Sebastian seeing the tennis picture
  • Sebastian seeing the tennis picture
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So this weekend, for my autograph, I gave Sebastian this picture for him to sign. He did a cute little head bang against the table and did the cute little puppy dog smirk and ugh. 

For anyone who can’t make it out, he says, “I…don’t know why this exists, I’ll tell you right now, I’m…. these were not women’s jeans! THEY WERE REAL. THEY WERE MAN JEANS.”

i'm obsessed with luke's cheeks

because of two main things actually


who the hell have dimples this deep seriously?!

i want to put my finger in it

you’re so proud of you with your stupid smirk and stupid dimple huh ?

dimple in action more like punch me in the face


let’s worship together luke’s right dimple (and bonus cute calum)

second reason, his  CHEEKBONES


bonus left dimple because i’m feeling wild


young luke with cheekbones aka what is air


Little Things (James)

Requested- Can you do a one shot where the guy (I don’t really care which one) has his head in your lap while traveling to howgarts? Kinda like when Draco had his head in Pansy’s lap, I thought it was so adorable tbh

A/n- I went w/ James since I haven’t done any imagine of him :)

- - -

Your train ride to Hogwarts at the start of almost every year was spent with your friends, the group of Marauders. You ran your fingers through your hair and grinned at your friends, “Wow, the seventh year. Just one more year and we’re out of here.”

“Took us long enough,” Sirius, who sat opposite of you, replied with a trace of a smirk appearing on his face.

“Yeah, well, then this is the last time for us to take the Train to Hogwarts.” Added James, sitting right beside you. Remus just looked up from his novel and gave you a smile while Peter nodded a little too hard. It was hard to explain, but you had a mutual connection with James, one that you didn’t have with the rest of the boys. You thought about what life would be like after school ends, but your thought was interrupted by the boy with glasses, who laid his head on your lap suddenly.

You opened and closed your mouth several times before you finally found your voice. “What are you doing?”

“Enjoying the last ride,” he simply replies, sending Sirius into a series of chuckles.

You smiled, “right.” James shifted on your lap and faced you while lying on his back. He was staring at your face, and you stared right back at him before altering your sight towards the window. You didn’t know why, but you felt like stroking his messy hair, so you did. 

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Requested By: @beatti-b

“Tell me again why the bloodsucker’s coming?” Jace grunted as he and Alec prepped their weapons and watched you carefully to make sure you were preparing yourself properly.

“Because he is.” You mumble without looking up from the set of blades in front of you.

“Actually she is secretly dating Raphael and tried to trick us into helping her do Raphael a favour.” Alec said with a smirk as he gave his arrows a final once over.

“You are aware that going to Pandemonium with a vampire, without Izzy, is a sure fire way to get our assess kicked right?” Jace sighed as the three of you headed towards the Downworlder club.

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Prompt Request #34 - Isaac Lahey

Requested by Anon

Isaac Lahey x Reader

23. “Right now you seem to have more dick in your personality than in your pants”
25. “You’re so hot when you’re mad”
35. “Who gave you permission to be that sexy?” 

”So how did you think we should open this door? I mean, it’s locked?” you asks as you gave Isaac a casually glance. He quirks one eyebrow and smirks. 

”Well darling, how about you use that supernatural strength of yours and kick it open?” he proposes and you let out a low growl. ”How about you do it instead? Darling?” you mock and cross your arms over your chest. 

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Blue Eyes White Day

(RP stater for @dragontamer05 )

The elevator finally reached the ground floor of Kaiba Corp and the CEO wasted no time in stepping out. His meeting had overrun and he was now in a hurry to make it across the city in time to surprise his girlfriend before her shift finished at the cafe.

“Did the bouquet arrive?” He asked the woman manning the reception desk.

“Yes sir, it’s right here.” She produced a huge bunch of white roses and handed  it over to him. “I take it that some lucky girl is going to be receiving them?”

