned (Chris/Josh - Rated M)

The people who have been hurt the most are sometimes the most likely to survive, because they’ve already survived worse.
Or, where Josh survives until dawn and gets himself out of the mines.

3. We Deserve a Do-Over by ghostvinyls (Sam/Josh, Matt/Emily, Jess/Mike, & Chris/Ashley - Rated T+)

It’s been five years since the night Hannah and Beth Washington died.
It’s been four years since the first anniversary, when Josh Washington lost the trust of his friends and wendigos began creeping into their nightmares.
It’s not nearly enough time for eight damaged kids to heal.

But they have to try.

4. Old Friend, Come Back Home by zach_stone (Sam/Josh, Mike/Jess, Emily/Matt, & Ashley/Chris - Rated T+)

Everyone lives; they’ve escaped the terrors of that night on the mountain, and even Josh has been rescued. But will this broken group ever be mended? And is Josh more alone than ever now?

5. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by hannanotmontana (Sam/Josh - Rated T+)

Fix-It fic where Wendigo-Josh is taken to the hospital, but the doctors don’t really know what to do with him. Chris and Sam try to help him, although it’s hard for them to forgive. Doesn’t mean they will let their friend turn into a monster. And besides, if anyone can trick an ancient spirit, it’s probably these two.

6. I could be your perfect disaster, you could be my ever after by queenlara (Sam/Josh - Rated T+)

Sam has always had uncommon opinions regarding soul marks and hates hers in particular, but a chance encounter with her reclusive neighbor, Josh, after a thwarted burglary attempt might just change her mind. Soulmate AU. .

7. They Don’t Teach This in Chemistry Class by skilfulwolfman (Josh/Mike - Rated M)

One moment on the verge of tears because of a misunderstanding, the second making dirty jokes and rolling around; Josh is truly a force of nature.

Drunk or not, he’s amazingly relentless.

8. You’re a Horror Hero, Start Acting Like It by skilfulwolfman (Josh/Mike - Rated M)

“Look, that’s what you get when your date for the evening is a filmmaker. Deal with it or get yourself a girlfriend.”

9. Appetite by banhmi (Gen - Rated T+)

Josh has a hard time readjusting after his rescue from the mountain.

10. Loop by banhmi (Gen - Rated G)

She should have reached the peak by now.
(or: Sam’s first encounter with the strangeness of Blackwood Mountain, in the form of a hike)

11. and i tried to hold these secrets inside me by queelara (Sam/Josh - Rated T+)

Mike makes it out of the mines, but Sam doesn’t.

When Sam regains consciousness, she’s deep within the mines, cold, tired, and with a broken leg—she realizes she’s not alone.

12. the balance book by coldmackerel (Sam/Josh - Rated M)

josh keeps a totally manly diary, everyone learns some things, and everyone pays a price. a story about the comedic undertones of some distinctly not funny things.

13. there’s an albatross around your neck by CallicoKitten (Mike/Josh - Not Rated)

Mike ignores it mostly, focuses on getting back to normal. Tries and fails to get back into the swing of college, has awkward get togethers with friends he feels like he has nothing in common with anymore, joins a gym, goes on a few dates that go appallingly.

It might not sound like it but he’s doing well.

Like Dr Hill says you don’t get over something like that, not ever, it’s always going to be there and pretending it isn’t isn’t going to help. What you can do though is learn to live with it, get used to it. People, Dr Hill says, can get used to just about anything.

And then they find Josh.

Note: Though the story is not rated, there is some semi-explicit sex.

14. leave some morphine at my door by physique (Sam/Josh - Rated T+)

Sam doesn’t really dwell on the doctor’s words too much even though they repeat in her head like a broken record: The Washington boy’s gonna be okay.

Note: This isn’t the first fanfic I ever read for UD, but it is the earliest one I have bookmarked, and it holds a special place in my heart.

15. On the Mend by Havoka (Gen - Rated G)

Emily visits Jess in the hospital.

16. Where You Go, I Will Follow by Havoka (Gen - Rated G)

Emily awakens in her house to find that things are strangely different…and that an old friend is waiting for her.


