The 100 season 4

Becca first developed what we know as nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company for the long duration missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given nightblood to protect against solar radiation. Where did the criminals go? 

“Contact lost with asteroid mining penal colony” article open while talking about 2048. 

The Becca’s rocket is called Vesta IV. Vesta is also the name of the second largest asteroid in the main belt of asteroids of our solar system. Did they go there?

Becca met Alie in 2051, she needed an avatar.  After Alie’s “Too many people” speesh, Becca locked Alie in the Faraday’ cage. While Becca was working on the neural interface of Alie 2.0, Alie 1.0 got through the black ice encryption and got out of the Faraday Shield. Then Alie cracked systems and hacked nuclear launch codes. The poison pill virus didn’t kill her. Who helped Alie? Who was that  “stupid son of a bitch”? 

And here we have “The enigmatic Bill Cadogan, who has long preached of a coming apocalypse for which he says he can provide salvation”. 

Cadogan gave the speech about the end of the world 2 weeks before the bombs. He preached that the four horsemen of the apocalypse may come in any form. War, Famine, The Environment. «Everything we once trusted has turned on us. Government, religion, even technology become a weapon in their hands used to poison our minds. I know, you’re in pain, but it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a way out of the darkness. I can show it to you. You can be saved. Join me, and together from the ashes we will rise.» 

“There is no pain in The City of Light”, right?

What are the chances that Cadogan invested in Becсa’s research and knew about Alie?

The emblem of the cult is similar to the logo on the island where Alie was created.

I think, Alie created The City of Light with Cadogan before the apocalypse. Jaha converted a nuclear warhead into a power source.” With the added power, Alie was able to complete the work she began with her creator a hudred years ago”-that what he said to Murphy in 3.01.

Their faith was based on 12 seals. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, royalty could unlock the twelfth ceal. But did they survive?


Becca landed on Polis territory with injections of Nightblood and Alie 2.0. 

Storage box Alie 2.0 was with a clean metal rim.

97 years later we have 12 clans. Corporate logo became the sacred symbol of the commander. And the Alie 2.0 storage box has a skull image. The same as on the walls of Polis.

Becca became the first Commander. Who was the first Flamekeeper?  

The grounders’ religion looks like the next step in promoting the cult of “The Second Dawn”. And the City of Light had to be the last step to the salvation.

Does it bother anyone else...

That we’re waiting on the 2nd to last episode of the entire series… and none of the characters have brought up…

1. That Ali and Spencer are literally cousins, genetically half sibs…

2. That there are not one, but two (!!!!!) secret tunnels running under their town.

 and that…

3. Spencer has not told Ali who killed her mom. 

With these kind of secrets just rolling around unchecked, it’s really not hard to believe that there are entire secret family members no one is talking about either. 

‘There’s no place like homecoming’- Jason imagine

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Y/n is dating Jason (but secretly) then for the welcome ball Toby invites her as he did with Emily (1st season) and it happens the same as when Emily was alone with him the chemistry room.

Words: 2226

A/N: It’s been ages so it probably doesn’t make sense. Also it wasn’t going to be this long, then I re-watched the episode and kept adding and adding…. Hope its ok xxxx

You gently intertwined your fingers with Jason’s, the two of you pressed up against each other on your bed. Sighing softly, you closed your eyes as his other hand found your waist, his mouth nibbling the exposed skin on your neck.

“Let me take you to homecoming” he mumbled. You moaned in response, too lost in the moment to acknowledge what Jason had said. You repositioned yourself so you could unbutton his shirt. “y/n?” he took your hands in his, moving them away from the buttons. Blinking at him obliviously, your mouth slightly parted, you wondered why he had stopped you, almost offended. “I’m serious.” He continued, sitting back against the headboard. You pulled yourself up to be level with him.

“Serious about what?” you asked, tilting your head a small degree, the crease in your forehead conveying your confusion.

“About taking you to homecoming.” Your eyes widened and you sat up straight, eyes directed at the floor. Jason’s hand settled on your thigh, his thumb massaging your bare skin soothingly.

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Who tried to push Aria off the Halloween Train? + Sequence of Events

A question that still, after 4 seasons, remains unanswered. This is our take on what went down and who REALLY tried to push Aria off the Halloween Train. 

Keep in mind, Mona was giving Wilden orders. And Mona was giving these orders because she herself was receiving orders from the New Big A, aka Cece/Charlotte DiLaurentis.

At the beginning of 3x13 This is a Dark Ride, Mona gives a black hoodie (who we can presume was Wilden) a bunch of bullets (one of which was used to shoot Garrett) and a bunch of drugs (which were used to drug Aria and put her in the crate with Garrett’s body). 

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Another Avery is Spencer twin theory and I will die… 

So many things without an answer and now AVERY or BETHANY are like the most imortant people in the show…

Remember when Spencer had supervisor? Then Jason showed up and told her he was on rehab. Guy who was looking after Spencer told her this place was closed down. Why Jason lied?

Why Jason was sneaking to this weird house with this old guy there who scared Hanna and Emily when they were looking for him?

Remember Varjac? What was that about?

Don’t even let me start about Maya..

Remember Alison coded dairies? Was there an explanation from here I missed??

I watched a yt video of our girls putting together this board on where it was who they kissed. And Ali put there ‘beach hottie’. When it was said who it was exactly?

And what about Board Shorts? Was it really Ezra??

Who killed Ian? Ali pushed him off bell tower, but she said she saw him getting out. And then there was somebody hiding in Jason house

Was it Wilden who killed Gareth?

And who exactly put Aria in a box on a halloween train? (Mona said it was melissa and wilden, but where are out proofs?)

Who was Wren calling when he said ‘we have a problem. Take care of yours I’ll take care of mine?’

Why Noel was at the dollhouse? Helping Alison, Helping A, oh Noel Noel.. I’m not surprised you’re dead

Remember when Spencer had dirt in her bed and then bones in her wedding dress? Was it Jessica or Mary in her room back then in the dark??

Cece once said that Jenna is afraid of melissa. Why?

What was going on with NAT videos that everybody wanted them so badly?

Who was wearing Emily mask with sign ‘guilty’?

Who was red coat? But honestly?

What was Shower Harver real deal?

Who took ‘alison’ body the night Emily got wasted?

What happened to this body?

Who was living under DiLaurentis house?

Why Sara Harvey were wearing exact same clothes like Bethany, Cece and Ali back to That night?

Why almost every single Jenna lover ending up dead? Noel, Gareth, Shana..

What happened to Eddie Lamb?

Alison was buried alive by her own mother and then she trusted mona to run away? She told Aria she knows who A is, what was that about?

Who knocked out Toby back in the Woods?

Who start a fire in a Cabin with girls still in it?

Why Ali hated Paige so badly?

Why Ali was calling Lucas ‘hermie’ back in high school?

and much more…


An excerpt from the Movie SHAHEED E KUFA, Imam Ali (as).

When Imam Ali (as) walks towards the Masjid for prayers, wakes up Ibn Muljim (la) for fajr prayers and while at sujood he structs Imam Ali (as) with a poisonous sword. Qutamah (la) who ordered to Kill Imam Ali (as) turns into a Fox. 

Ya Ali (as) 💔😭

100 Unanswered Questions of PLL - Updated, 3/3/15.

So as I said in an earlier post, I want to start keeping track of all the unanswered questions that we have been asking throughout the show.

So here is the list that I have gathered up while I’ve been re-watching the seasons over the last couple weeks. A lot of them are just speculation questions, but there are also a lot of big questions as well. I’ll bold the biggest questions!

And like I said earlier, I will edit this along the way as we find out the answers to these questions, as well as adding new questions that are brought to the surface.

BTW, if you feel like you have an answer to any of these questions or you know for a fact that it’s already been answered… PLEASEEEE let me know. I may have missed it!

