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btw Nick, what your opinion on doumeki so far? you know he cant enter the store, and he appears apparently just to antagonize watanuki. but you always have such a lovely understanding of characters that im very curious about what you think about this odd boy drags chair and sit on it and places chin in hands


My thoughts on Doumeki are very scattered but overwhelmingly positive. I adore him. So much. 

The curious thing about Doumeki is that, like you say, he’s framed like he’s “antagonising” Watanuki - and yet most of the time this is absolutely not the case at all, and it’s just because Watanuki assumes he is. The narrative is very much told from Watanuki’s perspective and OH BOY does Watanuki have intense feelings about things, and they don’t actually match up entirely with the reality of the situation. 

In the same way that he adores Himawari (who does not return his affections in the slightest and, though always positive, is a lukewarm friend at best) he is constantly frustrated by Doumeki’s entire existence (though he is pictured here actually going out of his way to check up on Watanuki). In both cases he is misreading the other person’s intentions; he lets his own pre-conceived ideas become the lens through which he sees the world to the point where he doesn’t see what’s right in front of him. 

But this isn’t a criticism of Watanuki. It’s an incredibly human thing that CLAMP have managed to capture incredibly well, and mismatched perspectives are a continuous theme throughout xxxHolic as a whole. Eventually this will change, BUT ALL THAT ASIDE 

Doumeki is a saint. We’ve seen time and time again that he’ll put himself at risk to save Watanuki’s life without hesitation, and will endure things for hours, without logical explanation just to ensure that Watanuki is safe. The fact that Watanuki finds his presence annoying is especially ironic when you consider that Doumeki has no obligation to hang out with him at all, that he does it all by choice, and that even though he finds Watanuki’s screaming annoying he will still turn up uninvited to hang out with him anyway.

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Man it's fucking great that a lot of the people who argue against you always return to that "but you're not fitting in to my convenient ideals of a "poor little HIV/AIDS sufferer" and most of their responses are backlash from the *gasp* idea that you're a healthy living person who's done with their "pity the allies" shit. (I'd do this off anon but receiving anonymous hate gives me panic attacks and I'd rather not risk it, but I will follow you!)

people want docile and approachable activism, in this case sweet middle class white young adults who got hiv through no fault of their own. but yeah that’s not me and that’s not why i’m here lol

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In third season would there be a episode where wander told Sylvia, hater, and peepers that he's immortal and how they would reacted to it?

Not every story for the third season was planned or written. There was a new story arc - new themes and settings - new characters and old one who would return. We all had stories we wanted to tell - but only Craig know exactly what would have come to the screen


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Idk if this blog is still active but I just watched an episode of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim and it seems lit, but I don't know anything about it??? The info on the internet is failing me lol what's it even about??

Hi, yes this blog is still extremely active!! I’m on here every day, reblogging and posting things 99% Rick and Morty. :-)

SO, what IS this show about??

Basically an alcoholic scientist who returns to his daughter’s life after being gone for around 20 years, and takes his grandson on wild space adventures.

That’s the summary of it, but it actually has more depth to it than that– season 1 and season 2 have tons of laughs and shits and giggles, but season 2 has a lot of character development and some arcs. I may just be a weakling, but the first time I watched the season 2 finale, I cried a lil.

Please check it out, you can watch it on Hulu, I think Amazon, Adult Swim, kisscartoon.com, Netflix if you’re NOT in the US…yeah! It’s really funny and heart-wrenching at the same time. It has high brow and low brow humor. It’s witty and has tones of nihilism and existentialism.

It’s just great, and it’s unique.

here’s a little personal survey for y'all

if you found a wallet on the ground with like $1,000 dollars in it, would you return it to the owner?