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Tbh from what I've seen so far you deserve more followers than you do now. Companions (with a crush on sole) walk in on sole in the act of being naked?

((Thank you so much! I think you sent this about a month ago, though, back when I had about 150 followers…? I guess I have plenty now! Thanks again!))

Cait: “Oh. Well, then.” She lets herself have one look. One. Her eyes drift up and down Sole’s body, memorizing the sight before she turns on her heel and strides out of the room. Whether anything comes of their relationship or not, she’ll at least have that nice mental image.

Codsworth: “Goodness! Er, did I come at a bad time, Sir/Ma'am?” He doesn’t avert his eyes, but half-hovers out of the room. Lacking a body of his own, he doesn’t have many feelings regarding nudity. But he does understand that his human employers may appreciate modesty.

Curie: She’s oblivious. She came in to ask a question, and calmly asks it as Sole rushes to cover themselves. Being a medical A.I., sexuality is not her forte, seeing the human body in a more detached, scientific manner. Though she blushes red and apologizes when Sole explains the impropriety of her behavior.

Danse: He comes in, blanches, and leaves. He proceeds to avoid eye contact with Sole for the next few days, and avoids all physical contact as well. The last thing he wants is for Sole to think of him as some sort of pervert, but the more he tries not to think about them, the more he does just that.

Deacon: “Whoopsie.” Thank god for quiet footsteps and reflective sunglasses. He had a few seconds to look them over before making a hasty exit, and without meaning to, committed their figure to memory. He feels guilty about it afterwards, though, and acts distant for the next week.

Dogmeat: This discarded underwear seems like the perfect thing to grab and run through Sanctuary with. Why is Sole so agitated?

Hancock: He lets out a long wolf whistle, looking them up and down with a shameless, appreciative gaze. “Tell me again why you wear clothes? We’re all adults here.” If Sole expresses discomfort, he apologizes sincerely and doesn’t act that way again. You can say a lot about the mayor, but he respects preferences.

Nick Valentine: “Oh. Sorry.” He closes the door as quick as he entered, clearing his throat and retreating to another room. He keeps quiet in front of Sole for a while, making no mention of the incident and trying to move on from it as quickly as he can. Best not to linger on things you can’t have.

MacCready: Turns bright red and leaves the room without a word. When Sole comes out, he pulls his hat down over his eyes and cleans his gun obsessively, speaking only in mumbles and grunts. All the ‘alone time’ he takes during the next few days must be a coincidence.

Piper: “Whoa! Nope, nope - didn’t mean to barge in! Didn’t see anything!” She slams the door, her voice muffled on the other side of it. A few seconds later, she opens the door again, this time with her hand over her eyes. “Buuut… If you were to pose for a picture, that’d really boost paper sales.”

Preston: His face heats up, though it’s hard to see on his dark skin. Clearing his throat and pulling his hat down, he mumbles an apology and leaves. Afterwards, he apologizes again, worried he made them uncomfortable. Their comfort is more important any potential selfish enjoyment on his end.

Strong: “WHY HUMAN HAVE THINGS THERE?” He points with a thick finger to Sole’s groin. “STRONG NOT HAVE THINGS.” The mutant proceeds to lower his pants, much to Sole’s horror. Turns out, a side effect of FEV mutation is that it makes the infected lose their genitalia and become asexual. Who knew?

X6-88: Up until this point, X6 has not had much use for the stuff in his pants. They’re for disposing waste - nothing more. But seeing Sole exposed… Well, that’s a new sensation. Acting unaffected by Sole’s appearance, he’s much more attentive in future. More appreciative.

Switched and Confused Part 4

Note: Most of the dialogue is from Thomas Sanders’ video “My TRUE Self ft. Anthony Padilla”

Warnings: Slightly mentioned nudity, angst?, idk, let me know if you find anything else.

Word Count: 1070

Tags: @my-chemical-anx, @colie7700 (someone tag them, this isn’t letting me), @virgils-myspace, @silly-aesthetic-me, @justanotherpurplebutterfly, @here-to-vent, @sanders-angstboi-verge


“I just want things to go back to normal.”

Nothing changed. Yes, Patton and Virgil were in their normal colors, and by extensions, their normal roles, Roman and Logan were still switched.

“Obviously, they can’t,” Roman said after a moment of silence, “Not until you figure this whole identity crisis out.”

“Well then,” Logan cut in, becoming Morality, “Let’s fix it!”

Thomas and the sides were all looking at Thomas’ laptop, mesmerized by the screen.