“What makes you say that?” He smirked as he took them from her whilst also holding a flat rectangular gift box under his arm.

“Well it is White Day after all.” The woman gave the reason for her assumption. She was aware that her boss wasn’t one who appreciated rumours, especially when it involved his personal affairs so thought she was helping by pointing it out to him. “Other people are also likely to talk-…”

“Let them.” A huge smile beamed on Kaiba’s face as he left his company’s building.

He purposely chose to walk through the streets and was met with many murmurs from the people he passed by. His plan was working. Attention was being drawn his way. Soon the rumours that had already begun circulating during the previous month or so would be put to rest as they’d finally be confirmed; He and Kisara were a couple.

Beauty Queen

request: @jayde0602 - Can u do an imagine where ur a YouTuber and u do Josh’s makeup for a video or he does urs?

your name: Y/N
hair colour: H/C
eye colour: E/C
skin colour: S/C

“What’s up guys? It’s your girl Y/N and I’m here with my boyfriend Josh!” You introduced yourself to your large audience or watchers and subscribers on your YouTube channel. You were getting quite famous, at 100,000 subscribers you were getting some special opportunities in life. You pointed over to Josh who was sitting by your right side. He gave a little wave pulling his signature smirk. He appeared on your videos every now and then. Some challenge videos, in the background of your vlogs, or goofy Snapchat videos.

“Hey guys!” He grinned and looked back into your E/C eyes wondering what type of video you two were doing today.

“So today, Josh and I will be doing to girlfriend does boyfriend’s make up challenge!” You giggled as Josh buried his face into his hands groaning.

“Whhhhhyyy does this happen to me? Is this for your amusement?” At this point you were laughing so hard you felt your stomach turning.

“Okay, so here is my makeup bag and I will start first with the foundation.” You showed the camera the brand of the foundation you would be using and Josh looked at it with a confused look.

“Why do I need this? Isn’t my skin flawless enough for you?” He wiggles his eyebrows at you as you squirt the foundation on the back of your S/C hand, dabbing it in the brush and applying it onto his face. He pulled a uncomfortable expression squinting his eyes shut.

“What the fuck is this stuff, it feels weird!” He laughs as he closes his mouth as you blend in around his chin and jawline. Once you finish you apply some concealer under his eyes and on his nose.

“Hold still you’re going to make me fuck up!” You whined as you finished. You pulled out your contour and started running the blush up and down his cheekbones, defining them. “Look who’s handsome, goddamn.” You giggled and he chuckled smiling and closing his eyes.

“Okay, Josh what I’m doing is eye shadow. How would you feel about a smokey eye?” You cheekily smirked at him.

“Is that when it’s one colour that blends into another colour?” He asked you eagerly. You just giggled and asked him to close his eyes as you dabbed your small brush into the eye shadow palette you decided to use

Once you finished, you asked him to open up his eyes and and you pulled out a liquid eyeliner pen. “Oh no, no, no. You’re going to poke me in the eye aren’t you.” He bit his lip nervously as you started laughing uncontrollably. He closed his eyes and started giggling each time you tried to apply the eyeliner, making you fail at least five times on each eye.

“Hold still, oh my god!” You whisper-yelled at him making him laugh, which lead to dragging the wing of the eyeliner down his cheek, making you turn to the camera with a dead glare. You scream and shake his shoulders. “What the fuck?! I have to do it again!” He just smirked and leaned in to kiss you quickly.

After five minutes, he finally relaxed as you completed his eyeliner and moved onto mascara. You moved the mascara brush along his long eyelashes making them full. You did have to admit he’d make a cute girl.

“A couple more things, now we’re going to make those eyebrows fleek.” He touched his eyebrows and glared at you.

“What? They already are! Don’t touch my babies.” You smirked at him showing him a eyebrow brush. “Don’t worry, I’m just brushing them into place, calm down.” You reassured him and did so.

“Last one Josh, I promise. Let’s make those lips luscious.” You smirked at him taking out a dark berry lip liner.

