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AU where Mick pulls two guns out of his jacket and shoots Hess and Ketch first

The emotional peak of the scene is Ron looking around astonished, he’s been Leslie Knoped the hardest he’s ever been Leslie Knoped. He goes to Leslie and says, ‘I’ve got a problem, I want to be useful. That’s a new thing for me. I’m uncomfortable, help me. I’ve made the mistake of not consulting you before and I don’t intend to make that mistake again.’ And she f—ing hands him a national park (laughs) and says ‘Here, paddle your canoe, walk around by yourself in this park, that’s your job.’ And oh boy! Whoa Nellie! I had to look at Leslie and say, ‘Thank you, Leslie.’ And Mike even did me the favor of writing the stage direction ‘very small’ before the line ‘Thank you, Leslie.’ I was rehearsing it the night before, and I’m in the park, talking to these rangers, the crew was there in my head, and I’m saying, ‘What are you telling me, Mike, by saying ‘very small’? And I did the scene sitting in my living room and I did it very small and I said, ‘You son of a bitch!’ For Ron, it’s the biggest thing by far that he has had to say in 125 episodes, and Mike told me to do it very small, knowing how greatly that would compound its impact. I was saying ‘Thank you, Leslie,’ and then I would think ‘Thank you, Amy,’ and I would think ‘Thank you, Mike, thank you, Morgan [Sackett. executive producer], thank you, Dean [Holland, director].’ I felt like I was the show saying thank you to everybody… Mike allowed me the equivalent of saying thank you to the universe—thank you to my parents for giving birth to me and thank you to Mother Nature for making me, so that I could stand here and say thank you to Leslie for giving me her final gift.‘
—  Nick Offerman on Leslie hiring Ron in the future (X

do you ever sit and think about how yeah william’s supposed to be smitten with noora but thomas’s expression literally stays the same throughout every single emotion so you ain’t really seeing much there. like if there weren’t words being spoken explicitly telling you what he is feeling at that moment you wouldn’t know the difference between a happy william and a sad william sorry but you know it’s tru

and then henrik & tarjei come along the next season and slap you in the face with their VIVID expressions

of sadness and anger and love and you’re just like whoa boys. okay. give me. just give me a sec here to get used to the transition

‘cause their expressions are so TELLING of EVERYTHING isak & even are feeling that whenever you’d watch a clip before the translation you’d almost know exactly what was happening because their tone of voice fluctuated and their expressions spoke a thousand words and the look in their eyes told a thousand stories

and just sometimes i literally sit here and think about how lucky we are to know these kids as actors and oh god i’m having withdrawals again

i was sketching screenshot redraws and i really like this Robbie one so have this REALLY quick pic of the soft baseball villain 

also it’s my birthday  today so this is my present to myself for making it another year relatively unscathed 

also the hand thing <3 
ok more later friends

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Galactic Mermaid

I dipped into my Colour Pop shadows and whoa boy! You just need to test out one of them and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I also used my NYX colored mascara for my brow, it takes about 3 coats to cover all of my brow. If you have blonde or thinner brows it won’t take as many coats.

As a side note, I did apply the shadows with a primer. I never wear eyeshadow without a primer so these don’t get any different treatment.

Products used:
NYX colored mascara in Pink Perfect
Colour Pop Shocking Shadows in Play (transition), Bandit (crease), Bae (lower lash line, crease, and putter corner), Pop Rocks (lid)
Ardell Demi Wispies
L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush
Elf Lock&Seal
Pacifica liner in Gun Metal

11 moments that marked Sirius and Remus’s relationship (at Hogwarts)

Year 1:

Moment #1

The first time Remus Lupin talked to Sirius Black, he had wanted to slap him. He had been 11 years old, self-conscious, quiet, and had sworn to keep to himself for the entirety of his 7 school years, but he had wanted to slap him very much.

