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I'm sorry why do people call you mom?

It started with an anon ask sometime last year, when someone said they wished they had someone like me to call ‘mom’ because their own mother was awful to them, and they had talked to me before on anon and I’d always helped them feel better and made them feel accepted and like someone cared.

I’ve always regarded myself as the hungover aunt in sitcoms who rolls up to watch the kids as a last resort, but that ask broke my heart and I extended the offer that they could call me mom if it made them feel better.

A week later several other people had started calling me mom, and then some more and some more and I just kinda shrugged and said to my husband “Hey honey, we’ve adopted some kids, you’re an tumblr dad" and he rolled his eyes and waited patiently for the nickname to die.

Now on any average week I have some 200 different people messaging me and calling me mom, sometimes they do it just because they see others doing it, other times it’s because the word is important to them and they like being able to use it to talk to someone who doesn’t hurt them. I’m okay with either.

Someone yelled “tumblr mom” at me in the grocery store the other week and I responded.
Even ETD previously known on this blog as “husband”, has started responding to “Dad”.

In short I get called mom because for some reason, the Internet decided to adopt me as one. And there isn’t a day goes by I’m not glad of it. Found family is important, and I’m glad I’ve found mine.

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ok I read the article about the team up thing. I hope the writers don't do the thing where in trying to decide what's the best way to save alex, kara and maggie end up fighting/competing over who loves/knows alex more... but knowing the CW they could definitely pull that shit. I JUST WANT THEM TO BE FRIENDS AND KARA TO BE MAGGIE'S ADOPTED LITTLE SISTER!! also what Kara said to Maggie in 2x13 was such a misstep and such a big Y I K E S.

just to preface: this is not intended to be an anti-kara post. this is just me expressing my frustration with the writers / how kara has been written so far this season.

if you look closely, kara has had a few moments where she’s misjudged maggie or jumped to conclusions with her. i think 2x13 was just an eye opener for a lot of people because it was so bad. for example:

  • when they first meet, kara makes that sassy remark towards maggie without knowing the full story of alex’s ‘rejection’. maggie is as nice as possible to alex when she lets her down, but kara acts like she’s an asshole. especially when maggie has absolutely no obligation to return alex’s feelings, which, considering kara didn’t return winn or james’ feelings, seems rather hypocritical. strike one against the writers for lack of continuity.
  • when maggie arrests lena, kara tries to undermine maggie’s authority. since maggie knows kara is supergirl at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if kara was attempting to use that as an influence over the situation. except, it doesn’t work. maggie is only doing her job, just like james and j’onn and winn and alex were doing their jobs in the same way in that episode. yet, kara manages to attack every single one of them at some point. again, this is just really bad writing. it’s just unlike kara.
  • and then there’s 2x13, where kara, once again, gives her two cents on not only alex and maggie’s relationship (which is toeing the line), but maggie’s life (which is quite literally none of her business). this time, she knows absolutely none of the story, and yet she’s still telling maggie to ‘change’ for alex. this is disappointing, especially when we know that maggie’s past will probably never be mentioned again after it was brushed over so easily in that episode. it also makes maggie’s whole apology (which she shouldn’t have had to do in the first place) seem like kara’s idea.

they’ve put so much emphasis on kara being a reporter this season. cat tells her she has the instincts, which i don’t doubt. people have told her on multiple occasions that her articles are good, which i also don’t doubt. she also tells lena in 2x12 that she has learned to keep digging for a story even if the answer is hard to find. so, why is she unable to do this with maggie? she doesn’t ask questions with maggie, she doesn’t ‘investigate’ or ‘get the full story’, she literally just pounces when she sees an opportunity. it’s disappointing to see a standoffish kind of relationship between two females on this show, because it’s not supposed to be that show.

you could chalk most of this up to kara being protective of her sister, but if that’s the case, where’s alex being protective of kara? alex tells kara flat out that she should go for m/on el. despite knowing that he’s the equivalent of a frat boy who has openly expressed he has zero respect for women. wouldn’t you think kara would extend the same courtesy to maggie? again, poor writing. a lot of kara this season just doesn’t make sense to me.

Skinny Dip || Joe

Request: Hello! I saw your prompt post and could you please do 9,15, and/or 21 with Joe? Thanks xx


Even though Caspar was one of your best friends, you should’ve known he’d betray you this way. He had spent ages trying to get you to tell him who you liked, but you wouldn’t cave. Finally, one drunken night, you spilled and told him how you felt about Joe. He swore never to tell him, and he didn’t. But just because he never said it didn’t mean he wasn’t going to do everything in his power to set you two up.

You went on holiday to South Africa with Caspar, Josh, Oli, Joe, and Caspar’s girlfriend Maddie. You were having a great time so far. It was lovely to get to know Maddie, as she made Caspar so happy, while also spending time with your best friends.

One night, Caspar suggested having a bonfire down by the ocean. Naturally, you all eagerly obliged. It was a warm night and sitting around a fire on the beach would be a great way to end the day.

The six of you sat around the fire, chatting about random things and laughing like you hadn’t a care in the world. You were sitting on the sand next to Joe, rather closely in fact. He was sitting with his legs out in front of him and his arms propping himself up behind him. He was sitting so close to you that one of his arms was almost behind your back. You kept your chill though, as you didn’t want to give Caspar the satisfaction of seeing you blush.

“Let’s go skinny dipping!” Caspar suddenly exclaimed. He stood up immediately, dragging a laughing Maddie along with him. The other boys just looked at each other and laughed, staying where they were seated. With a sudden burst of courage, you stood up.

“Anyone coming with me?” you asked, brushing some sand casually off your behind. You figured none of the boys would, so you were surprised when Joe stood up and joined you. You tried to control your racing heart, but failed miserably. When you got to the shore, you pulled your shirt over your head and dropped your shorts. You knew if you hesitated at all, you would back out completely, so you immediately went to unhook your bra and drop your underwear. You and Joe stood silently beside each other. He hadn’t looked at you and you hadn’t looked at him. “I’ll look if you look?” you said quietly.

