Can you imagine Ravenclaw Jughead Jones and Hufflepuff Betty Cooper becoming the new detectives of Hogwarts, sorting through evidence in the library, having a magical murder board where the pictures and evidence moves when asked so as to make better sense of it, getting harassed by Pince to get a move on when the library finally closes, Jughead sneaking Betty into the Ravenclaw common room to keep working on their case, her falling asleep on the coach and him putting his cloak over her, and the other Ravenclaws getting used to waking up and finding that Hufflepuff girl and Juggie snoozing together over all their bits of parchment and books 

Can you also imagine Betty, who has ample access to the kitchens, constantly sneaking Jughead food? Or Jughead asking Betty to the yule ball? Can you imagine his eyes lighting up when he sees her in her beautiful dress with her hair finally down? Can you imagine them slow dancing or sipping pumpkin juice or playing quiditch together or helping each other study or sitting at different  house tables and causing a stir or going to hogsmeade and drinking butterbeer and eating honeydukes candies?

Bughead at Hogwarts is quickly becoming my new favorite thing

Alright…gonna do a theory post on Aaron’s birthday, cause I’ve gotta put it out there. However, I do believe that whatever happens this week will clear up how/why Rebecca thing is so chill for Robert and make everything a little clearer.

Anyways, here we go:

  • Aaron is paranoid cause Robert totally denies him birthday morning sex to sneak out to work on his surprise. I mean who wouldn’t be suspicious? 
  • Aaron later suggests to Robert they grab lunch or some food during the day and Robert (like in July) says he can’t, but this time says cause he is meeting Rebecca.
  • Rebecca is helping Robert cause as @thank-your-lucky-stars pointed out she has lots of connections from traveling. They’ve made a big deal of all Rebecca’s travels so far, but especially to Ibiza. She’s probably helping him get the best deals and he needs to meet her before that evening to get all the stuff.
  • Robert hugs Rebecca to thank her for her help or something and Liv takes a picture of this because I bet she sees them talking and is worried. She will show this picture to Aaron, which will set him off.
  • The Chrissie thing could happen either before or after the confrontation with Rebecca, but in my mind, it makes sense for it to happen before the confrontation. It’s the last straw for Aaron.
  • Aaron confronts Rebecca about what is going on with her and Robert. Rebecca will try to reassure him that he has nothing to worry about, and when he doesn’t believe that she will tell him about the trip. Also, that Robert is pretty embarrassingly in love Aaron. (I have a feeling after this week Rebecca may become super pro-Robron. It’s the dream man)
  • Robert will call/text let Aaron know where to meet him for his surprise. Aaron may feel guilty (not that he should feel guilty, he has every right to be worried/concerned) about not trusting Robert. He will show up at wherever they are meeting in his nice button down shirt and Robert in his three-piece suit.
  • Robert will go ahead with the surprise not knowing Aaron knows, but Aaron will probably spill that he knows about everything cause he confronted Rebecca. 
  • This will lead to super deep talk on Aaron’s insecurities and Robert once again reassuring Aaron of his love for him. Gonna get some more grossly romantic lines we will all commit to memory. 
  • They set a wedding date.


Okay but for real that sneak peek of the Malec date killed me, like… Alec is so cocky and confident and proud of himself because he’s doing so well at playing pool, like finally he’s found something he can be sure of in front of Magnus. Something other than archery that makes him actually feel kind of cool in front of someone he wants to impress. (Also the way he licks his lips after staring at Magnus who is putting on a rather convincing pout, like Alec, your thirst is showing) And then he looks kind of disappointed when he misses the next shot because, hello, he wanted to keep showing off, but he doesn’t mind too much because he’s still in the lead and he probably doesn’t want Magnus to feel too badly. And then when Magnus out of nowhere sinks like three balls in less time than it takes for Alec to take a sip of his beer, Alec is like… so offended and thinks Magnus used magic because that’s how good he was at convincing Alec he couldn’t really play. And Magnus??? Making that last shot while staring at Alec the whole time??? And Alec has gone from looking shocked to looking impressed and excited because this just went from showing off in front of Magnus to an intense competition of skills in 0.5 seconds and he is determined to give Magnus a run for his money, meanwhile we’re all just sitting here after watching that sneak peek like

