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nothing subtle here (1/6)

Dex knew he was in trouble the first time he saw Nursey playing hockey. It was a practice, in frog year, and Dex had already decided that he and Nurse, Derek M. were not going to be friends. Or even acquaintances. Or anything close. But all the irritating comments and rolled eyes in the world couldn’t stop Dex’s stomach from swooping as he sat on the bench and watched Nursey slam a guy into the boards, steal the puck, and shoot for the net. He recognized the fluttery feeling in his stomach, he was a gay man  competing in competitive hockey. It was hopeless trying to ignore the fact that hockey players were hot as hell and Dex had given up trying long before Samwell.

But still, Dex told himself, it didn’t actually mean anything. A hockey crush is different than a crush crush. So Dex swallowed the feeling and once he was paired up with Nursey on the ice, it wasn’t that big of a deal. He had less time to watch Nursey when he was trying to keep his eyes on the puck, anyway.

Dex pushed when Nursey pulled. Their mutual agreement to disagree made the world go round and helped the goals get scored. So what if Dex felt slightly nauseous around Nurse sometimes? It was worth it for the cause. 

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Meant to be together

Ezra!Barry Allen x Reader

not my gif

Movie:Justice League

Who:Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller)

Summary:Barry falls in love with the reader after saving her from a thief.

“Thank god its time to leave this place.” I sigh and grab my purse. I just got off of work and started to walk to the nearby Cafe. As I was close to the Cafe a man tried to steal my purse. “Hey!” I yelled and tried to pull on my purse but unfortunately he already had it in his hands and started to run away. I was about to run after him until less than a millisecond another guy had my purse and the thief was on the floor groaning in pain. The other man walked over to me and gave me my purse.

“Thank you so much!” I smile and look up. Whoa he’s attractive.

 He smiled. “No problem.” He turns about and starts to walk off. 

 “W-would you like to uh join me for coffee?” I blurt out. He stops and turns around facing me.

“Sure why not…I kinda need more friends.” He smiles sweetly and scratches the back oh his neck. He walks towards me and lets out his hand. “The name’s Barry by the way.”

I gladly shake his hand and smile. “I’m (y/n)”

{A month later}

“Hey Barry wanna come over my place and watch a movie?” I bite my lip. “I have pizza and I know that’s your favorite thing.” I added hoping it would interest him to come over. I hear him laugh over the phone.

“Honestly (y/n) we could be doing nothing and i’d still come over.” 

I blush. “so you’re gonna come?” 

“I’m already on my way.” I hear him close his door.

I smile. “See ya then.”

“See ya.” 

After a few minutes I hear him knocking on the door. “You know you get here like really fast, do you run or something?” I laugh and let him in.

“Nah I just simply walk faster than normal people.” He gets a slice of pizza and goes over to the living room and sits on the couch. I do the same and sit right next to him. I started the movie and got myself comfortable on the couch. Mid way through the movie I slowly started to get tired and laid my head on Barry’s shoulder. He looks at me and smiles. “Getting tired?”

 “A little.” I yawn softly.

 “If you want I can leave.”

 “N-no I lowkey wanna cuddle.” I blush.

 “W-we can do that.” His voice cracked a bit. We started to cuddle and as we watched the movie I hear him whisper. “hey (y/n)”


 “I love you”

I blush and look at him. “Y-you love me?” He blushes and looks away. “Yeah ever since we met I had a crush on you.”

I kiss his cheek and whisper. “I felt the same way”

He smiles but then sighed. “But before anything happens you need to know that I have super powers.” I look at him confused. He chuckles and got up. Suddenly less than a second he had another slice of pizza in his hand.

“Wait how? The pizza’s in the kitchen” I got up. 

“I got hit by lightening and uh now I can run like REALLY fast. That’s kinda how I saved you back then.” He starts to eat the pizza.

I walk over to him and hold his hand. “I think the universe wanted that thief to steal my purse so we can meet.” 

He smiled. “Yeah it’s kinda like we were meant to be together.”

I took his pizza and bit into it. “I think so too.”

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can you do one where R and Lena are in bed and R wakes up from a horrible nightmare and lena's like "wanna talk about it?" and after some prompting R is like "I had this dream you went to jail for something you didn't do. Then you said you were straight and left me for some man that looked like a thumb." and lena reassures her she'd never do something like that. thanks!

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“Here,” Lena murmured as she crawled back into bed and handed you a steaming mug of tea.  It was a little past one in the morning and she had woken you up after feeling you tossing and turning beside her.