“Okay,” Joe breathed out. So, you both turned and looked at each other. You didn’t feel as uncomfortable as you thought you would and you were definitely glad that your girlfriends had encouraged you to get a wax before the trip. Joe was, well, literally flawless. You cleared your throat awkwardly, then turned to run into the water.

The four of you were laughing, just splashing each other and generally goofing around. Eventually, Maddie and Caspar swam a little bit farther away, leaving you and Joe alone. “You have a tattoo?” Joe spoke suddenly.

You spun around to face him, sinking a little deeper in the water to cover your chest. “Yeah,” you said gently. “It’s, uh-”

“Did you draw it?” he asked.

“Yeah,” you said again.

“Can I see it again?”

You nodded slowly and turned so that Joe could look at the tattoo on your right shoulder blade. You felt his finger trace along the tattoo, causing goosebumps to cover your body. “Sorry,” Joe said, noticing your shiver.

“It’s okay,” you said quickly.

“So, what’s it for?” he asked. You still didn’t want to turn to face him. Your tattoo was a crescent moon with a small heart inside the curve of it.

“My grandma always said, God puts the moon in the sky to show you that even when life get’s dark, there’s a light somewhere. As long as that light is there, I will love you,” you explained quietly. “So, I drew the moon and then my grandma drew the heart for me.” When Joe was quiet, you turned to face him again. “I guess it’s kind of stupid,” you mumbled.

“No,” Joe said quickly. “It’s not stupid. I like it a lot.”

You smiled at Joe before the two of you swam back up to shore. “(Y/N),” Joe said slowly. “Where are your clothes?” You looked up at the sand to see that the pile of your clothes was not where you had left it. Neither were Joe’s.

“Where are your clothes?” you said back. “Did we drift down the shore?”

“No, that’s our fire right there,” he said.

“Where did everyone go?”

“I’m gonna beat Caspar’s ass.”

Laying where your clothes were supposed to be was a large sleeping bag. “What do we do?” you said, shaking slightly. You couldn’t tell if you were cold, angry, anxious, or all of the above.

“You can have the sleeping bag,” Joe muttered. “I’ll figure something out.”

“I’m not gonna let you freeze all naked overnight!” you protested.

“Well what other option do we have?”

“We’ll share!”

So that’s exactly what you did. You crawled into the sleeping bag, which thankfully was big enough for two. Joe hesitantly crawled in beside you, turning on his side so he wasn’t facing you. “I’m sorry about this,” Joe mumbled. “I have to learn to stop telling Caspar my secrets.”

“What do you mean?” you asked. You were facing him, even though his back was to you.

He sighed, “I might’ve told Caspar that I have a ridiculously large crush on you.”

You were quiet. Your jaw dropped a bit as you processed what he had said. “I’m sorry,” he said again. “Now this is probably just really fucking awkward.” Before you even really knew what you were doing, you laid your hand on his shoulder, urging him to turn to face you. When he did, you softly pressed your lips against his. The kiss didn’t last very long, but when you pulled away, Joe’s cheeks were pink.

“I may have a ridiculously large crush on you too,” you teased back. Joe laughed and pressed a small kiss to your lips again.

“Caspar planned this all along didn’t he?” Joe said with a roll of his eyes.

“He had good intentions,” you laughed, “but I still hope you beat his ass in the morning.”

remember the night thelostspecial.com was revealed to be a fraud and tjlc received 50 anxiety-ridden anons at once and i said COULD YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP IT’S BEEN TEN MINUTES??????? I WILL GET BACK TO YOU AFTER WE FINISH FIGURING ALL THIS SHIT OUT FOR YOU LIKE WE ALWAYS DO and, immediately after, a new anon was like “uhh who’s running the blog right now?” just my humble onion but that was the moment moffat finally became aware of my existence and he’s been crying about it ever since

hiya ! i love all of you all thank you so much i wasn’t expecting this ! 1k is incredible and I figured that there was no time like the present to shout out all the wonderful people who’ve made this stupid time-waster of a website worth it! bold are people that mean a lot to me <3

im putting the rest under the cut cause this could get loong there’s just so much Love to give

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space salmonella stans really out there pretending that he’s “changing” when he spent an entire last episode being violent, treating kara like property, admitting to not respecting her when he said “he will /now/ if she gives him a 476437647th chance”, saying he misses his planet bc things were easier there when he was a slave owner who could objectify women,,,,, do yall hear yourselves? ?? like when you’re talking??

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Okay dude. My girl just told me that Louis tweeted AIMH before elounononono 1.0 and you telling me this that he wants to FUCKING TWEET "Always" AND FOLLOW IT UP WITH AN IG THAT SAYS "You" BEFORE ELOUNONONO 2.0?!?! That fuckinf man, G. He know. He know. He know what he's doing. He letting everyone know he loves his boy. Imma go cry now man. Tf. Shit. Fuck. This tiny man killing every one out here and catching bodies. -Larrie boyfriend


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The photo is heartbreakingly sad. If he tweeted that to declare his love to a girl that’s with him and he looked like crying… yikes. But I could totally see him using a photo in which he’s vulnerable and exhausted to remind the world who he truly is and who he will always love.

Y’all gonna make me cry again 

@sharpdressedlance thanks for the input but again: you dont know anything about me aside from the fact I read KS. It has nothing to do with the two main characters being men. I have said it again and again on this blog: not only am i a sexual abuse, rape, and domestic violence survivor, I also enjoy horror! Im a mentally ill bisexual woman. Not that any of that fucking matters but the two characters could be literally any gender and if nothing else changed about KS I would still read it! God fuck. Im so tired of you over-sensitive pricks who think you know who I am based on one tiny thing you know about me. If it bothers you so much that I like KS fucking block me and be done with it.

Wow, here we go. It’s Isaac… disguised? And in a prison talking to…

Kimbly(?), the Crimson Alchemist. Not sure how alchemy works with colors, but whatever.

