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I hope Jackie dies off screen before the next episode

Episode starts with Marco, Star, Janna and other kids from school getting back from the funeral
“Wow, who would have thought that skateboards could explode.”

21 Days (1/4)

Sehun I Angst, Romance, Mild Smut (in later parts) I 1,763 words

When your older brother got in trouble you didn’t think you would become the collateral damage in such situation, but somehow you did and who would have thought there would be someone to repair the damage his people have caused piece by piece.

Please read the author’s note at the end. It’s very important!

19 Hours before the kidnapping

‘You’re gonna get yourself killed if you keep acting this way!’

Heavy breathing and frustrated sighs resounded from the wall of the small living room as you glared at each other from different sides of the room.

'Why don’t you understand that this is the only option we have right no?!’ Jaehyun, your older brother by five years yelled back at you, his voice husky from all the shouts you two had exchanged in the past twenty minutes. 'This is the only way I can take care of you okay?!’

You bit down on your lower lip harshly, fighting back your tears and cries of desperation that were threatening to escape. 'There are other options and every single one of them is better that your interactions with these guys, Jaehyun.’

With a small bitter laugh, he crossed his muscular arms in front of his broad chest. 'Pumpkin, I am a 24-year-old sentenced delinquent who has spent one and a half years of his life behind bars. Furthermore, I didn’t graduate from university and nor do I have a proper schooling in something. So tell me, what exactly are these options you were talking about?’

'First of all-’ You began to respond, although you were more that aware that you stated the cruel yet undeniable facts. 'You had been falsely accused back then and-’

'That doesn’t matter,’ He interrupted you halfway through your weak argument. 'I’ve been sentenced anyways, which is the first and only thing employers find out about me.’ Jaehyun had never been an optimist, yet nor had he ever been a pessimist. He had always been a realist, accepting the reality with all its cruelty.

You, on the other hand, had always been a dreamer and optimist, denying the reality as much as possible. 'But it’s still not too late to go to university, if you graduate from university you would have way more possibilities.’ Inhaling exhaustively, you let yourself fall onto the old worn-out couch. 'For God’s sake, Jaehyun, you’re a clever guy. Any university would be lucky to have you. You could do so much more with your intelligence.’

'For the last time, y/n!’ He growled and kicked against a wooden chair angrily. It was with enough force to completely destroy the cheap item. Yet, you  weren’t startled in the slightest you’ve had always had the talent to make your always calm and  well-balanced brother loose his temper. 'My intelligence won’t pay for your freaking expensive medication! The medication that makes this fight between us even possible, because it protects you from freaking dying, you little Idiot. Goddammit!’

Well, now that took you off guard for sure.

9 Hours before the kidnapping

Silently Jaehyun and you sat at the small kitchen table, eating your breakfast without exchanging a single word. After yesterday’s argument, he had simply given you a light kiss on the forehead and sent you to bed , saying that he would do the same. But you weren’t stupid like that and nor were you deaf since you heard the sound of the front door closing very clearly as he left the apartment to do his 'deliveries’. Yet, you stayed quiet about it, not wanting to break off another fight.

'You should really iron your uniform.’ Jaehyun’s random statement broke the heavy silence lingering between the both of you suddenly. His eyes fixed on his hands, obviously avoiding to make I contact with you.

Confused you looked down where the over-sized crinkly white blouse and the crinkly beige skirt were hugging your body in all their glory. Your brother had purposely bought you a uniform that one or two sizes too big in case you would 'grow some more’, but there hadn’t been much growing ever since.

With a sly smirk on your lips, you got up from your seat. 'You call it crinkly. I call it fashion.’ You stated with fake pride, successfully making him laugh since he knew very well that you did not give a single damn about fashion.

'I’ll get on my way to school now. Take care, Idiot.’

The Kidnapping

'Wanna go to that Kimbap place I told you about earlier?’ Jisoo, your best friend and besides Jaehyun the most important person in your life, asked.

'I’d love to, but I have to the hospital for some checkups.’ You explained disappointed, giving the shorter girl a small apologetic smile.

She simply said that you would to that another time, as you said your goodbyes and parted ways. Sighing guiltily, you looked after her for a short moment. You hated lying to her, but only this excuse didn’t make her feel bad for you, so you preferred using that little lie rather than stating that money was more than low at the moment.

Pushing you guilty thought aside, you made your way home as well.

'Um excuse me, Miss?’ A young man, appearing to be in his late twenties stopped you as you were about to walk into an alley that leads to your home. 'Do you have a minute by any chance?’

'Of course, what can I do for-’ You stopped talking abruptly and your eyes widened in terror when you caught glimpse of a Glock that was poorly hidden under his pitch-black jacket. ’Minute’s over.’

Taking him by surprise, you landed a well-calculated kick right against is sternum that made him stumble backward and drop to the cold ground harshly while clutching his chest in agony. But before you even had the chance to start running away from the danger another pair of strong arms circled around your shoulders and pulled you backward forcefully. 'Let go of me or I will end-’ Your screams were cut off by a large sweaty hand that clutched over your mouth, successfully muffling your shout and curses.

