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I don't get it. Yang spent most of her time taking care of Ruby and being the Mom figure in the Rose-Xiao Long household. How come most fans see Yang as the wild type of teenager before her Beacon days? She's always depicted as the young carefree party flirty drunkard horny teenage girl. Something's not right here. Care to enlighten me?

because she’s blonde and shows off her cleavage and she was introduced putting on a flirty act to get information from a criminal information broker and a lot of people didn’t get that it was an act - so she’s dismissed as a promiscuous idiot who goes out drinking (when i mean, growing up in an environment with a depressed alcoholic and… god whatever was going on with Tai for god knows how long, that’d probably turn a lot of people off the drink for life), doesn’t do well or pay attention in class and makes stupid jokes that are often inappropriate and most of the time at someone elses expense

and then they turned around and acted offended when Emerald called her a bimbo

but essentially, it’s the very thing the opening of the Yellow trailer told people not to do, which was to make assumptions based on the surface Yang presents, which everyone ignored, presumably because boobs

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Dear Scorpios, I’ll cut to the chase. The only person in this world who will gladly accept and drink your lethal poison with a smile on their face, is Pisces and Cancer. You have to find them no matter what. Their other names are Mother’s love (Cancer) and God’s love (Pisces). They’re the only ones who are capable of embracing your poisoned body and scarred soul.
—  a comment I’ve seen on astrology forum 

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The Martin Luther King Jr. thing with the white kid was off of this show where wild British kids who smoke, drink, and do illegal stuff get sent to super strict families across the world and have to live with them. This kid left the house when he wasn't supposed to and tried to bring up Martin Luther King Jr as a way of saying "yeah you're black, you understand he stood for freedom and therefore you should let me do my own thing" and she fucking owned him.

I’m just laughing so hard at the fact that he thought that equal rights for black people = smoking

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The only alcohol I like is 70% ethanol *wink wink* do you drink, yagen? I personally don't, and the 70% alcohol I mentioned is just for disinfecting owo are there any drinking parties in the citadel? How do you keep the small ones away? Or do they just drink juice 😂 if there are drinking parties then I'll be with the kids drinking juice or like a milkshake or something~

I will admit that your first sentence had me rather concerned for your safety.

Drinking is not in itself a bad thing when enjoyed with responsibility, but I typically abstain. I’ve shared a cup or two of sake with Ichinii but it’s not really my thing. I think watching Fudou’s struggle with alcohol may have colored my enjoyment of it.

There’s a group of touken danshi who drink nightly after dinner. Jiroutachi and Nihongou are always at the center of it but nearly all of the bigger swords partake at some point. My brothers and I have also joined under taishou and Ichinii’s supervision and I’ve seen Mitsutada share a cup with Taikogane, so it isn’t as if we’re barred from it because we’re small. It’s just generally understood that this is a thing for the larger swords to enjoy. I sometimes stay up with the group because I enjoy their company but I usually drink herbal tea instead. Otegine hates the taste of sake but like me enjoys the group so he drinks either tea or water when he hangs out with them.

(Meta: Don’t feel pressured to drink if you don’t want to! It’s fun but not the only way to enjoy yourself. And personally speaking as a 21+ year old who DOES like to drink I’ve absolutely done the cranberry-juice-in-a-wineglass trick at a party and you’re welcome to steal the idea if you want.)

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In the next episode of Eldarya Gardy may be arguing with someone (e.x. Miiko) about something (maybe the potion) and the boy who made her drink it will stand next to her to show he really meant to protect her from now on. I can imagine the start of thoe story she apology him what happened like this. How do you?

i want to read Ez’s letter to his face

tbh the “i will protect you from now on” sounds like a huge death flag (okay not death but u get it) lmao so they’ll probably do something dangerous to protect her or whatever

but most importantly i miss bickering with Ez. i want to bicker with him but idk how that would be possible sobs. i think it’s gonna be up to Gardy to make the first step towards reconciliation (and if you don’t want to reconcile with him you can choose not to). let me initiate the bickering. idk how but let me

girl who drinks from That Water Bottle and bikes everywhere and all her life problems can be solved by “thinking positive”: VIRGO, capricorn, libra, taurus, LEO, aries
sad goblin on their 4th cup of coffee wearing the same stained hoodie they’ve had on for 6 days: GEMINI, aquarius, PISCES, sagittarius, cancer, scorpio

fourth of july: fahc edition

(bc i’m slightly tipsy and there’s already ppl shooting fireworks outside)
(under a read more bc i have no control  and must be stopped)