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tfw your apprentice doesn’t have a father and you’re the closest thing to it

pls full view!!

note to middle school me:
that new boy that sits next to you in pe and behind you in english is pretty cute. he grows up snd gets even cuter, if you can believe it. the way he handles that soccer ball though, is much like how hell handle your heart; rough and carelessly, and the way he scribbles his homework in class is the way he’ll scramble your brain with his words. that boy ends up being your best friend. that boy also rips out your heart more times than you can count, and its hard to believe but you let him. that boy who races you during runs will put you through hell, and not wait for you at the finish line. and that damn boy who asks to copy your homework leaves you with so many memories but his copy always seems to get lost in translation. that new boy that smiles at other girls just a little bit longer than he smiles at you, will become your whole world, and its terrifying because he’ll leave you thinking that your his too.
—  that boy in middle school
Dating Noctis Headcanons

~ Noctis is really shy when it comes to showing affection in public. If you give him a quick kiss on the cheek, his face will light up red in front of everyone.

~ On long roadtrips, Noctis will cuddle up next to you in the back seat of the Regalia and take a nap. You would softly play with his hair before you fall asleep as well. Prompto takes so many pictures of you two and later shows them to Noctis, who gets all flustered and demands that Prompto deletes them all, expect for one of you smiling in your sleep that he wishes to keep.

~ When arriving at a new outpost or city, Noctis gets very protective and glares at all the men who look at you. You find it rather adorable.

~ During royal balls, Noctis always has trouble getting ready because come on, there is so much clothing a prince has a wear for these things, and you have to help him put everything on. The best party is being able to put on his crown. He blushes at how close you two get once you put the royal accessory on his head and you giggle and softly kiss his forehead.

~ Noctis would buy another one of his black half jackets and gave one to you so you could be “twinning.”

~ You and Prompto would be the best of friends and sometimes pull pranks on the other guys while camping or walking around the palace.

~ Noctis would train you to be good with multiple weapons for combat. He would sometimes accidentally fall on top of you during practice and get you all flustered.

~ Because he loves fishing so much, you would eventually get into the sport as well and the two of you would have fishing competitions on who could catch a bigger fish. Noctis would win 90% of the time lol

Ten’s Kinks


  • Ten would be really into blindfolds.
  • He likes the excitement of not knowing when you’ll touch him.
  • The slight brush on his skin makes him go crazy.
  • I don’t think that Ten is either the Dom or the Sub.
  • He a switch.
  • It’s either a very dominant Ten who can fuck you for hours at a time.
  • Or a soft bottom who praises your body and kisses you gently.
  • Running his hands on your body lightly.
  • I don’t know why.
  • But ???
  • Roleplaying.
  • He’d be very into giving you something fun to do to him.
  • Like.
  • “Kitten, come here and have a taste.”
  • Spanking.
  • “Your ass is so soft.”
  • Ball gags like omg.
  • “Be a good girl and put this on for me.”
  • “It’s a shame I can’t hear your moans.”
  • “I know my tongue make you feel so good~.”
  • He plays too much.
  • OMG.
  • When is he not teasing you.
  • He loves to receive oral.
  • He’d look down at you everyone in a while.
  • Almost every other time you looked up at him his head was back.
  • His mouth open from moaning.
  • He’s very vocal during sex.

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I must know more about Ally's brothers, this be my last wish amém (glorious comic btw. love what u doin 😳)

Thank you! I’m always happy to talk about my children 

Big brother Viscera, 19 years old. He’s an apathetic rag doll who doesn’t feel pain. No one likes him. Smokes 24/7 and works in a traveling sideshow. He only visits Ally when he needs something.

Little brother Naphula, 14 years old. Precious cinnamon roll. Lives with a kind Pride demon. Creepily crawls on the ceilings on all four most of the time. He can rotate his ball joints 360 degrees.

