my cog ocs aren’t as cool as everyone else’s cog ocs but here they are.

Robert is a Downsizer who has some SERIOUS beef with toons. He used to pay no mind to the toon torture methods that most Downsizers partake in, but after a traumatizing experience involving some crazy furry teenagers, he despises those blasted colorful animals with all of his being, and gets sick satisfaction out of seeing them in pain. 

Michael is a Bean Counter who considers Robert his best friend, and has an easier time showing it than most cogs would. He acts a little more “toony” than the average cog, but not so much that he is any happier than a Mr. Hollywood. He’s annoying, but the reason behind his behavior is unknown to his coworkers. The truth is that he was reprogrammed by the toons against his will to be a spy.

wolfstar supernatural au:

  • sirius is a hunter who works alone but sometimes with his best friend james
  • one day they stumble on a hunt for a werewolf
  • then they meet remus
  • who knows that he’s a werewolf and feels really sorry
  • and sirius stopped james from killing him
  • and they gave remus a chance
  • and they live happily ever after

ooc. a little sidenote to that tag rant: people who claim bucky hated peggy because ‘she took steve away from him’ should really shut the fuck up.

bucky would never ever even think about hating a beautiful, strong, smart woman who is obviously madly in love with his best friend. for years, he tried to make people (and especially girls) see what an amazing guy steve was but nobody managed to see past the illnesses and the weak body. but then peggy comes along and he hears these stories about how she punched hodge in the face for being sexist and how she treated steve even before the serum and he sees the way she looks at him and seriously, i bet he adored peggy for the woman she was. i bet they had drinks together all the time, ranting about another stupid thing steve pulled during a mission. i bet bucky teased steve about that picture of peggy in his compass. i bet he told him to fucking ask her for a decent picture. i bet he jokingly told steve ‘serum or not, she can still kick your ass. hell, she can even kick my ass’ more than once. i bet the three of them got along great and it were some of the happiest moments of their lives. because steve had his best friend and his best girl right next to him. and seeing steve being happy made bucky happy. after all these years of struggling and illness and poverty, steve was happy and that was all bucky ever wanted. 

and you wanna know how i know all this? simple. for those of you who’ve seen agents of shield (everyone, i think), you know bucky was on the wall of valor at the shield academy. how do you think he got there? shield didn’t even exist when bucky fell. it didn’t exist when steve fell. the only people who survived long enough to see shield be born, were the howling commandos and peggy. and peggy helped start shield. so the only way bucky got his name on that wall was if someone inside the earliest shield decided he should be made a shield agent even after his death so he could be put on that wall and get the honor he deserved. the only person who had that kind of power and opportunity, was peggy carter. because she knew steve would have wanted it. because she admired bucky for what he had done for steve and loved him like the great friend he was to her. and i bet she was there when his name was carved into that stone, together with the howling commandos. i bet she cried. because nobody will tell me peggy and bucky were not badass friends protecting their precious little puppy steve.

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Fitzsimmons + When Harry Met Sally (BFFs to lovers? Not really a stretch haha. But I just love that movie so much)

ugh, I love that movie too! (Semi-suggestive stuff is below the cut, just in case.)

“Scientifically speaking, the odds of it happening to you are very high,” Jemma says smugly and spears a pickle with her fork, presumably to demonstrate something scientifically.  Fitz can already feel the dread swelling in his stomach. “I’m telling you, every woman does it.”

“Well, not with me,” Fitz sputters.  He’s turning a very bright shade of pink and this is not the kind of conversation he wants to have in a deli. 

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People need to understand that

we will possibly never get our “old Stiles” back. I don’t think some notice i’m emphasizing some of you get it. In 3B, Stiles was possessed by a evil fox demon spirit and because of it, many lives were lost, including Allison, who is also not just one of his closest friends, but also his best friend’s first love. Also, he had to kill Donovan, who was threatening to kill him and his father, as self defense. And because of the miscommunication between the whole pack, Scott has cut ties with Stiles for now. It bothers me when some of you guys are not thinking about the main idea with Stiles. The main idea is not that Stiles is no longer the sarcastic, joking guy that he used to be in Season 1-3A. The idea is that Stiles has gone through so much, and he is still healing from the battle scars. And since he has gone through so much, he can’t make light of the situation anymore because it’s not light.