“Do you want to talk about it?  Whatever it was that you were dreaming about?”

“No,” you sighed.  “I’m sorry for waking you up.”

“Come on, tell me.  Was it really that bad?” Lena urged.  

“Yeah,” you admitted.  “You were in jail for something that you didn’t even do, and then you had an affair with your lawyer and you told me you were straight, and he wasn’t even attractive-”

“Whoa, love, you know that I’d never do that.”

“I know,” you huffed.  “That’s why it was so scary.”

My sister: *hasn’t watched Agents of SHIELD since season 1; sees Fitz in new episodes as I watch them* Whoa, Fitz is really attractive these days.

Me: I know, right?

*Fitz starts to speak*

My sister: and that voice. He should start a podcast. He totally has a great voice for it.

Listen I’m sleep deprived and I gotta get this out there

Wylan and Jesper’s first meeting is g l o r i o u s

Really take a moment to picture it ok. Wylan Van Sunshine like a lil bit high from the fumes just staring at lemon-and-lime-fashionista-Jesper Fahey, just ‘whoa u r v. attractive - plzzzz don’t kill me - …why are we talking about chemistry…?’ (Poor kid probably figured he had to be hallucinating.)

And like Jesper makes a fuss about having better things to do or w/e but we have TeXtUaL COnFiRmATiON he was ready to make out with Wylan on sight just like Wylan was ready to make out with him. I mean I’d already asSUMED that they would’ve been ready to make out as soon as they laid eyes on one another but it means so much more when it’s written fact you know so blessed so moved etc. etc.

bonus: you know what else is glorious that time Jesper runs his finger down Wylan’s arm and Matthias is basically over there like ‘mmmmmmm i kno exactly how u feel frien Wylan i will pray 4 you’

The Prince’s Heart | Chen (EXO) ~ Part 7

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Errors, errors everywhere. Please excuse spelling errors or anything. I will fix them later.  

This is kind of a filer chapter and kinda short. Enjoy.

You sighed as you climbed into the car your three friends cheering while they also hopped in. you sat in the front with Jihoon one of Jongdae’s personal bodyguard while your three friends took the seats in the back.

“Is this okay?” You asked Jihoon, who was starting the pulling from the parking spot. He glanced over at you before focusing on the road as he made his way into traffic. After some moments of silence, he spoke.

“Of course it is. His Highness can do whatever he pleases. A simple pool party is not something he would get in trouble for. He’s done worse, believe me.”

You glanced back at the girls who were speaking among themselves. Lee Hi looked up meeting your gaze.

“Are you still freaked out by how rough his mom was?” She questioned you. It wasn’t that you were freaking out, you just felt tense. You didn’t want to do anything rub her the wrong way. If she was against the pool party, she would find a way to connect it to you. You could practically hear her now.

“Are you the one who suggested this event for my son?”

A chill ran up your back, making Sulli and Jennifer chuckle while Lee Hi kept her eyes on you.

“He said he wanted you to meet his friends before his birthday ball right? This is a perfect way to do that. He was even kind enough to invite us too! If anything goes wrong with the Queen, he won’t throw you under the bus. Even if he was going to get in trouble, I’m sure he wouldn’t let you find out.” Lee Hi said smiling at you.

“Yeah!” sulli cheered, “Just focus on looking good in that bathing suit we picked for you.” You didn’t respond but look forward, keeping your eyes on the road. Wondering if you were going to run into his parents suddenly made you rethink your attire. A navy blue sundress with black sandals. You had a nice sized beach bag that had a towel and other things in it. Jongdae said the pool was inside, so you were glad you didn’t need to worry about the sun.

Your bathing suit sat under your sundress and the thought of revealing yourself like that made your hands sweat suddenly. This is the first time you’re showing a lot skin to Jongdae. Your body wasn’t perfect and you’re worried he won’t like what he sees.

Oh and his friends! What if they don’t like you? Worries were piling up like undone homework.

If you keep worrying like this Ms. Y/N, those worry lines will become permanent.” Jihoon joke making the other girls giggle at me. You exhaled, closing your eyes. You didn’t open your eyes again till you arrive at the palace. You could hear Sulli, Jennifer and Lee Hi gawking in awe. You realised that it was their first time at the palace. As  pulled up to the heavily guarded double doors, You spotted Jongdae and some other guys who looked his age.    

“Whoa, they’re attractive.” Sulli murmured. You rolled my eyes. Of course they’re attractive. You didn’t expect anything less. Jongdae seems like a person who would be friends with attractive people. Attractive people gravitate towards other attractive people. As the car came to a stop,You thanked Ji Hoon who showed a small smile before bowing slightly.