  1. Why did Aria’s family go to Iceland for Byron’s Sabbatical? 
  2. Who “killed” Ali?
  3. Has Mona been the ONLY A from the beginning?
  4. Who was Ali’s A? Mona, confirmed by I. Marlene King
  5. What was Mona’s REAL motive? (she said it was because they took Hanna away from her, but the messages started before they all became friends again.)
  6. Who Pushed Ian off the Bell Tower? Alison (according to her)
  7. How long was Toby REALLY on the A Team? (Mona said since he went to Bucks county for a job, but that wasn’t until Season 3. But we found out he was ‘Pretty Eyes’ from Season 2 episode 12.) Since season 3 when he went to Bucks county, as originally claimed. Marlene King verified that Mona was actually Pretty Eyes in 2x12.
  8. So.. Was Toby actually Pretty Eyes? NO, Mona was. Confirmed by Marlene King.
  9. Was Lucas actually ON the A-team? or JUST blackmailed?
  10. How many Red coats are there really? Just two? and which one was the original? Ali or CeCe?
  11. Who is Black Veil?
  12. What 'Team’ does CeCe play on and with who?
  13. Who Killed Wilden? According to Ali, it was CeCe
  14. Who Killed Garrett?
  15. Did Nate actually kill Maya?
  16. What was Maya trying to show/tell Emily that night that she died?
  17. What did Maya know? (MAYA KNEW)?
  18. And what was up with Miss Aria You’re a KILLER not Ezras wife?
  19. Why was Wren drawing that Red Coat?
  20. Who is Wren working for/with? And is he good or bad?
  21. Was the story Mona told about seeing Ali as Vivian in Brookhaven true? If so, Who was Ali watching?
  22. Who knocked out Toby in the woods?
  23. Who set the house on fire? Was it really Wilden like Melissa claims? It was Shana, confirmed by Shana herself.
  24. What’s the full story about Wilden, Melissa, Jenna, and Shana’s alliance?
  25. Who was the Shadow that we kept seeing upstairs in Jason’s house in the early episodes of season 2A?
  26. What was the dog sniffing out in the yard under the tarp in Jason’s yard?
  27. From Pretty Dirty Secrets, Who did Lucas meet in the fitting room of the Halloween shop?
  28. In the Pretty Dirty Secrets webisode that A snuck into the Costume shop after it closed, why did he/she pause the screen on CeCe when watching the stores security camera footage?
  29. Did Jenna and Garret set the girls up with the shovel in 2x12? or did A?
  30. And why did Jenna and Garrett act like they were the ones who set them up with the shovel, when Jenna thought Garrett killed her with a hockey stick?
  31. If it was them, how did they know where the murder weapon was? Or was it A all along?
  32. What were the bloody bandages that fell out of Jason’s trash from?
  33. Were the pictures that Jason had of Aria, actually Ali’s? and if so, why did she take them?
  34. What happened to distort the evidence that caused the charges to be dropped on Toby?
  35. Why were Lucas and Melissa told to distract Jenna at the Masquerade ball?
  36. Who actually drugged Emily the night that the grave was dug up? Was it really Lucas?
  37. Who was the dark haired boy that Emily was sitting with at the diner 'That night’? Holden, if you look closer, you can see his clear reflection in the metal box (napkin holder?) that Emily was looking in to during her flashback.
  38. Was Jenna’s story about Emily from that night true?
  39. Why was Jenna wearing a Redcoat in Emily’s memory of being in her car with her that night?
  41. Who’s blood is on Alison’s Ankle Bracelet?
  42. Who was the A member that lost the phone at the Green House?
  43. Was it really Wilden and Melissa that put Aria in that crate and tried pushing her off the Halloween train?
  44. If so, why is Melissa acting innocent like she is trying to 'protect’ Spencer?
  45. Was it a clue when we seen A watching 'Wheel of Fortune’, Since that show is associated with Emily and her mom?
  46. Who attacked Ali in the scary house on Halloween?
  47. Who was the Redcoat that visited Mona at Radley?
  48. What was Garrett & Jason’s convo about on Jason’s porch? (Garret: “want to make sure we’re still cool Jason.” - Jason: “What does it matter now, it’s over.”)
  49. Who claimed Jason’s money?
  50. WHO THE HECK is Alice the ghost girl???
  51. Were Ali & Ian ever really together, or was Ali really just obsessed like Ian claimed? Yes, they were mutually together, according to Ali’s version of what happened at Hilton Head. (They were in the same room together, basically admitting to Melissa what was going on, but that he’d end it. He also agreed to meet up later that night.)
  52. What happened the night that Jason had a party at his house and Ali came over to Spencer’s crying?
  53. Or what happened the night that Veronica seen her sneak back in crying?
  54. Why did CeCe go to Radley and dress up like Ali and act crazy?
  55. Why was the Radley Sanitarium car parked outside of the scary house in The First Secret 2x13?
  56. What/Who was the twin story from 2x13 about?
  57. Who was Ali’s friend’s boyfriend who pulled the gun on her?
  58. Is Cece ACTUALLY a part of the A team?
  59. How did the earring get in paige’s purse?
  60. Was Cece’s story about Wilden true? Thinking he got Ali prego and killed her… Or is she on the A Team and made it up to throw them off? And did Melissa really take the photo?
  61. What are all the Cape May connections? (Ali, Cece, Wilden, Melissa, Jenna..)
  62. Who put the cop car outside the church?
  63. What did Mona mean about having the answers that they haven’t even thought of? (when she visited Spencer in Radley)
  64. What stuff did Toby do while on the A team?
  65. Who was Beach Hottie and Board shortsEZRA is BOARD SHORTS (4X17) - Same person?
  66. What was the original plan between Mona & Red Coat the night of the fire? (“you’re getting what you’ve always wanted”)
  67. Who did Ali take off with after stopping at the Mask shop and where were they going? and what was the urgency about?
  68. What exactly was on Page 5?
  69. Who was the blonde in the red dress at the Masquerade ball?
  70. What exactly happened at the frat party that Ali took the girls to? Did Ali push the girl? Because she was with Ian? Or to blame it on Cece? Basically what is the whole truth behind this incident?
  71. Who buried the hockey stick?
  72. Was it really Ali that Spencer seen in the window of the DiLaurentis house in the pilot? If so, did Maya really know that Ali was there and alive?
  73. Who is the blonde that Dr. Palmer is talking about?
  74. What did Ali need all the money for?
  75. What is the truth behind Ezra? He had a past with Ali, who lied about her age. When he found out what happened to her, he decided to write a true crime novel about her murder. He then became involved with Aria, the girls, and Rosewood in an attempt to get closer, and to search for answers. He also began trying to figure out who killed Ali, and the identity of A when he became aware of this person.
  76. Is he A? Part of the A team? Big A? or does he have his own story/motives?  See answer 75.
  77. Why were there payments in his lair to Cece drake? What did he pay her to do? He paid her in exchange for information.
  78. What happened to Marion Cavanaugh? The FULL truth?
  79. Who is buried in Ali’s place? Bethany Young.
  80. Why was Spencer awake and walking around in the Pilot episode before the girls woke up? She was already speeding from her adderall addiction. She did not pass out from the drugs that Ali put in the alcohol, as the other girls did. She was up arguing with Ali.
  81. Why were Cece and Melissa seen talking in Ali’s back yard the night she went missing?
  82. Was there a reason Cece was wearing a yellow shirt like Ali?
  83. What happened after Spencer and Ali fought that night in Spencer’s living room, and when Ali ran outside and Spencer chased after her? What happened after that? Did they make up? or Fight more? Spencer chased Ali and tried arguing more. Ali told her to give it up, Spencer threatened her with a shovel. Ali saw Spencer’s pill bottle drop on the ground, and realized that she was having an issue. She told Spencer to go back to sleep, and promised not to say anything. Spencer slowly walked back to the barn.
  84. Was there any other reasons that Mike was acting weird and sketchy there for awhile in Season 1? Was it just his depression, or something more?
  85. What is up with Jessica DiLaurentis? Why is she so creepy? What does she have to hide? As of right now, we know she buried Ali alive, to cover for whoever “killed” her. She thought Ali was dead. She is somehow connected to Bethany Young. She was supposedly having an affair with her father. But we do not know much more than that. There are still more answers to be found. – UPDATE: We also now know that she has been keeping her eldest son, Charles, a secret for many years. 
  86. Who was the fragile patient on the roof when Marion died?
  87. Does anyone have a twin? If so, who?
  88. Is Shana telling the truth? She was telling the truth, but she was also secretly going against Ali when she fell for Jenna.
  89. Why does Ali only trust Emily?
  90. Who attacked Spencer in the Halloween episode? Anyone with a cut hand?
  91. Where is Jason? What is really going on with him?
  92. Why does someone want him dead?
  93. Why is Wren in London with Melissa?
  94. Why is Peter really so interested in helping Jessica Dilaurentis? They had some kind of a deal that she would keep the fight between Ali & Spencer “that night” a secret. We don’t know the full details yet.
  95. Did Ezra know who Aria was already when he met her? YES.
  96. Is Mona really done with A? Is she really on the girls side now?
  97. Why did Melissa and Ian rush into getting married? What were they hiding?
  98. Which Red Coat stole the remains of the Body in Ali’s grave? Ali or Cece?
  99. Was Ali actually pregnant? Mona confirmed to Spencer that she wasn’t pregnant, per Ali.
  100. WHO IS UBER A?!
Ali ibn Abi Talib

