whoa ah oh

exo as meaningful lyrics

minseok: life is way too short dont waste ur time and stop the music,, and listen

junmyeon: do u like strawberries? wanna catch a movie? oh yes me too

yixing: so take a ride, take a ride (tornado spiral) take a ride, take a whoa oh oh whoa oh oh

baekhyun: ah yeah, are you ready? (that’s right) everybody put your hands up
now 1 2 3

jongdae: do u like chocolate? is it sweet on ur lips? oh yes me too

chanyeol: in my life i gotta b the king yes i gotta b the king.. girl u gotta be the queen

kyungsoo: hey, it’s gettin’ chilly outside you know after the summertime ends and the heat goes away there’s nothin’ better than having you in my arms

jongin: im gonna cherish u

sehun: the dialogue at the beginning of the one

A drawing I did because I noticed I got 13,000+ followers oh whoa. Ah, have a token of my appreciation for all of you~ c’:

Well holy moly I have 13,000 followers. That’s a whole lot of followers, I never really expected to have that many people following me and this silly blog haha ha ;A;

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