While You returned a bow to Ji Hoon, you reached for the door handle only to meet air, throwing yourself off balance. You looked to see Jongdae holding the door open, with a small smile on his face.

“Hey.” You said smiling back. He extend his other hand and you took it, getting out the truck. He closed the door behind you as you held your bag in hand. Before you could say anything to him, he rushed to open the car door for your friends. They all thanked him kindly before he closed the door behind them.

He finally turned to you, smiling widely. You smiled back, giggling a bit.

He wrapped an arm around your waist, kissing your cheek quickly before guiding you towards the guys where were standing near the door. Your friends were already making their way there, whispering among themselves.

“Is this the lovely Y/N?” One of the boys asked. You recognized him as Prince of a small country island off the coast of Korea.

“Yes, this is Y/N. Y/N these are my best friends.” There were 8 of them total. All of them were big deals! Joonmyeon was a big CEO Yixing, Sehun, Chanyeol and Baekhyun were princes of small island countries. Jongin was the son of the Prime Minister, and Kyungsoo was an international actor and author.

You stood there frozen as your friends showed some stiff bows and greetings.

“I-it’s nice to meet you.” You muttered, bowing awkwardly. They all smiled, greeting you kindly.

“I heard you’re a chef.” Kyungsoo said as you all made your way inside. You noticed the girls once again gawking at the interior of the palace.

“Yes, I am. I’ve been cooking since I was young.” You answered.

“I like to cook a bit too. You should show me some techniques sometime.” Kyungsoo suggested. You opened your mouth to agree when a pair of arms wrapped around your waist.

“Just watch the cooking channel,” Jongdae muttered before he pulled you closer to him, away from Kyungsoo. The whole group started to laugh start at Jongdae, who ignored them as he led the way to the room. You all walked through many hallways and past various doors. You realized this is probably the deepest you’ve walked into the palace.

You all came to a pair of clear double doors. Jongdae dropped his arm from your waist to pull something from the pocket of his swimming trunks. On a lantern he had various cards and keys. He searched through them before he found the one he was searching for. That’s when you noticed the small black box that sat beside the glass doors. He pressed the silver button on it before placing the car to the box.

It beeped a few times before an unlocking sound came from the double doors. He pushed one of the doors open, holding it for you. You slowly walked in, the others following behind you. You stopped walking, gawking at the scene before you.

The walls surrounding the pool were all glass, giving you a perfect view of the sun and the beautiful garden that was the palace backyard. The floor surrounding the pool was a beautiful oak wood and the pool was a round cornered rectangle. At the further end, there were stairs that led up to a platform that had a Jacuzzi. If you go further up the stairs, on a higher level led you to a slide. The slide was a reasonable size and seemed to be made of a sort of white garnet. On the opposite side of the Jacuzzi and slide were some chairs to lay out on with small tables holding umbrellas, and a table that look like there should be food set on them.

“Wow,” You mumbled.

“Just set your stuff in one on the chairs,” Jongdae said, kindly taking your bag from you. He walked over to the chairs, setting your bag on the chair. The others started to do the same, chatting among themselves.

You walked over to where your bag was set. You striped out of your sundress, leaving you in your swimwear. The air met your skin, making goosebumps rise.  Sulli and Jennifer were already entering the pool while some of the others followed. You noticed Jongdae out of the corner of your eye. He was looking at you.

You refused to acknowledge his gaze.

“Jongdae!” Sehun called out, “Are you gonna stare at Y/N all day or are you gonna join the party?”

You felt your face heating up, leaving you to giggle nervously. Before Jongdae could reply you walked towards the pool, slipping in. You noticed Jongdae didn’t join in right away. First he let in some of the chefs from his kitchen. You remembered their faces. They set snacks and things on that long table you saw earlier. He also set something up so music was filling the whole area. You weren’t sure where in the room the speakers were set, but it was all around you.

Finally Jongdae jumped into the pool with a big splash. He popped back up before winking at you and driving underwater.

You turned back to Sulli who was asking Joonmyeon about his work. You were listening in, also very interested. That’s till you felt something on you leg.

You gasped, catching the attention of the others.

“What-” Before Jennifer could finish her question, you were pulled underwater. You opened your eyes to see Jongdae smiling at you. He wrapped his arms around you waist, pressing his lips to yours for a moment. You glared at him, angry that he pulled you under water, just for that. You pointed up, telling him you were rapidly running out of air.

