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Wouldn’t it be great to see Keith and Lance grow to love each other and make it official towards the beginning of a season that isn’t the last season or the last episode of the entire series?

We could have reunions after battle, in battle, cuddling in the background, training together, teasing each other, encouraging each other, cheek kisses, forehead kisses, nuzzles, and then when the show concludes they’re just a relationship that’s been there for a while. They seem happy and natural.


A lot of people often generalize Africa as jungles and huts so here is a collection of spectacular cities in Africa! 

In order shown: 

Cape Town, South Africa 

Nairobi, Kenya

Port Louis, Mauritius

Accra, Ghana 

Johannesburg, South Africa 

Libreville, Gabon 

Windhoek, Namibia 

Tunis, Tunisia

Gaborone, Botswana

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

I Wish I Was Enough

Benny x Reader

Note: I am so, so sorry this took so long to get out of you guys! Life has been crazy lately and I’ve been kind of neglecting this blog a little which I apologize for and hope you’ll forgive me! Please let me know what you think! 

Request: anonymous asked: benny x reader fic where he wants to propose but he feels bad because he doesn’t have enough money to buy a fancy ring. like he explains to y/n why he’s been working so much and stuff. maybe a proposal too.

Warnings: nothing 

Word Count: 1,202

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Glancing at your watch, you sigh when it reads 7:30pm. This is the fourth time this week Benny had been so late coming home. Each night when you had finished work and made your way up to the small apartment you and Benny share, you’d hoped that he would be waiting for you but each night you were disappointed.

You decide to give up just sitting around waiting for him and pull a book off the shelf, an old book that you’ve read more times than you can count. Without realizing, it’s the same book you tend to read every time you start to feel worried like things are suddenly going to go wrong. You curl up in the armchair that looks out the window and let yourself get lost in the familiar story.

“Baby?” Benny’s smooth voice disrupts your focus so suddenly that you jump in surprise when he speaks. “Whoa, didn’t mean to scare you,” he says, his eyes wide as you stare up at him.

“It’s okay… I just didn’t hear you come in” you explain as you rub your hand down your face. “You look tired, are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m okay, just a long day,” he says, giving you a small smile as he kisses your head.

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First off, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE 2000 OH MY GOD (I’m shook). 

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scurry-go-sims turned 3 today!

WHA? Totally taken by surprise here. Usually I do a whole YAY ME post! I am so busy right now, though! I have a guest in the house, and I am moving soon, so … it wasn’t on my mind how long I have been around! Time passed so quickly! Three years I’ve been Simblring?!!? Whoa. I still feel brand new. 

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