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hi! so my friend asked me a while ago what I was (gay straight bi) and I was like 'idk not really anything? I'm not sure that stuff kinda grosses me out' and then fast forward a few months to a sleepover party with gossip stuff and someone says 'ok (name) who would you want to sleep with?' and before I could say anything my friend says 'no (my name) isn't into that stuff.' but I was like 'hey you outed me' and they said 'whatever not like it's a real thing to be outed for' can I still be upset?

Yes!  Absolutely you can still be upset!  Being outed as asexual (or any sexuality) can put the individual at risk or cause others to look at them differently when they’re not prepared for it.  It’s a huge thing to come out as ANY sexuality and others should not do it for you!

I had this happen to me as well and I was really upset at the individual who did it.  There’s a pretty good chance that her telling the other person cost me a job (I can’t be 100% certain because they would never admit that that’s why they didn’t hire me).

Your friend is wrong about it not being a real thing to be outed for.  Asexuality is real, just like any other sexuality.  And just like any other sexuality, it is the individual’s choice about if and who they come out to.

~Mod Elise

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Hii just wanted to ask something i know you ship drarry and im fine with it but like i dont get it i mean in hogwarts are i can even undersand it but after??i mean harry is well harry and to think he would be with ginny have three kids with her and then just be with draco is not in character and draco who said he would sell his soul to be with astoria for just a minute longer i dont get how he could just be with harry after her death so how??i just want to her your opinion on that

Hi there! So, here’s the thing: people can love- truly madly deeply love- more than one person in their lifetime. Most people do, and that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t diminish the value of the relationship they had, and it doesn’t mean they never truly loved their partner.

Harry can get married to Ginny (I ship Hinny as well as Drarry! I’m a big fan of multi-shipping) and have his three children (My darlings! I want them born, too!). I agree with you in the sense that it would be out of character for Harry to not have a family. That’s the number one thing I want for him, a happy, loving family, because that’s what he craves his entire life. But having a loving family and finding a new partner are not mutually exclusive. Harry can have that with Ginny, and they can split amicably (or not of course, but I much prefer an amicable divorce). Two adults have the ability to look at each other over the dinner table one night after the kids have gone to bed and say, “You know what, I don’t think this is right for us. Maybe it was in the beginning, but neither of us are satisfied in this relationship anymore. I still respect you and care for you deeply, and I still want to raise our beautiful children together, but I think we’d be better off doing that in separate homes, with the potential to find a partner that fits who we are now.” People grow apart, and that’s okay. Harry can end up with Draco. They can bring their kids together and have a beautiful, happy home with them. (Also, even without Ginny or epilogue compliance, Harry and Draco can fall in love and have their own family together. Harry can have his loving family in any form of Drarry).

In regards to what you mentioned about Draco and Astoria- first of all, I do not like TCC personally, and I do not consider it new canon. It was not written by JKR, and even if it was, I still wouldn’t have to accept it into my canon (I prefer an amicable divorce for them, too). But, if we’re following TCC here, the same thing goes for Draco. He can move on, even if he would “sell his soul” for another minute with her. It’s incredibly damaging to tell people that they can never move on after losing a partner. Grieving their loss and being able to eventually move on and love another person is literally the most healthy recovery imaginable. As my wonderful girlfriend says, “Real love isn’t wanting someone to be hung up on you and miserable the rest of their entire life- that’s not love, that’s possession/ownership.” People who move on after the loss of a partner already deal with so much internal guilt, and while that’s understandable, they shouldn’t have to feel that. Telling them they should never love again is only intensifying that guilt, and it’s so harmful and wrong. 

This got very long, but I have a lot of feelings about this topic. Hopefully anyone scrolling past this will at least see this: You can have real love, even ‘true’ love, without invalidating the love of a prior relationship. 

The Ones Who Ran 🐍 🐍 🐍 by @colubrina

■  Draco/Hermione feat.   Theo/Luna   Blaise/Ginny

Dramione Fanfic

Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger

“So,” Draco took another swallow of coffee, “do we fight or get out?”

Hermione lowered the half of the croissant she’d been raising to her mouth and said, her voice level, “ I beg your pardon?”

 “Oh, now you bring on the manners,” Draco muttered before leaning back and raking his eyes over the witch as insolently as he could. “You surely didn’t think I married you for your looks, Granger, or your winning personality?”

“It has occurred to me you might have simply lost your mind,” she snapped. 

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If Mashima plans to do this Natsu vs Gray fight for real, I hope he doesn't pull a Naruto or a Kishimoto where Natsu and Gray end up blowing their arms off

Lol I don’t think they would blow each others arms or any other limb? I think, I mean I’m sure he knows how Naruto ended so I don’t think he’ll do the same. I think it was hinted and said before that using chidori could destroy Sasuke’s arm if I remember. Well their fight has always used Rasengan vs Chidori so honestly it did cross my mind often how their arms were able to be kept in touched with such clash each time, so at the end they got too powerful it ended like that.