He loosened his arms around you and you both swam up to the surface.

You gasped for air before glaring at him again.

“Don’t scare me like that.” You snapped.

Jongdae laughed at your reaction. For the next hour you all talk and play some games, get out the pool and dance to the music. You all at a bit, which had you still poolside. You were glad Jongdae introduced you to his friends. It made you feel like you were growing even closer to him.  You sat on Jongdae lap, his arms keeping you from moving. You were trying to have a conversation with Chanyeol and Jongin trying to stay casual seeing as Jongdae was being a sitting mat. You were all joking around and laughing when the double doors that led into the pool opened. A girl you’ve never seen before walked in, wearing a bikini top and some shorts.

“Hyo-Jin?” Jongdae mumbled from under you.

“Hyo-Jin?” you repeated the name. It sounded familiar.

“Get up for a second babe.” Jongdae said to you. You stood up, letting him rise. He walked towards the girl who stood near the doors, her eyes staying on you.

Your brows furrowed as you stared back. You looked at Chanyeol and Xiumin who had a look of worried on their faces.

“Who is Hyo-Jin?” you asked. You watched as Jennifer, Sulli and Lee Hi walked towards you with a look of confusion. Their eyes stayed on Jongdae who was now speaking to the girl.

“Isn’t she the girl his mother tried to pair him with?” Lee Hi muttered.

“Yup.” Xiumin asked before sighing, “She’s been Jongdae’s friend for a long time. She confessed to him some years ago and he rejected her. But she keeps convincing herself that he’ll come to love her.”

“Mhhh, that’s the type of girl she is. I wonder how she got in here.” Jennifer said.

You watched as she suddenly wrapped her arms around Jongdae. He was quick to unravel her arms from him, taking a step back from her. He said something else to her before her eyes moved to you again.

You raised an eyebrow this time, not planning on backing down.

Jongdae turned away from her, walking towards you once again. He had you stand up, placing you on his lap once more. His arms wrapped around your waist.

“What are you talking about?” He questioned.

“Your desperate friend over there.” Lee Hi uttered. I rolled my eyes at her response. Lee Hi sure has a mouth on her.

“I don’t know how she got an access card.” Jongdae stated. Hyo Jin started walking towards where you all sat. The conversation suddenly ended as she stopped near you.

“Hi,” She said with a small smile, “I am Hyo Jin, Jongdae’s best friend. It’s so nice to finally meet you Y/N.”

You showed a strained smile, “It’s nice to meet you too.”

“So you’re the one who’s going to marry Jongdae?” She questioned. You were a bit thrown off by her question.

“Hyo Jin, we haven’t discussed that yet.” Jongdae uttered, getting angry at her topic of choice.

Hyo Jin’s brows furrowed, “Why not? That’s the plan right? You’re supposed to be married by March of next year.”

Her words hit you like a pound of bricks. You stood up from Jongdae’s lap so quickly, that he didn’t have time to hold you back with his arms.

“What?” You asked, looking at Jongdae with confusion. That’s when Hyo Jin started to laugh.

“Wait, this is funny. You didn’t tell her?” She questioned Jongdae. He refused to make eye contact with you, keeping his glare on his long time best friend.

“So if she doesn’t know that…then that means you haven’t told her about your birthday ball.”

“What?” You questioned, looking at Jongdae. He looked at you with sad eyes before he lowered his gaze to the ground. You were starting to panic. He needs to be married by March? It’s only the start of September! You met Jongdae in the middle of July! 8 months? 8 months doesn’t feel like enough time to get to know someone before you’re married. At least not to you.

Jongdae slowly stood up, taking your hand while he shot Hyo Jin another glower. He walked you over to the area around the slide and jacuzzi. You stood there your questions practically written on your face.

“You have to be married by March? Jongdae when were you going to tell me this? You haven’t made it clear if you want to marry me. We’ve only talked about it once, and it was barely a conversation.” You stated, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I know and I’m sorry Y/N. I’ve been trying to convince my parents to push it back.” He explained, rubbing the back of his neck with a nervous look on his face. You couldn’t help but noticed how cute he looked at that moment.

“She said something about your birthday ball?” You asked in a softer tone.

“Yeah…” He hesitated, trying to figure out how to word things, “My birthday ball is when I am going to announce the engagement.”

Boom. You’ve been hit with another pound of bricks.

You couldn’t even say anything. That’s in less than 15 days.

“Y/N?” He called, worried as you stared blankly.

