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SHIP: Aris | Gally | Newt | Thomas | Minho

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Heyyo, Tumblr World.

So I finally made a Tumblr account after the entire world told me to. I’m pretty much going to use this for whatever I want. From long, thoughtful, emotional blog posts, to me going on about music/bands, to shameless self promo of my band, My Lonely Heart, to me going on about how much I love my girlfriend ( fullypanickingatthedisco ), to whatever is going on in my life, to random things I decide to post/reblog. So, if you follow me, I hope you enjoy! (P.S. Please give me suggestions on who to follow. I would love that/you a lot.) (P.S.S. my first reblog was courtesy of Dee. my-pvrvmore-romvnce )

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Just though i'd update you on that blog, the blog has since been deactivated and someone took the user name so the original person could not get it back. <3

Yeah! Someone told me it deleted and i advised they snag the URL and mention it has been deleted for anyone who went to it.

the bad is whoever that pressed individual was can remake but again like i said, just don’t even pay attention to those kind of ppl they just want the attention whether you have good intentions or not. if you leave those types of ppl alone to blow all the hot air they want they’ll go away because they have no audience. don’t reblog them, dont engage, don’t do anything, just block and move on. like we all know the bullshit they said was not true, so don’t even pay attention.

Just focus on celebrating the positive side of the fandom ! (but if what they had said troubled u y'all can always come talk to me and i’ll help u if i can ok)

I have some explaining to do

so, there has been a lot going on about the sideside squad. i was the one who made the group however the name was just randomly put together and doesn’t mean anything. A few days ago, I put up a post with a picture of my twitter and the post mentioned the fact that I wanted to make a twitter group dm with some people from tumblr who watch the sidemen. Lots of people liked and reblogged the post and told me their twitters and put them in the group. There are 15 of us all together and we are named the sideside squad. I will admit the fact that we do have the weirdest name ever but we couldn’t think of anything better. There has been a lot about the squad over tumblr but I promise you this, we never meant to make anyone angry or upset or anything like that. A few people asked about who we were and ik none of us answered your question but we are really sorry. I didn’t know about this until the morning because I hadn’t been on tumblr for a while. Most of us are either in different timezones or we haven’t checked tumblr until the next morning. I made the group simply to talk to people and I’m genuinely sorry for anything that has happened, we never meant to say anything that made us seem the best squad or that we were the queens of the fandom. We are just 15 girls who watch and love the sidemen and want to stay that way.

if anyone wants to talk about, feel free to ask me any questions as my ask box is always open. I hope this post explains a few things and I would class this as my fault because I made the group. I hope we can move on and carry on as a fandom who love, watch and support the sidemen. I am really sorry about this and I hope you take my apology in a good way. 

Every time I see the post that’s like, “I used to really like stars but then I realized how much math I needed to learn to get near them” I like… want to unfollow the people who reblog it.

And like… I’m sorry you hate math! I really am, but like, the fact that math education sucks is not math’s fault! I’m sorry you were told that you’re stupid for not knowing math or whatever, and that you think it’s a skill some people have and you’re someone who doesn’t but like…

I love math to pieces and I’m absolute shit at it. Every time a professor asks me to think independently I’m like ‘lololololololololololol oh god no one has ever asked me this before’ and then I fail all my tests when they ask me to memorize things and it’s just…

Now I’m ranting about this with one of my teammates and she also pointed out how infuriating that post is about “why do art people have to do science but science people don’t have to do art” and it’s like ??????????????????

They do???????????????

And like, it’s all about practice! If we want to talk about fucking attitude issues let’s discuss how people acknowledge that art is something you have to practice, but claim math isn’t? I’m reading a book right now called “Radical Equations” about trying to help kids get more access to math, and it has this amazing point that’s like, “People believe in this cult of mathematics, this group of savants, and it’s excluding everyone who struggles” and they’re right and it’s SUCH BULLSHIT.