And we have info on Isaac’s goal. He wants to take down Fuhrer Bradly, citing “the horrors that took place in Ishvall(?)” and “The kind of man he really is.”

Now… I kind of want to give Bradly the benefit of the doubt, because it’d be really cool to see a “good” Fuhrer for a change of pace. But at the same time, I am interested in this because Isaac may very well be a “Chaotic Good” sorta guy. Someone who is trying to do the right thing, no matter the means.

Isaac is trying to recruit Kimbly… and he just said that “The reason I killed all those men was because I could.” How Isaac reacts to that line will be a good judge of his character for me.

What Do You Know About Love? (Sherlock Holmes x Reader)

A/N: Due to the great response on What Do You Know About Babies?, I have written a second part!! I’m so glad that everyone has enjoyed my Sherlock pieces and I will definitely keep writing about everyone’s favorite sociopath! Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: none

What Do You Know About Babies?

Originally posted by the-cutest-shoes

The windows were thrown wide open, an unusually warm breeze filled your classroom. Bright, young faces stared at you, ready for you to fill their minds with new ideas, new points of view. Your heart felt as light as a feather, standing in front of young people who were ready to soak up any stroke of wisdom you could hand out. Today, however, the eyes of your pupils were slightly dulled by the topic. 

“Now, I know metonymy can be a bit monotonous,” you said, smirking at a rather embarrassed student. A few students snickered. The student in question had raised his hand at the beginning of class, confident that metonymy meant “lack of variety” and “dull.” “But bare with me for the last few minutes of class.”

As if on cue, the door creaked open and a tall man in an overcoat crossed the threshold. Everyone’s heads turned to see who the intruder was. Girls huddled their heads together in hushed excitement. “Mr. Holmes,” you smiled, “I’ll be with you in just a moment.” The curly-haired detective nodded to you with a small smile before taking a seat at an empty desk in the back of the class. 

Your heart began to beat a little faster and you could feel your cheeks grow hot. This was the first time Sherlock had visited your classroom since the first time you met. 

His sudden presence made you forget your place. “Um, yes, metonymy is also used in literature to make a complex sentence more concise, simple. Go back through what we have read in Hamlet so far and highlight examples of metonymy. We will revisit this rhetorical device as we continue reading. Class is dismissed.” Chairs scraped across the wooden floor and notebooks shuffled off the desks into backpacks. “And remember class, Carpe Diem!”

A few students shouted the proverb back to you before exiting the room. One student stayed behind to ask if the book club was still meeting on Thursday and you assured her that it was. The class was empty in about 15 seconds, rather slow actually. “Seize the day?” Sherlock piped up, still seated at the desk. 

You smiled at Sherlock as you watched him take long strides towards you. He grinned back at you. That smile was contagious. Since the first time you met, you and Sherlock have been on a few dates, if you could call them that. About 90% of these “dates” were you tagging along on cases because John couldn’t find a babysitter. He had taken you out to dinner a few times, no murderers or jewel thieves involved, and it was very pleasant. Oh, it was more than pleasant. The time you spent with Sherlock was extraordinary. 

“Yes, seize the day,” you replied. “I like to encourage my students to take advantage of the moment, seize the day for themselves, take control of their lives.” 

Sherlock smiled at you, “Interesting. Intelligent.”

“Well, I stole the idea from the movie but most of them don’t know that,” you say with a laugh. A low laugh rumbles in Sherlock’s chest. “So, what can I do for you, Mr. Holmes?”

Sherlock looked to the floor and rubbed the back of his neck with one large hand. He looked back up to you, soft, blue eyes locked on yours, curls bouncing on his forehead, “I don’t know,” he began in a low tone. His words worried you. “I found myself thinking about and just had to see you.”

You blushed deeply and looked to the floor. You leaned back against your desk, hands stuffed in your pockets. “I’ve been thinking about you too, Sherlock.” Sherlock was standing awfully close to you but you loved it. You looked back up at him. He was gazing warmly at you. He didn’t breathe a word. His silence said enough, though. You studied his face, his ocean-filled eyes, his plump lips, the stubble that hugged his jaw, the arch of his cheekbones. You shifted your gaze between his eyes and lips. 

Before you could reach your hand up to caress his warm cheek, his voice chimed in, “I need you…” you needed him too, “to look after Rosie tonight.”


“John and I have to wrap up a huge case tonight and he needs a babysitter. John was too nervous to ask. He said it would be rude,” he concluded with a roll of his eyes. The fantasy world you were in moments before was fading away into mist. Who were you kidding? Sherlock was not the kind of man to be so forward about his feelings. 

You shifted your weight on your feet. You opened and closed your mouth like a fish before saying, “Yeah, sure. When do you want me there?” 

“Would five o’clock work?”

You glanced at the clock on the wall. It was almost 3:30 and your office hours ended at 4:30. This meant you were heading straight to Baker Street from the college. You sighed and nodded to Sherlock.

Sherlock beamed at you, his eyes crinkling up. You impulsively smiled back at him. “Thank you,” he said before grazing a kiss across your right cheek. “I know you were expecting something like that.” He quickly turned on his heel towards the door. He seemed to be nervously mumbling to himself the entire trek to the door. 

You stood stunned for a few moments. Sherlock had made gestures of affection before but never like that. He had put a protective arm around you at parties, lent you his scarf at colder locations, draped his robe over your sleeping body. You hesitantly touched your fingertips to your cheek, almost expecting the skin to feel different. You chuckled at yourself. Were you in high school?

Lost in thought, you wandered back to your office. You slumped into the desk chair. A slew of papers to grade graced the inbox on your computer. You groaned and ran a hand through your hair, reclining in the chair. You picked up your phone to see a text from the only person who texted you, Sherlock. 

What do you want for dinner? I’ll leave it in the fridge for you. SH

You smiled at the kind gesture. 