Gunna put their profiles on toyhouse as soon as I finish these drawings

“So you’re saying you prefer a more subtle display of courtship.”

“You upped your game about two-hundred percent in that regard, buster,” Veronica said. “Bashing in my headlights and throwing me an entire prom may have flown at eighteen, but at twenty-eight the bar was a lot higher – Logan? What exactly is funny about that?”

He was – there was no manly way to put it – giggling. “Logan, come on,” Veronica said, and that set him off in another round. Veronica scowled again, this time in unfeigned exasperation, but after his third attempt to speak failed, her mouth started twitching. “Okay, hotshot,” she said. “Care to explain?”

“Ahh,” he said. “It’s comforting to know that somewhere deep inside the expert ball-buster there still lives the girl who believed the average person eats two hundred spiders in their sleep a year.”

“Hey! I slept with a pillow over my face for a month after you told me that.”

“Quod erat demonstrandum,” Logan said, over-enunciating the dentals. “Seriously, though, you really thought I was subtle this time around?” Her face remained irritated, amused, and a little blank, so he laid it out: “Veronica. I showed up in my dress uniform to pick you up from the airport after buying an airplane ticket so I didn’t have to wait an extra three minutes to see you. What about that was subtle?”

Last night, my friend @wendyetc and I held our fourth annual Murder Mystery Party for our Shakespeare troupe. This year was “Who Lives, Who Dies, Whodunnit: A Colonial Murder Mystery” set at George Washington’s inaugural ball. It was an experience.

Basically, the Freemasons who were really running the country were using George Washington as a puppet/figurehead until he started letting his cabinet influence him too much, so they put a hit on him. Dolley Madison was running a drug empire, selling crystal meth to many important people, so Freemason Benjamin Franklin started an affair with her, then poisoned her stash to kill George Washington. (The real reason Washington has no teeth? He’s a meth addict.)

Meanwhile, her husband James Madison (me) was secretly having an affair with Alexander Hamilton ( @scopesandskullties). Hamilton and Jefferson were also both seeing Angelica Schuyler Church, who promised to spy on the other for them if they influenced Washington to pass an equal rights amendment. When Thomas Jefferson ( @inspectorclarke ) found out that Hamilton was dating both his mistress AND his BFF, he shot him in a crime of passion.

Meanwhile, Aaron Burr was trying to gather a conspiracy to unseat the very same people who were unfortunately killer that might, King George III gatecrashed the party, and someone spread around incendiary pamphlets called “John Adams Is A Scum-Sucking Hog,” infuriating him. The second Washington died, John Adams ( @anditsonlywednesday ) said, “Oh nooo, looks like I’m President,” and immediately made a law that outlawed criticizing the President, responding to all accusations with, “Five years, dungeon, no trial.”

Also, the progressively inebriated party bro Richard Henry Lee ( @perpetuallypossessingpasta) showed up late and proceeded to spill Masonic secrets. The truth came out that curmudgeonly George Mason ( @wishuponastardis essentially impersonating our high school theatre teacher) is the real leader of the Freemasons. We even got a brief skype visit from Thomas Paine and the Marquis de Lafayette in a French prison!

It was a good time.

lets forget about that whole kiss incident here’s fluff

don’t imagine karmagisa at their early twenties with their respective jobs hanging out on a weekend at a basketball court(bc why not). don’t imagine them going 1-on-1 with each other with karma getting the most scores because nagisa sucks at shooting and is small(im so sorry). don’t imagine nagisa pouting and complaining how gifted karma is and the redhead just laughs at his misery then he suddenly puts nagisa on his shoulders and struggles to get some balance but thankfully he does and he strides to the ring while keeping nagisa from falling off who was holding the ball. don’t imagine karma saying: “dunk it, nagisa” before grinning up to him(it was a teasing grin) nagisa sputters something incoherent but dunks the ball anyway.

don’t imagine nagisa looking so happy after karma putted him down off of his shoulders with got the redhead pondering if he should tease nagisa or be happy too. after a few moments nagisa tells him: “let’s never speak of this again” anD DON’T imagine karma genuinely laughing then ruffling nagisa’s hair affectionately before saying;

“let me teach you how to shoot”


The boy had baseball tryouts to make sure he’s good to play for his age group. We had the same problem as last year: the other coaches bitching about his height and how hard he throws the ball. He’s an inch shorter than the girl who’s 11( he’s 8) and he does have a hard throw, it sometimes hurts my hand to play catch. But I don’t think it’s fair to put him in an older group just because of that. I think he will get self conscious because they are older and have been playing longer. Should be getting an e-mail about it from the coaches sometime this week.