Instead of thinking you’re edgy and cool for hating on math, what if we actually tried to solve the problem. What if we tried to acknowledge that math is a skill that comes with practice, that it makes no sense until it does.

Which actually is a problem in its own right, and since this post is just a giant pile of me barfing emotions about math, let’s go. One of the real issues with math is that once you get it, it’s really hard to articulate what didn’t make sense before, which just helps to cause this divide where people who don’t get it yet feel like other people are just geniuses and it’s like… you don’t know a word until you do. It’s just something you learn. It’s just a skill, it’s a way of understanding the world, and I’m really really sorry that you feel locked out.

I’m really really sorry that you’ve probably been locked out, that your teachers probably didn’t feel confident enough in mathematics to let you explore instead of just memorize, that your parents almost certainly told you stories about how it’s ok because they also failed mathematics.

Like, God, my mom is one of the smartest, most persevering people I know, she just got her PhD for goodness’ sakes, and the only class she’s ever dropped was high school calculus. Which is always such a shittily taught class! Like, God, part of that was because I was making friends, but HS Calc is when I stopped trying to understand and just started taking my teacher’s word for it. That’s a skill I’m still trying to unlearn.

This summer I’m working on mathematical modeling for elementary school, and Moses and Merlin I hope it takes off. Because math modeling is all about exploring the real world with math, and having multiple possible solutions, and letting kids explore math in their own contexts instead of telling them to memorize stuff.

Did you know that the common core state standards currently have kids expected to memorize times tables before understanding that multiplication is just repeated addition? How fucked up is that. We literally want them to memorize facts before they even understand what the symbols mean.

The more math I learn, the cooler it gets, and I’m just so sick of people hating math. Don’t hate math, hate the state of math education.

And then join me in hoping that someday I’m going to fix it all, because by golly, that’s my goal.

And now I’m going to go make a less filled-with-barf post about this because this is just my anger transformed into hope which is all procrastination keeping me from actually doing the work I actually think is really cool. But god, if I could get famous for one post on tumblr, please let it be one about how math is actually really cool and shouldn’t be inaccessible to anyone? 

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Hey sorry to bother you. You recently reblogged a post with pictures of a dude holding/ doing things that could kill you with the words "going back to school". I honestly don't want to bother you with this but seeing posts joke about suicide makes me feel like crap since I am still not sure I want to be alive. Again so so sorry I had to send this message to you. Could you rather not reblog that stuff or tag it as something?

Oh my godness! i know which post you’re talking about, and ill go back and remove it. Im so sorry that it triggered you and i will avoid those types of posts from now on! Im really glad and grateful that you told me, because i want my blog to be safe for my followers and those who go on my blog! Dont be sorry at all, its a really good thing that you told me!

Please have this cute gif as an apology!

For those who feel like ive posted or reblogged triggering stuff, please tell me! Your well being is more important than a stupid joke.

Oh and for this anon here, if you’d like to talk about anything, you can message me anytime! You can keep being on anon if its better for you, i really dont mind, and ill be glad to talk to you about stuff that bothers you, or about small topics like blueberries (they are really good, do u like blueberries?)


i am well aware that it is 1:30 am but i reeeeally dont feel like waiting until later tomorrow to make this post ill just reblog it later so people who are asleep now can find it

i cant find motivation to write on my own and i feel like getting back into roleplaying might help get me back into the writing groove so if anybody wants to rp, hit me up please i would very much like to rp

the only thing i dont do is smut bc u know im ace and also underage so thats two nos there im not too experienced in romance either so that might be a lil difficult for me but friendships and sibling relationships are A+ i can do those well.

for characters, i can TRY to do fandom stuff but i would prefer gemini twins or OCs even if i have to make more ocs to do it with (i havent really had any characters strike a chord with me recently sorry)

but please if youre interested in roleplaying with me let me know i need to get back into my groove and if you help i will appreciate it immensely

Hey guys!!!