My usual from Speedy’s will be just fine. Thank You


You arrived at 221 Baker Street just as the clock towers chimed five. Frantically, you knocked on the door, straightening the crooked knocker as you did so. The door was thrown open before you could lower your hand. Mrs. Hudson smiled at you but her face look flustered. “Oh, (Y/N), the boys are upstairs just itching to leave. I’ll be popping out too. Farewell, deary,” she said in a huff. 

“Thank you, Mrs. Hudson. Enjoy your evening,” you replied, squeezing past her. You took the stairs two at time and burst into the living room of 221B. “I’m here,” you exclaimed. 

Sherlock was standing beside the fireplace, a wiggly Rosie in his arms. He was dressed in his best suit and, damn, he looked sharp. He pointed to you and said to Rosie, “Who’s that?” She burst into a fit of giggles and clapped her chubby hands together.

“(Y/N),” she squealed, butchering your name. You dropped your bag on the couch and walked over to Sherlock, taking Rosie into your arms for a big hug. 

“Hi there, Rosie,” you beamed, pinching one cheek. “I’m sorry I’m late,” you said, turning to Sherlock.

He shook his head with a grimace. “Don’t be. John is taking forever to get ready. JOHN!” he exclaimed.

You laughed at Sherlock’s frustration and Rosie joined in. John rushed into the living room. You turned your gaze to the doctor. He was in an all black tux, his silver hair slicked back with perfection. “My, my Dr. Watson,” you began with a smirk, “the women will be swooning to get a little mouth-to-mouth from you.”

John blushed so hard that he was almost purple. Sherlock nudged you gently with his elbow but his frame was shaking with laughter. “Da, da!” Rosie squealed, her little hands grasping for John. 

He walked towards you and planted a kiss on Rosie’s cheek. “I’ll see you later, giggle-bug,” he smiled at her. He turned his attention to you. “Thank you for this, (Y/N).” He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Sherlock’s jaw clench as he watched John’s actions. 

“Anytime, John,” you began, “Judging by your walk, I suppose mouth-to-mouth won’t be happening with random women tonight.” John looked at you puzzled. “That pep in your step shows that you have a special girl other than the one in my arms.” You smirked at him.

John pointed one of his infamous fingers at you and glared at Sherlock. “You know, one of you doing this is enough.” You and Sherlock burst into laughter and John stormed away to grab his coat.

Sherlock turned to you and lightly touched your arm before clasping his hands behind his back. “Thank you. I will see you later.” John was standing in the doorway, now waiting on Sherlock. Sherlock rocked back on his heels before continuing, “They were all out of that Cherry Cola you like.”

“It’s alright. I probably drink too much of it anyway. Now, go,” you reassured him, pushing his arm lightly. Sherlock gave you a small smile before walking towards John who was holding his coat. Sherlock had one sleeve through when you said, “Sherlock, wait.” He turned to you, one arm in his coat and the other half-way. You strode over to him, with more confidence than you thought you had, and planted a kiss on his cheek. “I could tell you were expecting that,” you whispered before stepping back. 

John chuckled to himself and Sherlock looked stunned as he followed his companion out the door. Rosie made kissing sounds so you pecked her cheek as well. “So, Rosie, what do you want to do?”

“Hop-bit!” she said, bouncing in your arms. 

“The Hobbit? Again?” You set her down on the couch before walking over to the bookcase. As you made your way back to the couch, the worn copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel in your hands, Rosie made a roaring noise at you and turned her hands into little claws. “We’ll get to the Smaug part, don’t worry,” you giggled at her. 

About the introduction of the mountain trolls, Rosie nodded off in your lap. You laid her gently on the couch, propping a pillow under her head. You found her blanket on John’s chair and tucked it in around her. Finally, you dug into the sandwich Sherlock had bought you. You sat in Sherlock’s chair, tucking your legs up against you. 

Around 11 o’clock, Mrs. Hudson returned. You heard her go straight to her rooms downstairs. You had forgotten to ask when they would be home but it would have done no good. Whatever Sherlock said wouldn’t have been true.

You let out a long yawn and curled up in Sherlock’s chair. Before you could fall asleep, a little hand tugged at your pant leg. You opened your eyes to see Rosie looking up at you with large, scared eyes. “What is it, Rosie?” you ask, concerned. 

“Twolls,” she whispered, her bottom lip quivering. A bad dream about the trolls. You pulled Rosie into your lap and stroked her soft hair. You reassured her that the trolls wouldn’t get her and she quickly fell back to sleep. Not too long after, you had nodded off as well. 


John and Sherlock returned at about midnight. The evening had been successful and Mr. Wellington’s prized beagle was safe and sound. Both John and Sherlock were melted to feelings of warmth and fondness as they laid eyes on the scene in the living room. Rosie’s head was tucked under your chin, her mouth slightly open. Your arms were wrapped protectively around her, a soft snoring emanating from you. 

John pried Rosie from your arms and took her up to his room. “Goodnight Sherlock,” he whispered before creeping up the stairs. Sherlock grunted in affirmation before turning to you, curled up in his chair. A soft smile graced his face as he watched you sleep. 

He didn’t quite understand how he felt about you. There were feelings similar to the ones he had towards John, but there was something else. Your presence made him forget what he was thinking. Your face made him want to do things he only thought of in private moments. Your voice made him want to close his eyes and listen to you talk for hours. It bewildered Sherlock. 

You shifted in your sleep and mumbled something, snapping Sherlock out of his thoughts. He stepped towards you, reaching a hand out and stroking your hair. Then Sherlock made the decision to bend down, scoop you into his arms, and bring you back to his bedroom. Your head rested against his chest. 

He laid your sleeping body on his bed, pulling the duvet over you. Sherlock sat on the edge of the bed, stroking your hair gently. Oh, how he had longed to do this. Your hair was softer than he had imagined. 

Looking at you. Taking care of you. Touching you. Sherlock realized something. He loved you. This had to be it. It was the only logical explanation. The only emotional explanation. Sherlock loved you. “What do you know about love?” Sherlock said to himself, still a little doubtful that he could feel such a thing. 