“I’m sorry for not telling you. I reall-” His words were cut short as you turn and started walking away from him. You weren’t angry so much as blown away. Jongdae is not looking for some girl to date for a few years. He need a WIFE. Someone who is ready to marry him, and ready to bare the responsibility of this country with him. That wasn’t you. It could be you, but not this quickly.

“Y/N.” He called after you. You could hear his footsteps as he followed you. You stood there in your bathing suit not sure where you were going.

“Y/N wait, please. I know it’s a lot to take in. This why I was scared to tell you, I didn’t want to scare you off with all this.” He explained. He seemed just a few steps behind you. You didn’t want to walk back towards your friends who were looking on with looks of concern. You could sense Jongdae’s presence behind you and before he could even speak, you spun around. He stood right in front of you, so close that you tried to back up. His hands landed on your waist right away, pulling you even closer.

You looked up at him, waiting to see what his next move will be. One of his hand left your waist, touching the small of your back, pushing you against him. He was hugging you. He smelt faintly of sunblock and small traces of his shampoo left after spending so much time in the pool.

“I know it’s overwhelming. I’m sure you’re scared thinking about something like this. But if you would just give it a chance, we can overcome this fear together.” He nearly whispered. When he spoke again, his voice was shaking.

“Because I’m scared too, but when I think of you being there with me, I feel calm. If you could just give it a try. If you still feel like it’s moving too quickly, I’ll slow things down.” He explained. His hold on you tighten, as if he was worried you would pull away or something.

“Jongdae…” You spoke softly.

“My father said that finding my queen wasn’t simple. It’s about finding someone who I could rely on and who could be the calm in the storm. He said I need someone who reminds me I’m more than a king, and when I’m with you…I forget about all the responsibilities. I think this palace wouldn’t be so suffocating if you lived here with me. So what do you think? Will you give it a try?” You stood there, so many things running through your mind.

You could hear Jongdae’s soft breaths beside your ear, as he waited for your answer.

“My mom needs to meet you.” was all you could think to say.

“Of course.” He answered.

“My mom needs to meet with your parents and discuss things. I don’t want to leave her in the dark.” You stated.

“Of course.” He said again.

You spoke in a deep breath, before exhaling a shaky one.

“Okay,” You spoke softly.

“Okay?” Jongdae asked, his eyes bubbling with hope.

“Okay, l’ll accept the engagement. I’ll marry you.” Once the words left your lips, a huge smile pulled at the corner of Jongdae’s lips. You couldn’t help but smile yourself. His arms wrapped around you, his lips meeting yours in a hot kiss.

He pulled his lips away from yours, only to kiss your cheek and forehead. He hugged you tight against his chest as he laughed in a sort of disbelief. You just stood there laughing with him as the situation just sunk in.

You’re now engaged to the future King of Korea. Wow Y/N, wait till you tell your mom.



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Study Buddy Stiles

Stiles Stilinski Fan Fic

A/N: Lately my Scott McCall fic Study Buddy has been getting a lot of notes so I have decided to write something similar with Stiles but from his POV not the reader. I hope you enjoy!