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How does Drakken feel about opening up to other people? What's it take to get him to do it?

((It’s weird. He doesn’t open up easily and yet he does. I think about “The Twin Factor” where he’s ranting at mind-controlled Shego about his childhood. I think about “Dimension Twist” where he and Ron are on the talk show to talk about Drakken’s “new book”. He’s really ready to share his story, to talk about himself, to open up. … But  he also seems uncomfortable talking about feelings in “Emotion Sickness”, except to tell Shego she’s freaking him out. He doesn’t seem as emotionally healthy as, say, Ron, who handles a similar situation much more gracefully. He also keeps a lot of secrets from his mother, who he cares deeply about. And even his “best friends” from college didn’t ever know just how deeply they hurt Drew. Which begs the question: is he really as emotionally open as you’d think from “Dimension Twist” and “The Twin Factor”? I don’t think so. I think those were both extenuating circumstances. I think he craved a receptive (or at least captive) audience in “The Twin Factor” and I think in “Dimension Twist”, everything was just nutzo. Drakken is somewhat guarded and probably always has been. He believes in sharing feelings theoretically, but has no idea how to put theory into practice.))

amazingphil is amazing

Phil has been making videos since March of 2006.
He went to university and got a degree in English Language and Linguistics, and a post graduate in the Department of Theater, Film, and Television, and he also got a Master of Arts in Video Postproduction with a Specialization in Visual Effects.
He got his first black and white camera from a cereal box and used it to upload his first video on March 27th 2006.
He is very open and honest, and a genuinely wonderful human being. He keeps his channel very kid-friendly- he knows that he has young subscribers and he wants to be a positive influence.
He used t be in the Super Amazing Project with his best friend/flatmate Dan Howell, who is also a YouTuber.
The Super Amazing Project has since been cancelled, but they now have a radio show on BBC Radio 1.
Phil Also has a second channel of his own called LessAmazingPhil that he posts short videos that he wouldn’t post on his main channel.
He and Dan also have two other channels together. One is DanAndPhilGAMES, where they play things like The Sims 4, Five Nights at Freddie’s, Donkey Kong, Bishi Bashi Special, Dance Dance Revolution/ Just Dance, and Shelter, which Phil played by himself. During the week of Halloween, they do ‘Spooky Week’ where they play scary games- like slenderman- that they wouldn’t normally play. The other channel they have together is DanAndPhilCRAFTS, which has a single video, that they made as an April Fool’s joke. That channel received over 100,000 subscribers in 24 hours and they received a plaque for the channel.
On March 27th of 2015, (exactly nine years since he posted his first ever YouTube video) Phil announced with Dan that they had written a book together and would be going on a tour. In August of 2015, they announced that they had made an app for the 7 Second Challenge, a challenge that Phil invented and has since been played by many YouTubers.

Phil was voted Sugarscape’s Hottest Lad of 2013, he voiced Male Technician #2 in Disney’s Big Hero 6, Phil suggested a Crossy Road character called Emo Goose and got to voice the character, and in 2011 Phil set a Guinness World Record for fastest coin stacking when he placed 25 coins on top of each other in 31.617 seconds.

That’s not why you should subscribe to Phil. You should subscribe because he is truly one of the most creative YouTubers and has one of the brightest personalities that you will ever be lucky enough to see. Phil genuinely cares about each of his subscribers and he is nice to everyone he meets. He always tries to credit everybody for their ideas and suggestions that he uses or shares. You will not ever be disappointed by he content he releases on YouTube, whether it be another challenge that he invented (the toilet tag, the seven second challenge, the tumblr tag, etc.), a vlog style video where he tells you about a one-eyes man he met or about a squirrel that attacked him, or a collaboration with another YouTuber. He is just a wonderful, loving human being that deserves all that right back at him and more. I’ve never met him, but I would trust Phil Lester with my life. Everyone that’s met him says in real life he is exactly the way he is in his videos, and that’s such and important and increasingly rare quality for YouTubers.