“More than you think,” you mumbled at him, a shadow of a smile on your lips. Sherlock’s fingers froze in your hair and a deep tomato red rose to his cheeks. You opened one eye to look at the man. “You didn’t expect me to stay asleep being jostled around like that, did you?” you giggled at him. 

Sherlock quickly pulled his hand away and began to stammer, “I didn't… I’m sorry I.. You were..” 

You sat up and took Sherlock’s hands in yours. They were large and rough but warm. “Sherlock, stop,” you whispered. He closed his mouth, concern written on his face. Hesitantly, you raised a hand to his cheek. You drew small circles with your thumb over his cheekbone. He brought up one hand to cover yours. You locked your eyes with his silky blue ones. Before you could think, the words came tumbling out of your mouth, “I love you, Sherlock.” 

He closed his fingers around your hand then leaned in, pressing his lips firmly against yours. You smiled and leaned into it. His lips were soft and tasted of peppermint and tobacco. They melded perfectly with yours. Sherlock finally pulled away, to your dismay. “I love you too,” he said, his voice a deep, smooth ripple. “I love you,” he repeated, a wide smile on his face. Of course, you had to smile too. You threw your arms around Sherlock. He buried his face into your neck and clung to you desperately. “I love you.”

A/N: I apologize for the length but I hope you all enjoyed it nonetheless!! Let me know if you want more Sherlock or any other requests you have!! xx

What Happens In Vegas

Pairing - Reader x Jungkook [Taehyung is a main character as well]

Genre - Stripper Au

Word Count - 2372

Part 11/12 (maybe)

A/n - Sorry about the wait. Thanks for reading! (:

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten


My hands were sweaty and shaky and I knew that Taehyung could tell how jumpy I was. I quickly arose to a standing position as he walked in. I tried to hide his phone but he clearly had already seen it.

He walked up close to me, only stopping when our bodies were mere inches apart. I looked up at him and he was looking at me with dark eyes. I seemed like a little kid who had just gotten caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar.

“Y/n.” Taehyung said as he reached behind me, prying his phone out of my hands. “What are you doing with my phone, don’t you know better than to take other people’s things?” He asked.

I had to think fast, I couldn’t possibly let him know that I had been reading his messages. He would be so upset he might hit me again. “I just um - ” I started.

“I’m going to ask you one last time. What the hell were you doing?” He demanded. He was standing so close to me that I wondered if he could hear how fast my heart was beating.

“Stephanie.” I quickly blurted out, an idea suddenly forming in my head.

“Stephanie?” He asked his tone a bit softer and confusion evident in his stare.

“Honestly Tae, I’ve been really paranoid that you still talk to her since I found out about the two of you. I couldn’t even sleep, so that’s why I decided to go through your phone. I’m sorry for being sneaky. I just really want to be able to trust you again.” I said.

Taehyung must have believed me because he sat his phone on the counter and pulled me into a hug.

“Is that all? Listen, I haven’t talked to her in forever baby. I only want you, you need to trust me okay?” He said.

“I do now.” I said trying my best to keep up with the facade. Taehyung leaned down to kiss me.

“Let me show you just how bad I want you.” He said kissing my neck. He then moved my shirt to reveal my shoulder and slowly kissed it.

This was so unlike him, a gentle side of him that I had never really seen. Regardless though,  I didn’t want this. I didn’t want him anymore. He was a liar, a cheater and possibly a murderer. I would never be able to trust him again and didn’t even feel comfortable being near him.

Even before I was suspicious of Taehyung, my feelings for him were changing. I was seeing Jungkook a lot and the more we talked the more I realized I was falling out of love with Taehyung. I felt really guilty at first, which is why it was difficult for me to admit to my feelings. As the days carried on though, especially after his infidelity my feelings of guilty started to dissipate and all I could think about was Jungkook.

I wanted nothing more than to be with Jungkook, I needed him and wanted him in every possible way. He made me feel loved, safe, protected. Not only that but the time that we spent together was filled with laughter and I had a general feeling of well being when I was around him. It was like I never knew what I was missing, what I deserved until I met Jungkook.

As Taehyung continued his ministrations I remembered that Jungkook was on his way, and that this would be a horrible time for him to show up. I had just gotten of a situation that could have  been potentially really bad and I didn’t want Jungkook and I to be in any more danger.

“Why don’t you let me freshen up and then I’ll come take care of you baby.” I told Taehyung, I needed him out of the room so that I could stop Jungkook from showing up.

“Sounds perfect. Don’t take too long, I will be waiting.” He replied kissing me again.

As soon as he left the room I turned the shower on and grabbed my phone off of the floor where it had been laying since I dropped it. I quickly dialed Jungkook’s number and he answered on the first ring. “I’m almost there, did he hurt you?” He asked, he sounded frantic.

“No, I calmed him down. You don’t have to come here, I’m okay Jungkook.” I said.

“Are you sure? Where are you? Why are you whispering? ” I could tell that he wasn’t convinced.

“He’s in the bedroom, I can’t risk him hearing me. Can I come over tomorrow? I really want to talk to you about everything I discovered tonight.”

“Yes, I’ll be at my hotel room. Just promise me you’ll be safe y/n.”

“I promise.”

Taehyung’s Pov

“She knows.” Taehyung said pacing back and forth in his bedroom as y/n showered.

“What? Did you tell her?” His business partner replied on the other side of the phone.

“Of course not, I’m not an idiot.” Taehyung said as he finally took a seat on the bed running his hands roughly through his hair.

“What do you propose we do now?” The man asked.

“We need to speed up the plan. If we do that everything will be fine. I just need to be more careful for the time being and I need to buy more girls from you.” Taehyung stated.

“Okay I can meet up with you tomorrow. Just make sure she doesn’t snitch. I’d hate for your girl to get hurt.”

Taehyung chuckled a bit at this. “I don’t know if you knew this but the last person who threatened me is no longer living.”

“I apologize, I wasn’t trying to threaten you. I trust that you can handle the problem.”

“The only thing you need to trust in is my ability to make you a great profit, nothing more.” Taehyung replied.