Ali was a warrior but he was so much more,
Do not limit him to the battlefield,
As you limit your Lord to a throne;
With a face and two hands, you make Him like yourselves,
While He says, “Laisa Kamislihi Shai,” there is nothing like Himself. (42:11)

To an enemy who wanted to kill him, Ali once gave away his sword,
Through Ali ibn Abi Talib, was God’s mercy bestowed; 
For those still wishing to feud, remember when he refused to swing his sword, 
Zulfiqar never struck, except for the justice of its Lord; 
And the man who struck him with a poison blade in sujood,
Ali gave him water, for Muhammad’s sunnah was with Ali’s blood imbued.

I expect no more of those who read the Quran day and night,
But reflect upon it not, even when the verses are in their sight,
“Do they not then reflect on the Quran?” Their Lord proclaims,
“Nay, on the hearts there are locks,” He swiftly explains, (47:24)
Indeed for them, Wilayah and Tatheer are but strange, empty names,
So to them I convey: Ali is the self of Muhammad, who has greater claim? (3:61)

To the love of Ali, their hearts are sealed, in empty prostrations they pray,
They do not know of the Dua of Kumayl,
While the Munajat of Ali lie beyond their capacity to behold;
Like a camel in the dark they bow and they kneel,
Ma’rifat a distant dream for those who put as fourth what is gold,
Preferring rusting doors to the Gate, in whose words God Himself is revealed.

In prayer surrounded by towers, like hypocrites they pray,
Standing on their monuments of dust, from their Prophet, driving pilgrims away,
Thinking not for what reason towards that house they say,
“Ihdina as-Sirat al-Mustaqeem,” (1:6)  For did they ever wonder
Why in that house was born Ali, and why facing it was he slayed?
Indeed from Makkah to Kufa, in the life of Ali is the straightest path displayed.

So on that path towards Kufa then travelled Ali’s son, Hussain,
But he was blocked by transgressors, and to Karbala was driven away,
To protect his grandfather’s message he unleashed his father’s blade,
But sheathed it at last, showing the world, Islam is never spread by the sword,
And showing the Muslims, Ali ibn Abi Talib is so much more.

Melissa buried Ali, Ali hit Bethany and Mrs D buried Bethany

This is an illustrated version of pllcrazyness' amazing theory. I cannot help but look deeper into this, so I added some details. Enjoy :)

We know Ali likes to base her lies on the truth.

Note that I haven’t manipulated the part where “Ali” is hit in the head - in her flashback, she falls, but then we see the rock falling near her left foot and it looks like she is still standing. I don’t know if this is a production error of if this is supposed to be a hint that Ali was the attacker, or at least the attacker had her shoes.

Byron and Alison - affair?

Garrett said something a little more was going on between Mr. Montgomery and Ali. Add that to this 

and you have a pretty strong theory for Ali and Mr. Montgomery having an affair. Remember how Ali told Spencer it was gross that she might like Ian? And how she would tell Melissa if Spencer didn’t? Ali didn’t just want her friends to tell their secrets for no reason, it was positively affecting Ali. She didn’t want Spencer going after Ian, who we later find out Ali had a thing with. She got something out of it. Same would be for Aria’s dad’s affair. Isn’t it kinda weird that Ali would help Aria trash Mr. M’s office to make Meredith look crazy? Then tell Mrs. M and she’s out of the way. Got him all to herself. Unless she just tears apart families for fun. Who else would kill Ali if she were pregnant? A married man with an underage girl? Sounds solid to me. Look how forceful he is with Ali in this flashback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J8P0JJk-Zg 

 I’m not saying he tried to kill her, but it could be the real reason she’s afraid to be in Rosewood. 

And it would explain her Lolita obsession. Idk, maybe it would be too dark for PLL. Ian was one thing, but this is a whole other league.

PLL makes more sense than we think! PLL is complicated because of how many moving parts there are - I took the time to break it down and it’s far more simple than it seems!!

Here’s all the characters who are relevant to the storyline and the information we know about their motivations! 

The Liars
From the season 5 finale, we know that none of these girls are A. Because of A’s manipulation they’re unable to go to the police, so their primary motivation throughout the show is to figure out who killed Ali, find Ali, find A, and minimize the damage that A has done. 

The NAT Club (Jason, Garrett, Ian)
We know that the NAT club was featured in the 2003 Rosewood High yearbook, meaning that by the time they were in Alison’s room in 2009 they had been filming the girls for a minimum of 6 years.  Their motivation wouldn’t have been sexually driven, that would mean that Jason was videotaping his 8 year old sister for sexual gratification, and even that would be too far for PLL. So if they weren’t making these videos themselves they must have been doing it for someone else, someone who cares about Alison, the liars, and Toby - the only people the NAT club filmed. Jason admitted to starting the club, but it was later taken over by Garrett and Ian. In Season 3, Episode 6 Jason comes out and says that he thought, at times, that they were doing the filming for someone else. That person was Uber A. 

The NAT club’s primary motivation was to protect the videos to keep them from getting out to the public.  So how does the NAT club fit into the A storyline overall? The truth is, for the most part they don’t. The NAT club complicates the storyline for the most part because they are largely unaffiliated with the actions of A - most of the NAT club storyline takes place before Uber A stole the game. The only things to remember are that Uber A hired them and that they’re working to protect themselves.

The Jason thing
Despite being members of the NAT club, Garrett and Jenna tried to convince Jason that he killed Alison. What did framing Jason that way accomplish– It kept him quiet about everything he knew leading up to that night. If he thought that he killed his own sister there was no way that he could be forthcoming with the police, meaning that Ian and Garrett’s NAT secrets were safe…. but there’s even more to this story. In Season 3 we find out that Garrett knew that Alison was alive. In Season 3 Episode 2 Garrett says “…I didn’t kills Alison and what was snatched from her grave that night would have proved it!” Garrett knows that it was Bethany’s body in Alison’s grave, he was more involved with Uber A than Jason. Convincing Jason and Jenna that Ali was dead and that they played a part meant that neither of them could spill secrets about what happened that night. Garrett knew that someone other than Ali had died and he was making sure that he couldn’t get blamed for it. 

