A Modern Mergna AU:  Morgana Pendragon was  Merlin Emrys’ flatmate. He had been looking for someone to share his flat with, while she had been  searching for a place to live in after breaking up with her boyfriend Alvarr, when she found Merlin’s ad.

Merlin was instantly captivated by her beauty and her strong personality. Easy to say he fell in love, still he kept his feelings hidden from her.

But after four months of living together, she invited him for a karaoke night with her friends. By the time it was his turn to sing, Merlin was completely drunk. So, when he started to sing Suzanna by The Art Company, Merlin inadvertently changed the lyrics. Instead of Suzanna , he said Morgana.

And that was how he declared his love for her. 

“The reason Elsa and Anna have the same face is because they are RELATED!1! Of course they are going to look a like! They are a part of the same family!!1! Gosh!”

These two a related but they don’t have they same face

Same goes for them

No copy and paste face here

Nor here

And would you look at that? Another family who look similar but completely different and yet you can still tell that they are related! Who would have thought!

I just realized that I have possibly made myself vulnerable to abuse.

I have let countless of people over the course of my life walk all over me. My usual reaction, since I’m usually not very close to them, is just several all ties with them. Block them from my life. Because I am a very sensitive person who cherishes myself since heck. Who else will?

But never have I thought I would be trying to cling onto someone. Someone who made me feel like dirt, like I wasn’t worth their time… But why did I stay? Because they gave me hope. And I clung onto that hope.

Though, I can only tolerate things for so long. When I couldn’t handle it anymore, I severed the ties.

But why do I feel so guilty about it? Why do I feel that I was wrong, even though my reasons for leaving- my reasons for being hurt- are completely justifiable?

Gosh, I’m really freaking out right now because this is how people who are in abusive relationships are like. And if I’m already like this with just friends, what the heck will happen to me if I am in an intimate relationship with someone?

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I don't understand the reasoning behind your bitter hatred against transwomen, especially concerning your post regarding them using women's bathrooms. Like, I cannot find any evidence of a sexual assault ever occurring in the case of a transwoman just using the bathroom corresponding to their gender, at all. It just sounds like a lot of boogeyman fear-mongering from conservatives to paint trans women as nothing more than perverts or just "men in dresses." Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Well here’s one to start you off 

oh no what’s this

who would have thought that allowing  men access to the women’s restroom so long as they put on a woman costume could put women at risk?


“We don’t get married. We only have concubines.” “Hurrem Sultan is married.” “But that’s Hurrem Sultan, and nobody can be like her.

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This is how i play the game. If i take this bottle of water and tell you its made of plastic, and then i tell this other person that its made of wood, and then i hear someone saying ‘Ginamarie said this is made of wood’, then i know who fucking said what.
—  GM, actually playing big brother intelligently.