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“Caroline’s conversation with Princess Grace may be interesting, but Albert finds the camera more so.”

Princess Grace with her children Caroline and Albert, photographed by Howell Conant.

Princess Grace is wearing a blue silk outfit by Traina-Norell of New York.

My scan from LOOK magazine (August 18, 1959)

HHHH Osomatsu-san “Drake and Josh” tho

  • osomatsu being drake, the brother who uses orange soda as mouthwash, signs his name on a newspaper and turns it in for a class assignment, eats a hotdog wearing a tuxedo
  • choromatsu being josh, the brother obsessed with oprah Nyaa-chan, eats another person’s enchilada that did not belong to him, works at a movie theater with a boss who hates him but just adores his sh*tty brother for some reason

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i feel like the ‘seeding’ process is complete and huge trees are standing tall and people are just waiting for someone to clarify what kind of tree it is so they can move on