“That’s what Mother says ayway,” Sirius kept repeating in that superior, pedant tone. “She says there has never been one single person in Slytherin that isn’t completely pureblooded.”

Remus thought he saw the greasy-haired boy next to the red-head move uncomfortably on his chair, but said nothing.

“I don’t know what’s Slytherins’ mania with pureblood, personally, though,” Sirius continued. “I myself am sure I will be sorted into Gryffindor,” he smirked triunphantly.

“Whoa!” The boy with the spectacles- James Potter, Remus was almost sure- exclaimed. “Can you imagine that? The first Black to be sorted somewhere other than Slytherin. That’ll give people something to talk about.”

Remus followed the conversation from his place next to the window, biting on his tongue to avoid saying anything that might make these boys hate him before they had even set foot on Hogwarts grounds. He settled for looking out the window, rolling his eyes at every new comment the two boys made.

Sirius turned to James, his eyes sparkling. “I know, right! That’ll show my family.” A pause. “What about you, Lupin? Where do you think you’ll end up?”

Remus turned his head slowly, trying to mask his surprise at being addressed.

“I dunno,” he muttered, shrugging a little bit. He thought of adding something else, seeing the expectant looks of the other 4 people around him. He didn’t want, however, to tell them how incredibly freaked out he was, how he thought the Sorting Hat would probably just laugh (if hats could laugh) and tell him You? You thought you had a place here? How marvelous! How incredibly amusing! and just laugh and laugh and laugh until someone took it off Remus’s head so he could run out of the school and hide under a rock forever and ever.

So he just blinked and turned back to the window. He heard Sirius let out a disappointed breath, and it was a few seconds before he resumed his conversation with James. This time, however, Remus listened without rolling his eyes.


Moment #2:

“Black, Sirius!”

Sirius walked up to the stool where the sorting hat rested, his heart drumming like mad inside his chest, his legs feeling like melting butter. He hid his hands under the sleeves of his robes so no one could see them shaking, and tried to muster every single piece of confidence that could possibly run into his Black blood. He brushed past Remus Lupin in the process, and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He could do this.


Moment #3:

“Sirius?” Remus whispered, pressing his ear against the drapes of the four-posted bed. Immediately he heard the other boy let out a shaky breath. “Sirius, I’m going to open the curtain, okay?” No response.

He pulled the drapes aside, revealing a curled-up lump on a corner of the bed. The lump- Sirius- was shaking with silent sobs. Tentatively, Remus climbed on top of the bed, putting a hand on Sirius’s arm and coaxing him to turn on his side.

Reluctantly, Sirius did, and Remus tried not to wince at the look on his friend’s face; it was tear-stained, the long-ish hair plastered to his forehead, his eyes red. Sirius sniffed. “What do you want?” he asked weakly. Remus assumed that, under any other circumstances, he would have snapped.

“Move over,” he said softly, pulling the tangled sheets from under Sirius, and getting under them when Sirius moved against the wall without objecting. Once they were settled, Sirius slowly moved to curl against Remus’s bony side. Remus didn’t move, but didn’t pull away either.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” Sirius muttered. Remus turned his head slightly to look at him.

“I get them too, you know.” Sirius exhaled slowly, his breath tickling Remus’s neck. “Nightmares. I get them a lot.”

Sirius didn’t say anyting, just reached for Remus’s hand under the blankets and gave it a squeeze. They went to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night (and nights that followed).

Year 3:

Moment #4:

“I mean it, James. We need to confront him about it.”

“Sirius! For the thousandth time, he’ll tell us when he’s ready.”

Sirius scowled. “But what if he’s never ready? You can’t just expect us- he can’t just expect us- to simply sit here while he goes through excruciating pain in that horrible excuse of a shelter! We need to do something!”

James threw his hands up, losing his patience. “And what do you expect us to do, Sirius? Werewolves can’t be near humans. He’d kill us without ever realising it. What do you want us to become, animals?”