So recently I added the above comment onto nefepants post about Steven Universe and I’ve been told that a lot of you guys have been reblogging it and completely ignoring the original message. So, let’s set some stuff straight:

1) I super agree with what OP said (anyone who knows me knows that I think the show does a great job of writing complex female coded characters who are role models for kids of any gender)

2) I do not want anybody to think that what OP said was invalid or unfounded

3) The intention of my comment was to reference the recent string of tweets from T-Pain where he’s been saying how much he likes the show. I thought that people would be able to understand OP’s point and get what I was referencing. 

Please please please don’t disregard OP’s original message because of a dumb joke. Thanks guys!!!

 isuckatbaseball liked your post “Okay, like for a starter. You can also reblog and say if you want a…”

The other was visiting again. Not an unusual thing, he seemed to be constantly running in and asking for Bulma’s help with his Saiyaman disguise, which he continued with for… Reasons beyond Trunks’ understanding. How did a guy who did such nerdy things end up getting a girlfriend? HE hadn’t even gotten a girlfriend yet! …Even if he told Goten otherwise.

“Mama’s not home right now. She’s at a business meeting. You could wait with me for her to come home, though. It shouldn’t be much longer. …I don’t think so, anyway.”

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Sorry I probably blow up your notifications by liking all your posts =/ I just can't help myself


Listen, lil cousin, I’ve got messages like this before, and it pisses me off because like who told all of yall that yall couldn’t like or reblog posts or send tons of messages or make comments as much as you like? Who keeps making people think that they can’t enjoy blogs??? Like I’ve had people PM me asking if they could respond to my posts questions because they had been called weird for doing that on other blogs before, like??? What? Go innnnn, honeys, go all the way the hell in on these posts. How else can I know if this blog is liquid fire or a dog poop??? I need them notes!

Man, I want to find the person who called them weird and punch them on camera and post that video everytime I get messages like this so yall can like that post too!

Homie, cousin, sister/brother friend, this blog is yours to like, reblog, etc as much as you please! Everyone up here got as much of a right to blow my notification page smooth, clean into outer space! 

Wild out, Anon!


i have a friend who loves tyler oakley so much, he says he owes his life to him. my friend is a bisexual and he told me tyler oakley was inspiring and made him feel accepted and feel comfortable in his own skin. but i accidentally fucked it up and said he probably wouldn’t ever be noticed by Tyler and now i feel so bad i just want him to know he’s loved but he has bad self love issues and just want him to know people care, can we signal boost this so tyler sees it, i know people don’t normally reblog these things but i just want my friend to know he’s loved
tyleroakley please see this

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Asexuals are raped to be "fixed", told by literal doctors that something is wrong with them (something that rarely happens to gay and bisexual people nowadays.) and are denied access to certain rooming because people literally do not want to be around us and then we have to deal with the rest of the LGBT community treating us like shit. :)

Okay cool I’m assuming you decided to send this to me because I reblogged that asexual post. Alright. Maybe direct your anger to the person who actually said it and not me, yeah? If you actually took the time to read that post people DO know asexuals face problems. Oppression shouldn’t be a competition anyway so. :)

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The only thing stopping me committing suicide is the punishment of the one who kills himself

I understand the world can be a harsh place but I’d be lying if I told you I can sympathise and understand what you’re going through. I can only imagine how terrible it is. I recently reblogged a place where you chat with a suicide helpline instead of talking I can show you that? Advice wise, I don’t want to act like I know what to say to make everything better but if you do need to talk to someone, come to me inshallah. On or off anon. Tell me how your day goes okay? Take care and I hope to hearing from you soon! Give yourself a nickname if you will stay on anon :) good luck friend. Talk soon!