'Just get the anesthetics, Hongseok, will you?’ Clawing and hitting against the stranger’s arms keeping you captive, the seriousness of the situation kicked in. These guys weren’t joking around which meant you were in serious trouble.

When the other man, Hongseok, slowly got up again and pulled out a small see-through case with a single syringe in it, it was a rather easy task to conclude who it was meant for. You’re eyes were silently begging the stranger to stop as he was stepping closer towards your trembling form and flailed weak kicks towards him.

You had never been one to give up easily, but when the burning sensation of the injected anesthetics spread through your neck and you felt the numbness taking over, you had to somewhat accept your failure.

At least for now.

7 Hours after the Kidnapping I Day 1

'She hasn’t woken up yet, sir. I’ll inform you when she does…Yes, I understand.’

A deep raspy voice pulled you out of the darkness, out of the frightening nothingness that had held you captive, and back into consciousness. Tortuously slow you came back to your senses, slowly gaining back the control over your sore and exhausted limbs. Carefully you attempted to open your eyes, but as soon as you had lifted your heavy eyelids they dropped back down. You had to give it a couple of tries until  you finally succeeded in keeping your burning eyes open. In fear you held onto to the firm material of your skirt, as you looked around carefully, taking in the environment.

A dim light was illuminating the classic looking furniture in the large room, with high walls and large windows. You were laying on a couch. A couch that appeared to be worth more that everything in your home combined.

'Sir, I think she’s awake.’ You heard the deep masculine voice again as your breathing became more and more uneven with every passing second. A large soft hand gently grabbed the back of your neck and helped you into an upright position, before you even had the chance to react and stop him.

The stranger let himself fall onto the couch table right in front of you and suddenly you were face to face with a young raven-haired man that gave you a sympathetic yet somewhat cold smile.

Still trying to progress everything that was going on at the moment, you just stared numbly at the young man who was wordlessly looking back at you with his dark brown eyes.

He was tall, had broad shoulders, a torso with a broad chest yet rather a slim waist that connected to his small hips and long slim legs clothed in simple black jeans. The soft features of his handsome face were an odd contrast to his sharp defined jawline and in general, his face had something oddly soothing to it.

'y/n, isn’t it?’ He broke the tensed silence, his eyes never leaving yours. 'I would tell that it’s nice to meet you, but that wouldn’t really be appropriate, now would it?’

Your terrified face was his only answer.

Nervously you looked down to your hands that were cuffed, a detail that you hadn’t noticed yet. Your thoughts were running through your mind at remarkable speed, trying to find a way to get you out of the situation.

As if he was attempting to do some small talk he kept talking. 'I must say, you and Jaehyun really look alike.’ His words took you by surprise, but at the same time, they gave you at least one hint to figure things out.

He knew your brother, which meant he was for sure part of that organization Jaehyun was working for. And that could only mean one thing your brother was in serious trouble and the same regarded you.

'What no screaming, no attempts of running away?’ His sarcastic tone ripped you out of your thoughts once again and as you looked up at him again he raised one of his perfectly arched eyebrows in mockery.

Clenching your fists in anger, you gave him a sweet smile. 'Oh, I’m sorry this is my first kidnapping. Hopefully, I will do better next time to meet your expectations.’ You returned with even more sarcasm, but as soon as the confidence came it left you when you came back to your senses. One thin was for sure, you were in no position to give them a taste of your attitude.

The man tried to cover his laughter with a cough. 'A sassy one, aren’t you?’

Do not answer. Keep quiet, you told yourself, trying to figure out what to do, when an unfamiliar voice appeared all of the sudden.

'Sehun, what’s taking you so long. We gotta go now, man.’

A/N As you guys might have noticed, this story builds upon a kidnapping, but I feel like I have to state a couple of things before I’ll publish the next parts. This story won’t include Stockholm Syndrome because I am against it to write such a horrible thing as romantic. Nor will it include Abuse, because once again that is simply horrible and not romantic. The story will include violence, but not from Sehun towards the reader. To conclude, the reader won’t fall in love with her abuser and Sehun isn’t an abuser.

See this chapter as a little introduction to the actual story and anticipate a lot of Sehun x Reader interactions in the following much longer parts. 

Other than that I got nothing more to say than I hope you enjoyed the first part and stay tuned for what coming next.

the thing that pulls at my heartstrings during s6 of teen wolf is realizing just how far stiles and lydia have come from the first episode. do you remember how inconsequential stiles was to her then? someone who lydia barely paid attention to because she was concerned with keeping up her image and appeasing jackson? 

whereas now, over the course of five seasons, she has finally seen the light. and stiles isn’t even a certainty to her at this point, but her determination to find him and the fact that she is SO distressed because this part of her life–existing only at this point as a name–is missing, is just…

like who would have ever thought we’d see lydia martin collapsing in tears over stiles stilinski way back in 2011? 

as someone who ships them together the stydia dynamic in season 6 is just serving to validate what I’ve been noticing about the transition of their relationship over the years.

back when stiles was a slack-jawed kid in the throes of his lydia infatuation, to present-day stiles and lydia: on the precipice of adulthood, now having a relationship that revolves around mutual respect and love for one another because they have weathered every storm they’ve faced TOGETHER.

it’s beautiful. plain and simple.


