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(1/6) as a kl shipper, i wanna say from the bottom of my heart: thank you thank you thank you. so many times i've wanted to shout stuff like "why do yall hate k/eith so much" and "you guys never cared abt s/hiro or a/llura, let alone s/hallura" and "why do you want so bad for this writer/artist to be a p/dophile godDAMN" like, holy shit. u beautiful salty jem of a pearl at the bottom of this tumultuous fandom ocean. -

- (2/6) even your blog title is golden, bc it feels like so many people are so deluded, trying to make a ship, something you’re supposed to sit back and enjoy, into a sort of spiteful activist bullshit-filled “movement” like what??? and telling folks to unfollow if they ship s/haladin bc they’re “cleaning out they’re blog”, like, fuck off??? sorry but here’s a salt-filled rant and i don’t know where else to put it so here! -

- (3/6) side note, i’m rly trying to get across to you that i’m NOT being sarcastic abt how much i want you to keep doing your thing, bc now they’re trying to tackle RACISM. in grosser and grosser ways every day! calling some of the only asian rep i see in media “white-passing” and saying that l/ance can’t have a last name that isn’t 1000% authentically cuban, whatever that means, buncha hypocritical racists. i have never been so angry and ashamed of a fandom. -

- (4/6) it’s gotten to the point where i, someone who ships kl and NOT sk (just my personal tastes), am rly happy to see any sk on my dash bc that poster must have been so brave! to post something as simple as sk hugging or smooching or whateverthefuck, i don’t care! you do you! fuck all these nasty haters, THEY’RE the toxic ones who just want someone to hate! yall deserve props! -

- (5/6) also, my compliments to the chef regarding that pining k/eith theory, it’s So Good, like i ghostwrote it somehow. the whole “projecting onto l/ance” thing (which is being done to a painful degree, i can testify) tries so hard to remove or overvalidate his flaws that it’s laughable. making lance into an insecure martyr angst-sponge hybrid with no agency and no room for personal growth, it’s sooo bad. -

- (6/6) and villainizing everyone else! reminds me of that jaden smith tweet: “when i die, then you will realize” shit he wrote when he was like 14. transparent af, like we get it, you’re insecure. and sometimes i WANT to hop aboard the black paladin lance train, but it’s always this idealized version of him that’s almost unrecognizable, and it’s at the expense of better black paladin candidates. goddamn ok, that was all my salt for the time being! much love, thank you and goodnight!

This is one of those asks that I’d love to keep in my inbox forever, but I’ve spent the last three days trying to come up with a response because you deserve one.

I think we’re all aware that tumblr is an explictly shitty place when it comes to “activism”. There’s this black-white-mentality that anything and anyone needs to be put in a box based on whether they agree with someone’s world views. Everything needs to conform to a specific label too, fiction is only allowed to be healthy, you condone what you enjoy etc., and the #1 argument by people on this site, also widely used by antis, is “Think about the children” but also “Expect everyone else to take care of you”.

People actively go into tags of pairings they hate and then yell about how triggered they are. Really? I’ve been repeatedly told to kill myself because I liked something they didn’t (and I’m talking about my 99.5% discourse-free main blog, not this one where I passively seek out conflict). You either conform to the popular way of thinking (shipping, in this case) or you’re irredeemable trash and a threat to the public. Any shit you get over having your own opinion will be justified because you deserve to be punished for thinking on your own. Tumblr mentality is the modern equivalent to medieval politics.

Fandom always has a terrible side - I know - but the Vo/tron fandom has become a place where people tear each other down rather than block the content they don’t want to see. Converting people to one’s own thinking has becume such an essential part of “activism” to the point where people forming their own opinions and learning about an issue on their own pose a threat.

In the Vo/tron fandom you see this toxic mentality with K/ance, rabid L/ance stans, anti Sha/adins and so on. You said everything I’ve been trying to say since I made this blog, and it saddens me that people can only safely voice their opinions and concerns when hidden behind the Anon feature.

Fandom isn’t always fun, but the Voltron fandom has become a place where people are too scared of posting their art or speaking up because they’ll legit receive death threats over liking a fictional ship. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job at pushing back against the anti side or if I’m just making it worse at this point. But salt, spite and messages like yours keep me going. 