Stiles P.O.V

As if waking up late this morning wasn’t bad enough I ended up spilling coffee on my pants while driving down the road and had nothing to change into. Hopefully I have some spare track pants in my locker because this looks so wrong. I quickly threw the jeep into park and made it just in time for my 1st period class. At least I wasn’t too late. Hurrying to my seat beside of Scott I accidentally bumped into her. The most beautiful girl at Beacon Hills. Y/N Y/L/N. She apologized before I could even form a proper sentence. My face blushed as I became more embarrassed by the second. I couldn’t help but notice her shirt was extremely low cut and from my position above her I had a great view. 
“No no don’t apologize its my fault. I should watch where I’m going.” I mumbled. She giggled and replied 
“Stiles its fine really. You were just in a hurry as usual. ” I smiled back and finally took my seat. Scott tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to see him whisper 
“I don’t even need my werewolf senses to smell the chemo signals falling off of you. Calm down dude. ” I rolled my eyes and looked down. I whispered back low enough just for Scott’s ears only. 
“Have you seen her shirt? Its killing me. I was looking right down at upper main street. ” My best friend laughed at my torture. 
“Well looks like someone will be having some great dreams tonight. ” Scott said while laughing and giving me a rough pat. I growled at him causing him to laugh louder. 
“Mr. McCall, Mr. Stilinski care to share with the class what is so comical? We could all use a good laugh. ” Mr. Kiser said as he entered the room. 
“No its nothing. Sorry. ” Scott said in our defense. 
“Good now I can get started with today’s lesson. ” He went straight to writing instructions up on the board and we worked silently for the majority of the class until he spoke up one last time. 
“Before the bells rings I am going to assign you partners for our next project. They were randomly generated so don’t complain because you can’t switch. This is to help you work better around people you aren’t so comfortable with. Also I have noticed when you choose partners nothing gets accomplished or one person does all the work. So listen up the pairs are…” He went on naming partners until he reached my name. 
“Stilinski and Y/L/N.” My eyes almost popped out of my head. Scott flashed his usually smile and winked. I was going to die. Or make a complete fool out of myself hell probably both. She turned around and gave me the most beautiful and innocent smile I had ever seen. 
“I know you wanted Scott but I promise I’ll be a team player! Biology is my best subject. ” She spoke so sweetly, I just melted into her words. 
“Oh no its fine really! I hang with Scott all the time so its cool. Really I am honored to be your partner. ” Fuck that sounded so lame. Stiles you are the worst. I mentally beat myself up. 
“Well I’m honored too. So you wanna knock this thing out early and come by my house after school? My parents work late so we will have peace and quiet until 8. ” She gave a small smile at the end for persuasion. As if I could say no.  
“That sounds great, awesome actually. I don’t have lacrosse practice today so yes. I’ll be there around 4:30? ” Damn I sound way too eager. 
“4:30 is fine. I’ll have us a pizza and some snacks ready. See ya Stiles.” She waved me off and the bell had just chimed to release us. I turned to Scott for reassurance. 
“So how terrible was that? Did I sound dorky as hell?” My best friend stood there like a stone statue. Oh no it was bad. He finally spoke and laughed 
“Dude you were calm. I mean a little jumpy at the offer but not as bad as I thought you would be. I think she likes you. I was picking up on some of her scents and they smelled very interesting. ” I grabbed Scotts arm out of shock. 
“What do you mean interesting? Does she like me?” I screamed a little too loud. 
“Yeah I think so. I mean thats what it smelled like to me. Either that or she just really likes biology. ” He walked away with a smirk. 
“Yeah don’t toy at my emotions McCall! You know I’m gullible!” He kept on walking. Now all I have to do is make it through the rest of the day and then I get to spend more time with her. 
The rest of my classes were so slow, I finished all my assignments within in minutes and found it impossible to sit completely still. This was my last period so I needed to contain myself before getting to Y/n’s house. I slipped my phone out and sent Scott a text. I needed some advice. The final bell rang and I shot up and flew out the door. My werewolf friend was of course already waiting at my locker for me. 
“Okay dude what do you need advice on?” Scott asked calmly. 
“So how do I know if she. Likes me. Like as more than a friend. You said you picked up on some strong signals earlier. So what if she does? How will I know?” I blurted my question out. Scott has been in a long term relationship before. But me? Not so much. I haven’t even made it to 2nd base so I am screwed in this department. 
“Listen Stiles you will just know okay? The mood and feeling will all be there giving you hints. Her body language will say it all. Just relax and don’t rush or push yourself dude. ” I exhaled loudly. He gave such a right but unhelpful answer. But I knew what he meant. 
“Okay man I catch your drift. I just need to calm down and go with the flow. ” Scott smiled and gave me a nod of reassurance. 
After getting my books together I climbed into the jeep and looked at my phone. Y/n lived about 15 minutes from the school so I had just enough time to get there. It was already 10 minutes after. I took out my cologne and sprayed some on my shirt just to freshen up a little. Then I realized it was too strong so I rolled the windows down in hopes it wouldn’t be so bad by the time I got there. God I’m such a klutz. I sprayed way too much, messing up as usual. I pulled out and drove faster than normal. I was still nervous but more eager now. Her car was already in the drive way so I pulled in behind her and gathered my stuff. I took a deep breath and rang the door bell. I heard the pitter patter of her feet and then she opened the door. I immediately noticed she had changed. She had ditched her school clothes for a Star Wars tee shirt and shorts. She looked amazing. 
“Hey, come on in! Make yourself at home. ” I smiled and entered her house. Slipping my shoes off I followed her like a lost puppy into the kitchen. 
“If you don’t mind, grab those cans of soda and follow me upstairs. ” I obeyed and trailed behind her. I couldn’t stop my eyes from locking onto her ass. Those shorts were killing me. The way it bounced as she went up the steps. Okay Stiles enough. We made it to her room, as I walked in I took in the sight of movie posters, album art and books everywhere. She was a closet nerd. That made her even more attractive. 
“Whoa your room is awesome.” I said while still gazing around. 
“Really? Most people I have over tease me because its like a geek domain. But I can’t help what I like.” She replied with a blush. Even when embarrassed she was still breathtaking. 
“Well I think its awesome. You have great taste. To me you are far from a “geek”. I said with a genuine smile. She blushed even more then thanked me. I couldn’t believe the effect I was having on her. A guy like me was making a girl like her blush and feel embarrassed it didn’t feel real. 