In FT case I don’t think anybody would really loose an arm or a leg but who knows.
Also I don’t think they’ll fight unless both lose sanity or one does that forces the other to have to stop them. They might be rivals but its not too extreme like Naruto and Sasuke’s, in which they had a huge inferiority complex with each other.


Angel: What about Ana? If Hortense really wasn’t in her own room, Ana is the only one who was. She must have seen something.

Edelweiss: She said she didn’t. Hortense claims she drank something that made her more violent when she went wolf. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t remember anything.

Angel: I did see her go to her room, and I didn’t see her come back out until she found the body this morning - but I was in our room, so that doesn’t mean she didn’t.

Edelweiss: Anemone thinks she was arguing with Scarlet. I’m beginning to wonder… Hortense heard arguing too, and Ana was the only one who didn’t mention it… do you really think she could do all of this?

Angel: We don’t know, Edelweiss. We can’t assume we know anyone for who they really are.

Edelweiss: Even Ana is beginning to doubt herself. Maybe she really has been losing control of herself every time she transforms at night, and… she’s been killing all those people…

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Hi ! I just read your "Did Lemony stalk the Baudelaire orphans from his taxi" article and it reminded me of an old theory of mine. As you said, we can see the Duchess' signature evolves quite a lot between her youth and the Masked Ball. However, her second signature has always seemed, to me, to mix two letters: a cursive S and a cursive L. Could she be an alias of LS? Not from the beginning but starting a certain point. It would explain why Kit adresses her letters for Lemony. What do you think?

An alias? I don’t think so. There are other characters than Lemony who acknowledge the Duchess’ existence: Esme, for example. Lemony himself describes her as an actual person in “The Beatrice Letters”. So unless “Duchess of Winnipeg” is Lemony’s drag name and he suffers from a SEVERE case of multiple personality disorder, I’m pretty sure she’s real.

“Lemony! Did you set the library on fire?”
— “No. When the cops comme for me, I’m gonna tell them it was my alter ego, Duchess Rootie Flagrante.”

I would call your idea outlandish, but… Daniel Handler DID use the “X was actually the narrator’s alter-ego all along” twist in one of his adult novels. And he does seem to imply that the elusive J.S. is actually Lemony. So it’s not outlandish, just… unlikely?

If you like theories about Lemony’s mental instability, this article (Link) I wrote might interest you.

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Any hints on who's Val partner will be this season?

He looked really excited after meeting her, so I’m hoping it’s a sign that she’s a good one. George Pennacchio said: 

and people think there is a gymnast in the cast, but with the ‘Final 5′ going on tour soon I don’t think any of them can be in S23 (could be wrong tho). So, I’m thinking maybe a retired gymnast from the previous olympics, like McKayla Maroney, she is in NYC, wants to start a musical career, was at GMA during Rio and previously said that she could do DWTS one day… But I guess we have to wait and see, Tuesday can’t come soon enough, lol.

Just completely weird bits in beloved books, example E: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

“It’s astonishing how Lesbian women are, consciously or unconsciously. Seems to me they’re nearly all Lesbian,” [Mellors said.]

“And do you mind?” asked Connie.

“I could kill them. When I’m with a woman who’s really Lesbian, I fairly howl in my soul, wanting to kill her… I was really getting bitter. I thought there was no real sex left: never a woman who’d really “come” naturally with a man: except black women, and somehow, well, we’re white men: and they’re a bit like mud.”

– Lady Chatterley’s Lover, DH Lawrence

Why is this book considered a classic. WHY WHY

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Okay I'm sorry if this is weird but I'm writing a fic and I need advice. How do you think Ford would react to finding out a homeless teenager he's trying to save from danger had an abusive parent?

He’d flip shit and do whatever he could to keep that teenager as far away from said abusive parent as possible.

Even if he can’t always recognize abusive people in his own life, he’s pretty adamant about keeping people away from the people who have hurt them. (Ford is known to discontinue all contact with the people who have hurt him, it’s incredibly likely that this is his “exiting an abusive relationship” strategy).

Link me to the fic when you post it, I’m really interested!

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Hi Neil! You answered an ask recently where you said that people don't "get to" white-wash your characters on tv or in film. I was wondering how you go about ensuring this? (I'm an aspiring author and don't know how I would make sure my characters are accurately represented should I ever have a book published and optioned.) Thank you!