I hope you’ve read is and will consider subscribing to Phil, he truly, truly deserves it.


the person who hosted the wedding ceremony (that jonghyun sang at) said, “was it a daebak wedding song, kim jonghyun-ssi!” and he introduced that the song was a song jonghyun composed together with a bride. jonghyun said he wanted to sing a meaningful song and sang it live for the first time. he also said he has sung in front of millions of people, but singing in front of two people (ie: the newlyweds) made him more nervous.

from the person who shared the account: “when i think of the lyrics it makes me think of hard times. the lyrics are beautiful. his voice is also beautiful.

edit! the song performed was actually “하루의 끝 (the end of a day)”. the friend that he did the song with / the person who was married is his long time best friend, sojin, who he worked on “내일쯤 (around tomorrow)” with. (source: bysagyehan via _051106_)

[note] jonghyun tweeted about the wedding after attending.

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I was sexting this guy on tinder as a joke a couple months ago and last week my friend took me on a double date with her bf and his best friend who turned out to be the same guy from tinder but neither of us mentioned. during the meal he started sliding his hand up my thigh, pushed my panties aside and fingered me while the others were eating. they left 10 mins later for a smoke outside and he immediately went under the table and ate me out. he drove me home after and we fucked in my driveway

I think you’re right

Nathan is disgusting and evil, just look at him

he looks like the person who would drug his best friend and team up with Mr Jeffersonofabitch

rich kid asshole

it’s not like he is a victim too or something

I mean look at him he’s obviously planning how he can drug Victoria to take pictures of her in the dark room

but yeah I don’t care about Nathan because he is as you can see a perfect, typical, rich kid, right? :))

some thoughts about fma:

I feel like Hughes’ death and what happened to Nina were meant to be very formative events for Roy and the Elric brothers respectively.  Obviously Hughes’ death affected the brothers as well, but in terms of their personal journey as alchemists Nina seems more significant to me.

I started thinking about this because even though we don’t “see” the characters obsessing over these tragedies, they keep coming back to them.  They’re occupied with other events, they don’t talk about this stuff, they get on with the storyline.  But whenever Roy encounters someone who might’ve had something to do with the murder of his best friend, he makes sure to ask about it.  And every time the Elrics hit a stumbling block or think of what’s pushing them to do better, they think of Nina.  Even in the last chapter, Al says that they want to learn more because in the past they “couldn’t help a little girl”.

I just like that even though Arakawa doesn’t focus overtly on these things, you know the characters aren’t just automatically “over” these events when the chapter’s over and the next arc starts.

Please blast this bullshit. My best friend has been sexually assaulted by a man named Ryan Smith. Ryan continuously planted spy cameras in the bathrooms at the University of Kentucky along with in apartments, spying on unsuspecting women. This is a blatant sexual assault on all of these women, however he is only being charged with voyeurism which in Kentucky only carries a misdemeanor charge. This most likely means he will be slapped on the wrist for these charges and not be sentenced to jail. Not only this, but the police officers investigating the case promised my friend since it was a sexual crime, all of the victims names would remain anonymous. To our surprise today however, court documents were released to the public with all of the victims names on it except for his victims who were underage. My best friend is now being added on Facebook and hounded my members of the local media (WKYT being one of them) to give a statement or interview. This is a second assault on these victims. Not only this, but the University of Kentucky is trying to cover this up because the majority of his spy cameras were planted in the medical school building and they are afraid it will bring down their stats for incoming med students. The University has not commented on the matter and refuses to allow my friend or any of the victims time off for grief counseling, or to testify in court against this sexual predator. This is why I need feminism to protect our women, and our victims more ferociously. Ryan Smith, the courts, the law, the University of Kentucky, and the media should be ashamed of themselves. 

i can’t believe one of my favorite shows is 10+ seasons about alcoholic assholes that features

  • narcissistic siblings with a love-hate (and sometimes a bit subtextually incestuous) relationship and a terrible father
  • a religious gay guy who is secretly in love with his best friend, one of the aforementioned siblings
  • a weird asexual who runs around in sewers and shares a bed with the previously mentioned terrible father, who is his actually his biological dad

but can we take a moment and realize that in the first promo for episode 5x10 theo is talking about having a pack that “fortunately does not include scott” and suddenly stiles is 3000028292028 steps closer to Theo and he’s just like “if u hurt scott….” and punches him really hard, like stiles is standing up for his best friend, someone who rejected him and didn’t believe him about Donovan, who trusted a shady stranger over him and told him to go away.

stiles doesn’t even fucking care, that’s his best friend and so what he has flaws if u touch Scott McCall stiles stilinski will be up your ass so fast you can’t even blink.