“The little plane lands in LA, then we land in LA!” Thomas said softly to the other sides, helping them understand. Virgil, who was Morality, smiled and nodded

Anthony walked in and set a glass down on the table.

“In order to be your true self, you’re gonna have to show your full self,” he said.

Thomas and the sides looked at Anthony in confusion.

“It’s beautiful. It’s adult!”

They all realized what this meant. Thomas made a noise of protest, and Virgil switched back to his color scheme, which Logan had previously been wearing. Roman switched Patton, becoming Creativity once again, Patton becoming Logic.

“It’s PG-13.”

“Uh, no,” Virgil said, agreeing with Thomas.

“Don’t be afraid to show those beautiful, adult man-nips.”

“This is making me uncomfortable,” Thomas protested.

“Oh, come on, Thomas!” Roman argued, again taking Anthony’s side. “Showing your body is an art form!”

“Thomas, this is the only reason I subscribe to your channel,” Anthony pushed.

“Okay, if you both are so comfortable with- this, why don’t you just do that, you show your man-nips-” Virgil began as Anthony lifted up his shirt, and Roman began unbuttoning his.

“WHOA! OKAY! Nope no nope! Moving on to the next thing. Nope nope.” Thomas said, putting down his laptop and walking away.

“What?” Roman asked, very confused.

“I thought you wanted me to do that,” Anthony said, also confused.

“No,” Virgil said, walking away as well.

Logan, as Morality, stifled a giggle.

“People who are comfortable with themselves will not be afraid to express their opinion, even if it’s contrary to a popular opinion.”

Virgil took this opportunity to give his opinion, becoming Creativity in the process.

“Heath Ledger is, like, amazing in The Dark Knight,” he said.

“Okay,” Anthony said, “and what would be the negative opinion?”

“He was…. Bad…”

“Exactly! Now, argue that. Make me believe that.”

Virgil switched colors, becoming Morality, “Oh, no. I don’t actually believe that.”

“I know, we’re just doing an exercise here, so just…”

“But I-”

“I know.”

“I don’t know if that’s appropriate, if we should be talking about that.”

“Okay, yeah! This is good! This is good, see! You have an opinion that’s differing than mine…”

“Uh-huh,” Thomas said, following the conversation.

“So, people on YouTube start beef with each other…”

Virgil, still as Morality, cut back in, saying, “Well, I mean, I’m not mad at you, I’m just disappointed. Like, if you actually believe that, that you did a bad job in a movie…”

“We’re doing an…” Anthony said trailing off, knowing that this was a lost cause.

Logan cut in, turning into Morality. “I just feel like we could talk this out over some tea?”

“You know I don’t like tea,” Anthony said.

Patton, seeing this dilemma, interrupted, becoming Morality again, “What about some coffee or water?”

“You know I don’t like coffee, and you know I hate water.”

“Then what do you drink?” Roman asked as Logic.

After a second’s hesitation, Anthony replied, “Gatorade.”


They were back in Anthony’s room, Thomas, Roman and Patton drinking tea, Logan and Virgil drinking coffee (Logan’s had a lot of creamer and sugar, while Virgil’s was black. Even though they were all switched, they still had their preferred drinks.), and Anthony drinking “Gatorade.” Patton was Creativity, Virgil Morality, Logan Anxiety and Roman Logic.

“Okay. So, the world isn’t all sunshine and happiness all the time,” Anthony stated, “And people who are most confident with themselves aren’t afraid of telling a story with a less-than-positive outcome.”

“Mmhmm,” Thomas agreed, swallowing his tea.

“So, how was your day?”

“Oh, it was great!” Virgil said cheerfully.

“No! Give me the dark, true version of that.”

“Oh,” Roman said, a dark tone to his voice, becoming Anxiety, “It was bad.”

“You’ve gotta give me more than that. Make me cry!”

“Oh, okay!” Roman said, realizing. “Ah, it was awful! It was horrible. Every day blends together, one worse than the last.”

“That’s perfect! Now, why? Why was it so bad?”

“No, actually it was great, I’m here with my best friend,” Roman said, switching to Patton’s color scheme.

Anthony rolled his eyes. Maybe this was a lost cause.

“But,” Patton said, “I have had bad days, you know. But that’s okay! There are good days, too!”

Logan, who had been wearing Virgil’s colors after Roman had switched the second time, slowly began to change to his own.

“And, I think, if you didn’t have the bad days, it wouldn’t make the good days mean anything.” As he said this, Patton’s usual gray began to take over the current red of the sweater.

“It gives value to them. It makes those good days shine, stand out.”

Roman’s blue tunic began to give way to a dazzling white, the gray sash slowly turning red.