You don’t sell your stories to people who might whitewash, basically. And you actively do sell them to the kinds of people where that isn’t even going to be an issue. If you are concerned enough, you could put it in the contract.

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i think you probably have already gotten this question but is it bad or problematic to put "no-terfs" in your description or bio now? i'd hate to leave it in if it's harmful

hey i don’t think it’s necessarily ~problematic~ or whatever, i think the point of my post was that like, it doesn’t really matter what you put in your bio, it’s more about what actions you take to confront transmisogyny in yourself / your friends?

so like, you could always change it to “no transmisogynists” if you want, but like, that needs to be accompanied by actual actions rather than just empty words in a description?

like, i don’t want this to be taken as a blanket denouncement of ppl who put “no terfs” in yr bio, bc like i said, i get what you are trying to do… it would just be nice to see actual actions to back it up?

and if you are struggling to figure out what those actions could look like, examples include:

- amplifying the voices of trans women in your life / on your blog - particularly poor/disabled trans women of color

- donate yr money to trans women! like seriously, i can’t even count how many fundraiser posts i see by trans women who are just trying to pay for housing/medicine/food. i try to reblog things fairly often, tagged with “support trans women” - consider signal boosting these if you don’t ahve the financial resources to donate

- actively confront transmisogynists in your life! even if they aren’t being ~intentionally~ transmisogynist, still talk to yr friends who make jokes about women w dicks, etc. and try to educate them about why that is harmful


- examine your own internalized biases about trans women / amab trans people. like, i’m not saying you need to go out and sleep with trans women, but if yr current sexuality is something along the lines of “cis women + afab trans ppl”, take a good solid look about what prejudices you have internalized that are making you automatically disregard all amab trans ppl.

- be receptive to criticism about yr favorite celebrities when they do transmisogynist things? i.e. don’t get all defensive when trans women start criticizing kate mckinnon / gilian anderson / audrey plaza / whoever the latest cis woman fave is, bc she has probably done something transmisogynist. listen, learn, move on.

- be receptive when trans women criticize your own actions. listen, learn, move on.  

- confront ppl who say that trans women have male privilege. we don’t, we never did - we were never socialized as male, we were socialized as trans women, and all of our experiences were women’s experiences. 

ok i’m kinda done giving my “how to be an ally to trans women 101″ speech, hopefully 

Holding Your Ground (ch 219 spoilers)

SO I know I don’t normally post stuff like this, but there was a ~*~KageHina~*~ moment in the newest chapter that I really want to talk about because it just hit me really hard, as a benchmark for any kind of relationship you want to ascribe to Kageyama and Hinata’s role as partners. That being said, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 219 (released 08/25/2016) IN THIS POST so if you are avoiding spoilers for the manga, please skip ALL of this! 

As Hinata is getting ready to head out from the training camp, he’s stopped by Kindaichi, who asks (with great difficulty LOL <3) how Kageyama is doing/if he’s doing well (I was reading the mangapark translation). He’s still pretty thrown by the King of the Court’s major 180 in terms of playstyle once arriving at Karasuno, and who could blame him?? But Hinata sees things differently. He responds with:

First: What strikes me here is that Hinata is remembering Kageyama openly admitting how painful and scary that was for him, that he was all alone, unable to pull back from the edge of his own ability, and how it isolated him from everyone around him. How that loneliness was a product of his own making, with his take no prisoners attitude. 

Second: there is an implicit reminder here - no one could spike Kageyama’s insane quick tosses back then. But not anymore. Because Hinata is there. 

Hinata then goes on to say that he thinks it’s just normal, “to be at each other’s throats”. Kindaichi asks him what he means and he says:

[mic drop] holy fuck, Hinata!!! He just goes 0 - 100 on the Kageyama Defense Squad duties right here <3 

Also - Hinata has a ton of experience in his own right with following his own advice in never backing down, but that’s exactly why he understands Kageyama’s own strong will so much. In my opinion, I think he is saying that Kageyama’s drive and stubbornness back in middle school was completely justified - I don’t think he means to reprimand Kindaichi, but man, that was kind of a huge “just STFU about the middle school shit already” statement. 

That being said. Right before this, he came out with this huge reminder that it was only back then that no one could hit Kageyama’s tosses. But Kageyama, despite being scared, and alone, and outcast, does not fucking quit. He does not back down a single fucking inch. He keeps tossing like he always did, he forces people to work up to his level, and because of that? 

He found the person who can spike his tosses. He found someone to make invincible, who makes him unstoppable. He found someone who makes him work to get better. 

Kageyama found a partner in Hinata because he never stopped trusting in his own worth, and that’s why he’s doing just fine. 


