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In honour of the writer appreciation day, I wanted to thank you for sharing your work with us :D I've enjoyed several of your stories so far (I haven't gotten around to all of them, but I hope I will soon). Please keep up the good work and know you are appreciated :D

Oh my gosh thank you sooo much! This message made my day <3 Tell me who you are so I can give you a proper hug

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CL, I love you & Come back home

CL: If you could meet one of the members, who would it be and what would you do?
I would want to meet Bom, definitely, and give her a big hug and tell her how much I love her!!! <3 

I Love You: What made you fall in love with them?
It was actually the I Love You dance practice video. I watched I Am the Best MV, and then that, and idk they just looked so cool and chic and they danced so well and the song was so good and it just took off from there haha.

Come Back Home: What is your favorite music video?
I like Come Back Home, Happy, and Hate You (because of the cool concept). 

Thank you so much~ 
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