Imagine Dean getting jealous at a bar.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Fluff, implied smut, jealousy

Word Count: 1,500

A/N: Requested by @shadowandsoul for my 2.5k drabbles celebration (These are basically gonna be imagines, I can’t help myself.) She says: BABE OH MY GOSH CONGRATS!!! You deserve it all and so much more!!! 😘 can I pleaseeeee have a Dean Drabble where you’re at the bar after a hunt and you have guys hitting on you and Dean gets jealous? Because let’s face it jealous Dean is a hot Dean. Love you!!!! Thank you so much for the request sweet pea. Hope you like it! I’m going to go ahead and tag folks like usual because these aren’t gonna be any different than my regular fics. You’ll just get a lot more than usual over the next little bit.

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Supernatural 08x01 and Prolonged Purgatory

Part of Falling Deeper in Love with Supernatural, Episode by Episode

Before I get into an intertextual analysis of “We Need to Talk About Kevin” and the book/film the episode’s title references, there are two pieces of miscellanea about this episode that I cannot ignore.

1. Kevin Tran is officially the best ever in this episode. The manner in which he uses his wiles to outsmart Crowley on multiple occasions will never cease to put a smile on my face. Nor will the way in which Osric Chau perfectly delivers one of my favourite lines in the entire series.

What’s going on?

There’s a demon in you, and you’re going to your safety school.

2. Season eight is well-loved in certain circles for being perhaps the queerest season ever. Season twelve competed for that distinguished honour but - holy hell - this episode is one of those ones I want to thrust in the face of folks who deny that there is any LGBTQ subtext in Supernatural. Because this episode - it’s a treasure trove of Ho Yay! Moments.

(all gifs from @deanfightswithmonsters)

Including Spanky the Demon, the one who uses too much teeth.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, onto the relationship between 08x01 and its titular material. There are those occasions in Supernatural where the references are clear: “Jus in Belo” is an homage to Assault on Precinct 13, “Stuck in the Middle (With You)” is a love letter to Tarantino, “Appointment in Samarra” directly connects to the Talmudic tale and its many retellings. Songs not only work within the show’s soundtrack to shape its mood and tone, but often find their way into episode titles. These gestures are not meaningless.

But that is not to say that every allusion is equal - some are gestures rather than directives. “We Need to Talk About Kevin” falls in this category, in my opinion. There’s of course a superficial reference there - Kevin Tran’s importance continuing to assert itself over the course of Season 8. Sam’s neglect and abandonment of Kevin is indeed something a resurrected Dean forces him to confront.

But there are many ways to say Kevin will play a central role in this season’s arc that do not reference another work of art. The book the episode is named after was published in 2003; the film adaptation in 2011 (a year before this season). It is wholly possible that the writers did not intend to engage with this source material at all, but that will not stop my little meta brain from insisting otherwise.

I admit - I have not read Shriver’s book, but I have watched (and loved) Lynne Ramsay’s adaptation. The plot centers around Eva Khatchadourian and her struggles to cope with horrific violence perpetrated by her teenage son, Kevin. It is a story of trauma, guilt, loss, pain that unfolds in fragments - Eva’s memories of the past haunt her in the present. It is a tragedy about a fractured family - about psychological damage - about keeping secrets - about avoiding unpleasant and frightening truths. Its title insists it is necessary to confront a problem of which we’d rather not speak.

Intentional or not, 08x01 shares all of these elements. Both center around protagonists enduring a sort of prolonged Purgatory - one where the past hangs heavy over their heads, where a state of suffering persists through the endurance of painful memories of trauma and loss. Like the film, much of its narrative is told in flashbacks - a device that would be employed in nearly every episode of the first half of Season 8. In fact, Season 8 almost contains more flashbacks than the previous seven seasons combined.

The question is: why?

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so basically im a shit artist and i run this also shit gaster blog here
but i drew my dadster and just decided “hey why not upload it here”

ive never really been a huge fan of posting my art online just because im still trying to get comfortable with my art myself, and with that being said i may or may not make an art blog based on the feedback of this shit doodle
but eh, what the hell
here he is


finally decided to make and art blog! you can find it here!   ↪ anemicAberration

its only just started so i dont have a whole lot on there, but please check and out and maybe follow! i hope to post as frequently as possible

Bias Tag Game

tagged by @whoatheresparkie to play this game!! Get ready to see the tags I use for Mister Im Jaebum!

1. End me
2. Fucking slay me
3. Kill me Im Jaebum
4. Daddy
5. Things I live for
7. memebum ftw
10. Excuse me while I die
13. I think I’m dying
14. Fuck me the fuck up
15. oh my dear lord

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