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First Signs | Pink (au!mirsan)

“What you mean, you aren’t dating?”

In which Sango and Miroku have been friends since they were kids and everyone thinks they’re a couple.

A/N: Ah, this is my contribution for day one of Mirsan Week! I haven’t written in a while so excuse me for being rusty. Also, warning - Sango has a potty mouth and I love it.

Sango and Miroku have known each other ever since they were five and six, when Miroku called her chubby cheeks cute and she sat on his chest and made him eat a handful of dirt. They went to the same schools, their families were quite attached, and they had been through thick and thin together - first loves (Miroku had fallen for their fifteen year old babysitter when he was ten), first breakups (Miroku offered to beat up the boy who had broken Sango’s heart just to make her smile through her tears), first booze (that night when they snuck out to Sango’s garage and shared Miroku’s uncle last beer); so, of course, it was only natural they’d spent a lot of time together.

Even though they had been used to being just the two of them for a while (Sango’s brother, Kohaku, didn’t really count, since he was a lot younger and wasn’t allowed outside past 10pm), when they got into college, both attending the same school, their little social circle had expanded - Kagome, Sango’s roommate and female bestie, as Miroku so kindly put it, had nudged her way into their lives with her gorgeous smile and her chocolate chip cookies, and along with Kagome came her grumpy (but big hearted) boyfriend, Inuyasha. Soon, they were all hanging out together, with game nights, pizza parlors fridays and constant teasing. 

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She knew it was a long shot. Living as an immortal in a mortal body was difficult enough, but she knew there was only one way home. One way out of the messed up place she was in. Killian. The two was once so close, so in sync but it all changed when she fell for a man, got engaged and moved in with him in Bristol. Only for him to kill her a few years down the line, leaving her with literally nothing. Not even a name. Annie had lost count of the times she paced the floor of a crowded room not even looking at her, thinking about Killian and what she’d given up. In her mind, he loathed her. Not that she would have blamed him. A broken heart is never understandable. 

But there she was. In a land she didn’t recognise anymore, looking for the one man who could potentially help her get home and potentially hated her. Finally finding his boat after months of searching, she took a deep breath before stepping aboard. At first glance, Killian was hard. Taking anger out on his crew and shouting orders. Years had past, why did she just assume he’d be the same? Straightening her back, she approached the pirate. “Nice digs, Cap.” She joked as he turned around and her smile faded. “I know- I know it’s been a while but I need a favour.” She heard how self righteous she sounded. “Please- just. Please listen.” She dared to take a step forward toward Killian, who was being to look hostile, though unless he was flirting, he always did.

“I’m stuck here.” Her arms flopped by her side. “Owen killed me a few years ago and then this blur happened and I’m- here.” She looked around. “I remembered it from… Back then and I thought- I thought you’d maybe have the way home for me? I know I must sound like a cheeky cow.” Annie gave out a nervous chuckle. “I’ll do anything, Killian. Please?”


reminder that alison dilaurentis has proven time and time again that she will do anything, including risk her life for the friends who continually let her down :) :)

they didn’t even have the balls to tell her that they sold her out, she had to find out on her own. and it must’ve broken her heart, just like when they were convinced she was A, and then convinced she killed mona.

Don’t regret it just because you got your heart broken for the first time. If it wasn’t him who did it, it would’ve been someone else.

If it wasn’t seeing him across the room and feeling a connection when your blue eyes met his brown ones, it would’ve been someone else. They would’ve had green eyes instead.

If it wasn’t feeling him reach for your hand for the first time and jumping a little because it surprised you, it would’ve been someone else. They wouldn’t have waited so long to do it; it wouldn’t have meant as much.

If it wasn’t him calling you to turn around and come back to his house because he “forgot to tell you something,” it would’ve been someone else giving you your first kiss. It wouldn’t have been so quirky. It wouldn’t have given you the same butterflies.