Sirius opened his mind to retort, then closed it again, realization hitting him. He smirked.



Moment #5:

Remus fidgeted with the hem of the sleeves of his sweater. “Is everything okay…?” he was starting to get nervous. His hands felt cold and he was sure most of the color had drained from his face right now. His heart was thumping painfully in his chest, and he took a deep breath in, playing off his dread with an awkward smile.

Sirius, James and Peter stood in front of him in their room, and looked at him directly in the eye. James seemed to be pondering, trying to read him. Sirius, on the other hand, seemed to be looking for the right words to start.

“Remus,” Sirius breathed out, then cleared his throat. “Remus weknowyou’reawerewolf.”

Remus knew he hadn’t heard wrong. Sirius had spoken in one single breath, words tumbling against each other, in such an unlike-Sirius manner, that Remus, even though he knew he had heard right, couldn’t help but ask,

“What was that?”

Sirius seemed to compose himself after that. “You’re a werewolf, Remus. We know.” Remus’s whole blood drained from his brain, and all he could do was gape at his friends. Peter kept throwing worried glances at James, and James was still looking at Remus as if he were trying to read into his soul.

“I-,” Remus started. “I don’t-”

Sirius raised his hand to stop him. “It’s no use, Remus. We know. We’re sure. But-” he reaised his hand again when Remus started to deny it, and apologize, and say he would be away from their lives forever at the same time. “But we don’t care. James, Peter and I wanted to say that we don’t care that you’re a werewolf, Remus.”

There was such decision in Sirius’s voice, his tone so definite, Remus’s eyes swelled against his will. The anguish that had been building up inside him had been finally released, and he was so relieved he couldn’t help the tears that started to flood his eyes and spill down his cheeks. Embarrassed, he put his face between his hands and rubbed his cheekbones furiously.

Sirius chuckled. “You didn’t think we would be mad, did you? I mean, I was mad that you hadn’t told us so we could help, but you do realize there’s nothing wrong with you, nothing that could make us push you away, right?”

Remus barely registered what he was saying. He sniffed into his palms, trying to stop the convulsing sobs from shaking his body from head to toe. He felt James sit next to him and put his hand on his shoulder. Then he felt Sirius sit on the other side.

“Remus,” James said, speaking for the first time. “You are our best friend. Even if we’d found out you had killed someone, we would have asked you whether you had hidden the body well enough.”

At this, Remus let out a slightly hysteric laugh.

“I think he’s hysteric,” whispered Peter. Remus agreed very much.

“Remus. Rem,” Sirius said, starting to rub Remus’s back. “Everything’s going to be okay. You don’t have to go through that alone anymore.”

At this, curiosity got the best of him and Remus lifted his head to look at his friend. “Wha-” he cleared his throat. “Wh’ you mean?”

Sirius smiled his trademark smile, and Remus hiccuped.

“We have a plan.”

Year 5:

Moment #6:

“Moony! Moonymoonymoony we did it!” Remus looked up from his book to see his friends barging through the portrait hole, earning the glares of a few students. “It worked, Moony!” Sirius repeated, this time in an eager whisper so as not to attract anymore attention than they already had.

“It did?” Remus asked, closing his book and sitting up slowly. His heart, once again, was hammering wildly inside his chest.

James nodded, a huge smile spread across his face. “The three of us. We did it.”

Remus stared, realization slowly hitting him. When it did, he beamed at the three of them. He looked at each of his friends, his eyes taking in the proud smile on James’s face, the gleeful one on Peter’s, and then resting on Sirius, who looked back at him with a proud, satisfied smile, and a mischevious glint in his eyes.

“Show me,” Remus said.

They ran back through the portrait hole outside.


Moment #7:

Remus and Sirius were lying on Sirius’s bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Sirius?” Remus whispered hoarsely. Sirius felt a shiver run down his spine, that he masked by turning on his side to look at his friend. “Promise me you’ll never stop being my friend, Sirius. Nor James or Peter. I don’t want to be alone.”

