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Well-Packaged Tights

He May Be Working The Junk In His Trunk With Those Moves, But He Has Some Nice Junk In His Glove Box, Or If You Will, His Jock Box!

Whoa, Nellie!

Character Analysis: Shiro

[ Lance ] [ Hunk ] [ Pidge ] [ Keith ] [ Allura ] [ Coran ]

Just for entertaining meta-ish purposes I’m going to do these in the order that the characters are introduced in the show. So that means we’re starting off with Fearless Space Leader. 

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The emotional peak of the scene is Ron looking around astonished, he’s been Leslie Knoped the hardest he’s ever been Leslie Knoped. He goes to Leslie and says, ‘I’ve got a problem, I want to be useful. That’s a new thing for me. I’m uncomfortable, help me. I’ve made the mistake of not consulting you before and I don’t intend to make that mistake again.’ And she f—ing hands him a national park (laughs) and says ‘Here, paddle your canoe, walk around by yourself in this park, that’s your job.’ And oh boy! Whoa Nellie! I had to look at Leslie and say, ‘Thank you, Leslie.’ And Mike even did me the favor of writing the stage direction ‘very small’ before the line ‘Thank you, Leslie.’ I was rehearsing it the night before, and I’m in the park, talking to these rangers, the crew was there in my head, and I’m saying, ‘What are you telling me, Mike, by saying ‘very small’? And I did the scene sitting in my living room and I did it very small and I said, ‘You son of a bitch!’ For Ron, it’s the biggest thing by far that he has had to say in 125 episodes, and Mike told me to do it very small, knowing how greatly that would compound its impact. I was saying ‘Thank you, Leslie,’ and then I would think ‘Thank you, Amy,’ and I would think ‘Thank you, Mike, thank you, Morgan [Sackett. executive producer], thank you, Dean [Holland, director].’ I felt like I was the show saying thank you to everybody… Mike allowed me the equivalent of saying thank you to the universe—thank you to my parents for giving birth to me and thank you to Mother Nature for making me, so that I could stand here and say thank you to Leslie for giving me her final gift.‘
—  Nick Offerman on Leslie hiring Ron in the future (X

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Continued from the last post.

Good grief, at it again with the threats and the temper, huh Melody? For someone as spontaneous as you claim to be, you’re very predictable.

Is that how you act around EVERYONE that comes to Air Supplena, or just the ones you want to sleep with? That’s a hell of a way to treat your friends, Melody. Threatening them. Going straight for the throat at a moment’s notice. It’s not scary, you know. It’s just irritating.

You’re irritating. Just look at you.

It’s no wonder you can’t make any friends.

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anonymous asked:

Ken, the paparazzi who spoils things correctly, is going around saying that olicity has moments post 520 but that they don't end the season officially reunited (that second half was said in DMs). People are speculating they'll end it in a good place like 223, but I think they're making a big mistake because another hiatus where they're not together is too much for me. Even if in a good place, by 601 months will have passed. I don't think he's lying, so what do you make of this?

Whoa nelly! I just took a peek at my inbox and I have at least 30 asks regarding this.

So I’m going to answer this now. Just so I can get to other questions on Thursday or it frees people up to ask me something else if they’d like. SPOILERS AHEAD!

So, I disagree with your assertion that Ken or Canadagraphs spoil things correctly. 

Yes, they do spoil things correctly sometimes. Especially when accompanied by photographic evidence. However, they don’t spoil things correctly ALL the time. They get it wrong just plenty.

I read the exchange on Twitter. Ken was pretty clear that he was making an assumption based on what he’s seen so far. He literally used the word assumption folks. This is not concrete information. This is just what he’s cobbled together from whatever he’s seen.

In another ask I received the Anon said Ken and CG get scripts. Uhhh… I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. I’m not sure what the technical term is, but I’m just going to make one up. I think what CG and Ken get their hands on a lot is a shooting schedule. I think there’s a brief description of what’s going to be shot/ the overall scene, location etc, but I don’t think they are walking around with complete scripts. That is just my assumption based on what I’ve cobbled together.

