whoa i just realized

whoa I just realized it’s called deodorant because it de-odors you like it takes away your odor and you’re an ant

Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

Oh my god, I just realized that Supercorp reminds me a lot of Hollstein. We have a nerdy blonde journalist that’s super shy and flustered and a ray of sunshine but has a good heart and wants to save everyone. Then there’s the smirking, broodier dark haired woman who’s well-read and smart and tries to help their girlfriend in their quest. Also, they’re emotionally vulnerable and look intimidating but they’re actually gay puddles around their girlfriends. Everyone has an angsty history and major death in their youth.

 Damn, even the mothers are the same. Like Lena and Carmilla’s mothers were both emotionally abusive towards them and had a brother they loved that ended up being a bad guy. They’re both constantly doubted at first by their gf’s friends and allies. They both even have exes that are killed because of them! Also, Kara and Laura both lost their mother (and her entire planet in Kara’s case) and it inspired them to become journalists. 

I just realized something

JK and JM saw the firework at Disney right? Fireworks make for a very pretty scenery so I thought it was kinda weird that JK didn’t record it/add it for his video since it seems to go with its aesthetic, but you know what this means? Watching the fireworks with JM was probably so especial to JK that he decided to either not upload the footage or just don’t record at all to enjoy the moment.

Whoa, you guys! I just realized Mercedes has three e’s that are all pronounced differen- *Obama kicks down my door and cuts me in half with a katana*

Dating Zach Dempsey would include:

• Zach was extremely protective over you, specially if Bryce Walker was around. He never told you why (“I can’t, baby, not now. It’s not my secret to share”), but he made sure you knew he was dangerous and never let Walker anywhere near you.
• He was so naive sometimes
“I like the new shirt, Zach”
“Thanks princess. Can you believe it was 50% off?”
“I’d like it better 100% off”
“Don’t be silly. They can’t just give their products away, their business would break!”
~I saw this one in somebody else’s imagine from Shadowhunters, but I don’t recall who :(~
• You were very random and that was one of his favorite things about you
“What do you want to order?”
“Do you remember that guy from Mulan?”
“I don’t think they sell him on this restaurant”
“I was just thinking you kinda look like him”
• Cute nicknames, mostly “little one”, since your heigh difference was ridiculously huge.
• You would tease him by calling him Jackie Chan (because of his middle name).
“This is gonna bite you in the ass someday. You’ll get used to calling me Jackie Chan and someday you’ll just accidentally say that in front of other people and embarrass yourself”
• He would always respect you and let you decide how far things would go.
• Sweet, gentle and passionate first time
• You were always in the front seat on his basketball games and you would chat with all the moms and dads
“See that really tall handsome guy over there? His name is Zach. He’s my boyfriend. Isn’t he the best looking human you’ve ever seen?
• You found Hannah Baker’s letter when he dropped his wallet in your room.
"Zach… what is this?”
“Can we not talk about it? Please, sweetheart. That hurts me a lot”
“I just wanna let you know that people change, okay? You did something wrong and I know you regret it, I’m sure Hannah would forgive you if she saw the amazing and caring guy you are now”
• He was also random, like
“whoa baby I just realized you have a mermaid kinda thing going on in your hair”
“Shit. Did I forgot to remove the seashells when I left the ocean this morning?”
“God you’re an idiot. I mean the locks”
• He stares. A lot. Because he thinks you’re the prettiest girl in the whole world.
• He’s really jealous, not because he doesn’t trust you, but because he doesn’t trust the boys.
“Come on, you know I trust you, it’s him I don’t trust”
“You think Clay Jensen is gonna make a move on me? Oh please honey, use your smart little brain”
• You wearing his shirts and, since he’s a giant, they’d look like dresses on you
• He’s not a fan of PDA, except when he’s drunk. In that case, he’s just all over you. He’s very weak for drinking, so just a shot would put him on “man on the wilderness” mode.
“DUDE have you met my girlfriend?”
“Yeah Zach you just introduced us, like, two minutes ago”
“Okay hold up I’ll come get her and you’ll see us holding hands. Seriously don’t go anywhere I’ll go get her”
• He loves you so much, and the first time he told you so went a little like this:
“Zach you’ll be late for your next period, stop procrastinating with me!”
“How come you get to procrastinate and I don’t?”
“I’m reckless, I’m a rebel”
“Don’t kid yourself”
“Okay fine. I have a free period because my tutor is sick and didn’t come today”
“And I don’t mind skipping a period to stay with you. Except if it’s Bio. Then I’ll have to go”
“Oh, so you’re saying Bio is more important than me?” you laughed.
“I’m only joking. I love you more than anything in this life”
“Y-you what?”
“God. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you off. Please don’t feel suffocated and leave me. I’ll back off I promise. I will never say these words again”
“Calm down Zach. I’m just speechless. I mean, you know… I love you too”

I’m Home - Jungkook x Reader

So I decided to write this because I was definitely feeling it. Like really feeling it.
So this one is really fucking smutty.
So beware of the smut 😂
Anyway, enjoy 💎❤
Word count: 1,106


You walked into the apartment you and Kookie shared.
“Jungkook! I’m home!”
You yelled out loud.
No reply
“Jungkook! Hello?”
You yelled out once more.
And still no reply at all.
You start towards his bedroom.
The door is shut and locked.
You walk up to the door and put your ear up to it.
You heart a faint moan fall from his mouth.
Omg. You thought to yourself.
This is not happening right now.
You and Kookie weren’t in a relationship, there were a few times you two flirted, but that was all.

You listened more.
“F-Fuck Y/N”
Jungkook moaned out loud.
You gasped quietly.
There was no way in hell this Is happening right now.
You quietly unlocked the door.
And carefully cracked it open, peering inside.
There layJungkook on his bed, with one hand getting himself off.
His eyebrows were furrowed, and he was very concentrated.
“Fuck yes.” He moaned out as he threw his head back.
The sight you saw made you wet.
Very wet.
You suddenly felt a surge of confidence.
You opened the door all the way.
Kookies head shot up.
He pulled the covers over him self.
“No, don’t cover yourself up.”
You slowly walked over towards the bed
Dropping your coat on the floor
Shedding your pants and shirt along the way.
You were now left in your bra and panties.
“Y/N this would be wr-”
“Shhh.” You cut him off by putting a finger to his lips.
“It is perfectly fine, I have always wanted this Jungkook, and you know you have too.”
After you said that, he smiled and let out a soft sigh.
You smiled.
You got on your knees in between his legs.
You grasped his huge dick in your hand.
You slowly pumped it up and down.
Kookie let out a soft moan.
You then replaced your hand with your mouth, sucking Jungkook off.
His fingers tangled in your hair.
He threw his head back and let out s throaty moan.
You then tease the tip of his dick.
You slowly swirl your tongue around the tip.
“F-fuck Y/N, I wouldn’t fucking do that if I were you.”
He warned you.
You kept on with your actions , teasing him even more.
Jungkook got off the bed, and picked you up all in one swift motion.
He then threw you on the bed.
“Y/N, I fucking  told you not to, didn’t I?”
He growled.
You chuckled
“Jungkook, darling, I just couldn’t help my self.”
He let out a laugh.
“Just wait until I fuck you so hard you won’t be able to fucking walk.”
He whispered in your ear.
What he said sent shivers straight down your spine.
His lips attached to your jaw, licking, biting, and sucking.
Leaving behind deep, purple marks.
His lips trailed further down your neck, leaving behind even more marks.
You let out a soft moan.
Jungkook’s hands headed for the back of your bra, unclasping it.
He threw your bra across the room.
He dipped his head between your breasts, kissing , and sucking as he went.
He then took your right nipple into his mouth.
You let out a moan.
“Ah jungkook”
You moaned.
He had worked magic onto your nipple.
He continued trailing down your stomach, peppering kisses all down your torso.
He then reached your panties.
“Won’t be needing these.”
He said cockily.
He basically jerked your panties down.
Jungkook then pulled his own shirt over his head, and pulled his pants off completely.
He spread your legs apart, his muscles flexing with every move he made.
His tongue then attached to your clit so suddenly.
You curled your toes, arched your back and  moaned all at the same time.
He was giving you so much pleasure.
He licked and sucked on your clit.
He moaned,sending vibrations through your pussy.
“Fuck!” You belted out really loud.
Jungkook smirked at the effect he had on you.
You were a writhing mess beneath him.
His mouth truly worked magic on you.
“Shit Jungkook , I’m close.”
You moaned out.
He pulled away.
You whimpered at the sudden loss of contact.
Jungkook laughed.
“Little impatient aren’t we?”
He teased you.
He ran his fingers over your folds.
Causing you to moan out.
He then smacked your ass.
“I asked a question Y/N”
He said slightly aggressive.
You moaned.
“Y-Yes Jungkook, I am so fucking impatient.”
He chuckled darkly.
He smirked .
“Of course you are darling, just a slight touch and you give into me easily.”
You whined
“Please Jungkook, just fuck me please!”
You pleased out.
“I can’t hear you darling, you have to speak up.”
You yelled.
“Jeon Jungkook, just please fuck me, my god please just fuck the shit out of me please!”
He smiled and laughed.
“That’s more like it.”
Without any warnings at all, he slammed in at full speed into you.
You belted out a loud moan.
Jungkook picked up his speed even more, thrusting in and out of you.
He let out a grunt.
“Shit, you’re so fucking tight Y/N.”
He kept going at fast pace, thrusting in and our of you, you felt so fucking good at this point, you felt like you were in heaven.
“Holy shit Jungkook, it feels s-so good.” You moaned out.
He smirked and bit his lip.
He looked so fucking hot from here, his eyes focused on you, beads of sweat rolling down his face.
“Fuckkk Jungkook I’m close.”
You practically screamed out.
“Come for me darling, come all over my fucking cock.” He whispered huskily in your ear.
You were indulged in so much pleasure, it was such an amazing feeling.
You started reaching your high.
And it felt amazing.
You belted out long and loud moans.
Profanities slipped from your mouth.
“Oh my fucking god.”
“Jungkook.” You yelled out.
That sent him over the edge, he then released inside of you.
“Shitt Y/N.” He moaned.
Jungkook kept up his pace, riding through both of your highs.
You both were moaning out at the amazing feeling.
Jungkook then slowed down, and pulled out of you.
He was breathing heavily, sweat covering his face and abs.
He smiled down at you.
He layed down, pulling you against him.
Wrapping his arms around you.
“That was so amazing .”
You said out loud
He nuzzled into your neck.
“It sure fucking did.”
He said with a smile.
“So I guess this means we’re dating now, Jungkook?” You asked him in a soft voice.
“ Of course darling.”
Jungkook smiled down at you.
He kissed you.
You both layed there, and slowly falling asleep.

Whoa. Holy shit. This was one smuttty imagine.
Damn I didn’t realize just how dirty I wrote this 😂
I may seem all innocent on the outside to my friends and all, but on the inside I’m a total freak 😂😂
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!
Please, send me requests! I definitely need them!!
Thank you for reading ❤❤

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so i just took my first dose of adderall 10mg, and at first i didn't notice anything, but i took my heart pill and now. holy shit. it's so QUIET. I feel FANTASTIC, but now i have to actually try doing something besides eating lol. i just. whoa. i didn't realize just how much my head did! i feel like i could binge a show! i might! instead of checking tumblr every minute of video and only making it through two episodes!

Hooray! It’s so great when medication works well, isn’t it? :)


Plot Idea:

In the near future, someone sets up a multiplayer/MMO video game which is an incredibly detailed 3-d virtual reality. Its controls are freeform, and it can map hand and head movements perfectly. It’s an open world setting, so players can do things in it like build stuff out of random materials, and there’s a farming/grinding aspect.

An unscrupulous third party hires players to perform some oddly specific in-game activity: perhaps an agricultural or crafting task. They pay in game currency.

It turns out this person has reverse-engineered the virtual reality software. The players’ movements guide the movements of robotic hands performing the task in the real world all day long. It’s a task that people would normally be paid a living wage to do.

Jobs continue to dwindle; discouraged job-seekers stay home and play video games, where at least they feel rewarded for their efforts; it’s a way to pass the time, right?

whoa it took me 14 years to finally just realize why i had moved schools the first time, after kindergarten. i had gotten reprimanded multiple times for crawling under the seats or poking holes in them and then finally got my bus privileges revoked because i bit a kids hand and we moved after that. i cant believe it took me that long to realize it. 