If it wasn’t him holding you while you cried because your friends keep ditching you, it would’ve been someone else. They wouldn’t have driven 20 minutes at 11pm to do so. They wouldn’t have showed up in house shoes because they ran out to their car as soon as they got your text.

If it wasn’t him you gave your heart to, it would’ve been someone else. They wouldn’t have treated it with the same respect. They wouldn’t have taken such sweet care of it.

They wouldn’t have been him. And you’re sad because it’s over and you lost him, but having him to begin with meant something, too.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #80 // It’s over, but it was still beautiful. He’s not yours, but he still was

#50~ “Please, don’t leave.”

Thomas Jefferson x reader

requested by @hamletyay

trigger warnings: cheating



He cheated. 

Thomas, the man you loved, who you thought could never do anything to hurt you, cheated.  Your heart was broken.  You had never felt this kind of pain before, and all you could think about was how much you wanted to get out of the apartment.  Your thoughts were scrambled as you fumbled through your dresser, trying to control yourself long enough to at least get your things together.  Thomas was chasing you around the apartment, begging, apologizing, but you didn’t even hear his voice.  Then, he touched your arm and you snapped back into reality.

“Y/N,” he said desperately.  “Please, you have to listen to me, you can’t understand how sorry I am-”

“Don’t. Touch. Me.”  You were fuming.  He had stolen your heart and then shattered it, and now he expected you to forgive him and forget this had ever happened.

“Y/N… please…”

You spun around and stared at him, your eyes filled with a mixture of confusion and hatred and betrayal and tears.  “What do you want me to do?  I trusted you.  I love… I loved you and you threw that away.”

Thomas’s collected exterior was beginning to break now, and you could see the beginnings of tears forming in his eyes.  “Please, don’t leave.  Don’t leave me.  I need you to stay.  Please.”

All you could do was stare.  How could someone do something so horrible, and not realize how horrible it was until after they had already done it?

You picked up your bag and walked unfeeling past him, still begging.  You couldn’t stay.  You needed to get out.  You needed to get out and go far away from this place, from him.

As you opened the door you heard Thomas behind you. “Please. Don’t leave. Please.”

You didn’t turn around.  You couldn’t.  You knew that if you turned back and saw him this was going to be so much harder.  So you walked out and shut the door.

As you walked silently down the hall, trying to contain you emotions, you heard Thomas start sobbing from your apartment.  And that was it, that was all it took.  You broke.  All the feelings you’d been holding in since you found out came rushing forward at once, and you broke down in the middle of the hallway.

You were broken.  You were broken, and you didn’t know how to put yourself back together.

Long term relationships are weird because when they end, you completely forget how to be alone. You forget what it’s like to lay in bed and never get that last “I love you” text at the end of your horrible day. Being in love with someone who lights up your entire world for a long time makes you forget every painful thing in your life. A long relationship means a deep emotional attachment that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let go of. Long term is the most rewarding yet painful experiences I’ve had to deal with and I’m so grateful to have my heart broken so gracefully by such a beautiful, kind soul.


-“I wished I felt nothing. I wished my human heart had been changed with the rest of me, made into immortal marble. Instead of the shredded bits of blackness that it now was, leaking it’s ichor into me.” 

-“I know you wanted to help,” Lucien offered. “I’m sorry.” So was I. The vastness of my now-unending existence yawned open before me. I let it swallow me whole.“

 -"Maybe I’d always been broken and dark inside. Maybe someone who’d been born whole and good would have put down the ash dagger and embraced death rather than what lay before me.”

 -“Tamlin tipped his head back and laughed, the other howling with him. I left before he could spot me, easing through the crowded halls until I was in the dim, empty upstairs of the residential wing. Alone in my bedroom, I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I’d truly laughed." 