Ground Control to Tipsy Bun

A/N: As always, please consider donating to my patreon or commissioning me if you like my writing Written for @redinkedwolf on that Valentines day exchange thing I definitely didn’t forget about.

Velvet’s arms wrapped around her, the normally calm, even reserved faunus giggling and wondering loudly if she wore the shades during sex.

If she ever found out who spiked the punch at the Valentines Day ball, she’d kill them.

Well, first, she thought as she saw Yats lazily toss a dozing Fox onto his bed and flop down beside him, she’d probably high-five them.

Pulling something like that off in a room full of professors and huntresses in training took a lot of skills or a lot of moxie, and she respected both… but they’d still meet the business end of her boot for making her put up with this.

‘This’ being her ridiculously attractive, irritatingly handsy, and allegedly straight partner.

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 Please forgive me this is my first hc and im shit at these things

- Kevin is pissed the fuck off. 

-  If you thought he was an intolerable person you haven’t met him when he is pissed beyond belief. (Drama Queen)

- (see what I did?)

-(Yeah I hate myself for that pun as well)

- He was pissed over Nicky being behind the prank. The prank where someone had vandalized the walls and put ‘Kevin loves his stick and balls’ in bright red paint over the plexi glass 

- Nicky didn’t actually do it, @neilswesninski said they don’t know who had done it.

- (Sorry if i hijacked or stole your ‘Kevin likes stickballs. I just found it funny and a great way to lead to this @neilswesninski)

- Neil is having an off day where everything he is doing is just not working out and causing Kevin to get pissed and himself, leading to even more mistakes

- By the near end of the practice, all the drill shave ended with either the ball hurting something or someone, the movement off and causing him to face plant and eat dirt, 

- Basically anything that could go wrong did go wrong at the moment of practice and he was near crying and screaming, baiscally hitting something out of his anger he has in himself. 

-Andrew was laughing from his goal, enjoying seeing his boyfriend fail miserably and piss Kevin off beyond belief. 

- So when Kevin throws his helment off after the ball was safely out of play and started storming over, already starting to yell as he pointed his finger towards Neil, Neil froze and tensed,his fingers starting to slowly shake

- He didn’t see Kevin and the orange. All he saw was the familiar room he had stayed in when he was at the nest, trying to keep Andrew safe

- He felt the familiar hard bed, the black sheets and room surround him as Riko twirled a knife around, a murderous look in his eyes

- All he could hear was the distant yelling from Riko lecturing him as the knife dug into his skin. It was at that moment where it started. 

- His blue eyes had a far away look as his body shook and he back away from Kevin, stuttering apologizes before yelling a loud. “Im sorry Riko.” He said as he clenched the scars where the knife had dug into him all along ago. He was breathing heavy, his body convulsing in fear, his voice strangled as he let out faint whimpers

- Kevin had stopped, his eyes wide as he froze in place, scared and surprsied he triggered something that horrid of Neil’s memory. 

- However, Andrew didnt waste a single moment, abandoning his gear and going into a full on sprint as he saw his boyfriend living a panic attack

- He kneeled down after shoving Neil down to the ground, laying his body down as he took a hold of Neil’s arms, holding them above his head as he kneeled down, presseing their foreheads together, letting their nose touch as he stared deep in Neil’s blue eyes he loved so much.

-”Neil……..Neil you are not there……Riko is dead and you are in South Carolina.” HE spoke in a hard voice, watching Neil’s reaction. “You are a fox and you are with me and you are safe. YOu do not need to run when I am here to protect you.” Andrew said.