 This will have to be my favorite photo, I love it so much its literally everything. It was super fun to do this photo as well. So i was waiting in line and a lot of people looked and me and was like what in the world. I had their body guard look at me and just laugh smile, and he said this is gonna be an interesting photo. I get up to see them and they both smiled at me cause the recognized who I was! One of the helpers asked Jensen if it was okay if i could these props especially with the tail and he said heck yes we can, this looks fun. And he asked me we get to wear those cat ears to right, and i said yes and he smiled at me. Both of their faces just lit up and it made me so happy. Jensen looked at me again and said oh i saw you earlier and I am like yes you did and i like giggled. Then misha was like where are my cat ears, I want them too. So he put the cat ears on then Misha said before we posed for the picture “ This is the craziest thing we have ever done and giggles and then jensen said nope, i think this is pretty cool. So as we were posing for the picture they kept swaying there tails back and forth acting like little kids they are, i am pretty sure that they wanted to keep they tail and ears. After the picture, i both gave them a hug and jensen said take care and we love you and Misha hugged me and just smiled and winked at me. I honestly didn’t think anything could beat last year because it was just amazing in every single possible way but this year did beat it and the experiences I had with them, was just amazing and I cant believe it happened and Jared will always have a piece of me with him and it feels great.

That one time I was magic.

I worked for four years at Borders Books & Music. During the time I worked there, I got a reputation for being good at finding stuff and recommending books. I was the one the other sellers would come to when a customer had one of those “It had a blue cover” questions. My best dude friend B (who I met working at Borders) likes to tell the story about how he was attempting to help a woman who could only tell him that she wanted a book about this woman who took a vacation from marriage. He was stumped, until (in his words), I suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said “Do you mean ‘A Year by the Sea’ by Joan Anderson?” Which she did.

But that wasn’t my magic moment.

One time, the Columbus newspaper featured a little semi-self-published book about grammar written by a local woman. I know, it seems like an odd trend, but there you go. Fortunately I’d had a heads-up about this feature and had ordered thirty copies of the book to have on hand. I was working at the info desk and for expediency just kept about ten copies right there so when people came up asking for it, I could give it to them.

After awhile of working retail, you get to be able to read people’s faces and what it is they want. There’s a particular expression that says “I’m looking for a thing but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to know what I’m talking about but I’m going to try anyway” and every single person who had come in asking for the grammar book had been wearing this expression.

Around noon, and after having sold a good dozen of those books, I’m standing there and a woman comes walking up wearing the exact expression I just described. I decided to risk it. Before she could even open her mouth to ask for it, I just picked up a copy of the grammar book and handed it to her with a smile, saying “Here you go!”

She stared at it, and then stared at me. “How did you know??” she said.

“Bookseller magic,” I replied.

She wandered off to pay for it, still kind of shocked. I looked around and my co-workers were all staring at me like I’d grown a second head.

And that’s the time I was magic.

neither dan or phil have directly stated their sexuality (at least not recently). i understand that they (specifically dan) have said things that could imply their sexual preference, but at the same time, who’s to say they aren’t just jokes.

the point is, certain actions do not define a persons sexuality. for example, yes, dan painted his nails, but last time I checked nail polish does not in any way relate to who you love.

until they specifically state whether they are straight, bisexual, gay, etc. do not assume things. labels are most certainly not necessary, so don’t use them.

plus, who even gives a shit about that. we watch them because they are kind, funny, caring, relatable people. their preferences should have no effect on that.

in short, it’s okay if you ship phan (i sure as hell do), it’s okay if you don’t, it’s okay if you get excited over dan saying stuff about cute boys, it’s okay if you don’t. as long as you realize that these things aren’t 100% reliable “proof” and that you shouldn’t force anything onto either of them, you are okay!

(just to be clear, “forcing things onto them” means spamming them with tweets/comments/messages about phan and/or going up to them during a meet up and asking them if they’re dating or if they’re gay. it does NOT mean; making edits, videos, posts, fan fiction, or just in general talking about phan or how you think they would be a good couple.)

Who will carry you home tonight?โ€

โ€œOh, Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll find someone,โ€ Potter said.

Smug bastard. The horrible thing was, Draco knew it was true. Potter was the most sought-after person in Londonโ€” hell, in Britain. He could easily pull if he wanted to.

โ€œDo you often take random people home with you?โ€ Draco asked. He intended it as a barb but it might have come out a little too genuinely curious.

Potter seemed to consider his words. โ€œWould it annoy you greatly?โ€

Draco scoffed. โ€œI really could care less about your love life, Potter. Iโ€™m much too busy and I have better things to think about.โ€

โ€œThatโ€™s a shame. I was really hoping to annoy you.
—  I’ve Waited Here for You (Everlong) by anon at hd-tropes (hd-tropes is currently posting; will update author info after reveals!)