-"Have you given any thought to what color roses? White? Pink? Yellow? Red—?” “Not red.” I hated that color. More than anything. Amarantha’s hair, all that blood, the welts on Clare Beddor’s broken body, spiked to the walls of Under the Mountain—" 

-“The quiet, the guards, the stares. What I’d seen at the Tithe today. "I’m drowning,” I managed to say. “I am drowning. And the more you do this, the more guards…You might as well be shoving my head under the water.”

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You took all my little broken pieces and put them back together. You reminded me what it’s like to laugh like there’s nothing in life to worry about. You helped me to smile again when I thought I had lost all my happiness. And just when I thought I had lost all hope, you gave my heart a reason to keep the faith. I have come to realize that it’s you who I couldn’t live without. For even in my darkest days, you are the light that guides me back to the path of a life full of love, and most importantly, a life full of hope. Because with you, anything’s possible. 

Gone and Always Forgotten..

And so we left,

I came with Kane not because of the thrill of hunting pathetic souls that needed to be taught a lesson but I left to find myself.. Slowly I was falling in the same path of my sister Fox who was a woman who believed that everyone cared for her and look where it got her.. Years of disappointment, lies and a broken heart. What do I have… A very rough year of everyone leaving me.. Saying they care to only play with me like a puppet.. Dusk, someone who I thought cared for me had my heart.. So every emotion I felt for someone else.. Even if I tried my hardest to move on I couldn’t because this heart.. As it was borrowed so are the feelings.. My real heart still lies in his chest with false hopes.. False hopes of being loved by him…

Disgusting really.. Parts of me only want my old heart back to feast on it and how pathetic it was. To think a demon could love.. Nope, he like everyone else had used me just like everyone else.. I rather skin myself alive than follow in my sister’s footsteps. Cling on to false words of others. It begs me to wonder does her fiancé mean his words.. To end her suffering after all we just want to be loved hmm.. Before I had left I made sure the candy girl who enjoyed my lollipops was given a rather large amount of sweetest sin lollipops. By the time she would get them we would be long gone.

Everything before Kane came has been a lie… I bare scars from everyone who has came into my life and said they cared about me but just as easy as it is to say those words it is easy to forget that person as well. That they did. Dusk, Laz, Reylain, Miss Cross, even my stitched brother who probably doesn’t even know I am gone. Then there was Kerrie and her…. The woman who I once viewed as a friend who told such false lies about me that I won’t dare step into the city again.

I question coming back. Is it even worth such knowing what has recently happened. This heart has betrayed me in the biggest way possible. It has developed feeling for Kane.. Feelings not of brother and sister but the feelings of being lovers. Something that I vowed would never happen because…. Because I am a walking corpse.. Leftovers could give him a life and most of all.. More little runts and the moans that came from his bedroom…. Why did I want to stab myself.. Being on this trip is even harder than it is suppose to be.

I have someone, my starry knight who has been gentle to me… I even left before I could tell him why.. Tell him I felt like a failure.. Embarrassed of myself because I been such a fool since my rebirth. So gullible and allowing many to fill my head with lies… The heart seeks pleasure of a man that I am not suppose to love. Dusk, you asshole.. If you were here I make you suffer in ways that you wish I put you out of your misery. Where ever you are with my heart I hope it tortures your very core and that knowing that muscles still loves you brings you down to your knees.. Brings you to rip it from your chest and give it back so I can be whole again.

But even with distance you torture me.. Just like everyone else who said they cared.. As I write this long journal entry Kane sits in the borrowed office at the inn we stay. Stupid me, always wanting things that I know I can’t have. I tried so hard to be living.. Tried so hard to fit in and in the end it brought me here.. Slowly my mind says to run and never look back.. To stop myself from following in my sister’s footsteps. Will I hurt those that really did care for me.. Of course, but this life… This life was not suppose to be this way. I was suppose to be a monster but that cold black heart of mine lies in a demon and this heart.. It loves, it shows compassion, care.. It has made me soft from who I really am.