“In that aspect, I definitely trust you.” The man added.

“Will the additional girls be ready tomorrow?”

“ Yes they are ready for pickup Mr. Kim.”

“I’ll see you then.” Taehyung replied quickly hanging up his phone as he heard y/n turn off the shower.

Jungkook’s POV

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Jungkook hated the feeling of being powerless. Like when his mom was facing her battle with cancer and he felt like there was nothing really that he could.

That’s exactly how he felt when y/n told him he didn’t have to come last night. He wanted to go anyway, to go t her and get her out of that horrible situation but he knew it might put her in even more danger.

He wanted to rescue her, to free her from the enslavement of the man whom Jungkook felt, had so much power of her.

Worrying about her was becoming a habit for sure. Especially last night when she called him and sounded so afraid. Jungkook wanted nothing more than to save her in that moment.

It was no different this morning. Jungkook was exhausted. He had barely gotten any sleep because he worried about her last night and now his worrying had carried on to the morning. She was the first to call him earlier, letting him know that everything was alright and that she’d be over shortly.

When she finally had arrived she looked like she had gotten just as little sleep as he had. She looked completely worn out. Even in that state Jungkook thought she was the most beautiful women and when he released her from the hug he was giving her and she smiled up at him his world felt a bit more brighter. He knew that he would do whatever he needed to do to protect her.

“How are you?” He asked.

“Better now that I’m with you.” She replied.   .

“I need to get you out of this situation babygirl. I don’t feel comfortable with you being there.”

“I know, I want out to. I’m really scared Jungkook, the things that I saw in his phone they don’t seem right.”

“If we can get proof, proof that he hurt Zoe and proof that’s he is doing illegal activities in his business we can turn him into the police.” Jungkook said.  "But we need evidence,  really convincing evidence like maybe his ledger.“

y/n and Jungkook thought for a while, until she finally spoke."He has a safe, in his office. I’ve never seen him go in it before but I have seen it. Maybe I can break into that.” She said.

“That could work, when do you go to the club again?” He asked.

“I go in tonight. Taehyung won’t be there and it will be really busy so I doubt anyone will notice me snooping in his office.” She said.

“Perfect and I’ll go with you. Just to be safe.” He replied.

Y/n smiled up at him. “Thank you.” She said reaching out for his hand.

The evening progressed and it was time to go into the club. When they arrive it was just as crowded as y/n had said it would be.

“I need to go change and then I’ll meet you up there. His office is on the third level.” Y/n said handing him a key.

Jungkook took the elevator and proceeded to the third floor. There was only one office there so it didn’t take him long to find Taehyung’s.

He used the key that he was given to unlock the door and slowly entered, making sure that no one was in the room. He then turned on the lights and began to look around.

The room was very well organized, everything seemed to be in place from what Jungkook could tell. He scanned the room again before discovering a file cabinet next to Taehyung’s desk.

He walked over to the desk and started to scan the files, but everything was business as usual and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Just as he was beginning to look for the safe y/n had mentioned, she entered the room.

“I can’t find the safe.” Jungkook stated.

Y/n walked over to a cabinet that was on the other side of the room above a bookcase. “That’s because it’s in this cabinet. May I see that key please?”

Jungkook walked over to y/n handing her the key. She unlocked the cabinet opening it up and revealing a safe. “See here it is.” She said.

“Okay now you just have to crack the code. I’ll go look out for you in the hallway why you try and do this. Let me know if you need me okay?”

“Okay.” Y/n said as she ran her fingers across the keypad on the safe.

As Jungkook waited out in the hall he hoped that y/n could get into the safe. That when she did they two of them could find unwavering evidence that would end up with Taehyung rotting away in a prison cell.

The sound of loud music coming from downstairs filled Jungkook’s ear. He was glad that it was so busy and that y/n could sneak off unnoticed but at the same time thinking about y/n returning to work made his stomach turn. Especially her working at a club where the owner was a piece of crap like Taehyung. Jungkook’s thoughts were interrupted by his name being called. He walked back into the office and saw a frustrated y/n staring back at him.

“I cant figure this out. I have tried his birthday, the club’s address and anything that I feel like Taehyung would care about but nothing is working. He doesn’t really find sentimental value in anything.” She said.

“Except maybe you?” Jungkook suggested.


“In his own selfish way he loves you. Maybe it’s your birthday or your anniversary date? Maybe something he saw as meaningful in your relationship. ”

“I’m not sure if he ever saw anything besides sex as meaningful in our relationship, but alright. She said as she continued to enter a wide variety of combinations into the keypad and groaned every time as they were all incorrect. She took a deep breath and continued to try, and soon the keypad light up and made a clicking sound letting her know that she had entered the correct code. "Yes!”

“Nice, what was the code?” Jungkook asked.

“It was the address to our first apartment together.” She answered reaching in and pulling out the only thing in the safe and handing it to Jungkook.

“It looks like some sort of storage key.” He replied examining the numbers on the back of it which he was guessing were the numbers to the unit.

“The only storage place that we’ve ever used is about a twenty minute drive from here. What could he possible be hiding there?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I guess we will find out soon enough. Lets go” He said.

When they had finally arrived to the warehouse it was rather dark, there weren’t a lot of people around at all and y/n and Jungkook had to squint just to see the numbers on the units in the dark. Finally they arrived at the unit and Jungkook put the car in park.

Y/n unlocked her door and began to open it but Jungkook stopped her first. “Wait.” He said reaching into the glove compartment of his car and puling out a flashlight and then a gun.

“You bought a gun?” Y/n asked staring at it nervously,

“Yes hopefully we don’t have to use it, but I figured just in case.” He replied opening his car and getting out.

“Good thinking.” y/n said following Jungkook to the storage unit. They stared at it for a while as if they almost didn’t want to know what secrets could possibly be behind the door. “Taehyung what are you hiding in there?” Y/n thought out loud.

