The Bloggers: WTNV Edition

1. Who is the aesthetic blogger?
Sarah Sultan
2. Who is the social justice blogger?
Tamika Flynn
3. Who is the fandom blogger?
Michelle Nguyen
4. Who puts everything under a read more?
5.Who posts the most selfies?
The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home
6. Who is the biggest meme enthusiast?
7. Who makes really quality themes?
Intern Maureen
8. Who reblogs posts with pointless comments?
Former Mayor Pamela Winchell
9. Who has the most followers?
The Glow Cloud (all hail)
10. Who uses 12 emojis in every post?
11. Who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again?
Steve Carlsberg


I saw Welcome to Night Vale live last night at El Museo Del Barrio!! It was a make-up show because the scheduled performance was cancelled due to the blizzard. It was amazing!

Edit: The Weather was an awesomely cool dude name Sxip Shirey!