honestly shoutout to the idols. shoutout to the idols who know this industry is hard and yet still pursue it. shoutout to the idols who’ve made their dreams come true. shoutout to the idols who have been promoting nonstop since debut. shoutout to the new rookie groups who are trying to get their group out there. shoutout to the trainees who don’t give up hope that they’ll debut and that all of their training will pay off. shoutout to the female idols who are tired of getting criticized for doing a sexy concept but when they do a cute concept, there’s already enough girl groups doing that. shoutout to the male idols who are tired of getting more praise over their muscles than their talents. shoutout to the idols who treat their fans like they are family instead of people who buy their music and merchandise. shoutout to the leaders who always know what to say and looks out for every member. shoutout to the foreign members who left their homes in order to debut in a new place where they had to learn the language and culture in order to survive. shoutout to the vocalists who sing so beautifully despite having their throats sore. shoutout to the rappers who get dissed by underground rappers and yet still thrive. shoutout to the dancers who would rather break every bone in their body than not dance. shoutout to the youngest members who are sometimes the wisest despite being the youngest. shoutout to the idols because they are more than just a bunch of asian people dancing and singing in a different language.

I always thought I meant more to you. Wishful thinking I guess, because you meant and still do, the world to me. Falling in love with you was so effortless. I have always loved you, but found myself being in love with you, complete you, with all your baggage. You see, I didn’t care what it was, I loved you!
Trying to deal with everything now, I have lost myself, and I’m drowning. I’m not blaming you. You were unhappy.
I wanted to be in love so much. I should of wanted someone to be in love with me. Someone who wouldn’t give up. Someone who would take me with all my faults.
Even now, I’m still in love with you.
I love you….Always……

Dear Mr. Denchfield,

I know you won’t see this but I know you have a daughter so maybe she’ll see it, I just want to say thank you for being that teacher who didn’t give up on me. Thank you for helping me get my C grade in Maths, and thank you for putting up with my moods and constant disbelief in myself.

I used to argue with you a lot in class and just sit there drawing eyes on my folder but you always got me to do the math work, even if you had to argue back with me or sit down in front of me and watch me do it. 

I’m glad you never gave up on me, I’ve never had a teacher do that, they always use to either moan at me when I was in a ‘mood’ (mainly putting myself down because I didn’t think I could do it) or just stop trying with me, but you always made sure I got it. My dad still does the same as them; everyone does now.

I was socially awkward, and still am; I didn’t like asking for help, I didn’t even like talking to the six or so others in your class, I spoke to K a bit but he was mainly with F; I used to just sit at the back of class on my own drawing on my folder. In a strange way I kind of miss your class, as much as I struggled with Maths I miss having someone believe in me. 

I just hope you know how thankful I am even if I didn’t show it. I’m happy you was my teacher, cliché I know but you was the best teacher I ever had.

The Sixth Form student who didn’t think a Maths C grade was possible,


Shared house traits

Gryffindor & Hufflepuff
-sweet summer child
-close, intimate, heartbreak mending hugs
-giggles “that’s what she said”
-likelihood you’ll fall in love with them +9999999%
-probably still owns a stuffed toy

Ravenclaw & Slytherin
-already wrote an encyclopedia on all the ways they’re better than you
-judging you not-so-silently
-“my words are both poison and exilir. tempt me, if you dare.”
-intimidating at first bUT THEYRE ACTUAL CINNAMON ROLLS
-“aw you didn’t have to do that!-…what do you want?”
-too many trust issues, someone just HUG THEM

Gryffindor & Ravenclaw
-already stalked you on all your social media accounts
-board games. video games. gaaames. 
-always has a mess. somehow knows where everything is. 
-BUSY. friends, hobbies, school/work, internet til 2am, busy.

Slytherin & Hufflepuff
-knows who they will search for first during the apocalypse
-“i trust you with my life. don’t let me down”
-literally gives the best first impressions
-it’s actually a little scary how much they could be hiding
-work, work, work, workwork

Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw
-“god you’re so fucking weird and i love it”
-that friend who never yells at anyone until they do and everyone is terrified
-my otp is better than yours
-“rules were not made to be broken unless i say so”
-happier when all is peaceful and quiet

Gryffindor & Slytherin
-that friend that shares all the hot selfies they find. (bless them)
-has never made a good decision after 2am
-*loses something* *blames it on you* *finds it 2min later with their stuff*
-selfie game too strong

so your waiter makes a mistake..they might still have kids at home? paying off student loans? need to make rent this month? need to eat, need to survive? human error is no reason not to tip 

The signs as Steven Universe songs

Aries: Like a Comet

Taurus: Do It For Him/Her

Gemini: Steven and the Crystal Gems

Cancer: Steven’s Lament (I Don’t Want That For You)

Leo: Stronger Than You

Virgo: Giant Woman

Libra: Love Like You

Scorpio: Strong In The Real Way

Sagittarius: Be Wherever You Are

Capricorn: What Can I Do For You

Aquarius: We Are the Crystal Gems

Pisces: Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 

Robin, you are my best friend. I cannot be in a world where we must fight. If you are truly evil then go ahead... do what you must.
Artist Shout Out

Shout out to artists who get drowned out by popular people’s art

shout out to artists who hardly ever get any reblogs

shout out to artists who feel like people are embarrassed to reblog their art

shout out to artists who constantly get told to “keep trying!” and “work harder!” even though theyve been doing it all their lives and still aren’t up to par with everyone else

shout out to artists who feel like they have no where to go because art is all they have even though it never gets attention

shout out to artists who JUST got a tablet as an adult because theyve never had rich parents to get them every little art supply they wanted

shout out to artists who feel like its too late because all the popular artists are so young

shout out to artists who had friends and family tell them they could be famous but got on the internet and saw how much better everyone else is

shout out to artists who feel like giving up everyday because they feel like they will always be outshined by other popular artists

you’re not alone. You can do this. It’s not a race, even if it feels like it a lot.

Reminder. If you’re rping a canon character and feeling insecure about your writing, or fearing replacement, simply remember that your muse is not just a duplicate. No one else will be able to breathe life into that character the way you do. No one else will feel the exact way you feel about your muse. There will be people who value your muse and never stop writing with you no matter what. There will be people who appreciate your portrayal, no matter how many other versions are out there. Always remember why you made your blog. Never let anyone or anything cast your passion out of your heart !!

  • Schools:*force students to take gym class as part of the state requirement*
  • Schools:*force students to participate in a checklist of sports and activities regardless of student preference*
  • Schools:*never go beyond basic activities to introduce students to something they might individually enjoy doing*
  • Schools:*force students to participate in a stressful, competitive environment that promotes bullying*
  • Schools:*generally makes gym class unpleasant for nonathletic students*
  • USA:wtf
  • USA:why do we have so many adults who don't exercise