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The Aftermath

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

Words: 3.1k+ (whoa)

Prompt: Follow-up to Alex x reader drabble: “Hammy being sad, y/n being sad. OHH WHAT IF they got back together and y/n gets pregnant..only to find that so did the other lady”


Warnings: cussing, a lil bit of smut, cheating, pregnancy, some slut-shaming

You never wanted to see Alexander again. Not after he cheated, destroying your marriage and family. You didn’t want to look into those soft brown eyes that once held such love for you and your children, only to remember the way they looked the night that everything changed, lust-blown and glazed with tears as you left.

But you had to go back. It had been a week since your sister left and since you were supposed to return home with your children, but you still stayed at your father’s, avoiding the inevitable. Your father had offered to let you and your children move back in with him, since he was a single, lonely man in a large house; but you needed the rest of your things from your former home.

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