Clearly Jenna has good reason to hate the girls, she was blinded by them and her stepbrother was blamed for it. Despite this though, almost all of her meddling is also related to the protection of the videos. She wants to make sure that her secrets are kept safe and will go to any lengths to make sure that no one knows that she was sexually assaulting her stepbrother. She maintains a power over the girls to make sure that her secrets don’t come out into the open. At the same time she’s being threatened, which we learn when the girls corner her in her car after she regains her eyesight. Twice someone has tried to murder her, which complicates her relationship with the rest of the plot. Jenna’s motivations are twofold: make sure that the girls won’t be able to reveal her secrets and to protect herself from whoever is trying to hurt her.

And who was trying to hurt her? The same person that has been systematically getting rid of the NAT club - Uber A. 

Melissa really is one of the most interesting characters because of how many different motivations she has throughout the show. When she says that she’s protecting Spencer since before it started, she really meant it - she buried a body for her sister. That secret alone makes her seem incredibly sketchy early in the show, she is easily frustrated with Spencer’s search for answers because she knows that it could expose them both. Everytime she stands in the way of Spencer learning more about what happened that night, she also helps protect her from the consequences of her actions.  In season 3, she uses her knowledge of the tapes to motivate Jenna and Shana to go to the lodge to see who is meeting Spencer. This is still to protect Spencer and she did not set the fire. Melissa is a character who at times has seemed like an antagonist but she truly is Spencer’s biggest protector and will go to any lengths to make sure that she is okay.

Lucas along with many other, smaller, characters is someone who was once on the A team, but doesn’t play a substantial role in the plot overall. He was blackmailed into his participation and isn’t one of the people organizing the A team’s efforts.

The good guys/girls (not including Ezra)
Caleb, Toby, and Paige are all fundamentally good and are trying to figure out who is behind the harassment that their partners are living through. Toby and Paige have had their fair share of moments where we thought that they were guilty, but as of now all of those moments have been able to be explained away by their caring for their partners. Caleb could never be guilty of anything though, Haleb is too perfect in every conceivable way. 

Ezra is by far the creepiest partner - he knowingly sought out a romantic relationship with someone he knew would be his student, manipulated her into telling him secrets for a tell-all book, and continued in an extremely unethical relationship. Ezra’s book is his primary motivation, and that was the case from the beginning of the show. Using the information he found while researching his book, he gave Jason the tip about the whereabouts of Alison’s body, getting him the $50,000 cash reward. 

Darren Wilden
Wilden was bad from start to finish, but now that he’s dead at least we have answers to most of our questions surrounding him. Wilden is the beach hottie that Ali talked about being with in Cape May. In Season 1, Episode 2 Wilden points out the friendship bracelet that Hanna is wearing and says that he recognized it from earlier in their conversation. Rewatching the scene you’ll see that the bracelet was never mentioned - and the only other place he could recognize it from is knowing Ali previously.

Though it’s not officially confirmed I think it’s safe to assume that Wilden was beach hottie, meaning he had a secret that could lead people to think that he was guilty in Alison’s murder. He also had a deep resentment towards Ashley and Hanna after Ashley turned him down. Finally, we know that he was the queen of hearts, and what happened on the halloween train was organized by A. 

Wilden was terrible to Ashely and Hanna because she had rejected him. He wanted to make it seem as if the girls were guilty because that would mean that his secret relationship with Ali was safe, and he was playing for the A team (helping to get rid of members of the NAT club) for the informationthat Uber A had that could be incriminating for the girls. 

Using this framework here’s a list of questions originally posted by calebsfirefly here. All credit for this incredibly thorough list goes out to them! These are answered based on theories that could make sense and what we know so far. If you haven’t already check out my Charles theory here for more background!!

Who killed Ian? - After Ali pushed Ian from the belltower he was severely injured, as Wren later said. He died of shock, and then it was set up to look like a suicide. At this point Uber A wasn’t in the game yet, and Mona wouldn’t have had a reason to kill Ian, but she would benefit from the girls thinking she was capable of it. 

Why was he killed? - Mona was A, and knowing that the girls thought that she was capable of murder would give her more power over them. Wren already said that Ian was likely to be suffering from shock, and given his severe injuries Mona took advantage of the situation by framing his suicide. 

Who Killed Garrett? - Wilden killed Garrett, then tried to get rid of the body while dressed as the queen of hearts on the Halloween train. 

Why was he killed? - Garrett was a member of the NAT club and he knew that Alison was alive. Just like the other NAT club members he was a liability to Uber A (who had taken over the game by this point) so A used someone else to get rid of him. Wilden could easily be exposed as a suspect in Ali’s murder investigation, A either blackmailed him or offered him information on the girls in return for his help in getting rid of Garrett.

Is Maya still alive? If not, who killed her? -This is one of the few questions that I think could be really up in the air. Mona coming back really drove home the point that you’re only dead when we see your body, so I think it’s totally possible that Maya isn’t dead. Who knows, maybe we’ll see her in the dollhouse! (A girl can dream)

What about “Maya Knew”? What did she know? - I think one solid theory is that Maya knew about Charles or Uber A, that she was able to find information that made her a target. 

Who did Aria stab with that screw driver? - This is a shady plot point meant to confuse us. Before Aria stabs someone with the screwdriver the box stops moving - I think that someone who was not trying to push aria off, someone who had just stumbled upon the box, was stabbed. That’s why she wasn’t pushed all the way off, do you think that A would stop just because of one injury?

Was Melissa really the other Queen of Hearts? - Yes, Melissa showed up in the costume to watch out for Spencer, not knowing that Wilden had come in the same costume (which was planned by Uber A). He forced her to help push the box off, not knowing that Aria was alive inside. Maybe she knew that Garrett was dead inside, maybe she didn’t, but what she did know was that Wilden was dangerous and would hurt her or Spencer if she didn’t help.

Who was giving orders to Wilden? - Uber A was giving orders to Wilden, though clearly he didn’t know their true identity, that would be too easy! If it got out that Wilden knew Alison previously, that he had been in a relationship with her, he’d be at the top of the suspect list. He needed to frame the girls to protect himself. Uber A could have blackmailed him or could have offered him incriminating information on the girls to get him to do what he was told.

Why did CeCe kill Wilden? - Cece was redcoat, she started to realize what a dangerous game she was playing, and she needed to get out. Uber A had two primary bodies on the ground, her and Wilden, so she knew that to get out she had to take care of him. Cece killed Wilden because she was scared that he would kill her - Uber A would order him to after she left.

Why did Jenna and Shana help Wilden when he was run over? - Jenna is trying to protect her videos and Shana is trying to protect Jenna and gain more information about A for Ali. Jenna would benefit from helping Wilden because he could be a powerful ally as she tries to power the girls into keeping the videos a secret. Shana benefits from helping Wilden because she can learn more about the investigation and what A is doing. Helping Wilden would help both of them get the information that they wanted.

Who drugged Emily? - A had Emily drugged so that the Liars could be framed for the grave being dug up. By digging up the grave A did 3 things - allowed Uber A to tamper with the body however they wanted, made sure that Garrett stayed in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, and framed the girls. 

What happened the night Emily was drugged? Why was Jenna driving her around? Why was Holden with her? What’s with that stamp he had on his wrist? - A put the sleeping medication in her flask, Emily drank it and lost her memory, she went to visit Paige and left after kissing her, she ran into Holden who took her to a diner to help sober up, Emily wrote a note “I’m sorry for leaving you” to Paige because of how abruptly she ran away. After Holden left Jenna was driving Noel when she found Emily drunk. During this time the grave is already being dug up. 