Jungkook handing the flashlight to y/n to hold as he had the key in one hand and the gun in the next. He finally unlocked the door and then used the handle to pull up the garage like door. Y/n shined the light on the contents in the storage and gasped at the sight.

“Oh my god.” She said using her other hand to cover her mouth.

“I think it’s time to call the police.”

Cheer You Up - Reggie Mantle

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Hi!! Could you do a reggie X reader where he’s comforting the reader who is breaking down because they had a bad day?

Originally posted by riverdalesource

I tried my best with this one, I’m sorry it’s so short!

You couldn’t tell what it was exactly that pushed you over the edge. I might have been the group project you had in class, the way people were looking at you, or just an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. Despite not knowing, you found yourself waiting outside the boy’s locker room after football practice; waiting for the only person you trusted. You were pacing up and down a section of the hall, trying to distract your mind from the stress you were feeling. The doors to the locker room opened and a flood of football players rushed out. You waited until you saw the familiar and tall form of Reggie Mantle. “Y/N! Hey,” he said when he noticed you. He walked over with a smile on his face until he noticed your frown. “Hey what’s wrong,” he asked, resting his hands on your upper arms. You just shook your head and leaned against his strong frame.

You felt tears stinging your eyes as he rubbed a hand up and down your back. “Do you want to talk about this outside?” You nodded against his shoulder and he lead you outside, away from the other people in the hallway. You walked through the door and outside, facing the football field. You and Reggie walked quietly to the bleachers where you both sat down. The cool breeze brushed against your wet cheeks. “What happened,” Reggie asked again and you looked up at him. His dark eyes were full of concern, something that didn’t match his loud attitude. “I had a bad day,” you murmured and Reggie wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you to his side.

“If someone is bothering you just tell me who,” he said and you let out a rough chuckle. “Thank you Reggie,” you whispered and you watched as his free hand grabbed your hand. “It’ll pass,” he said, “everyone has those bad days, it’s just something you have work over.” You nodded, resting your chin on Reggie’s shoulder. “I’ll always be here for you, Y/N,” he said and he gave you a smile. “How’d practice go,” you asked quietly, trying to lighten the mood. Reggie smiled, “it went great! You’re looking at the new Captain of the Riverdale Bulldogs.” You lifted your head and smiled. “That’s great Reg,” he smiled shyly, something that wasn’t often seen. “I was wondering if you would wear my letterman jacket to our next game,” you smiled at him. “Did you just-”

“I’m just trying to cheer you up Y/N,” he said, before you could finish your sentence. “Mm huh, sure,” you said with a cheesy grin. “I’m glad to see it’s working,” he said, smiling too. “I’ll wear your jacket, but if you win,” you said leaning in, “you have to take me to Pop’s afterwards.” He smiled widely at you and you let out a small giggle. “Anything to cheer you up.”

You jumped up from your seat, hugging Reggie’s letter men jacket tight around your shoulders as you walked down the bleacher steps. You ran out towards the edge of the field where Reggie was headed. “Hey you,” he said as he took off his helmet. You smiled and leaned up on your tippy-toes, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Looks like I owe you a date at Pop’s,” he said with a smile. “Well, on the bright side,” you side, leaning closer, “you did cheer me up.” He chuckled, “all in a games work.” You spent a moment smiling at each other until Reggie spoke up. “I’ll clean up and get changed and we can go,” you nodded and watched as he retreated into the locker room. You waited for Reggie to come out, which only took a few minutes. “You like the jacket,” he asked as you walked to his car. You nodded, fighting the urge to say what you were thinking. It was warm and comforting like Reggie was the day before, your bad day. “I do,” you murmured and gave Reggie a smile.

“I like you too,” you said as he opened your door, “not just for your jacket.” He smiled down at you. “Good, I was hoping you did,” you stared at each other for a moment until you stepped forward, wrapping your arms around his torso. Reggie wasn’t always a big, mean jock; no, to you he was kind and sweet, something that needed to be shown more often. He hugged you back, smiling into your hair. You could’ve thought that something good could come out of a really bad day.

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Why does sam always get himself tangled in a mess? Whether together or not, he could learn a few things from Caitriona. What a embarrassment.

I keep going back to his comment at Comic Con about him doing anything for her and wondering. I mean, I don’t know if that’s the reason. It kind of makes her look terrible if she’s the driving force or reason behind all this - I think they both want privacy and something to keep for themselves. But I do wonder. Someone, I forget where or who, said how Sam is a bit like a bull in a china shop and I think that’s like the perfect analogy. He can do these fake things but he’s gonna look awkward and uncomfortable AF doing them. That pic from last night is the happiest I’ve seen him with her and it comes right after we all talked about how miserable he looked. It’s all just kind of hilarious at this point. 

ALSO. I think another reason Sam seems to get himself in the most fandom messes is because he interacts so much with the fandom, not just shippers. He’s been doing it from the beginning and it’s made him much more approachable and less far away than Cait. Cait kind of stays out of it just by nature of her not being on SM anywhere near as much as Sam. It means, though, when shit happens in the fandom Sam gets dragged into it because either he’s too fucking nice or he was dumb as to how fandom worked at first and now can’t pull himself back out. I think he’s trying but he got himself into a tangled web. 

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Apparently the coiner of MOGAI (apparently, I could be wrong) said that it could be used by pedophiles. I don't know if it's true or not, but it's what I was told the other day.

That is 1000% not true.

The term was coined by a CSA survivor. It was Gatekeepers who twisted this around to try to prevent people from using it and to condemn those of us that do use it.

Think about it, they say we can’t use Gay because we don’t experience “SGA attraction”, say we can’t Queer because it’s not our slur to reclaim.

So of course when we create a term for ourselves that’s outside these parameters, that doesn’t prioritize the cis LG community, they try to shut it down with blatant lies and witch hunting.

Language is important, and policing it is a powerful move.

Alright, so there was this one time that I needed to do Sunken Temple of Qarn for the story on an alt.  I could have gone in solo, but that was going to take a little more time than I was really wanting to deal with at the moment, so I queued in.  Said alt is a white mage, by the way.