-andrew kept like thats, softly rubbing Neil’s hand in soft circles, murming as he slowly got his boyfriend to come back. 

- Neil could finally breathe properly, his eyes blinking as he looked up at Andrew’s eyes with surprise. “You had an attack idioit……” He said loud enough for the team to hear. He whispered quickly after. “You always worry me and im always cleaning up your mess.” He said in german smirking as he released Neil’s arms, sitting back.

- Neil felt like a rock had been lifted off his chest, his vision coming in clear once more, his breath returning as he shakily stood up with the help of Andrew. 

- “Thank you.” Neil whispered back in german before Andrew, pulled him down a pecked his lips softly before throwing back on his helment and neck guard, running back to the goal

- Neil was there, eyes wide with surprise as they have ever kissed in front of the team. He brushed everybody’s stare off as he jogged back, lightly clamping a hand on Kevin’s shoulder, smiling and forgiving him

- Nicky was squealing as he took out a camera from no where, snapping pictures of Andrew and Neil

- Neil had never played better at a practice after

The fact that Mirai Trunks killed Frieza still keeps me up at night.

Frieza always feared the super saiyan would kill him, back in planet Vejita they all thought the legendary would be Vegeta. That’s why Frieza kept tabs on him all the time so he wouldn’t become the legendary and kill him.

For him the profecy wasn’t wrong, Frieza was indeed killed by the prince of saiyans, a super saiyan none the less, the only detail he missed was that it wasn’t Vegeta…

This is some Star Wars stuff level of epic, I’m still not over it and it’s been 15+ years.


Requested by anon

“Show me what you can do then, if you’re better than me like you say, which I know isn’t true, you must be able to prove it” Damon taunted as he looked at Cole. “Yeah, well how about his?” he asked, a fire ball appearing in his hand as he raised it to throw it at Damon. “Cole” you yelled at him. He didn’t even have to look at you, he just put his two hands together and the fire was gone. In a blur Damon had moved to push Cole up against the wall, his arm pushing against his throat.”And that’s what I can do” he smirked deviously. “Will you stop it for Christ sake?” you said, throwing your hands in the air. Damon sighed and moved away from Cole, who grinned at him. “Cute, very cute”

Old Hunter Henryk headcanons:

- Henryk was so done with everything that he needed to beat the asses of two Hunters before he has calmed down enough to die. 

- Henryk was so badass that he didn’t fight the scourge  - he just told it to piss off and it did. 

- When Gherman was young, Henryk was already old.

- Henryk wears the face-sock so no blood gets in his magnificent ‘stache.

- He also keeps the’ stache hidden, because it is known to cause Frenzy.

- When you find a body with a convenient loot? Henryk put it there - the body, not the loot.

- Once he eyballed a Winter Lantern - and it started to play his favourite song. 

- It’s not the blood that keeps him alive - it’s liquor and salt. 

- Henryk once bet an Executioner who will kill a bigger monster. Executioner killed a Cleric Beast. Henryk killed the Executioner. 

- The Choir stays in the Choir. Because Henryk told them to. 

- Henryk is the reason why Ebrietas stayed behind. 

- Henryk doesn’t cover his face - you just don’t have enough Insight to see it. 

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but, like, stiles picking derek's halloween costume & derek's fully expecting some little red riding hood bullshit & so he's so confused when stiles just smirks & hands him this giant ball of white fluff but at least its not the wolf jumpsuit he saw stiles eyeballing so he goes to the bathroom & puts it on & comes out as the goddamn grumpiest sheep & stiles is just laughing his ass off.

*claps hands excitedly*

“I’m not wearing this out, Stiles,” Derek glares, but the effect is completely lost on Stiles who just clutches his side harder, not even trying to contain his laugher.

“But you look so adorable!” he coos, honest to god real tears streaming down his face. Derek glares harder. It doesn’t matter that Stiles’ heartbeat doesn’t stutter when he says it. It doesn’t. 

“No, look, it’s okay,” Stiles says, finally managing to get a hold of himself, pointing to an outfit on the bed. “I’m going as Little Bo Peep!” 