At some point Emily gets out of the car, likely because she thinks that she sees Alison (when really it’s redcoat wearing a mask). This was planned so that the girls could be framed. Mona and Redcoat (Cece) are stealing the body together. We know that they had met previously because Wren had opened up Mona’s visiting hours for Cece.

Holden had been out at a pary which is why he had the stamp and was out late at night. He took her to the diner to try and help her sober up. Jenna was driving at night with Noel because it was the only time that she was able to stop pretending to be blind.

Who is Red Coat? - Cece Drake. There are so many great theories about this and I would be willing to bet so much money on the fact that this is a sure thing. Cece was Alison’t ultimate frenemy, and she also had motive for going after the girls (getting kicked out of college). Acting as redcoat allowed her to find out more about where Ali was, which was helpful both the her and Uber A, while also getting her revenge. Cece knew things that took place after Ali went missing but before she came to Rosewood, kisses - A only lasted for teh duration of her time in Rosewood, and she had the perfect opportunity to pull some of the A stunts. If you want more info check out some Cece is redcoat theories, there are some super thorough ones.

Who is Black Widow/Veil? - This is one of the only questions we still don’t have an answer to. It seems like there are a lot of people who could be BV but we don’t have enough information to know for sure.

Who ran the car into Emily’s house? - We’ve seen A control cars remotely before, the same method was used when the car was ran into Emily’s house. 

What are Noel’s secrets that Ali knows? - Don’t know what the secrets are, but the important thing is that she knows something about Noel that makes him indebted to her. Whatever his secrets are, it’s also a possibility that Maya knew them as well, since she spent time at the cabin.

Who dug up “Ali’s” grave? - Mona and Cece.

Where is Eddie Lamb, and what is his involvement? - Eddie Lamb is suspicious of Wren and Mona, which is why he has to leave. I doubt that he’s dead, that would make headlines - I think that Uber A offered him money to leave so that he would stop questioning Mona. At the same time he was also giving Ezra information about Mona for his book. 

Why were Wren and Mona working together in Radley? - Wren is Uber A and he was stealing the game from Mona while she was at Radley. They talk often in the early time in her stay at Radley about her medicines and how they made her a shell of who she was before. Wren had her under so much medication so that he could steal the details of the game without her knowing that it was him who is directly behind it.  

What is Wren’s involvement? - He is Uber A. After stealing the game from Mona he recruited Cece to help him. From that point on it was Cece who Mona dealt with, so she didn’t even know how deeply Wren was involved. 

What was the conversation between Ali and Peter when she was walking home alone that night in S5? - I don’t think Peter is a dumb guy, and he knows that now his family is intricately tied up with the murder of Mrs. D. He wants answers, he wants information, and talking to Ali was a way for him to get that information.

Who is Varjak? - Again, this is a question where the answer isn’t as set in stone as the others, but I think that Varjack is one of (or some combination of) Aria, Ezra, and Andrew. All three are bibliophiles and are incredibly sketch. Also, the Varjak receipt was for a large pizza, a garlic bread, and a salad - seems like a bit much for one person. 

Why would Varjak want to hurt Cyrus? - Again the Varjak storyline is still underdeveloped so this is a question I don’t think that we have the bacground to answer yet.

What’s with all of the masks and the guy who makes them? Why was Melissa destroying all of them? - Alison had the masks made originally because she wanted all her friends to look like her, or so she told Hector Lime. We later find out that she likely had the masks made for Cece for pranks like the Radley one that she pulled on Mrs. DiLaurentis. That makes sense as to why it began to show up far more often once Cece became redcoat. The other masks were made in exchange for information from Hector. Melissa was destroying them because A had been using the masks to disguise themself and Melissa was trying to stop them from using them to hide, though it was clearly not effective. 

Why was Ali startled by the painting in the funeral home? It was also seen in Ravenswood and is connected to Ezra’s family. - This is one of those cool things that keeps popping up in the show! It’s been in multiple scenes throughout the show, showing up with multiple characters. I think that it’s one of those pieces that will make sense when it’s all over but isn’t a huge clue for the time being. 

What’s with the Apple references? - Foreshadowing!

Who is Charles? - I believe MK when she says Charles is Uber A, so I think that Wren is Charles. Check out my other posts to learn more about that theory.

Why was Mona helping Jason with his wound on his porch? - Mona, working for A, had reason to want to figure out what Jason knew. Helping him with his injury would be a good pretense to be able to speak with him.

Who is keeping Tippy? - Uber A is. 

What is Grunwald’s involvement? - Ugh, Grunwald. She was just a Ravenswood carryover who had to be kept in the plot in order for it to make sense. I hope she doesn’t have any involvement other than being the one who found Ali, I would be disappointed if she did.

Who is Sara Harvey? Is she relevant? - At this point in time I don’t think that Sara Harvey is relevant. She’ll only be relevant if the writers throw us a curve ball and say that Bethany is alive and Sara is in the grave.

Who is Bethany Young? - I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Mrs. D asked Bethany to call her auntie. Bethany is her niece, daughter of her sister Marion. For more information check out my Charles theory.

Why was Jessica involved with Bethany? - Bethany was her niece and also witnessed Marion Cavanaugh’s death. Jessica was trying to get close to her because doing so would allow her to cover her own track of dirty secrets, particular the circumstances of Marion’s death 

Who killed Jessica? - This is another of the questions that we don’t have enough information to answer right now, but the two people who I think would be guilty of killing Jessica would be Jason or Uber A. 

Why was she killed? - She would either have been killed for something that she had done as a form of revenge or because she knew too much about Uber A. 

Why did Jessica buy CeCe clothes if she couldn’t stand her? - Cece knew that Alison was alive and was seeking her out for Uber A. If Jessica had a reason to think that Cece could bring back Alison, then she would also have reason to help her with what she needed to find her.

Did Jessica know that Ali was alive? - I don’t think that Jessica knew that Alison was alive. I think that it’s possible that she remembered how long Ali could hold her breath and thought that she would survive, but she would have nothing to gain from misidentifying the body. Mrs. D saw the yellow top and really thought that she had buried her daughter.

What happened to Aria’s pig puppet? - it comes back in the dollhouse! Apparently Uber A got his hands on it somehow.

Will we see Meredith again? Is she involved? - I don’t think that we’ll see Meredith again and I don’t think that she was at all involved in the overarching plot of the show. The most notable thing that we get from Meredith is the fact that the earrings in Byron’s couch weren’t hers - intrigue!

Who was on the original A team? - Original A team was Mona acting alone, and Lucas was the next one who was blackmailed into getting involved. While there may have been other people who played minor roles they were the first 2 people to be really involved. Toby was recruited to join the A team after he got his new job, and Melissa was blackmailed into being involved a few times as well. In season 3 Uber A stole the game making Cece redcoat. In season 5 the A team grew after Mona mobilized them against Ali. 

Why is Andrew sketch? What is his involvement? - Andrew is sketch because the PLL writers need a red herring to distract us from the real plot. He’t not an important player and if he does come into the plot I think it will either be because he’s weirdly in love with Aria or because he’s involved with Varjak. 

Who is beach hottie?- Wilden is the beach hottie

Why were Melissa and CeCe talking? - Cece was called to try and help Alison sort out what was happening with the videos and Melissa was also trying to figure out what happening with the NAT club videos. Since they knew each other and were both trying to control the spread of the videos it would make sense for them to talk that night.

Why does A want Jenna dead? - Jenna was affiliated with the NAT club and that was enough for A to think that she knew too much. Her connection with Garrett, who was the most informed of the NAT club members, also is likely to make Uber A worry that she knows too much about his identity.

Who was the other yellow dress for? - The other yellow dress was almost certainly for Bethany, the question is what was Mrs. DiLaurentis’s relatinship to Bethany. We have a significant number of clues that point to Bethany being Mrs. D’s niece.