“I thought my lips were already luscious. You were kissing them all night.” He winked at you, making you blush madly. You rolled your eyes and told him to part his lips slightly to outline his full lips. You finished outlining and pulled out a matching lipstick, explaining the brand and showing the camera.

After applying his lips, you covered your mouth giggling at how adorable he is. “Ready to see?” He nods and grinned as you pulled out a mirror. Once he saw his reflection, he started laughing madly.

“I’m sexy as fuck!” He smirked at himself, pouting his dark lips at the mirror and looked back up at you. You smiled at him and started to wrap up your video.

“That’s it for today, guys! Thanks for tuning it! Comment below if you LOVE Josh’s makeup and tell me if you want more of these kind of videos!” He whines again and frowns crossing his arms. “Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share!” He mouthed behind you ‘Don’t share’, pretending to cut his throat and you turned around catching him and giggling.

“See you lovely bastards later!” Josh squealed and pecked your cheek leaving the mark of dark berry lipstick.

Imagine: He puts you to “bed”

Originally posted by justpassionatelovers

For the third time you yawned, standing up. “Anyone want any refills?” You asked. You were chilling out back on the deck at you and Justin’s place with his crew. You were getting exhausted, but knew you probably wouldn’t be able to get to sleep soon anyway. 

“Y/N, you’re getting awfully quiet.” Nate teased. Justin smirked.

“Maybe if you guys were funny I would wake up.” You gave it right back to him. 

“ohhhhhhhh!” Everybody else yelled. 

“Let me help you with those baby.” Justin said, getting up to grab a few cups with you. Someone whistled behind your back, but you couldn’t tell who it was. 

As soon as you placed the glasses down on the ground his arms wrapped around your waist. “You alright Y/N?” He whispered in your ear. You turned around in his arms, facing him. 

“I’m just tired, I had to work this morning.”

“Go to sleep baby. No one will judge you.” He kissed you on the nose.

“I don’t think I could fall asleep even if I tried.” You stood up on your teas, kissing him sweetly. “Thanks though.”

“I could help with that.” He smirked. His hands traveled slowly down your front, unbuttoning your jeans. 

“Jay!” You hissed. “Everyone will see!” He let his hand slide in rubbing his thumb over your clit softly. Immediately you opened your legs wider to his touch. He picked you up quickly, carrying you to the bedroom. “They’ll notice that you’ve been gone so long.” You sighed, as he peeled your jeans off, leaving a trail of bites as he moved. 

“Then I’ll have to be fast.” He winked, before sliding his tongue in and out of me. His large tongue dancing up and down your dripping vagina, working his way around. Back arched,  you called out; moaning his name loudly. “Oh fuck Y/N, you taste so good.” He lifted himself up, biting your hip bone, before sliding out of his shorts and climbing on top of you. He slid into you carefully, letting you adjust to his size. Hitting your G spot, he slid in and out fast and hard, wasting no time. He licked his thumb before using it to rub your clit while thrusting. Both of you moaning into each others’ shoulders so as not to be too loud. 

“Jay, I-I’m going to c-c-ome!” You hissed into his shoulder. Hearing you so close to ecstasy set him over the edge. He rode you out, coming moments before you did, collapsing on top of you. He kissed you deeply, letting his tongue roam your mouth.

“Shit that was good.” He sighed. 

“Mhmm.” You replied, eyes closed. Too exhausted and content to say more. 

“Sweet dreams Y/N.” He whispered, sliding his shorts back on, and heading out of the door.



“So you’re telling me that your cousins, who are big fans of the show, don’t believe that we’re sorta kinda dating?” asked Jensen, fixing his tie as he readied himself for the interview.

You shrugged. “Yep. And to think that they’re “huge” fans of the show. I mean, even our characters have that chemistry going on, right?“

Jensen smirked but continued to fix his tie without a word.

You sigh. "But whatever. They don’t have to believe it.”