Remus sometimes got like this, after a particularly bad dream. It broke Sirius’s heart every single time.

“I promise,” he said without hesitation, and he meant it. He wove his fingers through Remus’s, and rested his head on the werewolve’s shoulder. He exhaled slowly. “I promise you James and Peter and I will never leave you.”

Remus nodded his head, and rested his cheek on the top of Sirius’s head. “Thank you.”


Moment #8:

Sirius hadn’t been sure what had gotten into him when he said what he said to Snape. He didn’t even really remember the moment the words had escaped his lips. If it hadn’t been for James… Sirius didn’t even want to think about that. He just steadily made his way to the hospital wing, his legs burning from running all the way from Herbology.

He opened the doors and barged in, ignoring Madame Pomfrey’s objections.

“Remus,” he said, opening the curtains around his friend’s bed, and stopped dead when he saw the state Remus was in. There were long, deep gashes on his chest and legs, and a huge bruise forming on one of his hipbones. He had black shadows under his eyes. There was also a cut running from one temple to the opposite corner of his mouth, across his nosebridge. “Remus, please-“

But Remus wasn’t looking at him. He was staring ahead, his eyes glazed, his jaw clenched. Sirius took a careful step closer, but stopped when Remus’s shoulders tensed.

“Remus you have to let me explain-“

“Save it, Sirius,” Remus said, still not looking at him. “Just fucking save it.”

“I didn’t mean it, Remus. I- I don’t know what happened-“

“Oh, you didn’t?” Remus turned to look at him, his eyes full of rage in a way Sirius had never seen them. He took a step back. “You didn’t mean it, Sirius?”

“Moony, please-“

“Don’t call me that,” Remus snapped, and Sirius felt it like a blow to his stomach. He visibly blanched. “Just,” Remus said, and suddenly he looked very tired. “Just get out, Sirius. I don’t- I don’t really feel like looking at you right now.”

Sirius gulped, trying to catch his breath. His lungs seemed to be refusing to work. Just as he was about to reply, Madame Pomfrey opened the curtains all the way.

“Mr. Black, I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” she looked sternly at Sirius. “Mr. Lupin is very delicate at the moment and he needs to rest. Upsetting him will not do.”

Sirius looked at Remus pleadingly, but the werewolf pointedly looked away. Sirius felt another stab at his chest, and hung his head defeated.

“Of course, ma’am.”

And without another word, he left the hospital.


Moment #9:

Sirius’s eyes were tinged with red, had lately always been so. Red-rimmed and red-tinged and puffy most (if not all) of the time. At first, Remus had been secretly, not-so-guiltily pleased. He was slightly scared of this feeling, but way too angry at Sirus to really analyze it. Sirius had tried to apologize a couple of times more, but Remus refused to talk to him. The level of betrayal and indignation he felt was way too big for even himself.

He knew he wasn’t being entirely fair– 90% of him was sure Sirius had not been thinking when he said what he said to Snape. He knew Sirius’s nature; he talked without thinking, exploded way too easily, couldn’t help himself sometimes. He really shouldn’t be holding it against him.

Yet that 10%… that 10% kept nagging at him, telling him not to trust his best friend, to question it. It had been really hard to ignore that 10%, hence Remus avoiding Sirius at all costs.

But it had been two months already, and the voice had subsided, becoming just an annoying, mostly ignorable buzz in the back of his head.

“Sirius,” Remus said rigidly. He’d forgiven Sirius, sure, but he wasn’t about to let Sirius see that yet. “Let’s talk.”

Sirius had looked up from his Transfigurations homework when Remus had first said his name, and Remus had to fight the urge to throw his arms around his friend’s neck and hold him forever and tell him everything would be alright. He looked tired, he had eyes under his bags, and his eyes were eternally red. Remus’s heart clenched painfully in his chest as he realized he was responsible.