Hello! I haven’t been on social media for a while but wanted to let my followers know I love you guys so much and I hope you have a happy holiday. How is everyone doing? What are your plans for the holidays and new year? I’ve missed you guys. Everything is going great on my end. I’m just shaking a cold. I’m living in two different cities now Memphis in New Orleans… Meaning, I’m back and forth all the time. I have lost a few friends because of my life choices of chasing my dreams. Did not realize living in two different cities and having two homes with many dreams would cause who I thought were friends not to be my friends anymore. It just shows their character and hurts a little but not too much because it’s dangerous to care what one thinks when you’re chasing your dreams or creating something. My tour company is going well. it’ll be open for two years in May 2017. With that being said, I’m having Damien Echols’ come down and show his very first art show in the south. If you do not know who Damien Echols is, he is actually a death row survivor who was wrongly accused and was in prison for 18 years and ten years in solitary confinement. Johnny Depp, along with a few other people work hard getting him out of prison and I just decided to reach out and see if he would be one of the first “celebrities” to endorse my company. He is coming. If you would like to come to his art exhibit in New Orleans, let me know and I will get an invitation out to you. It is a private art exhibit so I would need your real name and address to see the invitation. Since I live on Royal Street, which runs parallel to Bourbon street… I have to have security and be careful especially since someone like Damien Echols who is the Gandhi of our time will be at this first art exhibit. I have decided to become a curator too. It is a lot of fun and I am learning the ropes from my wonderful new best friend, Frances. She will be 75 in January and I’m going to throw her her very first surprise party. I hope this goes well. Anyway, I miss you guys and I’d love to hear back from you. Tell me what’s been going on in your life.

baconmoose replied to your post: Children: [have thoughts, ideas, and emotions]…

On the other hand, the human brain isn’t fully developed until early-to-mid twenties so have those thoughts and feelings but take them with a grain of salt.

No, really?
Growing and developing human beings aren’t fully physically mature yet? who would have thought. maybe we should have a word for that. Oh, right. 
And there’s more to this, but i’m focusing on the main point atm.

The post is saying “hey, children still have thoughts, feelings and emotions because they’re still gd human beings, even if they’re small– and adult humans are massive fucking dicks to them because adults have a thing about presuming that they are small mindless creatures that obtain humanity once they hit a certain age.”

Do teens have ideas that are really bad for them like “what if i chugged like 19 5-hour energy’s and drove 9 states over to see my friend” and need someone to go “thats not a good idea”? Yeah, no shit. Kids thinking about shit is a thing. They aren’t likely to actually fucking do it, but they’ll go ‘what if’. 
Small children do what ifs, pre-teens do what ifs, teens do what ifs. 
Young Adults do what ifs. Adults do what ifs.

The only difference between all of it is that as a grown ass adult, we have the maturity and life experience to go “hm, this is probably not so wise.” or “this is probably going to do something i don’t know” and then we have the ability to fix it if we end up fucking up.
A small child looks at a similar thing and they dunno. They have to rely on peer input, so they ask. They look around. 
Humans do not come out of the womb creatures of willful ignorance– we come out and we try to learn about the world. 
That process is either encouraged or discouraged. 

Children being told that they don’t have the same weight long enough, they stop contributing. They stop questioning. They stop finding, searching.

A child, a teen, a young adult, and an adult all have equally valid thoughts, feelings, emotions and points of view.
What varies are life experiences and information to inform said subjects.

Why am I rolling out a wall of text when on the face it seems as if we are saying the same thing?
Because by coming from the “brain development” angle you do 2 things that piss me the fuck off. 
1: You skip right past the point of the post and imply that until a certain age one cannot *truly* count as a person/adult until they reach this point of brain maturation. This point, I must say is varied across genders, hormone levels, and health status, as well as nutrition. 
2: Throws every damn person with a developmental disorder or mental illness that inhibits or slows the maturation of the brain right under the bus. Not just under the bus, but a motorcade, 5 semi-trailers, 16 hot-rods, and a single vespa. Because while brains “on average” mature at certain times, science has not and has never been able to concretely go “Yes this will happen for everyone” and they damn sure can’t for these people. Your statement effectively excludes them from ‘Adult thoughts and feelings’ sans a grain of salt.

Children are human beings. People do not start being People when they hit a certain age or brain function point.

So, I hope this is pointing something out other than you have pissed me off– because you really have– and that you think about this a bit.

Because holy shit

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The Citrine and the Andesine of your Moonstone comic. Do you have ideas on who would make good voices?

Umm, haven’t thought about it much but I guess if I had to decide

Citrine - T'Keyah Keymah
Andesine - Stephanie Lemelin

korra: i have to find my own path as the avatar.

katara: i know you do. aang’s time has passed. my brother and many of my friends are gone.

zuko *flies by on his dragon*: KATARA WHAT THE HELL

toph *pops up from a hole in the ground*: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE DEAD!

katara: sometimes i can still hear their voices…


Professor Stephen Hawking poses with Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne on the set of the movies Hawking (2004) and The Theory Of Everything (2014)