When he desires to return… I can’t go with him… Not until I find myself whole again.. Not until I found myself.. The monster that everyone once feared before I allowed him to take what was mine… Not until I feel whole.. I am sorry Kane. This time it won’t be to hurt you but to save our bond… If you ever knew that I loved you the way that she does… What would it cause… I can never give you what she can and if I return with you I only only hate the estate and the pleasure she gives you and only hate her more.. I can’t hurt you… But I can’t be selfish either…

One day I will return to my old self.. The girl who’s lips were shut and feared. Known for her ways of torture and sweets of sin.. Someone not weak like my sister. Someone who is cold and doesn’t need to be loved… One day.. I’ll be like the girl you first met. Who you hated and wished nothing more than to kill for what she did to her… In order to not be like Fox. I have to do this… Forgive me Kane.. I love you..


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It is so fucking hard to get over you.

Last year I ran as far, as wide as I could only to forget.

I had forbidden me to spend any thoughts on you.

I felt so ashamed. Never had such intense feelings but you felt nothing.

No chance.

No talking.

Only a chat.

You told me that you feel uncomfortable and the only thing I wanted/want is
that you’re happy.

To have feelings for the broken heart of a friend… yes, it still sounds
like a suicide mission.

So, I began to run with a very few eruptions here and there till I didn’t
knew who I am anymore… till our paths crossed again in February.

My heart never was so convinced about someone else than you and so happy.

I want to get to know you better, every tiniest part of your heart, mind
and soul.

Sadly I… we got lost.

I try to hate you, hoping that it makes it easier for me but when I think
that I’ve finally found something I have to realise that I’m looking in a

I gave you several promises and I broke them all.

In the end I feel horrible, I fucking miss you and…

I just want you

And even underneath what he was coming to know as respect, he sort of resented them, too. Because now the Cobbs would go their own way, and they would take young Mr. Arceneau with them; young Arthur of the Sweater Vest, Arthur in a fedora on a rainy day, Arthur breaking a man’s hand without breaking a sweat, Arthur taking on all of SomniCore, blind, drugged, and with a broken arm. Arthur who had rested his feverish head on his arm while walking through his own dark past. Arthur who had chased him for years, and now the chase was over.

From A Soul Awake, part 1 of Wartime verse

Inception 30-day challenge

Day 21: Rec a fic

Well, where to start? So bloody difficult to choose just one.

So have a whole ‘verse, tabi_essentially’s wartime verse.

Not for the faint of heart, there’s much dark drama here, and the logic of shared dreaming is taken far further than Christopher Nolan ever suspected was possible, I think. There is peril and horror, but through it all, Arthur and Eames want to be there for each other, even if that isn’t always exactly what they achieve.

And if you love losing yourself in really long series, this is one for you.

Bonus rec: tabi’s Cosmic Sandwich, in which Arthur becomes terribly disinhibited from a weird batch of Somnacin and Eames looks after him, which is both extremely hilarious and very, very poignant.


Contestant 1: Rick Grant, by @avtvmnsalad

Lindsay Richard ‘Rick’ Grant hails from the frosty Canadian town of Ottawa, known as the 3. You may know him from his breakout album, ‘Area For Improvement’. Tell us about yourself!

Rick: Well, studies say I’m the most sensitive man in Canada, but I think that stems from my long history of heartbreak. My guys from the 3 say I can be a little emotional. Even brooding.


Rick: Deep down, past my clearly tough and not at all broken exterior as an artist, I am a real romantic. My first love will always be my loyal dog, Diamond. But, I’ve had a lot of ladies and fellas who I’ve trusted my heart to, my everything, made them my muse. But, I’m hoping Nicky will be the last one I have to go through that with.


i spent the majority of last year in love with you, and sometimes when i think about it, love was not a strong enough word to justify my feelings. every time you spoke, my heart pounded; every time you looked at me, my stomach fluttered. god, i was lost in my unrequited love for you. drowning. 

it broke my heart to hear you had started a relationship with someone else - moved on from me. 

i know i should be over you by now, but now that your relationship with that other girl has ended, i feel petulant and petty. i wish you would have stayed with me and given me a chance. 

i am sorry your heart is broken and that i will not be the one to mend it, but i am envious of the next person who will fill that dark chamber of your heart.


