BASTET is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children. 

As with many Egyptian deities, she also played a role in the afterlife as a guide and helper to the dead although this was not one of her primary duties. She was the daughter of the sun god Ra and is associated with the concept of the Eye of Ra (the all-seeing eye) and the Distant Goddess (a female deity who leaves Ra and returns to bring transformation).  

Her name was originally B'sst which became Ubaste, then Bast, then Bastet; the meaning of this name is not known or, at least, not universally agreed upon.

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Article by Joshua J. Mark || Photos by Osama S.M. Amin and The Trustees of the British Museum on AHE

I was gonna make a post about Jamie trying to offer Mako his jacket because that’s what people do on dates but it being way too small for him,

Then I realised that doesn’t work because Jamie probably only owns jackets that are way too big for him and it’s almost certainly because they all used to belong to Mako.

I haven’t really tackled this before but abusive parents, and even all other types of abusers go hand in hand with capitalism, they like subjecting their victims to extreme capitalistic values and then abuse them based on these values, and it’s incredibly hard for survivors to figure out that it’s all wrong because the world will repeatedly side with abusers on that one!

For instance, abusive parents make you think you need to be useful, and you need to prove to be useful to them in order for your life to matter. Capitalism does the exact same thing, you need to prove yourself to be useful and be consistently useful to people who will in return give you money that will enable you to survive, it can get as absurd as “be useful or starve to death”. Abusive parents will make you feel guilty for not working enough, for not being productive enough, they will base your worth on how much they can get out of you and still act like your work isn’t worth much at all, like you have to do more, and have to do it better, be more accommodating, more considerate, more submissive. You can tell deep down inside your worth is not measured in how useful you are, and how much you can be taken advantage of, but with your family + outside world continuously proving otherwise how could you not end up doubting if you have any worth at all outside of what can be used by your family or capitalistic system? 

Capitalism works just the same, forces you to feel like you have to be productive every minute and that all of your worth is in how much you can be used by companies, how much of your time you’re willing to sacrifice and how hard you’ll work to improve your performance. If you happen to not have a job then you’re written off as worthless! Because according to capitalism, you’re not contributing to society! 

Okay I’m going to go off on my own here, there are almost no jobs left which are contributing to society, most of corporations work by actively exploiting the said society + their workers, so by having a job more often than not you’re helping a corporation exploit people or you’re getting exploited yourself or both, even in situations where you’re serving people you’re either representing a company or getting abused by the very people you’re trying to accommodate thus accepting emotional abuse in order to survive. Capitalistic values are not real! The mere idea that money and capital could ever have a value over human’s lives, over their time, their mental health, the quality of their lives is ridiculous! Being born in a world where your life automatically doesn’t matter until you can prove yourself profitable in some way merely to stay alive is a dystopian nightmare. 

My point is, capitalistic values are based on the idea that human lives don’t matter, only money matters, rich have absolutely no problem leaving the poor to exploitation and death if that will get them more money! And it’s happening all over the world and the worth of human life is starting to equal to how much profit are they capable of bringing to a company, if not their life, then their death is more valuable. If it takes making people mentally ill, pressured, stressed, overworking themselves, losing valuable time, lowering quality of their life, scaring them, threatening them to make money, capitalism will do it. As will abusers. 

I’m having real trouble getting to my point here, if you try to challenge capitalistic values you immediately get thrown “this is the real life” in your face like in real life human lives actually don’t matter because capitalism says so - well I say differently. Humans have value way beyond being useful. Humans are not to be controlled, disciplined, taught to obey, forced to work for someone else’s benefit. This is only going on because it benefits certain people and they will try very hard to keep this shit going on and they will blame it on everyone and everything and present completely wrong picture of why people are sick and dying. This system benefits abusers above everything and will blame victims for everything as well. But there’s value in us outside of the system. There’s value in being human even when you’re not used and exploited. Your free time matters. Doing what you like matters, even if it’s not profitable. You don’t have to be excellent in what you do for it to matter. Resting isn’t losing time. You’re not worthless if you don’t have a job. You’re not worthless no matter what you can or can’t do. And no matter what abusive families or capitalism or rest of the world say. 

Officials: Dad drugged student, son sexually assaulted her at ISU orientation

The elder Childs offered to go out and purchase alcohol for the students who were minors, and returned with alcohol from a nearby store, said Ghrist. The alleged victim told police she saw Childs Sr. put a pill in her soda that she then drank.