“S-“ Sirius cleared his throat. “Sure.”

Year 6:

Moment #10:

“You’re mental.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

Sirius huffed. His head was resting on Remus’s chest, and Remus’s fingers were running through his hair softly. Sirius sighed pleasantly.

“Wanna know a secret, Moony?”

Remus hummed. His eyelids felt heavy, and the steady weight of Sirius’s head was making his brain start to shut down into bottomless, peaceful sleep.

“I got so scared.” Sirius whispered. Remus’s fingers stopped for a second, then kept going. Sirius took a deep breath. “That time. I know you don’t like to talk about it but… I was so scared I’d lost you forever.”

Remus was silent, didn’t know how to reply. He felt his heart pick up in his rib cage and was sure Sirius felt it too.

Sirius’s voice was barely audible when he spoke again. “I thought you would n-“ his voice breaks. Remus’s fingers clenched on Sirius’s scalp. “Never talk to me again.”

Remus took his hand off Sirius’s head and Sirius lifted his head slightly to look at him. The thin ray of moonlight made his hair and eyelashes look silver. There were tears in his eyes.

“I wouldn’t, Sirius,” Remus said softly but firmly. He put his hand against Sirius’s cheek and rubbed it ever-so-softly with his thumb. “I would never.”

Sirius closed his eyes and leaned into the touch, two thin lines of water spilling from his eyes. It was still such a rare sight to see Sirius so vulnerable like this. It made Remus’s insides twist in a painful, nearly agonizing knot.

Sirius bit back a sob, and Remus just couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled Sirius closer to him, and Sirius buried his face in the crook of his neck, letting himself cry. Remus held him, pulled him onto his lap, and cradled him. “I missed you s-so much, Rem-mus. I’m sorr-ry.”

Remus held him, kissed the top of his head repeatedly, whispered soothing words in his ear. “Sirius. It’s okay, Sirius. It’s okay. I’ve forgiven you, you know that. It’s all okay.” And there were tears flooding his eyes as well, and they were both a sobbing mess but yeah, it was all okay.


Moment #11:

“Sirius, what the hell are you doing?”

Sirius turned to face Remus, a mischevious smile tugging at his lips. Then the music started to play.

“Dance with me, Moony.”

Remus froze, his eyes widened in terror. It was one of the funniest things to see Remus like this, Sirius thought. All taken by surprise.

“No way.”

“Yes way.” Sirius started to walk towards him, moving his hips in a way Remus thought should be absolutely illegal. He tugged at Remus’s hand, pulling him to himself.

“Sirius-“ Remus began, throwing his head back.

I want you to want me,” Sirius sang, and Remus’s heart fell a little bit south. He swallowed. “I need you to need me.

And they were dancing. There was something compelling about the way Sirius moved, with his hair falling on his face and his hips swaying and his chest heaving. Remus couldn’t help but move along.

When the song was over, Sirius and Remus were flushed together, Remus’s back against one of the posters of his bed. Sirius leaned in, slightly out of breath, and whispered in Remus’s ear, panting, “I’d love you to love me.”

Remus let out a puff of breath that stirred Sirius’s hair. Sirius pulled back to look at him, and his eyes fell on his lips, and before Remus could do or say or think anything, Sirius was kissing him, kissing him hard and wet and perfect. Remus made a noise in the back of his throat and kissed back, coaxing Sirius’s mouth open with his tongue, tasting cigarettes and toothpaste and Sirius. And he loved him.

((I’m gonna leave it at that because we know that afterwards everything becomes angsty and I am fUCKING TIRED of writing angst. So here, have this little thing I wrote in the course of this week.))

Valentines Day

Imagine Shou finding out about valentine’s day through how much chocolate Ritsu got. After asking why he was giving them all to his brother, Ritsu explains that he can’t eat that much sweets and Mob hadn’t received any chocolates all day. After finding out about this fact, Shou goes off and prepares to give his own chocolates for Mob (poorly wrapped at that; someone please save the kid lol).