“Every day will have the chance to bring happiness, and in that, there is hope!”

Virgil’s shirt and jacket, which were stuck on Logan’s blue and black, began to turn black and dark gray.


Anthony looked down, tears in his eyes. Thomas saw and smiled.

“Oh my goodness! I made you cry!”

“I told you to make me cry. I was not expecting it to be in that- that way,” Anthony said softly.

“I just realized,” Logan said, back to being Logic, “What this whole day was about! You have been putting us through these different scenarios, trying to get Thomas to be his truest self, when-”

“When I’ve actually been my truest self this whole time!” Thomas interrupted excitedly.

“Yes! That’s- that’s exactly what I was doing!” Anthony lied.

“Oh my goodness, you are a genius!”

“I am a genius.” Roman, Logan and Virgil all looked at each other, sensing the obvious lie.

“This is why I go to you. I knew you’d help me out.”


“Fantastic. High five!”

They high fived as Thomas stood up to leave. “Good day! Good day!”

“Enjoy your Gatorade!” Patton called out as they left.


There will be a part 5, for when they get back to Florida, but I think that this was a good place to stop for the day. Thank you guys so much for your support! Let me know if you want to be tagged in part 5!

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Like What You See?

for Charlie @hoechlbutt happy early birthday! here’s some fluff, bed sharing, fake/pretend relationships, friends to lovers, and derek’s thumbhole sweater all in 1.6k words 

ao3:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/9227795

“Stiles, please c’mon man do this for us,” Scott pleaded.


“Why not?” Lydia asked.

“What do you mean why not? Why would I want to fake date Derek?” Stiles exclaimed, ignoring his heart thudding in his chest at the thought of dating Derek.

“Please Stiles,” Allison said. “We need a spot at that convention and sending an Alpha without a partner is seriously frowned up.”

“Okay then one of you date him!”

“Stiles just do it okay? For the greater good of the pack,” Isaac added.

Stiles knew he wasn’t getting out of this. He was the only single member left and there was no way Derek could pass off dating someone outside of the pack.

“Fine. But you guys owe me big time,” Stiles eventually said.

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“You’re going to like him, I promise.”

Dean narrowed his eyes at Jess, his brother Sam’s fiancée. “Uh huh. So you’re definitely not trying to set me up with him.”

Jess made a pfft noise and smirked at Sam, who sat beside her peering at the restaurant menu. “No, of course not,” she said. She nudged Sam until he finally looked up.

“Oh, yeah, right,” he said. “No set-ups. We just thought you should meet him, since he’s also in the wedding party.”

“But he’s single,” Dean said flatly.

“Well, yeah, but that has nothing to do with it,” Jess said as she twiddled a blonde curl in her fingers.

Dean crossed his arms. “That’s your tell, you know. When you’re lying.” He indicated where Jess’s hair curled around her finger.

She yanked it back. “What? No it isn’t.”

“Um yeah, it kind of is,” Sam said. Jess smacked him and he rubbed his arm with a pout.

“Ow. That hurt.”

“You’re supposed to be on my side, Samuel Winchester.” She broke off with an excited gasp and waved frantically at something over Dean’s shoulder.

Dean twisted in his chair and caught his first glimpse of Jess’s friend, one of the groomsmen.

For a guy named Cas, he wasn’t what Dean was expecting.

Cas was white, with dark hair and a five o’clock shadow. He wore jeans and a button-down polo, which revealed his built figure. Dean had pictured a bro type, with a tan and sunglasses, but this guy was more rugged, more natural. As Cas approached, his nervous half-smile also revealed that he wasn’t cocky, which was a good sign.

That, and the fact that he was really hot. The chiseled jaw, the high cheekbones, the blue eyes…

God damn it.

Sam and Jess stood to greet him, and Dean saw that Cas was taller than Jess, though shorter than Sam —– which wasn’t too surprising, since Sam was a giant. If Dean were able to stand, he figured he and Cas would be roughly the same height.

“It’s so good to see you!” Jess said, her voice muffled in Cas’s chest as she hugged him.

Cas chuckled, his voice deep. “It’s good seeing you, too. You look great.” He stepped back and smiled.

“Hi, I’m Sam,” Sam said, and he moved forward to shake hands before gesturing down to Dean. “And this is my brother, Dean.”

A flash of surprise passed over Cas’s face, but he quickly masked it with a smile.

Ah, so Jess hadn’t told him that Dean was in a wheelchair. Fun.

