if the members of seventeen were in band or orchestra
  • s.coups:good enough to be in the top orchestra but second violin and always is in the back; relevant and popular; was unanimously voted orchestra president for his last year; knows exactly what to say to hype up the whole orchestra
  • jeonghan:that really good cellist who is super focused and moves around a lot when he plays so his luscious hair flops around everywhere; super nice and always willing to help out someone who is having trouble with their music
  • joshua:second violin who would play the electric guitar alongside the strings and percussion during the pop shows; would bring his acoustic guitar and serenade his friends outside the orch room before and after sectionals; looks embarrassing in all of the combined portraits
  • jun:that one super serious, really dedicated violinist that's still willing to help (but not in a condescending way bc he's so nice); always first violin region and always makes all state but doesn't let it get to his head
  • hoshi:really good percussionist; volunteers to do everything aka full orchestra, musicals, and jazz band; his mouth hangs open and his head bobs to the beat as he stares at the baton in concentration during concerts; you just take one look at him and just KNOW he's in band
  • wonwoo:he's that one that joined just because his friends were in it but ended up loving it (see: seungkwan) and is actually pretty good; always tries to come up with excuses to skip his private lessons but still flirts with his private lesson teacher nonetheless
  • woozi:all state oboe player; when he's playing, his dimples stand out SO MUCH making all the girls swoon; probably one of the only band members that cares about full orchestra
  • dk:the cocky trumpet player that isn't too obnoxious so everyone still loves him despite being So competitive; drum major for two consecutive years; during summer band all the girls put their water jugs next to his so they can appreciate his existence during breaks
  • mingyu:the second violin that's good enough to be in the top orchestra but not rly since he's second; has the most focused and straight face while playing; pisses his stand partner off bc of how high he sets his stand; would probably pretend to mark his music when the director tells everyone to; has rly ugly drawings on his sheet music; writes stupid notes making fun of the director on his music just to make his stand partner laugh
  • the8:the genuinely nice and dedicated exception to all of the other conceited, cocky trumpet players; the directors love him; tries not to laugh at dk's bad jokes since it'll upset the directors but fails bc they're funny af; looks super cute in the marching band overalls
  • seungkwan:the loser lame viola that isn't actually lame bc everyone wants to be his friend; influences ppl who aren't really into music to be able to appreciate it; the only one to get the strict deadpan af director to crack a smile with his dumb jokes during rehearsals
  • hansol:the one really lazy, always slouching, always shadow-bowing bassist that's actually pretty good if he took it more seriously; makes faces during other ppl's playing tests when they're a lil rough; the only one that smiles at the audience while everyone else has a straight face when the whole orchestra stands up at the end of their performance
  • dino:that one freshman drummer that's super good at percussion so he got sucked into participating in full orchestra even though he doesn't rly know what he's doing; messes around so much that you expect the tense orch director to get rly angry but since he's so talented precious and charming they just let him off easy

death grips is honestly the experimental music version of like the fucking avengers or something

you have a noise-rock legend multi instrumentalist drum GOD who plays like literally nobody else in existence (and also happens to know how to play pretty much any instrument imaginable, somehow) who has around a decade of experience in the music business

a music school recording arts graduate multi-instrumentalist who studied photography for half a dozen years who has the most eccentric, wild approach to the study of sound in general and who has played in bands of almost every genre imaginable, all of his musical knowledge culminating in his building a recording studio from literally the GROUND UP

and then you have a cryptic, highly private painter who went from flipping pizzas to writing lyrics about nasty taxis, and having possibly the most intimidating stage presence in existence

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Pastel!kellin being the one who's always sitting shotgun jamming out to whatever music is playing and punk!vic being the responsible driver who doesn't really jam bc he's afraid of crashing but as soon as tøp comes on they both lose their shit and its just 'TAKIN OVER MY BODY BACK IN CONTROL NO MORE SHOTTY I BET A LOT OF ME WAS LOST TS UNCROSSED AND IS UNDOTTED' and it's just so beautiful bc the couple that tøps together stays together

amazing omg

like vic doesn’t even want to admit it sometimes bc “they’re not even punk they’re like……wtf even are they” and kellin is like “come on ur just as in love with josh dun as i am” and vic is like “hhhh” and he never admits it until one of their songs comes on and they start yelling/singing the lyrics back to each other


favorite edm music videos #2: Starfucker  “Quality Time” (2012)

The video begins with a party thats going….not so great.. There’s a knock at the door and the host answers it to find a mysterious being, who puts headphones over his head. As the music plays, it freezes time and the being begins gets to work. They start to maniacally write embarrassing confessions on everyone’s faces, strip them, and invade their personal space. After they are done, they leave the apartment without a word leaving the host confused and deep in thought. The hosts comes back into the party to  discover everyone is now dancing together and having fun.

