whoa it speaks

You know, ‘Maya’, the sanskrit word for illusion.
—  white woman, in Boulder

This is my sister Sophia. We call her Spohie. These are her beautiful Homestuck cosplays.

My sister is not allowed to cosplay Homestuck anymore. They also think cosplay is not apart of her “true self” and that she has an unhealthy obsession.

She is also pansexual. They believe being gay is a choice and she is choosing to be a separate sexuality besides straight because it is a fad. They also think taking away her “unhealthy obsession” will help her become a better and happier when person, when really now she can’t do what she loves and she feels like she’s being a controlled and now feels worse then what she did before the therapy.

However the rest of the household is going to continue to think that this is helping her. That taking away what she loves to do is making her happy. That forcing her to believe that she isn’t pansexual will make her better. That deciding what she likes and what she can like is the right thing to do.

She is on a leash. It’s unfair. And those cosplays above that she worked so hard on she may never be able to use again as long as she is underage and living under parental guidance. She may never be able to express herself and love another person that doesn’t show that she is 100% straight for another five years.

Please show her some support. She isn’t allowed on the internet and has no cell phone to talk to her friends and can only see her moirail for a short time when she’s on the bus. Maybe she’ll feel better to know folks are on her side and we hope she can express herself while she’s still a kiddo once again.


A lot of people often generalize Africa as jungles and huts so here is a collection of spectacular cities in Africa! 

In order shown: 

Cape Town, South Africa 

Nairobi, Kenya

Port Louis, Mauritius

Accra, Ghana 

Johannesburg, South Africa 

Libreville, Gabon 

Windhoek, Namibia 

Tunis, Tunisia

Gaborone, Botswana

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania