whoa i actually like this one

I feel like Lance is the type of person that when he actually dates someone it could go one of two ways

One, where he drops all flirting and is so amazed he even caught someone that like hes all over them and almost overbearing. He doesnt even notice hes stopped flirting with others hes just doting like hell over his new bae constantly like “you cold? Heres my jacket. Our hands? Held. Thirsty? i gotcha babe.”

Or secondly, where he still flirts with like everyone bc its just in his personality, but the second anyone ever tries to flirt back he backtracks like “whoa i gotta stop you there okay i am in a COMMITED RELATIONSHIP. Lance Mcclain is Mcclaimed alright buddy now back off.”


still making my way through Golion and i want sincline to have that sort of redemption arc where he goes from “mortal enemy” to “weird uncle who hangs awkwardly around the good guys because he’s got nothing better to do (and makes good egg salad)”

obviously the sign of team membership is chibi sticking you with a family honourific, but like every other respectable 12-year-old he’s been taught Stranger Danger and they don’t come stranger than this guy

Unpopular Opinion:

I actually like Jieun?? Like whoa, crazy how could I with how she treated Bum, right? I should specify. I like her character. She seems realistically human to me and with a manhwa that’s got very little characters who are also all male, like, I like her? 

She is so fucking in love with Sangwoo that she nose dives straight into anger and irritation the second he’s brought up because she’s never felt like this towards someone before and it clearly annoys her. I mean, she’s blown up his phone, she snaps whenever one of her friends tease her about him being late  and gives shit to a handicapped guy who’s taking away the attention that she wants so badly. She’s acting like a middle schooler experiencing their first crush and it’s totally realistic for someone who seems like they’ve never fallen in love before. 

Y’all can hate her all you want, I get it. She was totally a cunt to Bum, so I understand where the hates coming from, but man I can’t bring myself to hate her.

meanwhile, amidst cloud-watching
  • Tim: Whoa. Your hair smells really good.
  • Steph: [softly smiles]
  • Tim: ...Like grape zesti.
  • Steph: Ugh, Tim!!
  • Tim: What? Why are you groaning?
  • Steph: You ruined the moment!
  • Tim: What moment? There was no moment!
  • Steph: The moment where you are actually nice to me for once!
  • Tim: I'm always nice to you!
  • Steph: Yeah okay SURE
  • Tim: So, which one is that?
  • Steph: [disgruntled] Which WHAT?
  • Tim: Shampoo!
  • Steph: [rolling eyes] It's Aussie.
  • Tim: Could I borrow it?
  • Steph: [getting up and walking away] No, you cannot borrow it!
  • Tim: [following her] Why not? What is your problem with sharing?
  • Steph: What is with you and sharing? You were an only child too, where did you get this whole socially-minute communism?
  • Tim: Bruce foisted it on me. He said he wouldn't have "another spoiled brat," whatever that means.
  • Steph: [deep sigh]
  • Tim:
  • Tim:
  • Tim: So does this mean--

“My One and Only Desire” [here]. [My awful recollection of high school French tells me that the Japanese title is just repeated in French]

This took a lot longer than I anticipated, but you’ll see why when you notice that gasp I actually attempted to do real editing whoa. It’s amateur work at best, but I do like the aesthetic of bordered text. I’ll have a download set up for this story when I’m actually at home, and you’ll be able to find it in my translations masterlist.

Monokuma tells them to play a game of onigokko, which is like tag, but the person tagging people is called an “oni.” Just to clear up why he calls himself the “demon” on that page. 

ok imagine the gangsey having a movie night at monmouth and its after a long day and blue shows up and shes like ok i am exHAUSTED so exCUSE ME if i fall asleep during the movie

so they’re all squished on gansey’s bed, watching netflix from gansey’s laptop, and blue starts to drift off, her head on ronan’s shoulder

and ronan’s staring at noah over her head like ‘wtf what am i supposed to do rn???’ and by the end of the movie blue is completely out and her head is in ronan’s lap and her legs are across noah

and ofc ronan tries to act like ‘ew gross get this maggot off of me’ but as soon as the movie actually ends and adam and gansey move to get up hes suddenly all ‘dont u dare wake her up unless u want ur carcass framed on my bedroom wall’ and theyre like whoa ok so they dont even risk getting up

and thats how they all wake up the next morning sleeping on top of one another and w/ their limbs all tangled and gansey’s cry of horror when he realizes someone crushed his laptop in their sleep