The alleged victim, whose hometown was not disclosed, left the gathering and returned to her room after she felt ill. She told police she was sexually assaulted by Shawn Childs Jr. who followed her into the room. In her description of the assault, the woman said the suspect raped her twice and barred her from leaving the room, Ghrist said in court.

She reported the alleged attack the following morning.

Reading of Shirky's "Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic" #5yrsago

My latest podcast is a reading of Clay Shirky’s fabulous essay Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic, previously blogged here. It’s a beautifully argued piece about business models, social functions, and market dynamics as they pertain to news, and it was a lot of fun to read.

This system was never ideal—out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made—and long before Craig Newmark and Arianna Huffington began their reign of terror, Gannett and Scripps were pioneering debt-laden balance sheets, highly paid executives, and short-term profit-chasing. But even in their worst days, newspapers supported the minority of journalists reporting actual news, for the minority of citizens who cared. In return, the people who followed sports or celebrities, or clipped recipes and coupons, got to live in a town where the City Council was marginally less likely to be corrupt.

Writing about the Dallas Cowboys in order to take money from Ford and give it to the guy on the City Desk never made much sense, but at least it worked. Online, though, the economic and technological rationale for bundling weakens—no monopoly over local advertising, no daily allotment of space to fill, no one-size-fits-all delivery system. Newspapers, as a sheaf of unrelated content glued together with ads, aren’t just being threatened with unprofitability, but incoherence.

Podcast: Shirky’s Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic

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anonymous asked:

Okay but how ripped would Kanan be? Kanan who runs up and down a staircase mountain every single morning without even breaking a sweat. Kanan who after that daily routine returns straight to manual labour, hefting around oxygen tanks and prepping for dives. Kanan who has to skip school to work all day, who canonically has the greatest endurance in Aquors, who apparently thinks it's NO BIGGIE to run 30 laps non-stop. Like what kind of buff blue-collar muscles would that entail.

okay okay, after IMMENSE DISCUSSION with reputable experts in this field, i have to conclude that you, my anon friend, are correct!!!!

kanan is Buff. like, ill bet she’ll outbuff ms. “national level diver lift weights for a hobby” you watanabe, eASILY!!! 

she’s big!!! she’s so buff! ppl come to kanan’s family’s shop to see her, not dive n look at fish!! 

i….. cant wait for more of her shenanigans in the anime?? let her flex those muscles more. let her be uber fit!!!! 


My take on some Trespasser end slides for the DA2 LI’s. 

how about instead of pretending that lesbians never fall in love with straight women, we understand that a lesbian falling in love with a straight woman is not predatory?

lesbians are allowed to have unrequited crushes for fuck’s sake, there is nothing inherently bad or predatory about a lesbian falling in love with someone who can never return the feeling. it fucking happens to everyone, yes, lesbians included.

a lesbian being attracted to a straight woman doesn’t make that straight woman a victim. straight women’s collective terror and loathing of lesbians makes them homophobes, not victims.

now, if a lesbian stalks her unrequited crush? if she harasses her unrequited crush? if she does legitimately bad things in the name of her unrequited crush? yes, then she’s being predatory, just like anyone else who does these things, and regardless of whether her crush was straight or gay.

but simply having a crush on a straight woman? are you fucking kidding me?

come the fuck on. stop agreeing with straight women who think lesbian attraction is inherently malicious.

i just wanna mean something to someone, is that too much to ask?

Once Upon a Time books Legend of the Seeker star — exclusive (x)

Legend of the Seeker star Craig Horner has landed a guest-starring role on Once Upon a Time — and EW can exclusively reveal that he will be playing the Count of Monte Cristo.

Horner will appear in at least one episode in season 6, though details on what he’ll be doing are being kept under wraps. The Count’s introduction comes in the wake of the show introducing the Land of Untold Stories, which opens up the storytelling possibilities to pretty much everyone.

The Count of Monte Cristo is an Alexandre Dumas novel that tells the story of an innocent man wrongly imprisoned, who returns years later to take his revenge on those who betrayed him. (ABC’s Revenge was inspired by the book.)

Stay tuned for more Once Upon a Time news on Saturday, when the cast and executive producers will appear at Comic-Con.

nurseydex headcanon #1

nursey reaches 100k followers on instagram when the team is having a movie night. he gets really happy & starts jumping around and shit. 

then he realises that he’s back at 99,999 so he goes to his unfollowers app (obviously he has one of these duh, he spends too much time on instagram not to) 

and it’s dex. 


he looks over at dex who returns the stare with a smirk on his face, “fuck ya shitty lobster puns”