I dunno how i got into feminism really, cause I was always worried about being associated with it especially as a lesbian, I tried avoiding stereotypes at the time, but I started looking into it after having worked with my campuses trans group for a year, I was only watching stuff on YouTube specifically i remeber feministfrequency, and i told my closest friend on campus who was a trans man and for some reason I thought he would be interested or something. It was trans politics that got me into feminism, so maybe now I don’t agree with the newer stuff but its important to people, I connected a lot with it at one point and it led me here. A lot I see of the stranger stuff I see on tumblr I assume is just a small part of the movement, I don’t want to push trans men like my old friend away from feminism. I guess what i am getting at is sex dysphoria has a place in radical feminism, as any problem women face does. We should not push these people away but we do have different ideas of how to deal with it which of course people will see that as being against them. Ugh no reason for this, maybe it came up cause my brother seems to be trying to call me a boy and if I had stayed at that school longer I may have called myself transgender.

Answering My Own Tumblr Questions v. 1

Remember the MySpace days when questions would come across in a bulletin, and you just answer them all and post them so that everyone on your friends list could get a feel as to who you were? Remember in the LiveJournal days people would do the same thing? Does anyone here remember CreateBlog? No? Just me? Ok.

I told crunchybastards I would get around to doing this because when I reblog questions, and the, “send me a number and I’ll answer,” posts, I get no responses. And since a good 1000 of you are brand new and have no clue who the hell I am, I might as well just fill the shit out. My way.

I’ll do these sporadically.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

50 Cent. I want to have a laugh with that man, geek out about KRS-ONE, tell him stories about the military to feed his fascination of the Marine Corps, and pick his brain about business ventures.

Would you like to be famous? In what way?

I do not want to be famous in the sense that my face is plastered all over reality television. I want to create a brand that is famous but creating something of benefit to a niche community. Additionally, I want to enjoy the monetary reward of such success.

Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you’re going to say? Why?

It’s polite, direct, and yields the best results.

What would constitute a perfect day for you?

The perfect day for me would entail sleeping in a bit at my comfortably sized Okinawan home with a view of the ocean. I would then fix myself (and my partner, if I’m in a relationship at that point) a nice breakfast and savor every bite.

After getting dressed, I would drive my AE86 along the coast, and find a nice location to take photos. Appreciating the beauty of the land I deem paradise is important to my mental health.

At some point in the day, I’d eat at Sauce Live restaurant, spend some time at an arcade, have a glass of bourbon to celebrate the sunset, before going home for a shower.

My day wouldn’t be over. After a shower, a snack, and perhaps an intimate encounter with my hypothetical partner, we would then leave to drive the mountain roads for hours on end until my body is too cramped to remain in a racing seat.

Upon the conclusion of a perfect, peaceful, day, I would go home and rest, only to wake up the next morning and do it again.

If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you choose?

Assuming good mental health, I’ll live the rest of my life with the body of a 30 year old.

Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die?

If not in some horrific, speed-induced, car accident, I could quite possibly go, in dignified peace, by my own hand at a later age.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?


If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything because I would not be the man I am today. I would, however, raise my children far differently. They would be encouraged to follow their dreams.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?

The ability to accumulate large sums of money effortlessly. Money buys happiness.

Is there something that you’ve dreamt of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?

Yes, there is. I haven’t done it because I lack the finances to do so.

What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

Surviving combat.

What is the greatest regret of your life?

Leaving Okinawa last year. I let myself down. Hence why I’m aggressively trying to go back so I can achieve my dreams.

What do you value most in a friendship?

Honest, healthy, consistent, support.

What is your most treasured memory?

Long drives in a Chevelle with my grandfather up and down the eastern seaboard.

What does friendship mean to you?

Chosen family.

What roles do love and affection play in your life?

I need love and affection to be emotionally and mentally healthy.

How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?

I love my mother. We are close, to a degree, but the relationship is complicated. I’m much closer to my grandmother.

Complete this sentence “I wish I had someone with whom I could share…”

My dreams.