I feel like it says something about the ‘masks’ we wear to protect ourselves as adults. And how we are afraid to expose ourselves which in result makes it harder to have meaningful connections with others. Maybe its also saying something about how music helps us loosen up and feel young and free again.

Smart Girl Sydney Lucas was AMAZING as one of the three talented girls who played Allison in the musical “Fun Home” - it’s based on the life of Allison Bechdel (who created the Bechdel test) 💝 Smart Girls, do you have a favorite musical?


Me and my girlfriend singing Heavy Rope by Lights. Hope you guys enjoy! Sorry for the lack of covers recently we’ve had exams & then holidays to distract us. 

Why can’t people in the bandom accept that 5SOS is growing and evolving into their true sound. They are fucking friends with AND write with many of the bands in the bandom. Just because they toured with One Direction doesn’t mean they’re a boyband. Does Fall Out Boy touring with Wiz Khalifa make them rappers? Different types of bands can tour together and make something great but that doesn’t determine who they are as a band nor what music they create. If you would just listen to 5SOS and get to know them as people you’d see they’re cool guys who just want to play the music they want. They’re in the likes of their idols and favorite bands, why do you feel the need to tear them down? And if you’re mad they won over your band at the APMAs, its not their fault or your bands, you probably should’ve voted more. Shots fired.

(Disclaimer: I love most if not all of the band in the bandom so don’t start with me)

both of my parents just have 0 knowledge of the courtesy surrounding phones and computers in general, particularly noise related stuff

like i would never subject others to anything i was watching or listening to unless i had confirmation that they all wanted in on it, like my headphones r plugged the fuck in unless everyone in the room with me is explicitly like “yes, we would also like to watch/listen to the thing you are watching/listening to”

and i would certainly never play it at a volume that would disturb people in neighboring rooms, before 12 pm or after 12 am particularly

and most people follow those rules, at least most of the time! its unspoken, but, like, you dont wanna be that rude asshole who plays their bad music out loud in the car while everyone else is like : /

but like with both of my parents its like. 0 knowledge of this. like “its my house i can do that i want” lawless miscreants. like they whine constantly abt ppl my age being rude but then they pull shit like this where everyone in the house is playing everything out loud at top volume all day and its like ???? why would u do this if u share a house with others, i would literally never do this to total strangers, much less my family

u know when this is acceptable? at parties, on movie nights, if everyone is into it. not this post apocalyptic lawless noise hellscape youve forged here for our family

The first "I love you"

We were both laying on my bed on a Saturday afternoon. Calum and I had been dating for almost seven months and we were both really happy. My music was playing softly on my laptop who was on my desk. Calum was on his phone, probably going through Twitter. I was humming to the song as I stared at Cal. He was wearing his usual black skinny jeans and a black hoodie. He had a serious face on as he looked at his phone. His hair was a bit messy, just like I loved.

  We were waiting for the hours to pass so we could go at a restaurant that Calum had made a reservation at.

“Cal,” I mumbled and he lifted his gaze from his phone.

“Are you okay?” He asked and I nodded before taking his phone in my hand. I placed it on the bed beside him.

I rolled so I was on my left side. He was still laying on his back, but his face was turned so he could look at me.

“I love you.”

I felt better the moment I had said the words. I knew I couldn’t hide my feelings from him anymore. Every time we were on the phone, I wanted to say those words instead of just saying “bye”. Calum meant so much to me and he truly made me happy.

My boyfriend grinned and rolled on his side, putting a hand on my hip. He pressed me closer to his body, his smile still on his beautiful lips.

“God, Y/N, I love you so much,” he replied and I smiled. He laughed, “It feels so good to say it.”

  I leaned in and gave his lips a quick peck.

  “I love you,” he said again and I giggled, hiding my face in the crook of his neck.