It just shows how much stiles really cares about Scott, even after their fight, and I can’t even…

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OP for the Allydia ask I'm kicking myself because I was going to suggest Cora/Lydia but I was running out of space and just kinda thought forget about it. So Derek is a jock and his sister sits to watch his practices because he's her ride. She has likes Lydia but think she's dating Derek (head cheerleader and captain high school rules) but they're only friends. Stiles - who she thought was Derek's best friend - is actually his boyfriend. Done!

That’s perfect!! Oh, and the extra sibling tension that would introduce to the dynamic. Cora falling for her brother’s “girlfriend” and feeling slightly guilty but so, so bitter about it because Derek doesn’t even seem to appreciate Lydia the way she deserves. He barely even talks about her at home, and spends way more time with some of his dumb jock friends than with her.

And honestly (and this is not just hope or jealousy talking, ok?) Lydia doesn’t even seem all that into him either. Cora’s seen her drop a kiss on Derek’s cheek here and there (and doesn’t that make her stomach clench up in absolute, seething frustration) but then she’ll flounce off without a second glance toward him. Honestly, Cora almost thinks Lydia looks at the people hanging out on the bleachers more than she does at her own boyfriend.

And apparently that’s A-ok with Derek, who doesn’t even look after her when she leaves him. Cora manages, once in a while, to pull her own attention from Lydia’s toned, curvy legs and gently bouncing frame to send a surreptitious scowl her brother’s way, and more often than not finds him already wrapped up in conversation with his teammates – leaning in to share some secret with Stiles or laughing at something Stiles says, leaning into his friend’s arm in a comfortable way Cora has never seen him act with Lydia.

They’re probably just together as a status thing anyway, she decides, and she can’t decide if that’s better or worse. Because yeah, it would suck beyond belief if they were some kind of a big epic romance, but at the same time Lydia deserves to be treated as so much more than a social symbol, more than… than arm candy for her stupid, unappreciative older brother. She’s not just gorgeous and confident, like most people notice. Cora’s in three classes with Lydia Martin and the girl is an absolute genius in all of them, not that anyone else ever seems to notice. She’s got this sarcastic humor that filters through sometimes, when she’s just so done with the class and the teacher and everything, and starts wording her answers in ways so that even the teacher doesn’t seem to catch that they’re being carefully condescended to. Cora notices though, and Lydia has shot her a wicked grin more than once as she tries to stifle her laughter at the other girl’s remarks.

Point being, Lydia deserves more than Derek. Deserves someone who cares, and thinks about her even after she walks away, and notices all the little things about her that everyone else overlooks.

And then one Friday night, Derek’s getting ready to go out and Cora’s lounging on the living room couch lamenting the utter unfairness of her entire existence, because it actually looks like he’s getting invested in his appearance for once, and keeps smiling down at his hands in this slightly stupid(er than usual) way… and of course he’s finally started to realize what he has and how lucky he is to be with Lydia. Cora’s mentally taking back every thought she’d ever had about wishing Derek could just appreciate his girlfriend properly. (Because she likes Lydia, ok, but she’s not a saint, and there’s no way in hell she’s ever going to be able to call the possible love of her life “sister.” She’s groaning and shoving a pillow over her face at the mere thought,)

But then someone knocks on the door and when Derek answers it Stiles is standing there, and Derek’s inviting him in like he’s expected, and Cora doesn’t even know what to make of that because has Derek seriously spent the last hour looking more excited about grabbing dinner with Stiles than he ever has about spending time with Lydia?

And before she can help herself, Cora’s rolling smoothly to her feet and scowling at the both of them, arms crossing over her chest.

Seriously? Why don’t you just date each other then?”

And the weirdest thing ever happens then, because Derek and Stiles are both looking at her with these completely bemused expressions, before Stiles says, slowly, “Um… we are?”

He sends Derek a wild glance like he’s looking for confirmation, and Derek just rolls his eyes and threads their fingers together, casual as anything, and then frowns at Cora.

“We have been since last summer. How did you not know this?”