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I’ve just the rum for company (1/1)

Mostly inspired by the Neverland Renaissance 2.0 prompt:

Our heroes are on their way home, now that Henry’s safe. Emma goes looking for Killian and she almost gives in to their attraction and desire for each other, but Killian stops her because he knows she’s not ready for “them”

With extra Killian “I’m not good enough” Jones self-hatred for good measure.

WC: ~2.5k

A/N: I can no longer deprive myself of Neverland angst, hence this drabble.  ‘Tis my first time writing for OUAT or CS, un-beta-ed, I wrote this while hangry, other excuses for sub-par writing here (oh god why don’t I ever just stick with past tense), etc.  It works as a one-shot (I think) but my imagination might convince me to continue?

It doesn’t mean to come out as more than a breath of relief, but ends up sounding more like a disappointed sigh instead.

“Emma?” Snow asks hesitantly, “Is something wrong?”

They were standing at the docks, having just arrived from Neverland moments ago, and it was a hectic but joyous reunion.  For most of them, anyway.

“What?  No, of course not,” Emma replies immediately.  Snow blinks a few times, not expecting the sudden denial.  Emma winces internally but puts on a smile, hoping to prevent any further digging.

“It’s perfectly fine if you’re not feeling okay, Emma.”  Snow gives her an encouraging nod and a disconcertingly wide smile.  “A lot has happened.”

Things are far from fine, Emma thought to herself.  Not only was Henry probably suffering from some serious psychological trauma after trying to sacrifice himself to his nefarious great-grandfather, but his presumed-to-be-deceased father was back from the dead.  And while Emma was beyond relieved to know he was alright, his confession in the Echo Caves to never stop fighting for her certainly threw her for a loop.  He’d had many a chance to fight for her in the past, but he hadn’t come back until she (accidentally) found him.  Even then, he’d rather run away and give up on her yet again than face his father.  And speaking of confessions-

Whoa, nope, you stop right there, Emma chastised herself silently.  She had enough on her mind to even ponder the importance of everything else revealed to her and by her in those caves.

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“Not this time,” Oliver said.

Felicity scoffed.“Why not?” she demanded.

“Because this time, he knows the truth,” Oliver replied softly.

“What are you talking about? It was a ruse. You offered me up as bait. I’m pretty sure that proves I’m not the love of your life. If Slade wanted to get to you, I’m the last person he’d go through.”

He grimaced. “Is that what you think? That I don’t care?”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, of course you care. I mean, that’s so not the point right now. The point is that nothing has changed. He overlooked me then. If anything, I’m safer now.”

“I still wake up with nightmares of how everything could have gone so wrong with that plan,” Oliver confessed, taking a step towards her, shaking his head. “I still remember the blade on your throat. I’ve never hated myself more.”

“Oliver, can we just stop with the self-pity? This is hardly the time…”

“No, this is exactly the time. Because apparently, without the threat of Slade taking you away from me, I can’t seem to manage to face the truth.” He stopped a few inches away from her. “I can’t have you in the middle of this again. I can’t have Slade anywhere near you, because he isn’t going to wait for me this time. He’ll kill you, the first chance he gets. Because I led him straight to you.” He reached out and placed a hand on her cheek. “And if that happens, he’d win, because he would have killed the woman I love the most.”

Felicity narrowed her eyes at him, before jerking her head away. “Whoa. Deja vu." 


“Nope, not this time. I’m not falling for that again.”