“Mr. Ackles, we’re ready for you,” said a young woman with a headset.

You bit your lip and gave Jensen a small nod. “Kill ‘em with teasers, Ackles.”

He grinned at you and winked. “Oh I’ll tease them alright.” He quickly gave you a peck on the lips. “You’ll see.”

The interview was going well. Jensen was good with teasers. Better than you and Jared. But then toward the end, the question got serious. For you.

“Any one special in mind during the holidays? Christmas is just around the corner,” said the interviewer, a smile on her face.

Jensen looked to the side and gave you another wink before turning back to the camera. “Actually,” he said, smiling slightly. “Y/N and I have been together for a while so my holidays are set. I plan on going with her to see her family. Especially her cousins.”

You snorted. Of course Jensen would say something like that. Now the whole world knew that you were together.

A smile appeared on your lips. The world knew. Which meant your cousins knew. You looked up just in time to see Jensen smirk at the camera.

"Boom. Suck it,” he said before jumping off the seat and walking over to you, a smile on his lips. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you in to him. “Hope you don’t mind. I kinda invited myself to your family’s house for Christmas.”

You giggled before going up on your tip-toes and kissing him gently on the lips. “I don’t mind. Not at all.”

Jensen grinned. “Good.”


Derek | Spencer

Flirting with Derek to get back at Spencer?

Requested by Anon~

“Here’s your coffee, Y/N.” Derek’s familiar voice chimed, carefully setting the styrofoam cup down in front of you. “Just the way you like it.”

You smirked up at your friend, who blatantly gave you a wink. For a second, you almost wanted to tell Derek to drop the act down a few notches. But in your peripheral vision, you noticed Spencer look up in your direction. Maybe Derek was doing a better job than you gave him credit for.

So, you dipped your head in thanks, bringing the cup to your lips and taking a sip of the hot coffee. Heat rose into your cheeks as Derek watched you carefully, and you knew Spencer was still staring. “You’re right; it’s great.” You commented, looking back up to Derek. Your noses were a mere few inches away from each other; way too close to be considered friendly, but that was the plan. “You know me too well.”

“That’s my job, sweetness.” Derek replied before reclining back into his seat, and the both of you went back to studying the case. Your eyes involuntarily looked up to Spencer, but he immediately averted his gaze.

One Direction Preference : Your Baby Yanks His Hair

Niall: “Ouch, that hurt!” he complained to the five month old who had her little grubby hands in his hair, pulling it towards her. It took him a few minutes to undo her little hands from his hair and once he had her free from his hair, he put her down and came to you, rubbing the spot on his head and you sigh. “She yanked your hair again, didn’t she?” Niall gave you a tiny glare. “What do you think?”

Louis: “Regret growing your hair out now?” you smirk evilly at your husband who glared right back and you just continued on with your day. “I warned you, i really did. I said that he’d pull your hair if you let him get to close to it, that you might want to cut it, but oh no, i don’t know what i’m talking about.” you threw his words back at him and he sighed as he held his son a safe distance from his hair. “Why does your mom have to be right?”

Harry: “My curls!” he says rather loudly and you stop cooking your dinner to see what your husband is up to with your one year old daughter. “Harry, babe? What’s going on?” You stopped in your tracks at seeing your daughters hand stuck in your husbands curly mop of hair on his head, he had a look of desperate need of help on his face and you sighed walking over and untangling her hands from his hair and putting her on your hip. “Do you want to finish cooking dinner now that i’ve saved your hair once again?” Harry got up and walked to the kitchen. “Gladly, let her yank your hair and get her fingers stuck.”

Zayn: “Don’t!” he warned your daughter who just had the look of evil behind her eyes that mirrored his. “What are you thinking you little evil one.” She thrust her hand out and put it on top of Zayn’s head. He eyed his little girl closer. “What are you plann…ouch!” she had seized ahold of a chunk of hair and now held it in front of Zayn’s pain filled face. “You just ripped hair out of my head, why would you do that?” he asked putting the baby in her crib, taking back his hair and throwing it away. “Damn kid has a tight grip!” he whimpered, looking for a mirror to inspect the damage done to his precious hair.