How did Ali know Bethany? Why did Bethany hate her? - Bethany and Ali didn’t know one another. The letter was planted by Mona as part of A’s plot to incriminate Ali. Bethany mentions Ali in one ofher therapy sessions, but only in the context of her mother (”Is it like mother like daughter”) so we never have any indication that Ali and Bethany ever knew each other, though we do know that Bethany knew of Ali.

What was the proof Mona found that made her think Ali was A before she “died”? - She didn’t really find proof, she just said that as part of her plan with Uber A to frame Ali. 

Who helped Mona in the video when she stagger her attack? - It wasn’t staged, she was being attacked by A who would then drug and kidnap her. A could have sent a proxy as well, so this doesn’t tell us much about who was helping.

Who were the two people in Mona’s house on Thanksgiving? - Whoever they were they were there on behalf of A to kidnap Mona. I think that it may have been Charles himself, since the likelyhood of other helpers knowing about the dollhouse is low.

Who kidnapped Mona? - Charles, aka Uber A

Why did Mona look dead? - She had been drugged.

Who was dressed as the Black Swan? - Melissa was dressed as the black swan because she was forced to by A.

Why did A start saying “kisses” and then stopped? A started saying kisses when red coat took over the game and stopped when she stopped being the primary person tormenting the girls.

Who tried to kill Mike? And Why? - Uber A tried to kill Mike because he knew about Mona’s plan, which meant that he knew too much and had to be dealt with.

Who did Jason write a check for $50K for? - Jason wrote the check for Ezra. Ezra cashed the check and then hid the money in his sock drawer. Ezra was able to give Jason information because he was still writing his book and had been collecting information about A and the girls.

What information was he given? - Later when Aria finds the book she says that Ezra thinks that it was one of the liars or Mrs. DiLaurentis who had set up Ali that night and who was A. Knowing that would help Jason to figure out who was behind the theft of Alison’s body.

Who was the blonde girl that Dr. Palmer warned Toby about? - In my favorite theory it is Mrs. DiLaurentis. Other possibilities are Cece, Ali, and Bethany.

Who was staying in the DiLaurentis’ basement? Why did they drill holes in the floor? - Redcoat, aka Cece, stayed under the DiLaurentis’s house and was spying on them. She thought Alison was alive but didn’t have confirmation yet, so she was spying to see if her family knew if she was alive.

Having Ali as Uber A would be the only good explanation as to why the girls are involved in all of this mumbo jumbo to begin with. Because so far we’ve had no real reason as to why everyone hates the girls so much. 

So what are they collectively guilty of? 

1. Ali would demean, bully, and attack other peers (Mona, Lucas, Paige) and they wouldn’t do anything about it. They would let it happen and stay quiet. Even to each other. 

2. The Jenna Thing. Ali was the one who threw the spark into the shed (I personally believe she knew Jenna was in there). The girls didn’t want to do it but Ali forced them and once again they just let it happen. 

3. They were guilty of secretly hating Ali and loving her all the same. She was untouchable, filled with secrets, beautiful, and ruthless. She was everything they wanted to be. In many ways, even if Ali is “nice” now, she still remains a sort of myth, a legend. Her family is crazy yet everyone is still thinking about her, plotting against her, and loving her. 

What else were they collectively guilty of? So far, unless this changes during 7B, it’s pretty much confirmed that the girls did nothing That Night. (I hope this changes. Both Spencer and Emily have strange flashbacks about what actually happened that night.) 

Sure, they are individually guilty of things. Small secrets here and there. But really the first thing they have REALLY been guilty of besides JUST being Ali’s friends, is that they killed Archer Dunhill. And honestly, Hanna was the one who did it. They just were accomplices in hiding the body. 

So I don’t really understand why EVERYONE is after them. Everyone has always known more information than them. Mona knew Ali was Alive. Mrs. D knew Ali was alive. Ezra knew Ali was possibly alive and he had way more info on everyone else. Even people like Wilden and Melissa had ideas about Ali and her whereabouts. 

Cece’s reason for hating them was only becomes they became close after Ali died - that they were happu without her. Doesn’t it make more sense for Ali to feel that way? 

I loved when the mystery was about the elusive Ali. Who killed her? Why? Ali was all over the place. Men, grown men, loved her. She got pregnant. She has a whole other life aside from her friends. Is she alive? Where did she go? Who died in her place? 

…suddenly the story is completely wharped and it’s about Cece (a secondary character) and its all about who killed her. I hope it comes back full circle and it all comes back to Alison. Not just her crazy family. To me, if the whole story is once again like the Cece reveal where the girls have no reason to be involved other than being friends with Ali, it’ll really suck.  

I Don’t Really Care Anymore

I’ve spent this whole show wanting to see who killed Ali and why. I’ve made countless theories and read even more. I’ve gone back and watched episodes multiple times only to find out that Ali got hit by accident and that there was no reason for her to get hit and there was no way of us knowing who did it. Even if Bethany hit her I wouldn’t have been impressed I didn’t want A to be an ill patient and that be the only motive. Ali was a bad ass and had so many secrets. This show had so much potential and so many cool sketchy characters but instead of using them they let those characters trail off and never mention them or only so often when it’s convenient. and now it’s like a whole new show about who killed Cece and I really don’t care who did it or why and honestly I don’t have high expectations when they announce who did it. If it was for revenge I get that and if it’s a random character I much like Cece wont care who they are and why they did it. I feel like there are so many unanswered questions as well and I don’t have high expectations on them being answered. Like why did Ali want money so bad and why was she making mask faces for her friends, who killed Garrett?, did Cece kill anyone? ect ect. I want to go back to how it was in the first season, where we over analyzed everything because we thought everything was a clue and how suspenseful the show was where I was glued to the t.v. and couldn’t wait till the next episode. Now it’s like ohh Sarah has a hole in her wall how suspenseful. I know i’m being cynical but this was my favourite show and i’m losing interest and it’s sad 

5 Things That Don't Make Sense In PLL

We can all agree that PLL is a great show, but we also can’t help but deny that for the past four seasons, some things have been rearranged, scratched out of the show, or just simply ignored and left to be forgotten, but we don’t forget!

1. In the season 2 finale, Spencer says “You didn’t see Ali in Brookhaven. Ali saw you.”, suggesting Ali figured it out. However, Ali is supposedly unaware of who “A” is the night that Mona helps her disappear. When did Ali discover that Mona was A?

2. Marlene King has confirmed that Mona is “A” in the pilot until season 3. However, she’s also confirmed that “A” and the person who tried to kill Ali are two different people. If someone stole the game from Mona, why had she only mentioned that someone in a mask came to see her at Radley and not that someone started with her on Labor Day weekend? 

3. How the hell did someone in a mask get inside a mental institution?

4. CeCe is aware, and has been aware, that Ali is alive. Was she protecting her by using an Ali mask in a red coat, or was she working against the PLLs and Ali? And if CeCe is a good guy, then who the hell is the bad Red Coat that visited Mona in Radley/stole the Game?

5. Where is the episode that explains all of this? #Season5please

I don’t know about you guys but Ali is looking more and more like a pretty little liar herself. Could Ali truly be “A”? Leave us your comments in our ask on why or why not Ali could (or couldn’t) be Uber A.

Let’s hope these questions are answered in season 5! Catch all-new Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. Thanks for reading.

3) Whose earrings did Ali and Aria find in Byron’s office? (Meredith said they weren’t hers. Did Ali plant her own to get more blackmail $$$?)

4) Which Rosewood girls were pimping out their friends to the N.A.T. club?(Jason says the N.A.T. club paid girls to set up their friends.)

5) Who was the N.A.T. club working for? (Jason thinks that by the time he left the club, Ian was filming for someone else.)