Why Beyoncé is important to African-Americans

   Beyoncé Knowles is an African-American singer of Creole origins, and she never let’s you forget. Ever since she debuted in Destiny’s Child with the other women, Beyoncé was something special to me. Maybe it was part of my internalized racism that the brown-skinned girl with the blonde hair stood out, but I knew  Beyoncé was talented. She had the looks, talent, and personality to breakout. When I heard “Crazy In Love” premier on my purple, boombox in the fourth grade as I was lying in bed daydreaming about my childhood crush, Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, I was ecstatic. I thought, “This beat is scary.” It was ominous and hearing Beyoncé’s coloratura vocals utter “Uh oh” in that staccato got me hyped as a 9 year old. I thought pretty maturely for a grade-schooler, and I understood what sexuality was with artists like Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera. I guess that is why they have a special place in my heart in spite of being an evangelical Mariah stan.

  As an African-American, Beyoncé is imperative for my identity. I am a brown-skinned black woman who never felt good about my physical appearance. I don’t fish for compliments when I call myself ugly; I mean it. Beyoncé is slightly lighter than me but she embodies the beauty of black women black girls of all shades need to feel. No amount of colorist projection and misogynoir with  Beyoncé as the proxy shall prosper. I admit, when I was younger, I didn’t trust  Beyoncé. I thought she was entitled and full of so much privilege that I couldn’t fathom as a middle-class, visibly black girl with Autism. I admired her, but I projected what a lot of fans felt about her unto her own personhood. Every time I would hear  Beyoncé brought up, it was to say no black girl could ever be like her. People would say Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Keyshia Cole, and Fantasia weren’t as important as  Beyoncé. So when I was younger, I sometimes looked at  Beyoncé with resentment. It wasn’t that I had anything against her, it was that I didn’t know what was going on in her mind. She is a mystery, and that is a good thing for a Virgo like her. As a Capricorn, I get why she feels compelled to not say everything. Beyoncé and I actually have a lot in common. She is a black woman with Southern roots. I am a young black woman with a dad from North Carolina. Her speech is halted and AAVE; so is mine. She doesn’t talk a lot, but when she writes on rare occasions, you can get a sense of what is inside her mind. That is the same with me. 

 I don’t believe Beyoncé is the exceptional black woman; she is a black woman. She works harder than most of us, and I am proud to share the same gender and race as her. She is determined and knows what she wants. She always have. I also don’t believe black girls can’t get on her level if they so please. Black women and girls have so much potential, it is unrealistic to pretend they can’t be inspired by Queen Bey. 

 What brought this essay on was the fact some native Nigerians are accusing  Beyoncé of appropriating from the Yoruba ethnic group because she paid homage to Oshun. I have to admit, I had no idea who Oshun was, so I looked her up. I was once again excited to learn Oshun was a West African Goddess and she indeed is a Yoruba Goddess. The reason for that is because I’m tired of African-Americans pretending we’re North or East African. Those cultures are cool and just as African as any other region in Africa, but we’re not from Egypt or Ethiopia; we’re most likely from Nigeria or Ghana. If we’re going to pay homage to any country in Africa, it should be Nigeria. The fact  Beyoncé only pays homage to West African aesthetics is why she is important to African-Americans. She is important because she subtly teaches us that we’re West African whether we like it or not. There is no need to be self-hating of our roots just because it doesn’t fit a “white colonizer” idea of “African royalty” and beauty. No part of Africa is “white,” by the way. But everyone knows why so many of us are enthralled by North African countries like Egypt and Algeria. I’m not erasing the blackness of those parts, but I want African-Americans to be honest on who and what I am. I am West/Central African, and I want to learn more about it.

 Because Beyoncé dressed up as Oshun, which is a part of worshiping the Goddess, I decided to look more into it. It was native Nigerians and African-Americans alike who asked for us to look more into Yoruba religions, and I have been researching ever since.  Beyoncé is probably the only African-American who doesn’t go on a Hotep-spiel on how we’re “East African and from Cairo.” Sorry Alicia Keys. That was shade, but I still love you sis. Beyoncé knows where she comes from, and she knows where we come from. She may have light-skinned privilege. She may have been problematic in the past with her darkface African shoot, but Beyoncé is still evolving and learning. I am not saying Beyoncé Knowles is the quintessential African-American woman, but her existence and art is imperative to African-American women. 

Manhattan Mistress part 1


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Tony x reader and OC!Casey (daughter of Y/N and Tony)

Summary: It’s election season and things are about to get heated. Y/N Rogers, previously Y/N Stark, is the daughter of the late mob boss of Brooklyn. She took over when her father died and runs the streets with a firm hand, although no one knows it’s her pulling the strings. Money must roll, especially when it comes from her ex-husband Tony Stark. Tony secretly endorses Steve Rogers’ campaign, currently running for alderman and seemingly oblivious to what happens behind the scenes of his so-called happy marriage. But then Bucky, Y/N’s oldest friend, shows up to win her back and decides to stir things up a little.