And Cora’s eyebrows have shot up to somewhere probably around cloud level, and she’s shaking her head in disbelief because no, Derek is dating Lydia Martin; this has essentially been the main conflict in Cora’s life since homecoming a couple months back, when Derek and Lydia spent all week parading around the school together before being elected homecoming king and queen.

Derek’s brows are lifting slowly to match hers.

“I said I was going on a date tonight. Who did you think it was with?” And then, before she can even think about how to answer (or deflect), he goes on, “He comes over all the time. You were watching Die Hard with us last week and we were cuddling on the couch right next to you.”

And Cora opens her mouth to protest and then closes it because… ok, yeah, maybe Derek had never outright said “hey by the way I’m dating Stiles.” But now that she has her Derek’s dating Lydia rage-blinders off, it’s actually kind of painfully obvious how into each other Derek and Stiles are. Derek’s not exactly the touchy-feely type, but he’s always leaning into Stiles’ space, always murmuring things against his ear – and Cora had generally figured that they were just inappropriate boy humor things that would get them in trouble if an adult heard them, but now she realizes they were probably inappropriate boyfriend things and that’s about a thousand times worse.

She makes a face.

“Oh wait, ew, you were doing boyfriend things on the couch with me literally three feet away from you?”

Derek actually flushes a little at that, but Stiles just snorts.

Cuddling, dude. Nothing to offend your delicate sisterly sensibilities.”

And Cora would probably try to argue the point – and then crush any desire Stiles might have to call her “delicate” ever again – but the full “Derek’s dating Stiles” implications are finally starting to sink in, and if Derek’s dating Stiles then…

“So you’re not dating Lydia?”

Derek leans into Stiles’ shoulder, huffing a quiet laugh.

“Why would I date Lydia when you’ve been into her since forever?” And then, at the nudge into his side, he points a thumb at Stiles. “And also, I’m already dating this one.”

“Dick,” Stiles says fondly, and Derek smiles down at his hands helplessly.

Cora’s barely paying attention because “So wait. So… Lydia’s single?”

Derek shrugs, looking up to send her a lovingly insulting look that only a sibling could pull off.

“Depends on whether you finally get your head out of your ass and ask her out. She’s been waiting for you to make a move for weeks. Apparently she’s been working to ‘reel you in’ for a while now? …And I do not need to know what any of that means, by the way.”

And Cora might still be reeling (haha) a bit from this complete reworking of the world as she knew it, but that doesn’t stop her from hopping off the bleachers the second the cheerleaders come into view the next day, and marching over and asking Lydia out in front of everyone.

And Lydia just beams at her and says “Finally. I was thinking I might have to take my top off or something to get you to make a move.”

And while Cora’s still stuck on that mental image, Lydia snorts and leans in to peck her on the cheek, lingering against her ear long enough to murmur “We’re going out as soon as practice ends. Don’t go anywhere.”

And then she’s bouncing over to rejoin the rest of her team, turning to send Cora no less than three grinning glances over her shoulder as she goes.

Cora watches her the whole way.

but can we talk about the fact that stiles has seriously been so ready to sacrifice himself for scott and the rest of the pack not once, but multiple times. stiles was the one who stepped into the gasoline when scott was gonna blow himself up. stiles was the one who closed his eyes with a gun to his head when the only alternative would be to give up scott’s location. when stiles thought he was going crazy he checked himself into a shitty mental institute to protect scott. in fact, he held a fucking sword to his chest because he thought there was a chance it would save his friends

and then stiles stands there, begging his best friend who he’s sacrificed his life for, to just believe him. to believe him over some asshole who has shown him only a wrench as proof and who he’s known for what? a month? scott didn’t ask for stiles’ side. he just blamed him and chastised him when he hasn’t even held a real conversation with him for 8 episodes.

and even if stiles had beat donovan to death with a wrench, then what? donovan was going to kill him, even theo said that. he threatened him, he threatened his dad, and he acted on it. donovan mangled stiles’ shoulder and scott didn’t even act concerned about it. instead he just told stiles that they “weren’t supposed to kill people.” what was stiles supposed to do? hug it out? 

i’m not saying that scott is a shitty person, he’s under a lot of pressure and we all know it. but he has no right to act like an asshole to someone who refuses to leave his side no matter what happens.