So the tank is a returning player who has been away for years, and is obviously struggling.  I’m offering little tips, but I’m not very familiar with tanking.  He thanks me and all, and we get to the first boss.  He pulls pretty much instantly, so I assumed he knew what to do, but we ended up wiping because both he and the dragoon didn’t know (or didn’t notice, maybe) to get on the pads and remove their Doom debuff.  It’s a wipe.

The dragoon leaves, saying it’s 3 AM and they’re tired.  The tank asks if we would like him to leave so we can have a competent tank, to which I tell him, no.  He’s fine, it takes some time to get back into things, etc.  He asks me to explain how to do the dungeon from there on out, to which I agree.  Shortly after that, we get a black mage to replace the dragoon, and things go relatively without a hitch for the rest of the dungeon.  The tank DID die to the golem boss, but it was because he stood in an AoE without a cooldown (nor did he use any cooldowns the entire dungeon), not because I wasn’t healing him.  In fact, all I did in that dungeon was heal.  I wasn’t comfortable trying to DPS for a tank who wasn’t comfortable, themselves.  I got him back up quickly, and we beat the dungeon with no more trouble.

At the end, he says “Thank you all so much for being patient with me.”  The black mage goes, “healer was worse tbh” and left.  Just left.  I stood there for a long time, and I think the tank was trying to type something to me, but I ended up leaving before I could see.  I was just so confused.  I couldn’t tell if they were upset because I wasn’t DPSing, or because I stopped to explain all the mechanics, the hornet things, etc?  Maybe they didn’t notice what happened the one time the tank died?  The other DPS never said a word, and was the first to leave.  But I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for me, and I main heal elsewhere for current content.  I never get any complaints anywhere else.  That comment still sticks with me, simply because I never could figure out just what I did to deserve it.


I’ve been in a number of situations like this where the DPS is just…that. That was a pretty unfair and asshole-level thing to say when they probably didn’t see what was going on and weren’t in your position. The fact that they left instantly after putting in their unneeded two cents shows that they’re just a coward with no backbone to at least stay and back up their argument (as with most DPS who have the gall to shit on their healer for no reason).

I wouldn’t worry about it.

– Mod Mhi


@/lynzway on twitter says: i can’t stand pineapple pizza. Anyone who likes that is a freak. It’s gross.

Dallon was shocked as he read what his girlfriend said, his favorite pizza was pineapple pizza. He loved it so much, but he also liked Lyn-z. What could he do?

Later that night, Dallon was eating pineapple pizza (that stuff as so damn good!). Suddenly, the door flew open- It was Lyn-z. “Dallon! How could you do this to me?” She exclaimed, with tears in her eyes. Dallon widened his eyes, “I’m sorry darling, I just love pineapple pizza so much!” Lyn-z glared, “It’s either me, or the pizza.” Now Dallon was crying. “I can’t believe this… I have to go with the one I love more.” Lyn-z smirked. He was going to chose her. Suddenly, the smirked was wiped off her face when Dallon said, “I choose the pizza.” Her mouth hung open, tears flowing heavily. “Goodbye, my love.” She whispered, before briskly walking out the door, and slamming it behind her. Dallon hung his head, “At least you’ll never leave me.” He whispers, before taking a bite of his pizza.

~the end~

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I can't stop thinking about everything that's been said since we first encountered each other three weeks ago. I guess I want to apologize for how I've acted; I want to apologize for believing that I could do the will of God and be bisexual, or thinking that I know who I am when clearly, I don't. Maybe I should have listened to you, maybe if I had I wouldn't be so deep in my depression that I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel... I'm just sorry, for everything. I wanted to say goodbye.

It’s okay don’t worry about any of that, I’ve been depressed too, I’ve been through many different stages of being down. I understand how you feel, you’re in my prayers as well. I knew when I prayed for you the first day we talked, the most High would deliver. Bless you sister ❤️

All praises to the most high for bringing us together.

The DAPL news is definitely something to be proud of but don’t think that the work is done. Jan Hasselman, who serves as an attorney for the Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin Camp, said that the Energy Transfer Partners can still sue this decision, and Trump can try to overturn it. This is a lengthy process that will takes years (with a better explanation why below) and we need to watch it as decisions are made. Remember the pipeline is still being built and it’s going somewhere. 

[Text reads: I do admin law for a living so let me explain how this corps decision plays out. The refusal to grant the easement stop the pipelines… for now. Trump could easily reverse it. But, the decision to order an EIS delays the pipeline for at least several years. If Trump orders the corps to stop the EIS process, several groups will sue, arguing that the reversal is arbitrary and capricious. And they will likely win, which means the EIS will be completed. That takes 2+ years. If the EIS ultimately recommends the same of similar route, several groups will sue, delaying it for 2+ more years. 1 year for suit in federal court, and 2 more year for appeal. Bottom line: decision to order an EIS that Trump probably cannot force a pipeline through same/similar route for 4+ years.]

We also have to remember that many water protectors are still going to be needing help with medical and legal funds so keep an eye out how to still help. 

#NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock  

“I covered a lot of Trump rallies as a journalist. I didn’t feel any hatred. People were more curious than anything. I was never assaulted. I felt like most people were just supporting him because he wasn’t part of the establishment. Or because they were tired of politics. But it was confusing. Because even though I didn’t feel like they hated me, these people were supporting someone who said I should be banned from the country. Even the father of one of my best friends supports Trump. This man had me over to his house. I went to Thanksgiving with him. My friend asked him: ‘Dad, how can you support that man? Our friend Zahra is a Muslim.’ He told her: ‘Don’t worry. He won’t do everything that he says.’ Today has been difficult. These last few weeks, it was mostly speculation. There was suspicion that most Americans supported him but I could hope that it was wrong. But now that hope is gone. And I have to feel differently. I have to feel like maybe most Americans don’t want me here. And I feel like no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be part of the community. And even if they’re friendly to me, or if they invite me to Thanksgiving, deep down they believe that America is a country that belongs to white people.”