The next day, Mob finds it in his locker, overjoyed (thinking who could’ve gave him some since it was anonymous). Dimple jokes about how “the handwriting looks like a guy wrote it!”, which off-puts Mob at first, but after seeing the chocolate, he refuses to believe that Dimple was right. (Side note: despite the bad wrapping, the chocolate inside looked pretty dang good).

Little do they know, that Shou is actually there, invisible, wanting to see Mob’s reaction. He’s tempted to exorcise Dimple and reveal himself right then and there (over the fact that he mocked his handwriting and gift wrapping) but chooses otherwise.

Mob then decides to save eating it for later, since he wants to show that he received some this year. Then commences a series of problems that involve his chocolate present to get ruined when Mob isn’t looking, followed by Shou saving them last minute (while trying to stay hidden). For example: Mob leaving to go get something, and the Telepathy club members thinking it’s snacks. The Body Improvement club almost crushing it with all the weights they’re lifting. A random evil spirit wanting to take it for themselves; you name it. Shou saves it all in time.

Eventually, Mob catches him in the hallway when going back to the clubroom. He probably sensed his psychic power after Shou ended up using them a lot to save some chocolates. Shou then explains that he just “found it on the ground somewhere” and gives it back to Mob. Mob is relieved and really happy to have it back.

He explains how much he treasures the gift he got “from someone” since he never received something like it on valentine’s day. After being silent for a moment, Shou goes to leave because he’s quite embarrassed after hearing Mob talk so highly about this “certain someone he’d like to give back to”. Shou tries to make a cool exit while staying anonymous, but he accidentally slips out “I’m glad you liked it” and everything just goes on from there.

There goes Shou’s brilliant plan about never revealing himself, but here he is, an embarrassed mess, while getting asked questions from Mob of “Oh, you were the one who made these Suzuki-kun?”.  

Happy Ending~

(I wish I could write a fic but I have poor writing/english skills aha TvT I hope you like it though! Sorry for being lengthy!)


written by the lovely @zeitara



  • Being away from home sucks
  • You’ve adjusted well so far to living with Zen
  • But your birthday was coming up and that day always made you miss home
  • You were so used to spending it with friends and family
  • But they were back in america
  • Zen noticed you were pretty quiet even though your birthday was tomorrow
  • “Whats wrong babe?”
  • You explained that it didn’t really feel like your birthday because it wasn’t home
  • He immediately scrapped his original plans for your birthday and tried to think
  • of things in Korea that were kinda american
  • Hell you guys went to McDonald’s for your birthday lunch
  • Zen doesn’t know much about america (He’s trying)
  • After a day full of activities you thanked him for his efforts
  • Your birthday wasn’t as lonely as you thought it’d be


  • One day you just started crying in your room
  • You didn’t know what triggered you to get so homesick
  • But it was bad
  • Yoosung was in the middle of studying when he heard you
  • He freaks out
  • “MC..? whats wrong”
  • He cautiously walked into the room
  • You explain through your sobs that all you want to do is go home, to america
  • He panics more
  • What can he do???
  • The nerd pulls up google earth on his computer and asks you to ‘show him around’
  • You two spend all day sitting there as you explain some of your favorite places
  • You both feel better and less panicked


  • She noticed it before you did honestly
  • All day you had been really quiet and teary eyed
  • She asked you what was wrong
  • “I don’t know…all i can think about is stuff back home, i guess i’m just homesick”
  • You two spend all day watch your favorite american movies
  • She does her best to comfort you
  • By cuddling
  • Coffee (or tea)
  • There’s not much she can do to help you with your homesickness but she tries