Dating Daehyun would include:
  • shipping daejae
  • no, like actually you can break up with me if you marry Yongjae on the spot you got it
  • the two of you loving to tease the ones* you love the most
  • *Jongup and Himchan
  • his voice being absolutely perfect to fall asleep to
  • and wake up to
  • and get dressed to
  • and shop to
  • “What am I, some glorified iPod to you?”
  • “You also have nice bone structure.”
  • “Aw thanks.”
  • Matrix era being your favorite because wtf does he have a choker on his neck holy crap whoa no god that hurts
  • arm muscles.
  • aRm mUSclES
  • back hugs at all times
  • “Hey, could you order breakfast?”
  • “It’s six at night.”
  • “Pancakes.”
  • cute annoying pet names
  • “Huggie bear.”
  • “My smoogilly woogily.”
  • You, Dae, and Yongjae just being those three of the group.

Time: “G-G-GET M-ME O…O-OFF…!! *is in one that doesn’t move*


CA: “Whoa we’re actually moving! I think. This is so nice..where we off to lil’ birdy?”

My children in a carousel. Time is legit terrified of any ride so he’d want to get off. This has been a long life dream and goal for Rain. To CA its like they’re actually moving and going somewhere straight or somethin and loves the birb so-

anonymous asked:

Can nonverbal episodes happen only in extremely specific circumstances? I have this thing where if I'm driving somewhere, when I reach the destination and park, I can't get out of the car; if it's really bad, I can't move or talk at all and can be stuck there for hours. Is this a nonverbal episode?

!!! That’s autistic inertia! And it’s super common, but not really widely known about! I actually just learned about it within the last year, and I have the same problem as you where I sorta get “stuck” in the car (along with other things, like “stuck” in my chair when I know I need to go do something), and I was like “Whoa. Whoa it HAS A NAME it’s a THING!” It’s an executive dysfunction thing, and it pops up in a lot of other ways, like listening to one song and being “stuck” for a while unable to move on, or watching a DVD and getting “stuck” on the main menu when you’re done. And that’s basically the way to categorize it! “Do [thing] and get stuck unable to form further processes for a while once you’re done.”

And yeah, being nonverbal during these “stuck” states is pretty common, too, although if you’re already in a conversation (say, with a passenger in a car), you might find yourself able to continue the conversation to the end… while still being stuck in the car :P I’ll often get stuck after I’ve played a video game with someone, still talking to them while just staring at the menu screen, sometimes for hours. I’ve gotten a lot of “Why have’t you closed the game yet, ya goof?”

-Brother Cat


My Super Overdue Thoughts on Om Shanti Om this January…

- wait what no revue? I feel like a lot of the audience was waiting for one so Beni actually came out again to basically tell everyone “Show is over! Please go home safely!”
- This was so perfect for Beni aaaaaaaaah
- I was so surprised by the new Top Musumeyaku, Airi Kisaki! She seemed underwhelming at first, but by the second half… WHOA.
- Makoto Rei makes a hot ossan whoa.
- I am in love with Chigusa Miki. Aaah. She was so good~
- Beni + Yuria Seo is a good combi but makes me miss Micchan + Beni like whoa. I felt like Beni carried the bulk of the jokes.
- Beni rapping oh my god.
- I love how this show plays out. It gives you a good feel of what to expect from this new Hoshigumi.

I’m so looking forward to getting this show on DVD/BluRay and seeing more of the new Hoshigumi when The Scarlet Pimpernel comes out!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljGK9YOclQ4)

More Mewberty themed stuffs.X’D

Btw I wasn’t sure what to expect from the finale, but I am so glad I went out of my way and had to come out of the closet about my inner fangirl all to get to see the finale on television at the same time as almost everyone else. It wasn’t that dramatic actually, me and my little bro just went to my grandma’s to watch it. My grandma watched too. I think she thought the Starco was pretty cute, even so I felt like I should try not to laugh/smile like a maniac too much. There were a few times when I couldn’t help letting out a “whoa!!” XD

I justify my constant drawing of Star v.s. Evil fan art with the crazy amount of reblogs I’ve been getting from it. Like almost 500 notes on one of my pictures, that NEVER happens to me. THANK YOU. The support motivates me more than I can tell you.