6) Who killed Marion Cavanaugh?

7) Who are Bethany’s parents?

8) Why did Mrs. D want to be so close to Bethany?

9) Why did Bethany hate Mrs. D?

10) How did Alison and Bethany know each other?

11) Why did Ali want Bethany to dress like her “that night”?

12) Why did Ali want Jenna to think she was dead if she only decided to run away after someone tried to kill her?

13) Who hit Ali over the head with a rock and buried her alive?

14) Who was Mrs. D trying to protect?

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Ali killed Charlotte...

I was thinking that Ali might have figuredr out Dr. Rollins was having an affair with Charlotte. Maybe she heard them on the phone, found a letter between them or saw them in Radley kissing or hugging? Was Ali secretly in love with him and wanted to be with him and start a life together? At that point she could have started to plot her revenge. What better way to rid Charlotte than to kill her? So, Ali works hard to get Charlotte out of Radley. This was the real reason she begged the girls to help her get Charlotte out. Not because she missed her or wanted a life with her. She wanted her gone! She wanted a life alone with Dr. Rollins.

FFWD: Charlotte is released. The night she was murdered, Ezra and Aria see a blonde going into the church. They say it looks like Ali. Was it her? Was them saying that a clue for us so we would think “nah, it can’t be, that’s way too obvious?” Judging the way they have been doing things (ie; Mrs. D. twin) I wouldn’t doubt it. I could see Ali leaving a note from Rollins or taking his phone and sending a text to Charlotte pretending to be Dr. Rollins and asking her to meet at the church. He was at Ali’s house when Charlotte came home so maybe she could have taken his phone and sent a quick text before he left.

So, Ali murders Charlotte and leaves the white flower with her. A sign of love and maybe guilt for killing her sister. I think Ali had her friends for dinner to see how they acted around her. To see if anyone might suspect her. She gets nervous so of course, she turns on her friends to get the focus off her. She wants her and Dr. Rollins to be a normal couple and not hide their relationship anymore. He suggests waiting a little longer but Ali pushes it. Why? She’s moving fast with Rollins…maybe she feels protected by marrying him. Like no one would suspect her doing it because of an affair because no one knew about his relationship with Charlotte except for her. She played the “I love my sister and want to share my life with her” card so of course no one would ever think she would do it.

Sarah Harvey comes to her because she thinks Ali loves her sister so much that she would want to help find her killer. Another way for Ali to look innocent is to join Sarah and help her. This way too, Ali will know every clue Sarah finds so if she gets closer to the truth, Ali can make sure she can deter her to avoid being discovered.

In the meantime, Dr. Rollins is moving fast with Ali for his own reasons. He wants her put away to get to the Carissimi group money. He makes her think she’s hallucinating and going crazy but Ali thinks she is hallucinating and having nightmares because she killed Charlotte and it’s starting to get to her. She feels crazy so she checks herself in. What better way to once again take the eyes off her? Everyone would think she’s in the hospital due to the stress of her sister being murdered…

I don’t know why but I feel it was Ali who killed her. I hope it was :) Ali was always sneaky and smart and in tune to things so who knows….maybe she knows more than we think she does. I hope, hope, hope Jason finds out about Mary and Rollins and comes to her rescue! #S.O.S.JasonDilaurentis

The Liars and "that night"

I have always felt uneasy about what really happened the night that Alison disappeared. Everything the girls seem to remember is skewed. But there are some major clues throughout the show that lead me to believe that the liars know SO much more about that night than they tell others. Each liar knows something individually about that night but I think they are scared to tell each other and thus, the mystery of that night is never solved.

So let’s begin. The first scene of PLL in 1X1 is where Ali scares the girls. They start drinking and then they fall asleep. (Later on, we discover that Ali actually drugged them.) The first thing that is weird to me about that night is that Aria is the first to wake up…but Hanna and Emily wake up as soon as she does. Were they even sleeping at all? Second, Spencer is the only liar that isn’t in the barn when the others wake up. However, when Aria asks where Ali is Spencer responds (in a weirdly robotic voice btw) “I’ve looked everywhere for her. I think I heard her scream.” And then the camera pans and stays directly on Aria. 

So the first obvious assumption we all make is that they have been sleeping all night and that Spencer wakes up first looking for Ali but doesn’t find her and then the other liars wake up and are like “oh no! where’s our friend?” They are all innocent…right? (I’m sorry but look at all those faces, they don’t look worried, they look down right scared as hell.)

Well I’ve changed my mind about the liars being innocent that night. That scene is taken out of context. Because we have no real idea of what happened before or right after that night. I think the creators did that on purpose. They never show us the police coming or the girls giving their statements…they never even show all the girls going out and looking for Ali. I think there is a reason for this. 

The girls were definitely more involved in everything that happened “that night.” I don’t think they were just knocked out sleeping the whole night. In episode 1X2, Wilden comes to Rosewood High to do a follow up on that night, to see if the girls would add anything to their story. However, when the girls say the exact same things they said a year ago, he responds with this:

We dismiss Wilden because he’s a creep and we are on the girls’ side…but at the end of the day he is a detective and what he is saying makes sense. How is it that they all agree on the same exact story? They could have all knocked out at different times, Spencer wasn’t even in the same room as them. It’s so so SO possible for me to believe that right after Spencer returned to the barn and said that Ali was missing, the girls came up with a story, a solid one, together, that they would tell. Even if it wasn’t what really happened. 

SO MUCH HAPPENED IN THAT ONE NIGHT. And all of it happened like 10 feet away from where the girls were sleeping. 

Now, onto the next clue. Which is pretty much my backbone to this theory. After Hanna gets run over and is in the hospital (episode 1X11), Ali visits her and says this, “You already do. The four of you combined. You know more than you think you do.” Meaning, you already know what happened that night. All of you together know what happened. When Hanna demands the truth, Ali explains that the truth isn’t always a beacon of hope and purity. Ali knows that the girls did something that night, something that would break them. In other words, they can’t handle the truth and thus she is protecting them from it. 

SO, here’s a timeline of what I think actually happened that night. The girls are at the barn waiting for Ali. Ali is at home ready to leave, when Mrs. D receives a call that Bethany Young has escaped. She pleads with Ali that she needs to stay in the house but Ali sneaks out anyway. She finally meets the girls at the barn and puts sleeping pills in their alcohol drink. The girls knock out and she sneaks out to confront every person she thinks might be A (since the girls are sleeping they are ruled out). After she confronts everyone she knows, he returns to her house but is hit from behind by Bethany, and Mrs. D witnesses it all. She buries Ali thinking she is dead and helps Bethany escape. Enter Mrs. Grunwald. She helps Ali out of the grave, takes her to the hospital but Ali runs away. Ali then runs into Mona. Mona buys her new clothes & give her the idea of faking her death. (It’s a win win situation or so Ali thought.) Mona takes the clothes that Ali was wearing and somehow gets in contact with Sara Harvey’s friends (since Claire explains how they all hated Sara - she even says she wanted her dead before she went missing.) I think Avery (Sara’s other friend) was the one who was in contact with Mona. Avery says that she say Sara the day after Labor Day weekend (which is why they believed it couldn’t be Sara in the grave) however I think Avery lied because she knew if she said she saw her the day after, then Sara and Ali’s disappearance would have no connection. Now, Avery dresses Sara in Ali’s clothes (received from Mona) and leave her near the barn house. This is where the liars come in. 

The liars, drugged…high…drousy and drunk, get riled up  (I’m so sure Mona had something to do with this or perhaps it was their own pent up anger unleashed) and spotting “Alison” (really Sara) begin to attack her (definitely with a shovel). While Sara screams and has no idea why these random girls are attacking her. Eventually the girls leave but who witnessed all of this? Melissa. In an effort to protect Spencer, she buries Sara, thinking it was Ali, assuming that the girls were finally fed up with her and that she was dead. Except Sara could have survived. Instead she died while buried alive. 