Clients >.>

So there’s one client at work who I have made the decision not to see. I saw this lady once before, and she was absolutely awful to me. Incredibly rude, difficult, and not worth anyone’s time. I’ve told the staff I won’t see her again, and they’re all aware.

The other day, however, her son calls. I’m the only doctor on staff, and he’s wanting to come in because his dog is in a lot of pain. I don’t want to see him because I’ve seen him before too, and he’s just as bad as his mom, but I agree because the dog is in pain.

The guy finally comes, and I examine his dog. She’s in horrendous pain in her tail, her lower back, and she nearly kills everyone when I’m doing a rectal exam on her.

I tell the guy that this could be 1 of about 5 things. The only way I can make a diagnosis is with x-rays.

When asked how much that will be, I tell him the price: $47 for the exam, $200 for the x-rays, and then treatment is additional.

He just laughs and says “no”. He wants to leave without anything, and I urge him to at least consider treatment with some pain medicine. He leaves. An hour later he comes back asking for the pain medicine. He once again asks me about x-rays, and I say they’re $200 for two views (standard) which is paying for the use of the $80,000 machine, paying for at least two technicians to wrestle the dog and take them, paying for me to interpret them, and also paying for a board-certified veterinary radiologist who has 12 years of higher education under their belt to look for minute details I could miss. He laughs again.

This time, I leave the room because I can’t deal with him being so disrespectful. I have my techinicians go administer a pain injection and hand him the drugs I’ve prescribed. After he leaves, I’m told he was very rude to the technicians. I now agree to never see him again.

Yesterday, I’m about to leave for the day, and this is about 6 days after I see this guy. His mother calls. She’s upset that I didn’t diagnose the dog with anything, but mostly she’s upset that I had the gall to send the dog home with a week’s worth of pain medication considering the dog got better one day later. I don’t want to talk to her. I don’t have the patience to do it, so I have my receptionist explain that I can’t make a diagnosis without diagnostic tests, and also that she’s welcome that the dog got better. The lady won’t give up until I agree to talk to her.

She wants to return the medicine and get her money back because the dog is better. I explain to her that the dog is better because of the medicine I prescribed, and I couldn’t know if the dog would get better in one day or seven, but I didn’t want the dog to be in pain so I did the only thing I could considering the son’s behavior. I also informed her again why I couldn’t diagnose the dog with something without tests, and we couldn’t take the drugs back because it’s against policy. She agrees that the dog got better because of the drugs, but still wants her money back. I tell her know. She says “Ok I understand” and hangs up the phone.

I’m 100% done with them now. Their dog’s head has to be hanging off half way for me to see them again.

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I'm sorry that the video didn't work out. Partly for me, because I would have loved to have seen it, but also for you. That would've been an awesome moment to have immortalized. I'm sure it's not something that you'll forget though. I'm happy it worked out and you were able to give it to her personally. I was a little worried when they said it was a sold out crowd.

I reblogged one from brittanycorrin that at least caught me talking to her after I handed it to her so that’s better than nothing :) I gotta admit I was a bit worried too, but when i tweeted Randy telling him I wanted him to sign my jersey too, he found me like before the girls came out for warm ups and like no one was in the stadium yet and he said “who else you want to I can send them over after the game?” So I told him obviously I wanted Ella’s since it was her jersey but the goal was the whole team so he said he’d take care of me and Ella came straight over to me after the game (Erin followed as well as Bianca) 

    In case everyone wants to know, this is how I fixed the Tumblr update:

This only works on Chrome. It’s easier than Tampermonkey and won’t clog up your chrome attachments! 

   Get the new xkit update [link here]

   Once installed, search for xkit installer. [it’ll install it into the computers programs so it’ll work properly.]

   Afterwards, get the atachment labelled ‘editable reblogs’.
It’ll eliminate the new update and you can erase the reblog before yours.

Now, someone else told me of this but this is for my followers with Chrome who didn’t see my reblog.