Word count: 3.236

Warnings: the reader doesn’t shy away from foul language and talk of sex, murder and infidelity.

A/N: my fingers have been itching to write this story! It’s much, so much darker than what I usually write. Dedicated to my favourite mob AU writer @caplanbuckybarnes. Congratulations on the 1.3k followers! Enjoy sweetie!

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“How can you, as a woman, listen to and support someone as hateful as Eminem?”

I cannot tell you how many times I have found myself being asked this question. Admittedly, there have even been a few instances in which I was the one asking myself. The truth is, I don’t listen to his music through the ears of a woman. I hear it with the heart of an artist and the mind of a writer. I know what it feels like to have nothing but a pen and the skin of your own palm to write on. I know what it’s like to have a levee break inside of you. You have to let some of the overflowing madness out, or you will drown in it. Sometimes, the world is too much, and something just starts burning inside of you. You try to keep the fire under control, but the world just keeps on fanning the flames. It’s like Andrea Gibson said, “My mouth is a fire escape. The words that are coming out cannot care that they are naked. There is something burning in here!” Sometimes, the words that make it out alive are still hot enough to burn anyone who gets too close.

I admit, there are some songs of his that I won’t listen to, but I don’t hold them against him. I wish some people would realize that he was just a kid who had a microphone shoved in front of his face. In the beginning, that was all he ever wanted. He knew that he had something to say, and for the first time, people were actually listening. So he took that microphone, and he ran with it. He didn’t realize the diversity of his audience or the potential consequences of his words, good or bad. He didn’t realize that people would listen so closely and form protests and demonstrations against him, or worship him to the point where he couldn’t even go out in public. He lived in a world where people were either defined as black or white, and because of that (as well as various other details in his life), he was always seeing red. Among all of the other things, the microphone became his greatest addiction, because standing in front of it helped to ease the pain.

I am not justifying some of the things that he has said, but I refuse to define him by them. His thoughts are complicatedly folded in to intimidating-looking envelopes. They may not be sealed with kisses, but they are definitely held together by something stronger than what many people possess; the sheer will power and determination to keep going. That white T shirt that he is so well-known for wearing does not symbolize a white flag; He will not surrender. It symbolizes a blank sheet of paper that he is not afraid to fill with tiny handwritten words that most people would be too afraid to even think, let alone say. He is more than the “woman hater” that some of his lyrics paint him to be. He is also the dedicated father of 3 young girls. Yes, he has fucked up on occasion, but he has also fought and won several battles that he was waging against himself along the way and always kept the wellbeing of his daughters in the front of his mind while doing so. There are lyrics that he admittedly regrets writing, but there are also amazing lyrics that he has written that are now tattooed on to the bodies of hundreds of people across the world. There is just so much more to him than what the media portrays, or what people choose to see.

Look past his cold stares in the photographs, and you will see the body bags under his eyes that have seen too much. Look past the “fuck you” of his middle finger, and you will see the scars on his knuckles from fighting for everything he has, and the hours that he has spent guiding a pen over a notepad or a sketchbook with that very same finger, all in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain. He would lose himself in comic book illustrations filled with heroes and villains, but he never thought that he would have to become one of the bad guys in order to save himself and the ones he loved. Just like we lose ourselves in his music, but we never thought we would become one of his targets, and have to look past it in order to take strength from his words. The truth is, he is more than his spiteful lyrics, but he is also less than the throne that “Stans” across the world try to place him on.

At the end of the day he is human; but a truly beautiful one, at that.