  • wears bright red lipstick and blue eyeshadow bc she’s feelin p a t r i o ti c
  • is in charge of the food
  • her apron says “quit bitchin’ in my kitchen”
  • actually the kitchen is strictly off-limits while she’s cooking get the fuck outta here
  • seriously one time she threw a knife at ryan’s head when he tried to grab a potato chip
  • goes all out for the fourth of july y’all. we’re talking buttery corn on the cob, fresh guac, fried green tomatoes, salted watermelon, mac n cheese, apple pie mmmmMMMMM
  • follows an old patillo family recipe to make the best goddamn potato salad this side of the mississippi river holy shit like,,, it’s so fucking good god bless the patillos
  • uses a secret ingredient in her potato salad that she’ll take to her grave don’t even bother asking buddy she’ll laugh in your face
  • (jeremy thinks it’s white wine)
  • (gavin thinks its cocaine)


  • wears leather sandals and american flag-printed board shorts why geoffrey why
  • is in charge of drinks
  • obviously
  • imports single malt whisky straight from scotland
  • then steals 2 dozen crates of bud light from the 24/7 supermarket down the street
  • geoff there’s literally only 15 people at this party do you really need 10 bottles of tequila
  • likes making mixed drinks for people who didn’t order them
  • his “signature drink” is called The Firecracker™
  • everyone’s pretty sure it’s just fireball and actual gasoline
  • always ends up ranting about how fucked up the american founding fathers were
  • “guys thomas jefferson was such a dick i fucking hate that dude”
  • “we know geoff”


  • shifts into Ultimate Dad Mode™ on the fourth of july bless his heart
  • unironically wears USA t-shirts from old navy and a backwards baseball cap
  • it makes him look * c o o l *
  • is in charge of the grill
  • looks way too comfortable using a meat cleaver and a butcher knife
  • ryan that’s just *beef* in those burgers right?
  • has an AK-47 strapped to his back just in case they come
  • “just in case who comes?”
  • “they”
  • likes to sing 80’s rock music while grilling 
  • there’s a video of him belting jessie’s girl into his spatula
  • ryan is not aware of this video
  • it’s saved on jack’s laptop (encrypted and password protected)


  • is in charge of the music
  • turns into the biggest Dudebro™ on the fourth
  • yells ‘merica before doing anything
  • uses red white n blue spray-on hair color and completely fucks up the bathroom sink with it
  • his playlist is called “'freedom muthafukaaaas”
  • songs include: bruce springsteen’s “born to run”, warrant’s “cherry pie”, ELO’s “mr. blue sky” and abba’s “dancing queen”
  • insists on being called DJ rimmy tim for the whole day
  • keeps trying to get people to play pool volleyball with him
  • drinks anything geoff puts in front of him
  • he and jack end up trying to parachute from the cargobob into the pool
  • “jerEMY NO”


  • is in charge of the fireworks
  • doesn’t buy fireworks tho are you kidding me fuck that this isn’t amateur hour sON
  • spends all of april/may developing homemade fireworks with trevor and matt
  • has almost lost multiple fingers while testing their creations
  • also nearly blinded himself while trying to modify a bottle rocket
  • tbh this is the most dangerous thing he does all year and he’s a Professional Criminal for a living
  • created a firework that explodes in bright red brocades and makes the air smell like roses
  • he calls it “the lindsay”
  • every year there’s an illegal massive fireworks show on mt. haan that gets set up anonymously and is electronically detonated
  • everyone knows its the fakes but literally every person in town comes out to watch it and it’s basically a los santos tradition so the LSPD are like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • they get a tupperware of potato salad for their troubles
  • (it’s the best goddamn potato salad they’ve ever had)


  • likes to remind everyone that’s he’s british and that he’s offended by their patriotism
  • “congrats on your bad healthcare and shite chocolate”
  • paints a lil british flag on his cheek bc fuck u guys
  • but then #brexit rip
  • has the most insane shit delivered to the penthouse for Funsies™
  • last year it was a massive bouncy castle that blocked off the whole street
  • the year before he brought five thousand water ballons filled with ice, blood, flour, and some weird goo he somehow smuggled in from china
  • jeremy almost had to go to the hospital
  • geoff was not a fan
  • literally no one has a clue what gavin has planned for this year and they’re not sure if they should be terrified or excited
  • (it’s actually a lads vs gents nerf battle with tranquilizer-loaded darts)
  • (geoff will not be a fan)

the fakes

  • just bc it’s a national holiday doesn’t mean they’re not heisting
  • jack wears his gaudiest hawaiian print
  • ryan switches his black face paint for blue (sometimes he’ll even add stars)
  • the lads load up on homemade grenades and bombs that sparkle and whizz as they detonate
  • they hit every major bank and big business within the city limits as the los santos sky explodes with color
  • on july 5th, planned parenthood, greenpeace, the national immigration law center, the trevor project, the ACLU and countless other NGOs get their annual summer donation - always impressive, always anonymous
  • bc the fakes know that they’re country is no longer truly the land of the free
  • and they may be criminals but goddamnit they’ll do their best to fix it
  • bc who better than america’s most wanted can give america what it needs the most?
Roll for endowment...