My favorite thing is when Calum’s singing and he closes his eyes and tilts his head to the side a bit and his eyebrows go up because you can actually see how he hits each note


“Oooh, it’s you! That lion—that nice one—the cub—I remember you!” Why was he excited to see him again? Possible because he had not much to do anyway, and he didn’t mind to have this lion around him. Kovu wasn’t from the Pridelands, and he seemed actually alright.

“The one that killed the zebra with me—Kovu!….It is you? Right?” Perhaps he should make sure before it ended up being another cub that looked just like him.

transfrerin  asked:

pls do all of them for the inquisitor meme! :)

boi whoa

1. Race:

Listen not to be like a special snowflake or whatever but just like given my actual ethnic background, I’d probably be elf-blooded :’)

2. Class/Specialization:

A mage, probably! I am probably the least physical person you’ll ever meet honestly. Spirit and creation magic would prolly be my jam

But listen bro I’d be a fucking necromancer okay

3. Your homeland?

Again, basing this on my own ethnicity and since apparently black people only exist in one place in Thedas Rivain!

Though my mother’s side would probably be Orlesian or something so :p

4. Your family?

I am…not entirely sure what this question means, so I’m just assuming it would be like how would my real-life family translate??? Well I guess my dad’s side would be city elves, and my mom’s side would be semi-wealthy human snobs :’)
5. Who were you before?

A very poorly hiding apostate probably

6. Would you be religious?

Probably not extremely religious. I mean Andraste is cool and pretty damn inspiring actually, but also the Chantry sucks. So I’d be the kind of Andrastian that would piss the Chantry  off. Or so I hope.

7. Do you have a mabari?

Already answered

Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah. I love big heavy energetic dogs that flop and a mabari checks every box for What Cal Loves In A Dog™   

8. Your opinion on other races?

Humans are meh. Dwarves are pretty cool, though I don’t imagine I would have the opportunity to meet very man. City elves = cool. Dalish elves = scary but also cool. Qunari = fucking terrifying with the potential to be cool

9. What would Varric’s nickname for you be?

Already answered

Ooh…gosh, that’s hard. Ghost, maybe??? I’m super fuckin quiet and I tend to sneak up on people without trying to and also I’m always lowkey down to die so like that works. Also kind of obsessed with necromancy??? Or Bones, for all of the above reasons and also because I’m so skinny you can see my bones sometimes

After giving it some thought, I like Bones haha

10. What would your tarot card look like?

I’m thinking I’d probably be The Hermit or the Page of Pentacles, so it’d probably be me leaning on a staff and staring at/holding some kind of very bright object like the Anchor perhaps

And here it is revealed I’m actually the kind of person who knows a lot about Tarot cards haha

11. Where would you hang out in Skyhold?

Already answered

Somewhere out of the way where I could just chill haha I’d probably hang out in the Inquisitor quarters cause they fucking huge

Or I’d be in the library or down in Dagna’s little workshop!

12. What would you do for fun?

Practice magic or read all the weird books we’d find

Or honestly I’d love to just like…explore all the weird places. “Where’s the Inquisitor?” “Idfk they stole a horse and said they were going to the Hissing Wastes”

13. What armor would you wear?

All Inquisitions armor is fucking ugly tho

Honestly probably something custom cause holy fuck I mean maybe Battlemage armor or the Griffin armor???

14. What would your room look like?

A fucking mess Probably a mix of Dalish and Chantry decor, mixed up as distastefully as I could possibly manage. I’d probably have bones and books and strays cats everywhere too

15. Who would be your friends at Skyhold?

Josephine, Dorian, Cole, 

I’d say the Iron Bull and Sera too, but they’re so loud they’d probably wear me out real quick, so they’d be my Sometimes Friends

16. Would you have any friends outside of the Inquisition?

I mean probably not but

Some of the Chargers, maybe, cause they all seem cool and accepting and stuff. Dagna for fucking sure.

17. Who wouldn’t you get along with?

Solas or Vivienne. Not that I don’t like them, but….man if I were in their presence? Eugh. Cassandra and Cullen, probably.

