who: grace helbig

ok but dirty 30 is actually such an awesome movie?? like it could have been about a girl learning to break out of her shell and be Outgoing and Party with her tons of friends, but it’s about how she learns to accept that she’s okay having a small, quiet, normal life and how she’s happy with it and i just really needed that right now so thanks mamrie hart. you wrote a fuckin bad ass movie.


NEW VIDEO: “Grinch Holiday Humming Challenge” ft. Grace Helbig! We had the dumbest & giggliest time filming, and turns out, both of us are terrible at humming!! But we’re VERY good at being idiots, so ENJOY!!


So a few years ago I made this very silly animatic with the intent to learn Toon Boom Harmony and make it a finished short. 

I never made it past pre-production but I do still love that duck.