Derek raises an eyebrow. “This isn’t some weird sex fantasy is it?” He narrows his eyes, not entirely sure what answer he is hoping for. Derek was a pretty vanilla guy before Stiles. He’d never admit to it, but it kind of makes him feel special that Stiles…corrupted him (as Stiles likes to gleefully put it). “Is Lydia even having a party?”

“What? No! And yes,” Stiles says, but Derek detects the faint blush that rises on his cheeks, which, huh. Okay. Stiles isn’t usually shy about what he wants to try in bed, so Derek is definitely going to have fun teasing that out of him later. After all, he deserves it. He’s in a sheep costume. 

“Next year, I get to pick the costumes.”

Stiles stops laughing completely at that, eyes widening. “Y-you really think there’s going to be a next year? I mean-” he shakes his head, taking a step closer, suddenly hesitant. “You really want me?”

Derek rolls his eyes. “Of course I want you Stiles. That’s why we’re dating.”

“No, I mean…” Stiles ducks his head, scratches the back of his neck. “You really want me to…stay?” Hope and fear overpower his natural scent and Derek smiles, baffled, because oh. 

“You really didn’t know that?” he asks. Stiles shakes his head. “I love you. I- I want you around.” 

“You want me around?” Stiles repeats flatly, but his eyes are still wide. 

“Yes, Stiles. In my bed, in my life, in my kitchen. Around.”

There’s a long pause in which Stiles just stares. “But especially in the kitchen, right?” he waggles his eyebrows, breaking it, bringing the mood back to, well, semi-normal.  

Derek looks away, wishing he could pretend Stiles was referring to his cooking (which is amazing), but it’s not so easy to think about all the creative healthy recipes Stiles tries out on him before giving them to his dad makes him when he can’t stop picturing the first time Stiles fucked him, bent over the kitchen counter. He finds it difficult to eat even a bowl of cereal without getting a boner now. Stiles corrupted fruit loops for him.

“Move in with me,” Derek says, a little worried that Stiles’ ability to sexualise cereal is what makes him finally say it. 


“Move in with me,” Derek shrugs, like it’s no big deal, like this isn’t something he has been agonising over for months. 


“It’s okay if you don’t- wait. What?”

“I said okay?” Stiles’ heart speeds up and Derek just wants to kiss him, but he can’t, too busy being rooted to the spot because Stiles said yes. 


“Okay,” Derek whispers, looking down, grinning, unable to help it. “Great.”


Another long pause.

“…do I really have to go out in this?” Derek finally asks.

Stiles bites his lip. “No,” he laughs. “In fact…” he walks slowly towards him then, wearing a looking Derek knows means both good things and trouble. “I think we can skip the party. Watch movies instead.” 

“You want to watch movies?” Derek stares at him in disbelief, trying not to feel disappointed because good things and trouble

“I want to snuggle,” he says, and then, just to make sure Derek doesn’t hold back on that whimper, he goddamn winks. 

I’m choosing the movie,” he says weakly. 

“I’ll get the popcorn,” Stiles grins. 

Ironpanther prompt 7

T'challa was never a person who enjoyed to have pets, sure he could appreciate animals and respected them but having a pet had never been something he looked forward to or even considered. Not until he met Tony.

The first moment he knew the man liked animals, specially cats, he made his chore to get one. A tiny black kitten with big green eyes that could fit in his hand. It was the first time T'challa saw Tony’s real smile, not the fake smile he put up for the press or the shit-eating smile he put on while dealing with politics; he saw the sincere, happy smile. It really wasn’t his intention for Tony to see the kitten on that moment for he was trying to get him to go out with him, but the kitten padded into the room and Tony gasped at the sight of such tiny fluff ball.

He scooped the little thing up and honest to god cooed at the kitten who was more than happy to be petted and purr like a little engine in the engineer’s arms.

After that, every time Tony was over at Wakanda, he played with the kitten who was completely in Iove with Tony to the point that T'challa had to take it with him when he went over the States because the kitten cried so much when Tony had to leave.

Oh, and the King did get to invite Tony out for dinner.