Backstory, this is only my second ever campaign and I’m still new at D&D. I’m playing a half-elf, who had been knocked unconscious. We’re in a fight with boars, and all our tanks (who had been having a drinking competition nearby) only just arrived while the rest of us squishies (casters, healers) were being slaughtered. My boyfriend is playing a dwarf with an obsession for axes and antics. 

DM: [Dwarf] you are in reach of the boar goring [half-elf], who you can see is unconscious. What is your action? 

BF: I brandish my duel axes and charge! I take a flying leap over her body to attack the boar! 

DM: … Roll dexterity then damage

BF: *rolls high damage, but very low dexterity*

DM: You successfully embed you axes into the back of the boar, bloodying it but not quite killing it. Unfortunately, you have landed right on top of [half-elf]. [Half-elf] roll a death save.

Me: [doesn’t die thank god, and our paladin lays healing hands on my once the fight ends, I gain consciousness and the dwarf is still on me] 

DM: When you wake, you give the dwarf a weird look, and he is facing the other way so you are looking at…

BF (interrupting): Remember, I play bagpipes so I am wearing a skirt

DM (through laughter): …you are looking straight up the dwarfs kilt, and he isn’t wearing underwear! 

Other player: ROLL ENDOWMENT

DM (who is really losing it): …go ahead, roll

BF: *rolls Nat 1*

DM: [Half-elf], you are horrified

(at this point the entire party is in hysterics, and I’m in tears I’m laughing so hard as I pat my boyfriend on the shoulder)

The bakusquad goes shopping.

The dorm is running low on food. The class elects these lazy ass kids to go to the store. Biggest mistake:

• Sero And kaminari take turns pushing the cart and mina is just laying in it with her legs hanging over the edge. All the groceries are either on top of or beside her.

• They started out following the list Momo gave them but it went to hell in the cereal isle.

• They get one box of every cereal. They have to get another cart.

• Its super late so they’re the only ones there.

• They decide to have a cart race. Kaminari pushing mina and bakugou pushing kirirshima. Sero is the referee. Whoever makes it to the cashier first wins.

• Its immediate chaos.

• Mina spilled milk down an entire isle.

• Bakugou and kirishima just used it to slide past them.

• The cashier doesn’t even blink like he just gets a mop.

• They head over to the seafood section and kaminari is staring at the eels with this sad ass expression. Sero asks what’s wrong and this extra boi just goes “Those were my brothers man.”

• They start a game of who can find the most useless thing that they can buy with the left over cash.

• Mina wins with All Might sideburn stickers. Bakugou was a close second with a pair eraserhead brand slippers that claim to leave behind no footprints.

• They get them for Aizawa anyway.

• They have reached the slushy machine

• Another contest to see who can drink the biggest slushy the fastest without dying.

• No one wins they all fall to the floor crying

• Sero tapes a bunch a garden gnomes around corners so they scare anyone who turns that corner.

• Kaminari has been heard screaming six times already and it never gets old.

• Kaminari has a shit load of vlogging videos of Sero trying to parkour. In one of them he grabs one of the overhead pipes with his tape but it gives way and he falls and the rest of the video is kaminari laughing.

• Most of the other videos are of bakugou and kirishima being cute when they thought no one was watching. Little kisses, them holding hands. Bakugou staring at his laughing bf.

• In one of the kiss videos they’re kissing at the end of an isle and the other three are at the other end and in unison they all yell “GAAYYYYY”

• You’ve never seen a group of teens runaway so fucking fast in their lives.

• When they finally go to cash they’re??? Way over budget??? That’s what you get for buying all that cereal.

• But Mina had stolen Present Mic’s credit card earlier because of a dare so they just use that.

• In the parking lot kirishima and kaminari are telling lame jokes and Sero and Mina are laughing and bakugou is telling them to shut the hell up and they’re. OK. And happy.

• They end up getting back to the dorms at 3 in the fucking morning and everyone fell asleep in the common room surround by boxes of half eaten pizza.


• They all wake up wearing the All Might sideburn stickers that may or may not be superglued to their faces.

• Present Mic tries using his credit card after Mina slips it back into his wallet. But it gets denied? He doesn’t understand. When did we buy all this cereal aizawa?

• Aizawa receives his slippers and he actually wears them as pajama slippers.

I literally can’t stop thinking about how The Bright Sessions took the high school football jock and made him an empath, so he’s not only attentive to and in touch with his own emotions but also with the emotions of all the people around him, 

and then (particularly with Adam’s “The guy who kisses me the way that you do, who holds me the way that you do, the guy who makes me laugh the way you make me laugh”) they gave him what is easily the most tender and genuine m/m relationships I’ve ever seen in media.

Caleb Michaels is approximately twenty Really Good Character Decisions rolled into a seventeen year old boy who drinks herbal tea out of a flask.