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would you prefer to fall in love with a guy or girl?

ya know i just wanna fall in love with someone that i vibe w very well, i wanna fall in love w someone that stays after finding out how stupid i really am, i wanna fall in love w someone who wants to come watch me kill it on the field, i wanna fall in love w someone who doesn’t make me change who i am, i wanna fall in love w someone who loves to laugh, i wanna fall in love with someone who will take me on adventures and is down to drink, but is also down to stay in just the two of us, love to me is a scary thing


i always forget this is at the end of my street anyways who wants to come here with me and not talk every night in the summer

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I’m going to straight up state this and I don’t care who wants to come at me.

Yes I understand Camren has become a bother far more than Lauren or Camila would ever have expected or could control and yes you’ve constantly denied this and say it isn’t so but don’t pretend you’re not as guilty in this situation fans didn’t wake up one day and decided I’m going to ship these two girls together you’ve continuously contributed to their belief in Camren with your eye stares, secret touches, deleted pictures, your not so obvious indirects amongst other things and not just you girls but Dinah, Mani and Ally too with your tweets #CamrenFeels #SheWantsCamilaByeFelicia #ItsCamrenYo Is Camila the dragon to your unicorn #Duh, your constant jealous behavior over her, so now because you’re grown and attach to a stigma you’ve helped created and empowered you can’t handle it anymore you behave as if fans are delusional accept the role you’ve played in making them fucking delusional. I am no way defending the fuckers that run up under their every post claiming Camren because that shit is border line crazy but own your fucking mistakes too. Camren is set in stone so I don’t know how you think almost 5 years later telling fans “it was never real, ever” they are going to hear you when you have Dinah’s aunt confirming it’s real, your own friends hinting at it you had no problem using “Camren” when it was beneficial and bringing fans into the fandom but its become a significant “Problem” so people are delusional? This is why I’m damn happy I live in the fictional world of Camren, happy I’ve never tweeted about Camren to either girls, I’ve always respected that these girls are people like myself not because they’re celebrities it means they’re immune to the same things we face everyday but you aren’t innocent in this mess called “CAMREN”

Anon Request: Telling Riz you love him for the first time

“Know what I miss the most when I’m away?”

Keeping your eyes shut, you find that you are too exhausted to speak. Although you’ve slept for a minimum of two hours, it feels like thirty minutes.

Your entire body is on fire. You know part of it stems from the sun casting its rays directly onto the bed of your hotel room. You and Riz are tangled up together in the center of the bed, the blankets wrapped around you in a warm cocoon.

“Babe…” Letting his lips press against the tip of your nose, Riz released a soft breath as your arms wrap around his waist in an attempt to get closer.

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