#44 - You Walk In On Your Child Having An Intimate Moment
  • A/N: The names are taken from the Family Series that was previously written! All the children are 18 years old in this preference!
  • Louis: "Louis, I just have a feeling that we shouldn't have left Gray and Marci alone tonight..." You mumble to your husband as he sat next to you in the booth of the restaurant while he played a game with your youngest child, Hayes, who sat across the table with his older sister Quincy. "Oh, they're fine." He laughs and rolls his eyes as he quickly pays for the check. You sigh and gather your things and stayed quiet the rest of the way home. As you pulled into the garage you grabbed Louis' thigh, "Why don't you go in and check...just to make sure that the kids don't see anything." You mumble, just loud enough for him to hear. He nods and moves inside while you kept Hayes and Quincy occupied in the car. "Mum, I hate to break it to you, but they're probably doing what they're not supposed to be." Quincy, Grayson's twin sister, laughed. You sighed and nodded, "Oh I know." You mumble. Meanwhile, Louis walked upstairs quietly and moved towards Grayson's room, putting his ear up to the door, hearing small moans and hushed voices. He knocked on the door with a laugh, "Just thought I'd let you know that we're all home and your mother is pissed off! So, if I were you, I'd get dressed and get out here like nothing happened." He says before he walked away. Grayson groaned and looked at Marci, "Time to get even more embarrassed." He groans as he gets up and grabs his clothes.
  • Niall: You and Niall were driving home with your oldest daughter, Sophie, after you had picked her up from college for a quick weekend visit. You had left your youngest, Addie, at home with her boyfriend Max whom you and Niall loved dearly. "To be honest, dad, I'm really surprised that you let Addie stay home...along with Max." Sophie laughs from the backseat. "I mean, you guys never let me be alone with Daniel until I was in college on my own," She jokes. "Well, I'm still not too happy about that," Niall jokes as he pulls into the driveway. "I'm sure they're behaving. I can't imagine Addie doing anything like that this young...she's a good girl." You say, just to try to reassure yourself. You didn't want to think of your little girl doing anything along those lines. You helped Sophie carry her bags in and you stopped dead in your tracks as you walked into the kitchen, spying Addie sitting on the counter with her legs wrapped around Max's waist, making out. "Whoa, okay, nope. We're not doing that!" You say quickly, making them jump and pull away completely embarrassed. "Hey...um, welcome home sis." Addie said nervously trying to change the subject as Max fixed his shirt. "Oh, don't act all innocent." Sophie laughed as she hugged her baby sister.
  • Liam: "We're going upstairs," Your oldest son, Ben, shouted as he followed his girlfriend of two years, Eloise, up the steps quickly. You glance over at Liam who was sitting next to your youngest son, Luke, on the couch watching a football game. He glanced over at you with raised eyebrows, giving you the 'you're really letting them do that?' look. You rolled your eyes and turned your attention back to your book, ignoring the sound of the TV that was filling the room. After a while, Liam excused himself and disappeared up the stairs. You sighed and followed him up quietly. You snuck around the corner of the hallway and froze when you heard Liam's voice, "What in God's name are you doing? Are you serious? Benjamin Joseph, Oh my God!" You heard him shout. You ran down the hall and grabbed his arm as you went into Ben's room, shocked to see him and Eloise barely covered by his sheets, completely naked. "Liam, get out. Come on." You say, yanking on his arm. "I can't believe this!" He shouted as he turned his back to them and rushed out the room. You sighed and shielded your eyes, "Get dressed you two...and get out here..." You say before shutting the door. "And you said we could trust them." Liam snapped as you looked at him. You rolled your eyes and waited for Ben and Eloise to emerge.
  • Zayn: "Zayn," You hiss, shaking your husband violently as you sat up in bed. "What?" He groaned after a few seconds, "(Y/N), it's three in the morning, what could you possibly want?" He groans loudly. "I heard the door open downstairs...I think someone is in the house." You whisper as you watched him rub his eyes. "Okay, fine, I'll go check." He mumbles as he pushes himself up out of bed and moves towards the door. "Stay here." He sighs as he leaves your room and moves downstairs. He flicked on the lights as he went, searching through the rooms one by one as he went down the hall. He made it to the stairs and heard soft voices coming from downstairs and slowly made his way down. He peeked around the corner into the living room and softly gasped at the sigh before him. His youngest son, Mason, was hovering above his girlfriend, Abbey, on the couch and both of them had their shirts off. Zayn cleared his throat and Mason pulled away quickly, looking back at him, "D-ad...Shit..." He mumbles. "I suggest that Abbey leave." He says simply before moving back upstairs. You looked up at him as he came in, "It was just Mason...and Abbey...and that's all I'm going to say." He says, crawling back into bed.
  • Harry: Your youngest child, Emmett, was spending the night at a friends house and your oldest, Olivia, had told you two to go out and enjoy a date night. So, you and Harry did just that. You two went to a fancy dinner and the movies for the first time in ages. You returned home late that night and as you pulled into the drive, you realized that Jason's car, Olivia's boyfriend, was parked there. You and Harry brushed it off because Jason was frequently at your house. They were inseparable. Harry followed you in, his hands on your hips giving you small kisses down your neck, making you giggle and feel like a teenager again. "Where's Livi?" You ask softly as you glance into the den where they usually hung out and watched movies. "I don't know...You don't think they...you don't they would be having...you don't think?" Harry stuttered, having a hard time imagining that his little girl would do such a thing. "I'll go check." You say gently and move quickly up the stairs, opening her door without warning. "Oh my god, Olivia!" You shout, closing the door as quickly as you had opening it. "Shit!" You heard Jason shout as they began to shuffle around the room to collect their clothes. "Harry, don't come up here!" You shout, not wanting Harry to get involved because you knew it would make the situation worse.