  • This motherfucker
  • As soon as you mentioned wanting to see your old friends and your family
  • this bitch flew you back to america
  • When you asked about his work
  • He said he’d take care of it and to not worry
  • Once you landed back in the great U S of A
  • /you/ drove to your friends house (Dontletjumindriveever)
  • He’s never met your family or friends so two birds with one stone
  • Thankfully your friends said he was ‘Acceptable’
  • Your family liked him too (he was honestly stressing about that)
  • Once you went back to Korea you thanked him and said that you felt much better
  • He plans on going to america at least twice a year for you


  • You were in the middle of a normal conversion with him
  • Just talking about some old memories
  • And explaining some differences between america and Korea
  • But all the talk about home made you feel homesick
  • Your mood went down in a second
  • “I miss them” you said after telling him a memory about your friends
  • He doesn’t know much about feeling homesick (since he hated his childhood house)
  • The next day he surprises you with a massive Skype call between a few friends and a few of your family members
  • How he got them all together he’ll never tell you
  • You were just happy to see their faces and hear their voices
  • The call was 3 hours long


  • He could hear it in your voice from the first day you felt homesick
  • There wasn’t much he could do so he just listened
  • That entire week you two did things that were your idea
  • He’d do whatever he could to keep you happy
  • A few weeks later he had already planned to go to America for some photos
  • But he took you with him
  • He also took you on a surprise detour to visit some of your friends
  • Sweet bean does his best


  • You had been going on for a week about how much you missed home
  • You missed your pets, your friends, going around without getting lost
  • Honestly he was a little annoyed, because he couldn’t do anything.
  • One day you were rambling about a dog you had back at home
  • You told Saeran the memories you had with the dog
  • He got an idea, which was good because he wanted to help just didn’t know how
  • A week or so later, you come home from some errands to see Saeran with a dog???
  • “It.. its not [d/n] but it might help you feel better” Saeran said rubbing the back of his neck
  • You almost cried
  • You hugged him tightly and repeated said “thank you”
  • Having the dog definitely helped you feel more at home with Saeran

anonymous asked:

Can our fandom be any more blessed? I mean, we've been asking for a CS (implied) sex scene and we got it! That pancake scene was totally a morning-after-a-night-full-of-post-engagement-sex scene!! And in 2 weeks, they'll be married! We are one blessed fandom!

Blessed, indeed anon!

While it’s unfortunate that they never pinpointed when exactly their first time happened … in some ways I think they wanted to leave that to the imagination of the viewer. This relationship was carefully constructed to be the ultimate love story between two people who had been burned so badly by love that they weren’t interested in it anymore. So when the right time for pancakes was depends on who is watching.

But whoa boy, are they definitely having pancakes now. They are having sizzling hot pancakes that are dripping with syrup and the two of them are most definitely getting all sticky and …

Originally posted by totallynotadeadpool

BTW, did anyone else have some food blogs follow them last night? I did LOL

  • Harriet: Er... Robert, ready to go through the service?
  • Robert: Yeah, almost.
  • Diane: Liv's run us ragged while you've been a no-show.
  • Robert: Aaron wanted to sleep in.
  • Charity: Oh, right. That's what they're calling it these days. Speaking of bouncing beds, eh? How's your pet vet?
  • Chas: Shut up.
  • Liv: It's not done yet.
  • Robert: It looks perfect to me.
  • Liv: It will be if she bins her mouldy branches.
  • Charity: This is a woodland wedding.
  • Liv: The theme is rustic.
  • Robert: The theme is 'simple'. Just make it special for us. The three of us, yeah?
  • Vic: Erm... is Aaron up at the farm?
  • Chas: Yeah. No thanks to your useless husband.
  • Robert: Adam will keep him busy.
  • Vic: Right. Cake toppers, yay or nay?
  • Robert: They look cracking, sis. Yeah.
  • Vic: Oh, good answer, groom boy!
  • Robert: Whoa, Marlon, I said finger food. Why is there foam?
  • Marlon: Espuma.
  • Liv: Stick some sausage rolls and some pies in the oven. Now!