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The Lens Project - Week 16 Prompt

THE LENS PROJECT - WEEK 16’s PROMPT: Take a photo and/or shoot a video inspired by no edits just flow” by ElfofElbrookCourt




no edits just flow” by ElfofElbrookCourt

silly thoughts

buried deep

in the

back of my head

escape when

the music is on

i wander over the hills in memories

clear view in photographic vision

i store my life in snapshots

stored for later

stored ideas for future words

I wander over the days of my youth

seeing the mistakes clearly

and the positive steps

that made me who i am

crossed the river many times

i play music into my ears

relaxing piano chills

the speed down

i forget time

i don’t know what i am writing

Empty shallows under trying piers

listen to my words the ocean cried

as the white wave of engery

crashed into the warm sand

a toast to

good times

good life

good future

Dan Reynolds and his bandmates in Imagine Dragons are stopping Friday at the Tacoma Dome on its Smoke and Mirrors Tour, along with opening acts Metric and Halsey. Rich Fury Invision

Indie rockers Imagine Dragons make Tacoma a stop Friday on Smoke and Mirrors tour

“Imagine Dragons are this generation’s U2.

Like the iconic Irish band, the Dragons built a devoted, fervent fan base from the ground up, declining to open for big bands in big venues, instead preferring to play smaller spaces for folks who wanted to hear their music. It was just three years ago the indie rock quartet made its Boston area debut at tiny TT the Bear’s Place and has steadily graduated to the larger Brighton Music Hall, House of Blues and then the Pavilion. Earlier this month, the Dragons nearly filled the TD Garden in Boston, just two albums into a career that continues to build momentum. [read more]

if we really are going on omegapause i want to see if i can actually execute the homestuck fan orchestra idea i had where ppl online who play all kinds of instruments who are homestuck fans are given sheet music to a certain hs piece (carne vale, cascade, megalovania etc) and record it and send them all in and then theyre all put together into a single track…..that could be really cool

Do you like theatre? Do you like bands? Are you a punk who likes musicals and plays such as Les Mis, RENT, Phantom Of The Opera, etc.?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these, I’ve got a net for you! The TheatrePunksNet!!

To join our crusade net, you need to:


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You need to enter by July 25th. The owners will discuss soon after, and the post for the people who got in will be up by the end of the day/the next day.

Thank you!! <3

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Who worries about how they will look when they’re older
Probably Stiles more than Derek. Stiles knows he’ll age quicker anyway, and sure his unusual brand of attractiveness is cute and quirky now, but will it stand the test of time? (It probably will, but it doesn’t stop him from worrying whether Derek will always be attracted to him). Derek gets more mellow as he ages and lets himself go a little. Grows his hair and his beard, gets softer around the middle. Still fit, but cuddlier.

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s
I think this would be a thing they both do. Stiles starts it, real cheesy. Love songs on valentines and birthdays, more of a joke than anything. But it comes in handy when they go on long trips and can’t decide on who gets to play whose music. They make a playlist together for trips, otherwise it’s war.

Clings to the other during scary movies
At first I thought Stiles, but he probably LOVES scary movies, because they’re almost funny compared to real life. No, it’s Derek who likes to cling. Sometimes the jump scares get Derek, because it’s film and he can’t use his wolf senses to hear or see the threat that’s coming and it’s unnerving. Then I figure, yeah okay Stiles will also cling to Derek during scary movies, but not because he’s scared. Just because he wants to feel Derek up probably.

Gets into the shower with the other randomly
Derek, because Stiles has a bad habit of using all the hot water. (But also for the same reason Stiles likes to cling to Derek during scary movies.)

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone
Stiles, probably. Ambles through the living room or the bedroom or wherever Derek is, dropping his towel as he goes.

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving
Derek, because if he’s not doing something with his hands then he’s checking maps and his phone and basically driving Stiles crazy. Derek prefers to drive and Stiles is happy to be chauffeured. It’s not Derek’s hand he tries to hold when Derek’s driving.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events
Stiles sober, Derek drunk. Stiles because he likes to see Derek squirm, Derek because he’s feeling loose and just wants to take Stiles home.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night
Stiles definitely. Derek learns that Stiles’ll shut up if Derek ignores him (or sometimes Derek just shuts him up with a blow job because it’s honestly quicker).

Asks “what are you thinking about?”
Derek. BUT NEVER AFTER 10PM. (see above)

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)
Derek, because he’s spent a lot of time not touching people, not being touched, not interacting, feeling lonely. And Stiles is always more than up for it, likes letting Derek manhandle him into the little spoon, hold his hand when he’s trying to drive, feel him up at family/pack gatherings, chase him and pin him down if Stiles flashes him coming out of the shower, press him up against the tiles when Derek sneaks into the shower. It’s kind of sickening for everyone around them. They probably don’t care.

Thank you! 

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