Ken spoiled the 2x23 kiss before we knew about it. That’s true. However, I think he confirmed he got it from the shooting schedule and the scene description. It was the same for the 5x20 love scene. He got that off a shooting schedule and scene description, but he wasn’t looking at the script. Ken also said FOR SURE that the 5x20 love scene was in present day. There was nothing in the scene description to indicate otherwise. But he was wrong. It is not a present day love scene. It’s a flashback. Confirmed by Marc Guggenheim. 

So… do I think his assumption is right? No. I do not. I don’t know what information he has. I don’t know what he’s basing these assumptions off of, but here’s how I look at the paparazzi. I am skeptical of pretty much everything they say unless they back it up with photographic evidence - like LL’s death. There’s been multiple times they’ve whipped the fandom into a frenzy and the information was inaccurate. There’s been times they have been accurate, but they are not the only source of information I go off of.

Let’s just put aside all the evidence on the show, which as you all know I believe is the most important piece. We’ve had other confirmations of Olicity’s reunion. I’d encourage everyone to read my HFVV Chicago post if you haven’t. David Ramsey flat out said Olicity reunites before the finale. No, Laura did not misunderstand him. I did not misunderstand David when I spoke to him at HVFF. When has David ever lied to us? Umm… never. David tells it like it is. Given that he has read all the scripts, I feel like David Ramsey is a pretty reliable source.

Marc confirmed back in JULY at SDCC they are rebuilding Olicity. That’s honestly the only spoiler I needed folks. The rest has all been extra. From my perspective that’s exactly what they are doing this season, but we’re going to dig deep into the rebuild in 5x20. All the spoilers for 5x20 seem to indicate that Olicity addresses their issues. This is NOT something they did in the fourth season when Arrow had every intention of putting them on pause. You don’t have the characters address the issues and then pause. That’s illogical from a narrative perspective. The reason why Olicity’s issues haven’t been addressed until now is because they didn’t want to reunite them until the end of the season. It’s just that simple. It’s a television show. May Sweeps is still a thing. The whole reason Arrow is circling back to these “issues” is to reunite them. I have zero doubt.

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heyo, my dudes

this is technically the same ol’ blog i used to have but i decided it was time to remake. i needed a nice, fresh start. i wanna start using tags to keep my blog organized. i had my old blog for 5 years and it was a MESS of just everything, and i eventually got sick of it. so here’s to a new start.

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i post:

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i wanna tag some mutuals off the top of my head too if you guys don’t mind.

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anonymous asked:

So how do you feel about the new heathers reboot cast? I don't really know what to think. Like yes I'm happy they're being diverse but at the same time I feel like the heathers at least were supposed to represent what society things girls should look and act? Idk I'm torn?

Lemme just break this down:
1. The Heathers, AKA the villains, are all minorities (non-binary, fat, lesbian and black) and yet?? JD and Veronica are skinny white straights?
2.T H E Y G O T R I D O F M A R T H A
3. It kind of defeats the point. The premise of Heathers is you have these 3 girls who are the stereotypes of conventional popularity (I’m down for black lesbian Heather M because that still fits in the image of “hot popular girl” I’m mostly talking about the other two) and they get knocked down from their position of power. By making them “diverse” you’re not helping the communities they’re representing at all. Do they think it’s good NB representation to have the only non binary person be a villain??
4. Heather Chandler being overweight defeats part of the purpose of her character; being a bitch and a bully to overweight/nerdy/whatever people. Turning her into the things she targets is not good representation, it’s just bad story telling.
5. I’ll just repeat the fact that the people playing JD and Veronica are skinny, white, and straight. Not great representation.
And whoa nelly, that’s just the cast. I have all sorts of problems with the show and premise itself, the main being that it’s completely and utterly unnecessary, and honestly why ruin a good thing? Heathers has an amazing movie and a beautiful musical and adding something else is so extra and guaranteed it will not be as good as either the movie or the musical.
Don’t unfollow me for hating please ?? I’m so sorry lmao