“Well I guess we should get started. I have a few ideas for our project. ” She began talking while getting her notebook out. I sat content watching her go over some potential projects and I started picking up on some extreme eye contact and body language. She was flirting, I think? I took out a pen and began writing down some notes. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Y/n was biting down on her bottom lip and her eyes were locked on my hands. I thought maybe I was seeing things but no. She was dead on staring. 
“Stiles you have huge hands. ” She blurted out. Her voice was strained. My face heated instantly. I had honestly never noticed. 
“Oh…uh really? Th..they feel average to me. ” I stuttered out. She looked at me shaking her head no. 
“Far from average. I bet you could do a lot of great things with them. ” Okay now she was definitely going somewhere. She picked up my hand and ran her tiny one over my fingers. Her eyes scanned and admired my palm. I couldn’t stop watching. She brought my index finger up and slid it into her mouth. I could feel her hot wet tongue sliding along the bottom and my dick instantly hardened. 
“Do you like that Stiles?” Y/n asked as my finger left her lips. 
“Y…yes. A lot.” I croaked. 
“Do you want me to stop? ” She questioned sweetly. I couldn’t form actual words because now her hands were on my belt buckle, slowly undoing it along with my button and zipper. I simply shook my head no. She then grinned wickedly. I pushed my chair out and away from the table giving her easier access. Her hands tugged my jeans down along with my boxers. I immediately felt self conscious. Y/n could tell. 
“Don’t be shy Stilinski you’re hot. Relax and let me take care of you. ” She winked and a small smirk formed on her perfect lips. I gave her a reassuring smile. I suddenly gasped out when she took my length into her grip. Her hands were so small but she knew how to use them. Her mouth followed quickly behind her hand. She was now taking me all the way in. I let me head fall back against the chair. A moan left my throat, but It felt more like a growl. Her mouth pulled back as my dick popped out and she kept it in her hand as she looked up at me.
“Fuck I can’t take it anymore. I want you inside of me Stiles. I wanted to take it slow but I can’t. I need you now.” Y/n jumped up and began stripping her clothes off in a frenzy. I followed along by removing my shirt. She then stradled my lap and the contact of her heat against my dick made me grow even harder. And I didn’t think that was possible. My eyes were glued to her perfect breasts that were now eye level and on display begging for me to touch them. Y/n grazed her fingers teasingly over her hard nipples. 
“Use your mouth Stiles. Don’t be scared .” She coaxed me along. I brought my mouth to her breast and licked softly over her right nipple. This caused her to hum in pleasure. I then started to suck a little as I pinched her other nipple between my fingers. She moaned loudly. 
“Fuck… yes Stiles that feels so good. ” I continued working on them, she lifted herself up just enough to slide my dick inside of her dripping core. I couldn’t help but to buck my hips up in order to feel her even more. It wasn’t long before her hips began and thrust and grind onto me. Not even staring off slow and gently. She was riding me like a cowgirl in no time. I could easily tell she really really wanted this. And I was honored to give it to her.
“Y/n you feel so amazing. But I don’t think I can hold it back much longer. ” I admitted. This was all too much for me to hold back. 
“Its fine baby just please promise me aftwards you’ll finish me off with those million dollar hands? ” she begged. I could never say no to her. 
“Of course beautiful. ” I replied trying to sound sexy. Apparently I succeeded because her pace picked up and I let my hands grip onto her hips to help keep her steady. She rolled her body in a hypnotic rhythm that made me cum in no time. I buried my face into her neck and she bite down on mine in return. I felt like I hurt, I was pushing her down onto me with such force. After catching my breath I spoke up. 
“Are you okay? I hope I didn’t hurt you?” But she just giggled and replied 
“ Of course not. Your size was just way more than I expected so I had to relieve the tension somehow. The real question is are you okay? You look a little out of it. ” She giggled again this time at my now wrecked state.
“I am more than okay. Amazing actually. I can’t believe this just happened? I better not be dreaming. ” I replied. 
“Glad I could make you feel like that. And I hope you aren’t either because now its your turn to play with me. I am dying for those fingers Stiles. Come on.” She stood up and bounced over to her bed. I watched as she splayed herself out on the sheets with her legs slightly spread open. She didn’t even need words to beckon me over. I could see it written on her face and her body. It all just called to me. I climbed onto the bed next to her and decided to tease her a little. I flicked my tongue all around her left nipple and slowly rolled the other around between my fingers. Then I gave it a hard pinch. Her head flew back into the pillow. 
“Fuck Stiles please finger me. Please.” I ignored her pleas and continued playing with her breasts. I turned my licking into nibbles. She moaned loudly and tried to take my free hand and move it further down to her heat. I fought back and heard a groan of anger. She was getting more on edge now.
“Stiles please. I want your fingers. Do something. ” she was more stern this time. Deciding that was enough I took my index finger and slowly eased inside of her dripping core. She was so wet and turned on I could feel the heat before I even entered her. This girl was beyond ready. Working my finger in and out she hummed and bit her lip so hard I thought blood would appear when she let it go. I added my middle finger and started moving faster. Curling my digits ever so slightly until I found her favorite spot. 
“Yes right there Stiles. I love it.” She purred out in pleasure. I let my thumb move up and over her clit. This caused a string of profanities to fall from those precious lips of hers. I slowly rubbed circles there. Making sure I didn’t jump into it. I really wanted to make her feel as good as I did just moments ago. My free hand went to play with her nipple again to add to the sensation that I could tell was already pooling in the pit of her stomach. Her breathing became sporadic. I circled smaller and faster figure eights onto her bundle of nerves and pinched slightly harder on her nipple. Her eyes were now screwed shut and she chased her release, riding my fingers and shaking beneath my touch. I watched in awe as she rode out her orgasm. Soaking my hand with her juices. When she finally came back down from her high I kissed her softly. 
“Was that as good as you hoped for? ” I asked in hopes I fulfilled her fantasy about my hands. 
“Fuck yes Stilinski it was even better. You are skilled with those things. I honestly can’t feel my legs. ” She admitted. Her eyes were now barely open. I could tell she was beyond spent. 
“Well you are extremely sleepy now so I guess I should go and let you rest. ” I spoke up. 
“No! Stay. My parents aren’t going to be back until later. I already locked the door and can sneak you out before they even get here. I don’t want you to leave. Unless you really have to ” I noticed she sounded almost like a kid in the way that she begged with her puppy eyes and frown.
“Of course I’ll stay. I could lay with you for hours Y/n. You are the most amazing girl I have ever met.” She smiled at my words.
“And you are the most amazing boy I’ve ever met. Now let’s nap. You really wore me out. ” I nodded and climbed back into her warm bed. This was something I could definitely get used to.