TVD-6x04- Damon Is Everything

Can we all just come to the consensus that Damon is the center point of this entire series? Please? Can we admit that right now? Because I have been saying this for a while now and it just gets proven more right with every episode. And this episode just erupted the volcano of just how right I was. Whether you love Damon or hate him… you are still thinking about him. And if you hate him.. you should think twice has to why… Because there is literally absolutely no reason at this point. Because whether or not you think he has change… Stefan himself not only loves him…but actually admitted that he can’t live without him. And there is so much significance to that statement that your hatred for Damon, which has always been irrelevant… just became even more irrelevant. Anyways, Damon is everything and here’s a few out of infinite reasons why…

“You made him a monster in your own mind because you couldn’t stand the grief of losing him.” - Stefan

Although the idea was always there, since the beginning… since the time they have Stefan writing the words “There’s nothing human left in Damon. No good. No kindness. No love. Only a monster who must be stopped.” while they show Damon caressing Elena’s cheek while she sleeps. It has never really been emphasized to this extent. Showing us… telling us that Damon was never really the monster that everyone, including himself, saw him as. And I just loved that balance between the demon in Damon and the human in him. He was evil enough to kill a pregnant women but he was human enough to show remorse about it. And that humanity is what separates him from the true monsters, like Klaus and Salis and Kai. Don’t shoot me because I called Klaus a monster… I don’t watch The Originals okay… There is also THIS

“I was thinking about that pregnant lady…. She had a thing for pancakes.”

“That’s what you remember?”

“You remember, don’t you? You make pancakes everyday.”

“Cause I’m bored”

No, ‘cause you’re punishing yourself. You call this place your hell. It means you show remorse. That’s what makes you different than Kai. There’s hope for you.” - Bonnie

The entire episode we saw the judgment of Damon spewing off Bonnie. And although she knows that Damon has changed… she has still never really seen him show guilt for his past indiscretions. And I love that she points it out for Damon to see as well. Because I think although Damon does own his guilt…he has this way of sort of being in denial about it. Therefore, he doesn’t see the difference between himself and someone like Kai. And I loved that the episode, although demonizing Damon though killing a pregnant women… it also showed that he was never really the monster that he thought himself to be. And that’s a refreshing change, not because they showed the audience, because they have in the past, but because they showed Damon…and that will cause ever more major character development from here on out. 

What? No, no…Stefan… How could I possibly love Damon? - Elena

I know it must sound like I’m a broken recored but I can’t help it. I just love how this episode’s centric theme was how Damon isn’t a monster. That was the emphasis throughout the entire episode. And I totally understand what the main reason behind having Elena forget everything good about Damon is now. It is to show everyone Damon true colors. Not only that but its’ to tell us the ‘how’ she fell in love with him. We got the when and the why… now all we need is the how… and I think that’s the reason she doesn’t ask Alaric to compel her memories back. I might be wrong but I think the writers want to show us this. I’m not exactly sure how…but that’s the whole point I guess…

“I want you to rediscover yourself in the absence of the one who defined you.” - Elena 

I just think it needs to be said that this line fits right in with the centric theme of the episode. Because it was Damon who helped Elena conquer her darkness. It was Damon who helped Elena find herself after becoming a vampire. It was Damon who helped her embrace her darkness and not let it control her. And it was Damon who helped her not become the monster she could have been. And it was only after she lost him that she became that monster that she wasn’t. And that just says a lot about Damon, you know? Because if Damon really was a monster, he wouldn’t have been capable of showing her that she wasn’t one. 

“You loved Damon for the same reason I loved him. Because  in spite of every single thing that he did, we couldn’t live without him.” - Stefan

I think its interesting that Stefan has been shown to have full self control over his bloodlust. They show him having bloodbags in his refrigerator in episode 1 and having the ability to have a relationship with a human girl without the fear of ripping her head off…And you would think that his grief and his guilt over Damon’s death wouldn’t allow him to have that self control….which proves what I always thought to be true.. that Stefan’s journey to self-acceptance is intertwined with his journey of his relationship with Damon. The idea that once he allowed himself to love and accept Damon…he would be able to let go of all the guilt and all the self-loathing that drove him to becoming a ripper.  And I think seeing Elena love Damon for everything that he is and her ability to accept herself is what helped him get there. 

I loved that this episode shows this sad truth in the fact that for 150 years… Stefan thought he wasn’t able to function with Damon in his life…and Damon clearly wasn’t able to function without him…And although I think its a damn shame that it took Damon dying to for him to finally see that he needed his brother just as much as Damon needed him… I also think its a beautiful thing. I think that the conversation with Elena brought things to light that he never realized… and that’s that in the same way he finds an inability to live without Damon… he came to the realization that all those years, Damon was incapable of living without him. And that’s why every single thing that Damon did doesn’t matter anymore. Because he finally gets it. 

And that is why Damon is everything… because he impacts the lives of everyone around him… for the better or for the worst. He was always that one constant amongst all the change and all the lost whether he was the cause of it or not. 

His ability to love is as deep, if not deeper, than he ability to hate. And that’s why I will always stan for and love Damon Salvatore.