Big Hug to All the Seb Fans Who Had tix to WWCC Chicago

Originally posted by reclusiveq

It’s so sad to see all of you in the Seb tag with your hearts broken after the news. I know it can be so disappointing when unexpected things come up that force cancellations. My heart especially goes out to the people with non-refundable plane tickets. The best I can say is to try to have fun in Chicago. I lived there for many years, and it really is a great town. Have some Lou Malnati’s pizza just like Seb would have, maybe plan a fun Seb fan meetup or something, but try to make the most of it while you’re there. I know Seb is probably upset that he had to cancel. He really loves his fans so much, and has shown that time and time again, so take heart. I’m sure he will be back in the area again, and he does a lot of cons, so you won’t have missed your only chance to see our boy.

xo– Mrs. Potts

Mini Review!

Here is a mini review of Playing by the Greek’s Rules by Sarah Morgan. I picked this up (read: downloaded) due to a recommendation from our favorite Queen-turned-citizen-of-the-Republic, Jess of @romancingthebookworm. She wrote up an awesome review on her blog which you should absolutely go check out. And then you should read this novel. 

Niklaus Zervakis is a stone cold business man. He doesn’t deal with emotion in his professional life or his personal life. If he enjoys the company of a woman it is physical and nothing more.

Lily is an hopeless romantic waiting for her fairy tale to come true, all she needs is the right guy to come along and check all the boxes off on her List. That is until she has had her heart broken for the last time. She decides that she needs to do is take a page from Nik’s book by having meaningless rebound sex and steeling her heart to anyone who might try to hurt her.

Only, Lily can’t steel her heart against Nik. Not once she gets to know the side of him that no one sees. The side that stopped believing in love long before he was old enough to even give it a chance. What she doesn’t know is that Nik can’t seem to steel his heart against her either…


This. was. so. good. So far this year I have read a Harlequin Blaze, a Harlequin Desire, and now a Harlequin Presents and I have to say that this one was my favorite by far. Lily and Nike teach each other so much about love and, as Jess already stated…

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When a Good Man Must Wear a Mask - Chapter 1 - spirithorse - Code Geass [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: T
Archive Warning: Character death
Pairing: Suzalulu
Fandom: Code Geass
Summary: The Black Knights had started out as a force of good until they were dragged into the rotten heart at the center of Pendragon. Fractured and broken, they must band together to take back their city and save the world from the people who would have it destroyed. (A superhero AU that’s been heavily influenced by Marvel, both the comics and the movies).

Notes: Now complete

Amy Winehouse 'Tried To Kill Herself' Two Months Before She Died

Amy Winehouse’s controversial ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has spoken out about the star and made the startling claim that the singer tried to kill herself just eight weeks before she passed away from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

Blake, who Amy claimed was the love of her life, had broken the star’s heart after he got his new partner Sarah pregnant.

When Amy called to remind him that it was their wedding anniversary, Sarah was going into labour and so Blake hung up the phone.

He shared: “I told her I couldn’t talk, as Sarah was having my baby and hung up. In hindsight I should have known that would really upset and hurt her.

"Amy would have loved to have a child, yet it was Sarah having a baby with me and not her. But I was caught up in the moment and I didn’t think.

Originally posted by horsesaround

"The day after, I phoned her to apologise and say happy anniversary and she told me she had cut herself really badly. She said it had been serious. But Amy really no longer cared if she lived or died.

"She was completely indifferent and there’s a very fine line between that and suicide. Amy was a serious danger to herself.”

Despite toxicology reports confirming Amy’s cause of death back in 2011, Blake continues to insist that it was actually a second suicide attempt, saying that those close to her should have spotted the warning signs.