Also, probably Varric? His brand of sarcasm and sharp wit is the kind that I sometimes take literally and personally so it’d probably be a lot of me stressing out about whether he was being serious or not

18. Who would you romance?

Scout Harding

i answered instantly

19. Would you do pranks with Sera?

She’d have to ease me into them, but hell yeah I’m down

20. Would you sleep with the Iron Bull (casually if not romance)?



21. Would you keep Cole around?

Hell to the yes

22. Can you play the game (politics)?

Hell to the no

23. What would be on your tombstone in the fade (What are you afraid of)?

Silence or Failure

24. Who would you recruit to seal the breach?


25. Opinion on Mages versus Templars?

Mages rule, Templars drool

26. Who would be put in charge of Orlais and why?

I’d have Briala in charge of Orlais because she’s not literally awful and also because I’m biased

27. Would you sacrifice the Chargers?

Hahahahahaa no

28. Would you go after Blackwall?

Ooh…that’s tough too, actually. I….probably wouldn’t? I’d keep tabs on him, but I’d probably want to go talk to him, but I don’t know about the whole “kidnapping him and putting him to justice under my banner” thing. That seems really extreme for someone who committed a crime I literally have no authority over

29. Would you drink from the well?

Probably yeah. Because a) I wouldn’t trust Morrigan and b) I like knowing things and c) I probably would forget about the whole Mythal thing until like right before I put the damn water in my mouth

30. Where would you go if the Inquisition was disbanded?

I’d either help build the independent mages or I’d help the continent recover from the devestation of the whole Rift business

31. How do you react to the egg telling you he is an elven god?

Well Imma be real I haven’t played/seen Trespasser so I don’t know how that reveal goes in canon…….but if I had reason to believe him? I’d be angry and scared but not, like….deeply hurt. Because honestly there’s no way I’m that emotionally invested in someone who’s kind of a tool

But honestly? If he just told me? I’d assume he was lying to me.

Thanks for asking!! That was a lot of fun haha!

pika0love asked : to the 7 + Nico and Thalia : FAVOURITE COLORS?
  • Leo: Whoa... Someone's running out of questions...
  • Frank: I feel like I'm in Pre-K when I answer questions like this one.
  • Hazel: What's Pre-K?
  • Annabeth: Preschool. Its for 3-4 year olds. The K stands for kindergarten.
  • Percy: Cause before you go to ACTUAL school they make you go to preschool to prepare you for kindergarten.
  • Hazel: I sense some resentment on percy's part.
  • Leo: Her spidey senses are tingling!
  • Annabeth: Say 'spidey' again and I'll make you lose your sense of sight.
  • Leo: Did she just inadvertly threaten to stab my eyes out? Knowing her, she did.
  • Percy: Pre-K sucked. I was always the last one picked to play, teachers hated me, a cyclops broke my arm AND THEY ALWAYS TOOK MY DAM BLUE FINGER PAINT!
  • Jason: Ok. His favourite color is definitely blue. Mine is yellow. No idea why... I'd say sky blue but I'd be a copy cat.
  • Piper: I love all colors.
  • Leo: Red
  • Frank: Green or Purple.
  • Hazel: Purple for Rome?... Or Gold.
  • Annabeth: Gray, Lavender or Sea Green.
  • Percy: Her favourite is the last one.
  • Annabeth: You wish.
  • Percy: It's ok. I like gray second best.
  • Annabeth: 2nd? So I like gray first and green second.
  • Percy: Whatever floats your boat, sweetheart.
  • Leo: oooh! We're sweetheart now are we?
  • Annabeth: It was condescension dummy.
  • Leo: Condescension? Isn't that what forms on water?
  • Percy: That's condesation, idiot... HOLY APOLLO'S RED COW I JUST SOUNDED LIKE WISE GIRL!!
  • Annabeth: I've trained you well.
  • Frank: What about Thalia and Nico?
  • Thalia: Hm... Black.
  • Nico: DEATH!!!!!
  • Hazel: Nico death is not a-
  • Nico: DEATH!!!
  • Jason: Nico-

Uhh, so for a while now, I’ve been wanting to draw in a more cartoony art-style to see what it would look like if I tried but hOLY SCHNITZELS NO ONE TOLD ME IT’D BE THIS MUCH FUN WHOA

//Also this was just supposed to be a Dipdip collage, but then i started adding evil/classy triangles and it somehow turned into all-out billdip…e-e

Yeah I stole this from my snapchat but like…whoa. This isn’t a great pic or anything I mean I love it but…yeah lol anyway what I wanted to say is…
I’ve been having these moments lately where I see my reflection or whatever and I’m just like oh ??????my god????? That’s really me!!!!!!! That’s…actually ME!!!! This is…totally lame but it’s like I’ve never seen myself in my reflection until the last few weeks…
So yeah, there’s that.