SHINee fanfiction

i just realized that I’ve never posted links to all my fanfiction here lol So for any of you that have been wanting to read anything, I’ll leave these here!

(newest to oldest) * = oneshot

*Sleepless  Night (future!jongkey, non-AU, fluff, completed)

If Kibum woke up in the middle of the night to an empty bed, Jonghyun was always in his little studio down the hall. 

*Lonely (jongkey, AU, angst, some fluff, character death, trigger warning, completed)

Kibum was tired and lonely. There had to be something missing from his life. He wasn’t sure he wanted to live it anymore.

*Company (jongkey, aedan-millspuppyjjong AU, humor, completed)

Jonghyun doesn’t appreciate when alone time with his master is interrupted by company.

*Hug (jongkey, non-AU, fluff/humor, completed)

Key asks Jonghyun for a hug.

*Polaroid (jongkey, non-AU, fluff/humor, completed)

Too much jongkey? Not possible.

*Skeleton Flower (jongkey, non-AU, character death, trigger warning, completed)

Inspired by Jonghyun’s Skeleton Flower

*Bubbles and Kisses (jongkey, non-AU, fluff, completed)

Jonghyun and Key enjoy a bubble bath after comeback preparations.

Rain: Lock & Key (jongkey, AU, fluff/romance/friendship, chaptered, in progress) 

There’s something going on between them, they just have to figure out if it’s worth paying attention to.

*Melody (predebut!jongkey, non-AU, friendship/romance, completed)

It was months before debut and Jonghyun and Kibum had a day to themselves. 

*Frustrations (jongkey, non-AU, slight angst/ romance, completed)

Key was angry and frustrated because Jonghyun was his everything. Jonghyun was frustraed and angry because Key couldn’t see that he was the only person he could see.

Insomnia (jongkey, non-AU, fluff/romance, incomplete-may be added to in the future)

With worries about BASE, there is only one person who can put Jonghyun at ease. That person is Key.

*Riptide (jongkey, AU, supernatural/drama/romance, completed)

Love was something that had never come to his mind before Key came along. Jonghyun always kept himself secluded, away from everyone else, so when Key came along, it was not easy to adjust. He still kept his distance from the beautiful boy, but he was always aware of him. He knew what was happening though. It was like walking into the calmer part of the water, but then getting dragged out to the middle of the ocean in a riptide. But that’s just falling in love, isn’t it? 

*Heartbeat (2min, non-AU, fluff, complete)

Minho tells Taemin what his heart is saying.

*Goodbye (jongkey, non-AU, angst/romance,completed)

Goodbyes don’t always mean you won’t see each other again. 

Breathe (jongkey, non-AU, angst/romance, trigger warning, two-shot, completed)

And without Kim Jonghyun, there would be no more Kim Kibum.

*Red Bow (jongkey, non-AU, humor/romance, completed)

Jonghyun has a birthday present for Key.

*Tease (jongkey, non-AU, humor/romance, completed)

Key is a tease and Jonghyun is tired of it.

*Guava (jongkey, non-AU, humor/romance, completed)

Their scent was intoxicating and delicious, even more so when they were mixed with Jonghyun.

I had a hard time staying away from him already.

I fidgeted on the couch, ignoring the anime he was watching, fighting every bone in my body not to throw myself at Jonghyun and see if he tasted as good as those damn candies.

Maybe he tasted even better.

*Smile (jongkey, non-AU, romance/slight romance, completed)

His smile.

It had to be beautiful, just like his voice.

Big and wide.



Love Sick (2min, humor/fluff/romance, three-shot, completed)

Minho gets sick, Taemin is there for him.

Weakness (jongkey, romance/humor, two-shot, completed) 

Jonghyun has a weakness. That weakness is Key.

*Stumbling (onew, romance/humor/fluff, completed)

Falling in love is as easy as tripping.

*Selfish (minho, romance, completed)

We all can be a little selfish.

just WHOA. I never realized I’ve written so much stuff lol just a small warning, those last four or so are kind of cringe-worthy xD read those at your own risk!