He added to The Sun: “I suspect Amy’s death was a suicide. After years of drinking she must have known she was drinking far beyond what she could handle. Maybe she expected someone to come in and stop her, take the bottle away. But instead she was left alone to drink herself to death in that house.

"The people around her were so busy celebrating our divorce and her giving up her heroin habit that they didn’t see how much work still had to be done. Each and every person close to Amy, including me, deserves a share of blame.

"Amy drank miniatures, it was her only way of having a semblance of control over the situation. She would have six or seven every day.

"But that way she could tell herself she hadn’t had a full bottle. It was like a heroin addict smoking heroin, but saying, ‘At least I don’t inject it’. After we divorced in 2009 she’d visit me in Sheffield, and she would be sweating and shaking really badly. It was awful to witness.”

Amy’s bereaved friends and family have not commented on Blake’s latest allegations.

If you have been affected by this article please call Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 (UK) 1850 60 90 90 (ROI) or visit www.samaritans.org to find details of the nearest branch.

To the big hearted

To the individuals with the big hearts
The ones that constantly fall in love with everyone they meet and befriend
Not just romantically but platonically as well
The ones that are constantly told they are being foolish for opening their hearts to everyone
The ones who wear their heart on their sleeve
The ones who have had their hearts broken many times but manage to say a “I’ll be okay .”
The ones who constantly self doubt and always want to help in any way
The ones who sometimes aren’t in a relationship because they “love too hard ”
You are not broken.
You are not wrong in loving everyone .
You are not wasting your “love ” and getting “repetitive ”
You are not foolish .
You feel more because of your big heart and because of your understanding .
And it’s okay.. It’s okay to do that..
keep your hearts the way they are .. You don’t have to pretend to be cold to be respected .
You are warm and fuzzy and many look down on it or as a sign of weakness
But it is a strength not everyone has .
❤️Keep your hearts big in this life ❤️

deeplustconnoisseur  asked:

Is there someone in your past you would date again? How many hearts have you broken?

If I have cut you off my life I’ve had a great reason. I rarely leave people after one mistake, I’m forgiving and understanding and overly empathic which works against me most of the time. But I would never date someone I previously dated, partly because the magic of the beggings and innocence is lost. They’re so many people out there willing to go the extra mile for me, to accept giving another chance to someone who probably never deserved it in the first place. 

Noblesse Prompts: In which the world ends (but who cares anyway?)

“I will go,” he said. “There is no need to come with me.”

My heart clenched in pain, and I’m sure it was plain to see on my face. At least it distracted me from the bleeding wounds. “Please.. You don’t have to go..” I choked out.

He would go, even without me, I was certain- all to save those helpless humans. Even though, he himself had precious litte life-force left. I had vowed to follow him and protect him, but in the end I had failed. Here I was, body bloodied and broken; the least I could do was protect my Master from himself.

“I have seen it all.” The noble said. His eyes were weary and mirrored the pain in my own. “War. Death. Murder. Some things never change. But still, I will do what I must.”

“If you go…I won’t let you go!” I stubbornly cried. “I won’t lose you again!” I clutched at his shoulder, all good manners forgotten.

There are some things that are worth everything.. Is the world really one of them? I wanted to scream and make him stay- to stay with me and live, and damn the world to hell! Was that too selfish to ask? But I was too afraid to ask anyway, because reall,y when you ask someone to pick between you and the greater good, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

“You will find me again in another person. I promise.” He said it as if it was a comforting thought, as though I would live to see the next hour.. Ahhh.. is there no hope? I would follow this man even to death. But only if it was my own.

“6 minutes.” I pleaded. “Stay with me..” until I die… although I didn’t say it, we both knew. Or maybe he only just realized it then, because he suddenly knelt to my level and gently cradled me in his arms. 

“I’ve never felt this sensation before..“ I heard him mumble in my ear.


“Being loved.“