Josh Hutcherson + Fleek of the Week [5/?]

Because nothing’s sexier than an open mind. <3

“I would probably list myself as mostly straight… Maybe I could say right now I’m 100% straight… But who knows? In a fucking year, I could meet a guy and be like, ‘Whoa, I’m attracted to this person…’ I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.”

For Out. Photography by Nino Muñoz | Styling by Neil Rodgers. Photographed October 2013.

anonymous asked:

I can see how sapiosexual can hurt. But it also hurts for me, as a trans man, to hear how gay guys only like "men with penises", or fat folks to hear "no fatties" or people of any gender to hear how gross their bits are, or that someone is too old or that a person isn't into a particular race. Most absolute preferences hurt in some way due to the fact that society mandates and prescribes what looks good and what doesn't. This affects aces too, because many of us experience aesthetic attraction.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Anon, let’s get this straight, being ableist or transphobic or an asshole is very different then just having a preference.

The person who goes “nope. Sorry. Don’t do vaginas/penises.” or “Ew, course I don’t do fat people.” or “Ugh, don’t date idiots like you.” is an asshole. You don’t want to be with that person. Even the person who says “I mean, I don’t have any problems with fat people. I’m just not attracted to them.” is acting on some internalized pressures from society and being kind of an asshole. You want to stay away from those people. Cause they are not supportive and that support is vital in a relationship of any kind. Without that mutual support and respect a relationship is unhealthy. And you want to keep yourself out of those.

Like, I have a preference towards gender non conforming presentation. I find the confidence that it takes for people to do that attractive. But that just kind of plays a mild role. It influences how strong the attraction is sure. But also so does personality. And being funny. And whether or not we have similar interests. It’s a whole mess of things that play into attraction. And yeah, preferences exist but difference between what makes someone an asshole and just having a preference is letting that preference control them.