When Ali leaves the girls (after drugging them) she meets with Toby outside the barn. But the camera shows us something we hadn’t seen before. When she leaves, the girls are fast asleep. On the floor, with blankets. Spencer and Aria on the floor. Emily on her own couch. Hanna on her own as well. Take a look.

However, let’s take a look at what we see when Ali is already missing and Spencer comes bearing bad news one more time. 

No blankets. Emily and Hanna are laying there but they don’t seem like they are comfortably asleep. There are no coincidences in Rosewood, guys. We all know that!

I think, that in their own way they all remember something of what happened with “Ali”…except that because of the drugs and the alcohol they think it was some sort of a crazy dream. But then Spencer (with her super tense voice) tells them Ali is no where to be found and that she heard her scream. I think this is their worst fear. I think they come up with a solid story to tell the police before they arrive. However, although each one of them have a weird feeling (or even memories of that night) they don’t discuss it with one another with fear of being pinned with the murder of Ali. 

We always think that they are so involved with trying to find who killed Ali is because they loved Ali so much and Ali is their good friend. But let’s be real. They all secretly hated Ali. But you don’t hate people who have died. But I think they didn’t want to believe that they killed her. So that is where their obsession comes in from. And I think the real secret is NOT the Jenna thing or that Aria knew about her dad’s affair, or that Spencer would hook up with Melissa’s boyfriends, or that Hanna would shoplift. What A has on them is so much bigger and this is why they all care…even if they won’t say it to each other. So together, they do know what happened. BUT they can’t handle the truth, so it will be hard for them to discover it. 

Also important to mention, now that they know Ali is alive, I think that is a huge relief for them in a way. But notice how they immediately ditch her and turn against her. I think this all goes back to them believing they attacked Ali and that it would make sense for Ali to retaliate and be “A.” They think the snippets of what they remembered must be wrong cause Alison’s story doesn’t match with that they remember. But I do think that it will be one of the greatest things they will have to come to terms with. The fact that they were an accessory to the murder of Sara Harvey and that Ali (while I think she is involved with the murder of Marion Cavanaugh) was only guilty of being kind of a bitch. 

Ali was a bitch and had tons of secrets and I truly believe Bethany is really uber A.

BUT the murderer the girls have been looking for all along - the one who killed “Ali” who they now believe to be Bethany but I know is Sara - is really themselves. 

Theory Containing Spoilers:

This theory contains some spoilers from the leaked script. I beg you, please do not read this unless you want to know the spoilers. 

Last chance

If you do not want to know anything about the finale until it airs, do not read this. I will re-post all of my thoughts again after the episode airs.

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PLL questions I need answers to

1. What’s the deal with Sydney? Why did she come to Rosewood and why was she dressing like Jenna and wearing the sunglasses?

2. What was the role of CeCe Drake? Like she favors Ali but isn’t her twin and she kinda came and then left but she clearly knows more about what Ali went through than the girls.

3. I just don’t understand how they figured out that Bethany Young was the girl that was in Ali’s grave but yet there has been NO photos of her on the news or anything like the liars can’t even find a picture, facebook page, nothing…? Creeping around Radley was the only option?

4. What the hell happened on the night Ali disappeared? Like why won’t she at least tell them that much….

5. How was Ali’s room kept the same with all her little stuff (like money) hidden exactly as it was before she “died” when Maya lived there at the beginning of the series and Ali’s stuff was outside in boxes?

6. Something tells me there was more to Maya’s death…like in the first episode of season 1 Spencer saw Ali in her room, so does that mean that Maya knew Ali was alive the whole time?

7. I still don’t think this whole Ezra was just writing a book storyline is believable. He literally had surveillance cameras and stalked the liars..and how the hell did he never come across A in all that videotape if he wasn’t A.

8. If Ali was hit in the head and presumably unconscious which made her mother think she was dead..how did she hold her breath long enough to be saved? and how did she know it was her mom that buried her if her eyes were closed?

9. And if Ali was actually assaulted and buried alive then when the hell was Bethany Young murdered?

10. Is Jenna blind or not? One minute she seems to be able to see, the next she’s using the walking stick. Is it an act so people don’t know she can see or?

11. Why was Jessica DiLaurentis so unfazed when her and Emily found evidence that someone had been sleeping in her basement? Could that be who she was “protecting”? Would the person she’s protecting be A.. I’m assuming all this leads back to some underlying storyline that I have no fucking clue about but still..

12. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

13. Who killed Bethany Young?

14. Who tried to kill Ali?

15. What was A’s motive for torturing Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Aria in the first place?and for so long now? Most people had problems with Ali, not the girls. And when the texts first started the only thing they were somewhat guilty of was witnessing the Jenna thing. (then again the book series using the Ali twin concept made this question make perfect sense, but if the show doesn’t follow this i’m not sure how much sense it’ll make).

I have so many more questions I can’t even think of right now..anyone know the answers to or have a theory about any of these so far?

Submission: Ali's big secret

I’m convinced that the big secret that’s stopped Ali from coming back the whole time is one that’s staring us in the face, and has even been touched on several times before in the show: Ali was pregnant when she was buried, and she escaped and had the baby. She got out of Ms Grunwald’s car because she couldn’t go into the hospital as they’d realise she was pregnant (not sure why she couldn’t let anyone know…) If she’d then had the baby it would explain everything.

She can’t come back to Rosewood because there is more than her own life at risk - Ali is an incredibly strong personality and would clearly do anything to protect her own child. What she’s been doing the whole time she’s been away is taking care of her baby. And this explains why someone is SO intent to find her: A must either be the father of the child, or a jealous ex who is determined to kill her because she fathered someone else’s child. Ezra could be either of these. 

The girls thought before that Ali was pregnant, and she’s constantly been shown as very adult for her age. The whole ‘Ezra’s son’ fiasco foreshadows this explanation, too. It’s possible that the whole grandmother/inheritance/Jason thing that was a big deal in earlier seasons ties in to Ali’s baby too. I would love for Grunwald to be Ali’s grandmother, but since Ravenswood has started that’s looking increasingly unlikely. I have an image of Ali in the season 4 finale turning round holding her child - what a revelation.

I also have a theory which I reckon explains the highly complex nature of Melissa and Spencer’s relationship - why Melissa appears to hate Spencer so much, and yet claims to have been protecting her all along. Melissa believes that Spencer killed Ali. She may think that she is somehow partly responsible though. Either way, she therefore has spent the last couple of years, as she believes, covering Spencer’s tracks and protecting her, while Spencer, who didn’t in fact kill Ali, is completely oblivious to Melissa’s intentions. This would explain Melissa’s protection yet apparent hate of Spencer, and why she always acts as if Spencer is ungrateful.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you, anon, for this post submission.

We’re a bit late in posting theory submissions like these (sorry about that, a lot going on in our lives right now). But the ideas here still seem very relevant. 

This theory is VERY interesting because we see possibilities surrounding a child born out of wedlock aside from Malcolm. We know how close Ezra became with Malcolm, and if he even has an inkling that he may have a child with Ali, his creepy means of pursuing her make perfect sense. We see in S4 E16 and E17 (the two most recent episodes) that he is still in contact with Maggie. And still very much attached to Malcolm. And we know he gets angry-creepy because he can’t have Malcolm in his life anymore, even if Malcolm isn’t even his biological son.

If he really is trying to get to Ali because he suspects having a child with her. Just. Oh gosh. What a turn of events!

Re: Spencer and Melissa, we wonder why we haven’t seen much of Melissa lately. But if she truly is just trying to help her sister, she sure has a strange way of doing it. We still haven’t crossed her off our list of “meAnies.”

Thoughts, anyone?