Liam: “Careful up there!” Liam says to his son who sits up on his shoulders, hands on top of his head to keep him steady. “Watch the hands.” Liam tried again as they watched the parade proceed in front of them. “Daddy!” the one year old screamed and Liam held his ear from the ringing and as Liam held his ear, his son grabbed hold of hair and got so excited when he saw the Spongebob balloon that he ripped back the hair he was holding, removing it from his father’s head. “Ow!” Liam says and brings your son back down to level, eyeing his hand. “That hurt!” “Sorry daddy.” “Ouch!”

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{ boysofmymind continued from HERE.}

Ivan looked up from the paperwork and gave him a polite smile and nod before standing up. “Good evening to you too, Peeta? It is Peeta right? It has been an awfully  a long day.” The tall man smirked and gestured to the seat in front of his desk. “Please, take a seat. What have you brought for me today?” Ivan smiled again and waited to see the painting. He always loved the arts and always wanted to support those who had the talent.

The blond nodded slowly, “Y-yes. My name is Peeta.” He awkwardly stepped forward and over to the desk, taking a seat on the other side of Ivan. Peeta had brought his painting in on a large canvas, ready to show to the man upon his request. “A portrait of the farmer outside of town and his family in front of the farm at sunset.” Peeta passed the picture over, it had been bound in a silver frame, not something too fancy but the best he could afford.


The room was eerie and lonely. A chill was sent down your spine as you entered the empty factory. Nothing was inside, not the first machine. Clearly this was the perfect place for an army of demons to hide.

You held your knife close to your side, keeping your ears open for the slightest sound. Demons were cunning.

“Well, well,” a chuckle came from your right. You whip around and hold up your knife, waiting to be pounced on at the right moment. “Look who they sent. My old lover.”

Dean emerges from the shadows, a smirk sliding across his cheeks. The air around you suddenly felt stiff and wrong. You shouldn’t have to be here, holding a knife up to the man you once shared a bed with, your heart with. But there was no other way.

“If you would have listened to Bobby’s orders, this wouldn’t have to happen.” You snarl. Bobby gave specific instructions to Dean before his death, and Dean was too broken about it to listen.

“That old fool didn’t know what this power feels like. Hell, I feel like a new man!” His laugh sounded demonic, the irony.

“You’re the fool.” You mutter just before Dean was struck and fell to his knees from the blow his own little brother just gave him.

Sammy steps out of the shadows, holding the bat in his hands. For a moment, you wonder where the gun is, but you don’t have time to question it further. You dig the tip of the knife into Dean’s neck. He stares up at you, those green fields that couldn’t be your Dean’s. This wasn’t Dean, not anymore.

“I should have known.” He chuckles. “Too bad. Demons are great lovers.” He winks and licks his lips.

You can’t hesitate much longer. Sammy raises the bat above his head and gets ready to strike again. You shouldn’t have to give him that option. You pull the knife back and in one quick movement—

A Hogwarts Poem

The train blows so loud
Creating small clouds
The hustle and bustle of shoes
You step onto the train
Walking down the lane
You see a small boy from the news

You wave with a smile
Must’ve gone a mile
He grinned a wide, toothy cheer
You looked up to the scar
Said bye from afar
And searched for a cabin quite near

A ribbit was heard not too far from your feet
You saw a shy lad who seemed not to greet
You offered a hand
It wasn’t too grande
Just enough to make his walls weak

As you continued your search for a seat just right
You met a young lad whose hair was too light
He offered a smirk
But for him, it quite worked
Yet for others, it gave them a fright

You found a nice seat, so far from the rest
From all of the searching, you decided to rest
You woke some time on
And suddenly it dawned
This year’d truly be the best.